Three-Peat For Wagdos In MILO-Davao

DAVAO CITY – Sonny Wagdos scored a rare three-peat as he won the 40th MILO Marathon qualifying race held last Sunday (November 6) at the SM Lanang Premier.  This marks the third straight year that Wagdos topped the 21-kilometer race to determine the cast for the Philippines most prestigious footrace’s National Finals in Iloilo City this December 4.

Just like in the first two wins, Wagdos had to fend off the challenge of archrival Michale Jan Echalino to finish in 1:16:15.  Echalino finished runner-up again for the third straight time in 1:17:30 while Alan Arbois took Third Place in 1:19:40.

Newcomer Mae Barit ruled the Women’s Division in 1:51:45 but the youngster’s time was not enough to qualify her for the Nationals based on her age group.  Madelyn Carter settled for Second Place again for the third time in 1:53:16 followed by Olive Firmeza in 1:54:58 but the two veterans will proceed to the Nationals as Davao’s only female representatives.

A total of 46 other male runners earned tickets to Iloilo together with the podium finishers. Sunday’s race marked the last chance for runners get a spot in the Nationals.

Overseas runners who wish to join the 40th MILO Marathon can still catch up by sending a finishing time certification from any AIMS member race held after December 4, 2015 and proof of identity to and wait for a confirmation and instructions on how to claim the free race kit.  All qualifiers through the 13 regional races this year are also instructed to confirm their participation in the Nationals by sending an SMS to +63 908 6927 indicating one’s full name and the city where one qualified.

Other Winners: Agustin Ychon and Diana Memoracion (10 kilometers), Daryl Mark Daban and Andrea Annabel Deguia (five kilometers) and Jayson Apostol and Arlene Jane Onso (three kilomters).


Heart Attacks: Signs You Should Not Ignore

Just because you are young does not eliminate you from the possibility of getting a heart attack. I felt the need to point that out first because many young people seem to like thinking that a heart attack is an “old person’s illness”. Unfortunately, in recent years, many cases of young, supposedly healthy folks have succumbed to this “old person’s illness” from overworking (both physical and mental), have occurred so there is really no reason to dismiss cardiac arrests as something that “won’t happen to you”.

The high number of heart attack occurrences happen because of our diets and very sedentary lifestyles with the ever advancing technology. Most of us spend our days in front of a computer for eight to 10 hours a day, and consume a calorie count that is just too much for our bodies to take. This, in turn, causes our arteries to be blocked with so much excess fat that our heart gives in and we start experiencing numbness and pain in our chest. Which leads me to the topic. What are the signs of an impending heart attack that we should not be ignoring?

1. Lightheadedness or sudden dizziness

If you feel yourself getting dizzy easily and/or suddenly, you need to get yourself to a doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes a fainting spell may not be as romantic as you see it to be on the big screens.

2. Pressure, tightness or squeezing sensation in your chest or arms

Sudden pressure, tightness or pain that hits your chest area or arms can be an indication of an impending heart attack. If you see anyone clutching their chest or a loved one telling you that they feel their chest tightening, you need to take heed and send them for a checkup immediately. Unless your numbness stamps from you lying on your arm for too long, don’t take the risk.

3. Fatigue


This doesn’t mean that whenever you feel overwhelmingly tired, it automatically means you may have a cardiac attack symptom. The sort of fatigue you should be concerned about will be the kind where it’s sudden and the drop is immense. It may feel like a sugar crash but a trip to the doctor is always best to make sure.

4. Shortness of breath

If you witness someone catching their breath out of the blue, you should be on the standby to bring that person to medical attention.

5. Cold sweat

Breaking out in cold sweat because you are nervous for an upcoming interview does not count. But if you break out in one for no apparent reason, there may be something wrong with your heart. Don’t delay and take yourself to the doctor immediately.

6. Nausea, indigestion, heartburn or stomach pain


Even something as seemingly simple as this can be a sign of an oncoming heart attack. Although it doesn’t mean that it IS one every time you experience one of these symptoms, it’s always good to get a doctor’s expert advice.

Under any circumstances, listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, stop exercising and seek medical advise immediately.


Race Review: Yolo Run 2016 [5km] (by ‘red3’)

It was with much anticipation I looked forward to the Yolo Run held at Gardens by the Bay East.

In my three years of running this was my first opportunity to run with my sister, Annie, in a local race.

Annie works out with a trainer six days a week but is a non-runner. She has read most of my racing blogs and as such gleaned an insight into my world of running.

This time I wanted her to be a part of my racing world so she could experience and truly understand what it’s all about: the endless hours of training, the early morning rises to attend a race, the acceptance or should I say accumulation of finisher medals and so on.

During her visit the Yolo Run (acronym for You Only Live Once) was the only race available. As part of their corporate social responsibility the race organisers partnered with Breast Reconstruction Awareness SG (BRAS), a non-profit organisation, to raise awareness and understanding of breast reconstruction choices and available resources for women. For every participant who ran shirtless on race day the Yolo organisers pledged to donate a sports bra to BRAS to aid in the recovery process of patients.

I thought this was an ideal race given that it is a topic close to Annie’s heart since she spent ten years in the intimate apparel industry where she often fitted women recovering from mastectomy or reconstruction. This is a very sensitive topic where many women are uncomfortable discussing their surgery nor being fitted for an appropriate bra.

