Bucket-list Races in China

Beijing Marathon
Beijing, China
Shangri-La Marathon
Meili Snow Mountains, China
Great Hakka Marathon
Nanjing, Fujian Province, China
Gobi March
Hami, China
Great Wall Marathon
Beijing, China


5 Established Vertical Marathons in Asia Everyone Should Try

Vertical runs are becoming increasingly popular these days. It has kicked off this new addition to running up skyscrapers. It is really cool to...

4 Most Anticipated Trail Races Across Asia Pacific

These are 4 of the most beautiful trail races accross Asia Pacific. They all have 2 things in common - they are tough but...

“The Art of Energy” an amazing Running Data display at the Shanghai Marathon

BMW China gave every runner in the Shanghai marathon a personalized art piece by using their individual running data to celebrate their achievement, encouraging...

5 Hikes In Asia That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Despite the challenging climbs, being rewarded by the stunning panoramic views keeps mountain-lovers coming back for more. You can't call yourself an avid mountain...

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Half-Marathon Running in Asia: What You Need To Know

Have you heard? There's a new hot distance in town and it's called the Half Marathon! The half marathon distance is 21.0975 kilometres - half...

5 Breathtaking Routes in Asia All Runners Must Try

#1 Meguro River, Japan This cherry blossom spring time wonder is a must-go place for runners. Along the way, there's going to be vibrant shopping malls, izakayas...

Have you seen Uncle Martian? He is China’s new blatant Under Armour copycat

China is infamous for its disregard of international copyright laws — with copycat sphinxes, talent shows and luxury brands. Just last week, a company in China...

Soapy Disaster At A Qingyuan Marathon With Thousands Injured

Upon crossing the finishing line at the Qingyuan marathon, many of the Chinese runners bite into what they thought was an energy bar. It...

Beijing International Marathon

4th, Top 25 Destinations – World, Tripadvisor 2014 Travelers’ choice The Beijing International Marathon is an annual marathon race held in October in Beijing, China....

Race In China: The 3 Running Events To Join In 2016

There are many reasons that China is the world's popular destination for tourism – rich culture, natural wonders, amazing architecture, and many more. China is so...

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