The Performance Series is coming to Malaysia. The TPS tagline has always been #TranscendYourself. This concept is based on a never-ending journey to constantly improve yourself – physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. It brings you to new heights, and this year, TPS also brings you to new places to #TranscendYourself.

Explore Penang

Penang is the food haven of Malaysia and is a serious contender for ‘best street food in Asia’ title. Penang is home to many great delicacies. We can’t decide what’s best – the Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow, or the one by this old uncle along Jalan Siam. Or is it the Penang Road Asam Laksa, or the One Corner Cafe Prawn Noodles. The Pulau Tikus wantan noodles is also outstanding. Then again there is Tek Sen restaurant that serves brilliant home-cook dishes.

But Penang is not just all about the food. There are a couple of places worth visiting. Try running up the Penang hill for instance (perhaps a good idea after all the food). The views from up there will be rewarding. Or visit the biggest Buddhist temple in Malaysia – Kek Lok Si. The temple faces the sea and commands an impressive view. You could also go running or hiking in the Penang National Park which will show you a different side of Penang.


Explore, discover and #TranscendYourself with The Performance Series in Penang on the 9th July 2017.

Explore Kuching

 Photo Credits: Sarawak Tourism

Kuching is the City of Culture. Being on the other side of Malaysia, there are alot of cultural differences that are reflected in their architecture, traditions and also food. In Kuching, people go to Jalan Song (for the food – now you know where to hunt for your Sarawak Laksa and Sarawak Kolo Mee), Kuching Friendship Park (for dating), the Waterfront area (for the culture), cultural village (for the culture), Damai Beach (for the beach), Santubong (for hiking), and the various national parks – Bako National Park for instance (for the flora and fauna).

Explore, discover and #TranscendYourself with The Performance Series in Kuching on the 3rd September 2017.

Explore Shah Alam

Don’t miss the last race! Explore, discover and #TranscendYourself with The Performance Series in Shah Alam, Selangor on the 19th November 2017.


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It’s time to explore and discover new places while on your #TranscendYourself journey.


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