Annie loved the idea and agreed to join me. She even started a running program to better prepare her legs and cardio for the task. I told her about the race pack and finisher medal and thought it would be great if she could take something home that she could keep to remember our joint running adventure together.

Unfortunately I was quite disappointed at the race pack collection when I was notified that finisher medals will not be handed out for the 5km category and I couldn’t have my sister return home with a piece of racing memorabilia. However, I can’t deny the race pack was beautifully presented with a custom made box that included a tee, race bib and custom printed sports top and a yoga mat upon finishing the race.

Come race day and we started with an easy bike ride down East Coast Park to the racing village. Seemed like quite a big event with some very long baggage drop-off lines and overcrowding. We found a spot to lock up our bikes and weaved our way into the start pen when it began raining lightly. The organisers requested us to leave the pen which had several hundred participants attempting to return to the race village and seek shelter. We were like a bunch of sheep shuffling our way out.

By the time we exited, the organisers recalled all 5km category back to the pen. Let’s just say it was quite chaotic and by the time we reached the start line we realised the category was already flagged-off. Given that we were sharing the path with the finishers coming in the opposite direction, the route was very busy and a large proportion of 5km racers were walking instead of running. It felt like a human obstacle course weaving in and out. As a result we found ourselves running some but mostly walking so we chose to enjoy each other’s company, absorbed the gorgeous Singaporean landscape and just celebrated participating in a race together.

As a regular racer with generally a great experience, I didn’t think much of the actual event. I appreciate the objective of raising awareness for a good cause but I would hope better logistical preparation such as: efficient baggage handling thereby reducing lengthy lines, faster processing at finishing line and a wider path for runners when there’s two way traffic that’s also shared with the public and cyclists thereby minimizing the bottle necks that occurred during this race.

On a last note, regardless of my personal thoughts about the event organisation, I was very happy to share my running world with my sister. Mostly satisfied we cycled off to Marina Cove for coffee, cake and breakfast.



Treadmill …or Dreadmill?

As much as we enjoy running, some of us totally abhor the idea of going on the treadmill in the gym. Although some of you may be saying that we can choose not to do so, sometimes, it is inevitable, especially when we engage in circuit training. One of the components is bound to be doing time on the treadmill and having to get through with it.

So, “Treadmill VS Dreadmill”: What is so good about the treadmill and why can it be the source of pure evil for some? Why do some runners hate it so much and some love it? If you are thinking that it’s just a treadmill and what huge arguments can come out of it, you will be surprised.


We all know what the treadmill is. Stationary running with options to train on different terrains in the comfort of a (usually), air-conditioned gym. Let’s face it, training on a treadmill takes away the fuss of having to find a route, avoiding slow walkers / joggers / prams / people on phones, and having to look out for traffic. You get to set your own pace, monitor your progress / heart beat / timing on one machine, and even get the company of other athletes around you. Seriously, what’s there not to love? Still, for those who prefer the outdoors and despise circulated air, well, no one’s stopping you from doing just that.



Those who perceive the treadmill as a dreadmill aren’t usually the ones who are looking at the recycled air and sweaty bodies around them. They are the ones who just dislike it, no reasons needed. To them, the treadmill is not a true indication of your running abilities and what is portrayed on the screens are not your real prowess on the dirt road. It’s a whole 30 to 45 minutes of pure monotony and doesn’t do anything to peak their excitement in the sport. While these are legit reasons, dreading the treadmill to this extent is a little…extreme.

Read also: 3 non-running workouts you can do on the treadmill

Exactly what is the deal with these two and how should we treating the innocent running machine? At the end of the day, I guess it all boils down to personal preference. We need to understand, though, that as much as we may adore or detest the treadmill, it will always come in handy someday, some way. And when that happens, perhaps, some minds will be changed to think otherwise.


Men’s Health Virtual Run 2016 – Race Whenever, Wherever You Like

The Men’s Health Virtual Run is a brand new concept that brings runners from all walks of life together to strive towards a common goal – clocking in 100,000 km in 2 months. The goal is to individually clock in 100km, and collectively hit the 100,000km mileage. Participants simply need to clock in the distance for the Virtual Run using their running devices – be it their daily routine runs or a race, making each run more meaningful and rewarding.

This inaugural first of its kind event kickstarts on 1st November 2016 and ends on 31st December 2016.



Need Motivation? – We got your back!

This innovative event rewards participants with great prizes as they hit mini milestones. You will receive rewards as you accrue your mileage and achieve certain distances – 5km, 21km, 42km, 100km. Each level allows the runner to redeem various prizes from ASICS vouchers to Spa treatments, to golf packages and so much more.

Get your money’s worth – You do the math

The Sign Up Rewards are worth $128 and are given to each participant with no registration fee required. You can see how lucky you can get with over $15,000 worth of lucky draw prizes to be won. These perks definitely complement the slew of fun social media challenges that will help shape this event into a fun, exciting and purposeful one.


What the Celebrity Runners have to say

Singaporean actor and host Allan Wu who is also a participant of Men’s Health Virtual Run, said: “The Men’s Health Virtual Run will be an exciting time for everyone to work together with one common goal of getting in better shape and fitness through running, so let’s get synced up and go!”

Jeri Chua, former magazine editor turned endurance athlete, said: “Every epic adventure starts with a single step.”

Jeri competed in several international ultra races including the Tor des Geants – a 330km race through the Italian Alps.

“When I run an ultra, there’s never a guarantee that I’ll finish, but it’s all about the journey, and what I learn along the way. 100km might seem impossible at first, but you’ll be surprised what you can achieve if you just keep moving. This challenge could be the start of a life-changing experience, so get out there and take that first step!”



Race Review: The Performance Series Race #4 (Bedok Reservoir) [10km] (by ‘red3’)

Hard to believe we’ve just completed the fourth Performance Series race. The months are clicking by with each race in a different location and the fourth one on my home grounds.

Held at Bedok Reservoir, John, Remek and I opted for the first wave at 6.30am. It was close to home and it meant we would be done by the time the sun woke up. Except there was no sun, just the threat of rain and distant thunder whilst we were waiting to be flagged-off.

As the threat loomed, I fiercely hoped for the run to start. I did not care about running in the rain but I did care about the race potentially being cancelled. It would have been a huge disappointment for the series.

Off we went right on schedule with a very very light shower and distant thunder in our midst but only a couple of kilometers into it the sky opened up and the rain turned into a downpour and the thunder was awfully close.

Regardless of the situation, I was for the first time in a long, long, long time having a good race. I was happy with the pace I was maintaining perhaps because the weather was cool and perhaps because I have been training four times a week for several months and it was finally paying off.

Running around the reservoir was pleasant, although I did not particularly enjoy the fine gravel path that was so much of the route.

Around the fifth kilometer i was surprised to see one of the shelters filled with runners, although we were back to a light rain. I figured, “Great!! I’ll be ahead of all of them”. Unbeknownst to me, since none of the marshalls flagged me down, the runners were redirected to the shelters as a safety precaution. According to the TPS organizers the NEA advice was CAT1: Lightning detected within 1 km radius of sector which meant all runners had to be re-routed off the racing course and into shelters.

Anyway I continued on my merry way thinking if I keep this up I’ll most likely have a new PB on a 10km distance, until my route was detoured and found myself running through the Start line with either side of the path flanked by an endless sea of blue tees just standing around. Certainly by now I realised something was amiss and not quite right till I reached what seemed like the Finish line and a marshall who directed me off my course because my wave was cancelled part-way. I had just reached 6.5km, “Nooooo!!!” is what I thought thinking I was finally have a good race. Anyway, I stopped my watch, collected my medal and joined John and Remek, who were both just as disappointed.

Now here’s the clincher. John and I were registered for a 21 Day Virtual Run Challenge. The TPS 10km race was on the last day of the challenge and was meant to get us to the 100km that we had as our target. With our wave cancelled, lo and behold we were 3.5km short for our challenge.

What did we do after our race, you might ask? Got in a cab, went home, walked straight rough our condo to the back gate, walked through the underpass onto East Coast Park and went to finish that 3.5km.

So we partially completed the fourth TPS race and our 21 Day Challenge. We were well rewarded with a couple of coffees and the cold Coronas were not too far behind.



Languidos Top MILO-Butuan

BUTUAN CITY – Multi-titled runner Juneil Languido won his duel with Richeel Languido to take home the 40th MILO Marathon Butuan qualifier last Sunday (October 30) at the Father Saturnino Urios University grounds.  The Languidos will now be joined by 34 other runners who successfully met the time standards for the National Finals set for December 4 in Iloilo City.

Juneil, last year’s runner-up to MILO King Rafael Poliquit in the Nationals held in Angeles City, finished the 21-kilometer course in a time of 1:13:06 compared to Richeel who clocked 1:14:09.  Third Place went to another veteran runner in Elias Tabac who timed 1:18:59.

The Women’s Division went to Esterlita Organiza in a time of 1:47:35.  Joining her at the podium were Janette Mendoza (1:54:43) and Gina Factura (1:57:13) with all three ending up the only female qualifiers who hope to challenge reigning MILO Queen and 2016 Olympian Mary Joy Tabal for her title.

Runners will now have their final chance to qualify for the Nationals when Davao City hosts the final regional qualifier this Sunday (November 6) at the SM Lanang Premier grounds. Davao marks the 13th leg staged since last July to search for the best runners for the Philippines’ oldest and most prestigious marathon.

Other Winners: Jesswar Lopez and Melody Perez (10 kilometers), Raymundo Lopez and Fretzie Bisande (five kilometers) and Joshua Reyes and Jema Ferol (three kilometers).


Runfies (aka Running Selfies) – Do’s and Don’ts

Whether we are on the bus, on the way to work or just chilling out at home, we all love to take a selfie or a wefie if our look is right (because no one takes one when they look like crap and that’s the truth). These self portraits have taken over our world and are almost like a no brainer especially when we are in the company of great friends or attending an awesome party or gathering. It has also become a great way for runners and athletes to document our progress and show the world how much we have done and changed because of exercise. For runners, these are known as runfies.

But like selfies and wefies, they should be done at the right time and for the right reason. Especially so for runfies when, technically, you are taking a photo of yourself while you are running. Here are some dos and don’ts to take note of when you are contemplating on taking your next runfie.



1. Take a runfie before and after your run. It’s a fun way to show off your running attire and also the before and after effects of your route.

2. Slow down when you want to take a runfie. Although there is a “run” in the word, it doesn’t mean you have to be going at full speed to take the photo. And anyway, it will probably turn out blurry if you are running.

3. Angle it from the top down or at face level so that you take a good and flattering shot of yourself, your attire and how “worked out” you are.


1. Ignore the traffic when you are trying to get that perfect photo. Always look out for traffic and make sure you do it only when you are safe and in the clear. It’s really not worth it to land up in the hospital for that perfect runfie.

2. Take pictures of yourself throughout your routes, especially if you are the type to post every single runfie on social media. There are unsound people out there who may just decide to use that information to stalk you and that’s very unsafe for you and those who may follow the same running route.

3. Angle your runfie from the bottom, for goodness sake. The reason why you are taking runfies is to show the world how fit you are and not how thick your legs are and how heavy your double chin can be.


Race Review: Newton Challenge 2016 [32km] (by Lingderella)

img_0600 Unlock your best run. Though at one point, I thought it is possible that I could finish within the 32km within 3hrs35mins, but I was lazy and not determined enough, after entering Gardens by the Bay east I walked a lot which is still about 8km more to finish. I saw Justina and Chee Beng just slightly ahead, Justina suffered a leg injury and had not recover yet and I walked a little while with them. I figured that anything faster than 3hrs57mins is a PB. And I finished in 3hr49mins, 8mins faster than last year’s Newton 32km 😊 And according to Garmin, today when I’m at 21.1km, I beat my best half marathon timing which I gotten in GEWR2015 by more than 3mins! 😁 Seriously, I ran at least 5 half marathon this year but I couldn’t even beat 2hr24mins my first ever half marathon timing 😂 The distance markers placed along is route are pretty accurate according to my Garmin. So nice just next day afternoon of the race, results is out! 😊


img_0733 Really want to thank Pinoy SG Runner’s Coach Arnel and Coach Jayson and all the fellow runners at PSR giving me advises and encouragement during the run and trainings, going to PSR trainings I really improves a lot in running 😊


Unlock your best run. What is a best run? I suppose that any reason can also be why its a best run. It may be the first time a completing a long distance run such as 21km or 32km or getting a personal best timing or simply relationship goals like running together with your spouse, buddy buddy or hold your sweet heart hand and cross the finishing line together can also be considered a best run.


Unlock your best run. I did and I didn’t. I really walked a lot. Now when I looked back, I can only feel regret and disappointment as I didn’t push myself harder. I can definitely do better than this. Now I’m angry with myself for even walking. No matter how slow I could have run, I should have keep on running. And I will definitely challenge myself again the 32km again! Ah, that’s why it’s called as “Newton Challenge” 😊 Seriously even without giving us the finisher tee, all runners will be very prideful enough even just wearing the race singlet! Even the shortest distance to complete is 21km! I took M for finisher Tee as I think too highly of myself that I can fit a size M nicely and it turns out to be too big for me and July say: Look like you’re wearing a “boyfriend shirt” 😂 What if the boyfriend is smaller size than me? 😅 But no, it’s not a “boyfriend shirt”, I earned it myself! 😆



(Photo credits: Ming Ham)

Thank you Ming Ham for this great photo! It captures really a thousand words or even more than that 😊 This picture is a super emotional photo, it’s just near the finishing line when I’m trying to chiong the last distance running at maximum speed to get my timing recorded. Can see the struggle, the 感動-ness I have to finish the run.


(Photo credits: RunningShots: Erwin)

This is my second time joining the Newton Challenge. Honestly speaking, what attracts me back to running this race is partially because of its super chio medal I got last year 😅 I was hoping this year’s medal will be nice too. Medals are not just useless piece of metal like some would said, but it means memories to me, it meant that I had conquer my mind last year. Last year, I ran the 32km distance as well, it was my first longest distance ran my entire life till I did my first full marathon in SCMS 2015.

img_0705 (Photo credits: Pink Apple Events)

I’m all wet and was soaking in sweat. Couldn’t even unlock my phone as my hands are all wet with sweat, what I’m wearing were also soaked with sweat so I used my finisher tee as a hand towel 😅 Maybe it’s a good idea to give a small dry towel too after the races as it’s always a problem that after run, I have no where to dry my hands so that I can use my phone. Oh, maybe another idea is that I rather get a Chio FINISHER TOWEL than a finisher Tee. Good idea right? My finisher t-shirts are really piling up, giving towels is more practical too! I didn’t even look properly at the medal and finisher tee after I crossed the finishing line but the first thing I do is to enjoy the iced cold towel 😁 Though no Sun and I was seriously very cold the entire run, but it’s still very shiok to enjoy the cold towel and the bottle of super cold Pocari Sweat 😆 Newton Challenge really provides the BEST hydration service 😊 ALL the water I take at hydration points along the running routes are cold and there’s enough hydration point, I think almost 1 hydration point is available at about every 2km.

img_0735 (Photo credits: July ❤️)

Just 5 mins after I crossed the finishing line, while I was with Sabrina and YiHeng queueing for the Pocari Sweat photo booth, I start to feel unwell. I was giddy , my vision went white that I thought I was about to faint and I feel very vomitty. And this crazy zhar bor dunno why tahan so hard just to take the photos. Look at her forcing a smile and how pale she is 😅 img_0697

And immediately after taking the photo I literally couldn’t move so the entire 1 hour plus or so, I was just sitting at only 3 steps away the tentage of Pocari Photo Booth sitting down loading myself with water and food after that. And miraculously the power of a doctor, I feel better seeing Dr Mok! (LOL! Have to specify more when you say tell people you see a doctor, seeing as in really just use eyes and see, no consultation of my symptoms 😂) Manage to get a very nice photo with him 😍 img_0616

img_0628 Thank you July and Romain to come support us and help us take nice nice photos 😊 And thank you YiHeng for collecting my baggage at the deposits and collects food for me, really appreciate his kindness 😊 Really enjoyed the Soya Beancurd and the food. Guess it’s the only running event that caters food for runners like rice and bee Hoon. There’s also ice cream and the water at the race village prepared is really enough for the runners that I think no one would complain of being thirsty.

I guess this is the first time after a running event I took the least photos around with friends. I didn’t even have the strength to go look for Kelvin, ChiuPing, Eugene, Rey, Thomas, Serene and HaoHan. Wonder is it because the night before NewtonChallenge, I couldn’t sleep. I only slept like 1 hour when I could have slept 5 hours at least, but I think the rest of the time I was just rolling here and there on the bed but simply can’t sleep.

I bought the shuttle bus ticket pick up from Yishun as there is no pick up available at Khatib MRT station which is nearer to home so I will need to walk at least 30mins to Yishun MRT but luckily Jasmine offered me a ride as her friend is driving, thank you Jasmine and Kok Leong! 😊 And congrats to Jasmine for coming in first in the 32km women’s closed catergory 😍 And I’m really lucky because I get to know after that that the shuttle bus to pick the runners up at Yishun is late for more than 20 minutes! 😡 How can like this 😡

Flag off is at 4.30am exactly, after Jasmine and I deposited our bag and head to the start line, it’s the first time the start line is at the slope of Marina Barrage, I felt that it’s quite dangerous as it’s quite dark is a very potential place for people to fell down 😅 Floor is also wet due to raining previously and it’s a downward slope so hopefully everyone is safe 👍🏻


Race Entry Pack Collection is fast, collected it on the last day of REPC and there is no queue at all. Now I try not to collect my race pack on the first day of REPC as the first day is more crowded usually. There’s also a pair of Newton socks given this year for the early bird registration. I like the race singlet, it’s comfortable to wear, already wore a few times before race day, it looks nice too and also particularly just because it’s not Compressport 😂 Seriously I realised when I was packing my clothes a few weeks back and notice too many race singlet’s brand collected this year by the runs I participated in is printed with “Compressport” 😑 Hopefully I will get to keep more other brand’s race singlet.


On Saturday, Sabrina and I went to Bukit Timah Hill for a hike, we figured that as next day is Newton Challenge, we will just be going for a easy walk. There is no other plans made actually but then we decided to head to Dhoby Ghaut for lunch and who knows just nice it’s Deepavali and Istana is open! And well, since National Museum is nearby too so we just went! It’s really fun and we were out whole day since 8am and I walked about 32000 steps on Saturday 😆 Justina helped me collected my race pack for the coming GEWR but they didn’t give me the tutu along with the race pack, so I went back and collect it on Saturday and we bump into Justina 😊 And have fun at the photobooth. And then Sunday too, after Newton Challenge we went to Marina Square for breakfast and take go to the photo booth for some pictures again 😆 We took many beautiful photos on Saturday and just want to share it here too 😊 56c0654d-4755-48b4-8ae5-00b4b746d705 cc0affc6-9e7f-4b39-a6aa-df438cff0e44 2bf07fcf-8b0c-45d8-8c47-d038cb5c28ce 09b8f60d-5759-4cd9-a055-1a2e113def13img_0796


Inagural USA Blacklight Run debut in Singapore with Skechers

SINGAPORE, 29th October 2016 – The world largest 5km nightrun, Skechers Blacklight Run Asia Series debut in Singapore with 4,000 runners at Palawan Green on Sentosa. Participants aged between 6 years to 75 years old were treated with an exciting Blacklight Run pre-run party led by resident Zouk DJ, Jade Rasif where participants were treated with special glow powder and latest trend of music.


Upon nightfall, the runners were then flagged off for their 5km run where they will experience three unique Blacklight Run TM Zones along the course, each with a distinct colour – green, pink, orange – where runners/ walkers will be showered in Blacklight Run TM UV Neon Glow Powder that glows in the dark.


Guest DJ “DJ Automatic”, the original Blacklight Run DJ, who has shared the stage with Kanye West, Lil’ Jon, T.I and Pitbull brought the after run party to a whole new level in Singapore.

Managing Director of organisers Orange Room Pte Ltd, Elvin Ting said “We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring a world-class event into Singapore for the first time and we really want to provide this unique glow experience for people in Asia. It’s an amazing night with thousands of instagramable pictures taken and we want our all our participants and partners to enjoy every minute they spent with us on this national holiday.”


USA DJ Automatic Merrit mentioned, “I played in many major cities across the world including New York but Singapore is definitely one of the very best to date.”

Ms. Susan Chua, Vice President of Skechers Asean commented, “We are delighted and honoured to bring the world’s largest nighttime 5km Blacklight RunTM to Singapore for the first time. Skechers Blacklight RunTM is perfect for anyone who loves exercise, music and wants to enjoy an exciting nighttime run in Singapore. Participants will enjoy memorable moments throughout the 5km distance.”



Race Review: Newton Challenge 2016 [32km] (by i_Sam)

My Race Journal

This year’s edition of the Newton Challenge 2016 took place at the Marina Barrage on a very fine Sunday morning with a favorable cool weather and with the challenging ramp included on the final stretch of the race route making it somewhat unique. This is my second time taking part in this race and I noticed that there were a few minor flaws but nevertheless, the entire experience was completely awesome as, again, I achieved another personal record.

Race Eve
Facebook update at around 7 PM regarding the weather alert was good showing that the organizers are monitoring all the possibilities, however, I feel that not everyone is quite active on social media so this could have been easily missed out by some. A SMS rather should have been a much better way of reaching out to runners.

Race Day

With all my running essentials packed the night before, I woke up with only just enough time to gear up, have a quick bite and be on time at the Ang Mo Kio shuttle bus pick up point. I left my house at about 3:20 AM and ran a few blocks scared to miss the 3:25 AM shuttle bus. I regarded it as a warm up but then it was already 3:25 AM and I was still a block away. I felt a bit of a relief when I finally saw the bus at a distance and a few runners on the opposite side waiting for the go signal to cross. I have thought I did run fast enough to catch the bus but I thought wrong because the bus left 10 more minutes later. I have learned from my running friends coming from Yishun pick up point that their 3:15 AM shuttle bus was also late. Furthermore, their 3:15 AM bus hit the road even much later than my 3:25 AM bus which already departed late! How bad of a service was that?! Something must have gone terribly wrong there.

I managed to find my running friends on site despite the massive number of runners scattered all over the place. I felt there were not enough signage also to lead runners to the bag deposit, to the toilets or porta-loos if there were or even to the start line. All I saw was a very long but fast moving single queue leading to the baggage drop. The volunteers are doing a good job here.

Baggage Drop Queue

Making this edition unique is the start line wherein you need to make your way up round the marina barrage ramp and down. The down slope of the ramp didn’t help to kick start my run because of the narrowness of the ramp itself making it too ‘squeezy’ for the huge wave of runners slowing down the flow and the bottleneck continued until after the 2nd km mark.

The Marina Barrage Ramp full of runners patiently waiting for their respective waves to be flagged off

From this part onward lacks guide lights or at least some volunteers as this area is almost pitch-black. It was extremely dark that I had no idea on what I was stepping on. I was pre-occupied though on keeping my pace at 6 mins while having a little chit chat with my running buddy @naturerunshoot so I wasn’t really bothered for myself about the unlit path. The bottleneck just started to loosen after this dark area so my concern was the safety of other runners that when one stumbles a domino effect will happen considering the amount of runners.

As compared to last years edition, this year’s route is still better. If I remember it right, the whole course last year was the entire ECP requiring us to do 2 long loops somewhere to complete a 32. Hydration points are situated well except that there were a couple of hydration points along ECP where they were on the right side of the lane. Weren’t they supposed to be on the left side so that they won’t disrupt the momentum of the fast runners on the right? Few feedback from social media sources were ‘no bananas’ and ‘no energy gels’ which is quite true because these are basic necessities for long distance runs along with water or isotonic drinks. On a lighter note, generous muscle spray bottles are available on select points.

I was able to finish strong at 3:13 nett timing and I owe it to the training my group were doing to better prepare us for a full marathon coming this early December. A lot of things happened simultaneously after the race but me and my friends chose to gather on one corner and waited for the rest, did some serious cool down exercises and finally queued for the totally awesome food.

Post-race Stretching
Got to stretch those tight muscles.

Overall, this year’s edition is well organized except for few minor but tolerable flaws. I would definitely take part again next year.

Runners collectively named Pinoy-SG Runners
My Newton Challenge 2015 finish of 4 hours
This year’s strong finish shed about 45 mins from last year’s record

What exactly is Dri-Fit? What fabric suits you?

We keep hearing the words Dri-Fit amongst our fellow runners and exercise friends, claiming how good it is especially in our kind of weather. It keeps them dry and comfortable while they work out, keeping their bodies cool and feeling fresh.

But while we keep hearing about this wonderful product, do we know what it is exactly? According to some sports brand sources, Dri-Fit outfits are made to fit the form of an athlete and brings the sweat up from the skin to the surface, keeping the athlete’s body dry. A boon especially when you get involved in a sport that results in you sweating like crazy.


You may be wondering, though, what the difference is between a regular cotton top and a Dri-Fit top. With the high level of curiosity, some fellow exercise enthusiasts, like myself, have gone to the extent of trying out both tops and comparing the effects.

Cotton is comfortable and works well for about 15 to 20 minutes before it starts absorbing too much sweat and gets heavy, with your body coated in almost the same amount of sweat as well which was pretty awful.

Dri-Fit, on the other hand, soaks up the sweat and before you start thinking, “It’s the same as cotton oh my goodness!”, it gets sucked up to the surface and leaves your body feeling dry and clean. The Dri-Fit top remains light and continues performing throughout my exercise regime.

This brings us to the next question. So does Dri-Fit suit every exercise style? Based on my observation, the answer is yes. It really doesn’t matter if you are a yoga buff or a marathon runner, Dri-Fit outfits aim to keep your mind off the icky feeling when you are exercising and keep your body feeling fresh and raring to go. But one thing to keep in mind is the fit of the Dri-Fit outfit you intend to wear. For a runner, something a little loose is good to give the body some space to move. For gymnasts, or those who do activities that require form-fitting outfits, it’s always best to get a Dri-Fit outfit that suits your workout requirements.


In warm and humid Southeast Asia, some of us have even started utilizing Dri-Fit tops in our daily lives. You have to admit, in our kind of weather, even going to the supermarket 10 minutes away for our groceries can result in a sweat bomb. In this case, Dri-Fit helps to keep us active, dry and cool to take on more.


Always Eat ‘75% Full’

Most of us love to eat. With our wide array of cuisines, we are constantly spoiled for choice on the types of food we can choose from for each of our meals.

In recent years, buffets have been super popular, especially among the youth because of the value-for-money and eat-all-you-can concept. This springs the problem of us overeating because we feel that we aren’t making the best use of the amount we have spent if we don’t eat everything. In fact, we should only be eating until we are 75% full, not even a 100%. Why? Here are the reasons.

1. Bloated and ill

You will notice that when you overeat, or even eat till you are entirely full, you tend to start feeling uncomfortable from the overstuffing. Then you may feel nauseous and ill. These symptoms are common when people attend buffets and cannot control their food intake. If you cannot imagine your own stomach being filled to the brim, imagine filling a balloon with water. As the water goes into the balloon, it inflates and inflates until it eventually bursts. Our stomach will not burst but it will be expanded to the point of discomfort, and that’s where our ill feelings come from.

2. Overeating can disrupt our sleep

Woman suffering insomnia

You may be really tired but because you had too much to eat at dinner, you can’t seem to go to sleep properly, tossing and turning and feeling some sort of discomfort in your tummy whenever you attempt to move. This is a sign that you have overeaten and your body probably hasn’t had enough time to digest the food properly before you put yourself to bed. The tiredness comes about because all our blood has gone to our stomach for the digestion of all that food. And it is especially unhealthy to overeat at dinner because our stomach will not have enough time to digest all the food before you head to bed. It can not only cause us to feel uncomfortable. It can also cause us to have terrible nightmares and wake up feeling sloppy.

3. Lack of energy


It’s not only during dinner that we should not be overeating. Especially on the weekdays, eating too much during lunch can cause an epic slump right after because of the same reasons mentioned in the point above. You will find yourself very unproductive and sleepy and this is definitely not a good thing when you are stuck in the office where your actions are always being monitored.

4. It affects your health

At the core of it all, your health gets greatly compromised with continuous sessions of overeating. Getting your stomach up to 75% full will make you feel comfortable and just nice. Anything more than that will just cause more harm to your overall internal system and energy levels.


Getting by a Weight Plateau

Have you ever experienced that moment when you are consistently losing weight and all of the sudden your great progress just stops??? Your weight just doesn’t seem to progress anymore and feel that your journey has already ended??

We'll miss you Glenn!
We’ll miss you, Glenn!

You have just experienced a “Weight Plateau” my friend!

A Weight Plateau is one of the most critical phases that one should consider facing when trying to lose weight. It is a phase that could lead one’s progress to success or down to failure, but haste your fear as this is a normal thing when it comes to losing weight and is definitely beatable!

A Plateau normally lasts between 3-5 weeks, so patience will definitely be needed!

Here are 3 of the main reasons why we face “Weight Plateaus”:

1. Inconsistent training

Being consistent with your workout plan is key! Always try to make time for your workout even on how busy your day seems. Things such as cheat days and lack of commitment to your goals would definitely lead you to a Plateau and could lead you to a relapse which would lead you back to square one.

One of the most easiest ways to get through this is just to re-evaluate yourself, trace back where you made mistakes, make changes with your program and most especially set a more concrete goal.


Added tip: Focus on your program and always keep yourself motivated.

2. Excess Water weight

Water plays a major role to your body, an average adult body consists around 55-60% of water and as you progress on becoming more leaner, the water percentage would increase due to muscles consisting more water compared to fats.


This is where patience is needed, our body naturally flushes out water in a timely matter and so meaning we just need to wait! Based from my experience, since I started drinking a gallon of water a day this was one of the main reason that Plateaus occurred. I lost a lot of body fat, and stopped losing weight then all of the sudden I started to urinate during late nights then boom! when I woke up one morning I lost 3 to 4 pounds! Just be patient and  let the body naturally do the work.

Added tip: Sleep more! less sleep leads to food binging which affects water retention.

3. Meeting new caloric needs

This is a very common phase that anyone could face. When we start to lose weight the lowered daily calories we intake would start to become our maintaining calories and a way for you to get through this is just by simply adding more intensity with our workouts (ex. increase weight or just adding more intensity) or by lowering your daily caloric intake again.

One of the tools that I really suggest when undergoing this phase would be the myfitnesspal app (you can also visit the site: ) Track your calories! It really does play a major role in a weight-loss program.

Love yo'self!
Love yo’self!

Added tip: It is okay to get comfy to the weight you have just progressed to, it is okay to slow down on your diet once in awhile.

It is normal to have a Plateau once in awhile and it also just means that you should just continue what you are doing. Losing weight doesn’t just happen overnight, it would normally take months to years before you meet that body you have been dreaming of. Having patience and persistence is important!

Feel free to visit for more weight-loss insights!



9 Health Benefits of Cycling

If you are one of those who prefer to do something more interesting than running, cycling may be a good sport to consider. Those who are serious about cycling swear by the amount of good the sport has done for and to them.

But besides the adrenaline rush that comes from the ability to go really fast on a bicycle, what are the various health benefits that come with it? Taking into consideration that you probably only need a few hours a week pedaling away to attain them.

1. Your heart gets stronger

As with any exercise, bicycling requires loads of stamina, which also means a set of stronger lungs and a stronger hear. Doing regular rides can help to strengthen your heart muscles and make you feel healthier and better about yourself.

2. Increased muscle strength and flexibility

You are also doing some form of cardio when you ride your bicycle. If you notice, there are a lot of maneuvering required to maintain balance and your core may even be worked while doing so. Every part of your body is being exercised when you are vigorously pedaling away, which makes for a great workout.

asian male cyclist training on a road

3. Improved joint mobility

This is obvious. When you ride a bicycle, you are constantly moving all your limbs at almost the same time, especially your legs. You may actually have better joint movement after riding for a while and maybe even get rid of the pain in that knee.

4. Decreased stress levels

Similar to other forms of exercise, going for a ride can take away the stress of the day. A good 5km can ensure that you will have sweated out all the pressures of the work day by the time you get home, especially after a good shower.

5. Better posture and coordination

Your coordination will definitely improve because of the constant movement of all your limbs and senses while you are on a route. However, having better posture is dependent on the type of bicycle you ride. If yours is a mountain bike or one of those racing kinds, your back may be compromised.


6. Bones become stronger

As with your joints, your bones will also get stronger from all the pedaling and movement.

7. Body fat will dip

Those of you who are looking for an adrenaline-filled exercise to lose weight, perhaps cycling may be the one for you.

8. Diseases can be prevented or managed

When your body is strong, your immune system is also kept strong, keeping diseases and illnesses at bay.


9. Reduced anxiety and depression

Like how riding a few kilometres can help to reduce stress, it can also dip your anxiety and depression levels to an all-time low. This is definitely beneficial for our mental and emotional health in the long run.


What Important Supplements Do Our Bodies Need As We Age?

Adding life to your years, and years to your life.

As we grow older, our bodies start to decline in almost every aspect. Our metabolism dips to an all-time low, we get tired faster and everything starts sagging. This is because our bodies are no longer as capable of absorbing some key nutrients which may be a result of a blunt in appetite because of the declining food tasting abilities. It may also be because some foods become difficult to chew or digest in our golden years.

In light of this, there are several supplements we will need to keep our bodies going as we age. Here are some of them and reasons why we should be getting enough of this bunch.

1. Calcium


I am only in my early 30s and am already experiencing pain in my joints due to old sports injuries. Because of that, I try to have as much calcium as I can get from dairy products such as cheese and milk. We all know how calcium helps to fortify our bones and teeth and keep them from breaking easily but did you also know that not enough of it will cause you body to leach it out of your bones? If cheese and milk aren’t your thing, you can always reach out to your local health store for calcium supplements that work just as well.

2. Fibre


According to some health professionals, it is necessary for us to take a dump at least once a day to clear our bowels and system. However, as we get older, our bodies don’t absorb as well as it used to and what happens is we get constipated, which is really uncomfortable. Besides ensuring regular bowel movement, fibre is also required to protect against heart disease. Fibre can be found in most vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and whole grains, but if these are not items you have on your regular menu, you can seek out fibre supplements from your doctor too.

3. Omega-3 Fats


The first thing most people will think about when they see this is salmon. And salmon is a really delicious way of getting your day’s worth of this supplement. Omega-3 fats are unsaturated fats found primarily in fatty fish that have a wide range of benefits including reducing symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis and slowing the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is a disease that reduces vision in the elderly. It may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and perhaps even keep the brain sharper as we age. Talk to your doctor if you need to take supplements for this.

4. Vitamin B12


The entire B vitamin group has lots of nutrients that are required for the well-being of our bodily functions. Vitamin B12, in particular, is important in creating red blood cells and DNA and for maintaining nerve function. Unfortunately, older people don’t get a lot of it because they aren’t able to absorb it from food as well as the younger folks. Although Vitamin B12 can be found in fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk and dairy products, it may also be a good idea to seek out your doctor’s opinion on starting you on supplements.



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