Upcoming Pocari Sweat Run 2014.

I have added Pocari Sweat Singapore on Facebook ever since I have joined the Pocari Sweat Run 2013. Why?

It is to make sure that I will be the first few to sign up for Pocari Sweat Run 2014.

Pocari Sweat Run 2013 was well- organised. With ample water stations, clear signages and encouraging road marshals, I remembered having an enjoyable and satisfying 10km. Despite the fact that it clashed with Fathers’ Day last year, it still garnered a huge amount of support as evident from the crowd.  In fact, the race tee that was sponsored by Adidas last year is one of the most comfortable running tees I have had from many races.

A few days ago, Pocari Sweat Singapore posted their release of the race tee designs on Facebook. I have to say they do look good for both men and women. The one on the left with be for men, and the one on the right will be for women. It is sponsored by 2XU this time round. Having just completed my 2xu 10km race with the 2XU running tee, I have a pretty good impression of racing tees sponsored by 2XU.

pocari sweat tee
Pocari Sweat Run 2014 Singlet

Not to forget, the closing date for the registration of Pocari Sweat Run is soon!

So what are you guys waiting for?

Sign up for one of the best races in Singapore, hydrate yourself with one of the best sports drinks ever after the run and, feel good in one of the best designed running tees ever!


RunNUS to return on August 23rd?

NUS Open Day was hosted last weekend at UTown, the newest part of the Kent Ridge campus. NUS Sports Committee and RunNUS Organising Committee had their own booth and activities. The following flyer was circulated, and apparently RunNUS will make its return on 23rd August 2014. I took part in last year’s event and it left me with good memories, so I can’t wait to join this year’s edition.

Details about the race are still not known, but it is expected to be the biggest yet of the series. I personally hope they add a finisher’s medal, and I wouldn’t mind it being at the expense of the finisher’s t-shirt.


 Find out more / connect with RunNUS 2014 through their Facebook page.


Race Review: 2XU Compression Run 2014 [10km]

The sky was still dark though a glimmer of dawn was evident. Yet, the excited faces of the 10km runners shone brightly as they started to proceed to the starting point of the race that was opened at 645am. Before the race started, some of them were taking photos as evidences that they are participants of one of the world’s most popular race ever, some of them were doing warm-ups to get ready to ace the run (just like me) whilst others were pumping themselves up with music.

The horn sounded and here we go! Having participated in other races before, I am glad that the path for the starting point of 10km was wide enough for one to manoeuvre his/her way out instead of getting blocked by other runners. The first 5km was a breeze with water stations at every 2km. Restrooms were conveniently located within close distances too. Not to forget, road marshals and signages of the distance we have completed were clearly located. In fact, despite having to share the road with the 21km and 42km runners after 8km of our race route, there was no experience of overcrowding or a lack of space to run freely. Bravo to the careful planning of the race routes.

The scenery we ran past was breathtaking too. The beautiful architecture of the upcoming Singapore Sports Hub, the one and only Singapore flyer and the glistening Kallang River in the morning as it reflected off the sunlight of the morning sun. This is in fact one of the most relaxing and satisfied races I have ever had.

Picturesque scenery, comfortable race routes, clear signages. Perfect combination for a good race.

The cold towels provided at the end of the race was a total bonus to add on the my good impression of this race. Massage corners were available for full marathon runners too. The Yellow Fellows had a booth to themselves to encourage runners to contribute a little to aid the cancer victims and their friends/family whilst the stage was packed with post-race activities.

I will definitely join 2XU again.


Race Review: 2XU Compression Run 2014 [Full Marathon]

Well, I survived the 2XU marathon, and not only survived… I achieved a better timing than the previous timing by 15mins. Not only I achieve a better timing, I felt quite good after the run, and felt that I can go on for another few km… I was nursing an ankle injury, but with the help of the KT tape, I actually pulled through and did not aggravate the injury further… quite amazing what that synthetic tape can do. There is the inevitable soreness and pain over the past 2 days, but I’m amazed that I recover so quickly. I attribute the improved timing and quick recovery to the time I spend cross-training, ie. in the gym, swimming, and a little bit of boxing. I guess all these help build my endurance, energy and core muscles which help me in running.

I’m now gunning for the next marathon to finish below 5 hours.

However, it is very saddening to hear that a fellow runner collapsed and passed away during the run. I actually pass by the location where he collapsed, there were a few runners trying to help him. A reminder that we must take care of our body and health, regardless of how fit we think we are. My condolence to the family, and may he rest in peace.


Win 4 slots for Tri-Factor Run 2014

Tri-Factor Run 2014 slot giveaway.

We are happy to announce the TRI-Factor Run 2014 free race slot contest!

[textmarker color=”ed0d0d”]The contest is now over. Thanks for taking part![/textmarker]

Four of our readers will have the opportunity to enter their favourite running event for free, in the category of their preference. 

Together with TRI-Factor Series, we are giving away the following slots:

  • 2 x 10.5 km
  • 1 x 21 km
  • 1 x 31.5 km

In order to successfully enter the contest, you must:

1) Be a registered user on Just Run Lah!. Click here to register if you are not.

2) Log in and post a comment to the present article using the “Write A Comment” form below, indicating the category you want to compete in.  

* Make sure you post the comment from your registered account, and that your email address is working; otherwise we will not be able to contact you.

* In your comment, don’t forget to indicate up to two categories, in order of preference.

The winners will be selected in random and notified by email within a week after the contest has ended.

Contest closes midnight on Sunday, March 16th.

Good luck!

The TRI-Factor 2014 medal puzzle. Join the TRI-Factor Run and make your first step into finishing the TRI-Factor Series.


Launch of Adidas Takumi running shoes for 2014

Adidas Takumi Racing Flats 2014 Series

A couple of weeks ago, the new series of Takumi racing flats were launched in Japan. These racing flats are the premium marathon shoes from Adidas and is renowned for its responsiveness. I have personally wore the first series of Takumi Sen for all my races.

You may refer to my simple review of Takumi Sen here.

From top to bottom: Takumi Sen v2 , Takumi Ren v2, Takumi Idomi v1.

Here you have it, the new series of Takumi. The new season of Takumi running shoes is unisex. Takumi Idomi is new and resembles the Boston series at first sight. It is supposed to act as a training shoe which was missing out in the original Takumi series.

Takumi Sen V2

There will be two colorways for Takumi Sen v2 at launch. Not sure whether there will be new colors, but judging from series 1, the chances are high. From the looks of it, the outsole retains the continental rubber for cushioning. It seemed similar compared to V1. I was a heel striker back then and this piece of rubber last me 400km. The bulk of the sole seemed to receive an ‘upgrade’, every bit of rubber seemed larger compared to Sen v1. Sen v1 is responsive and has a firm ride and i wouldn’t expect Sen 2 to be lacking in that aspect with minimal modifications.

Adidas Takumi Sen v2 2014
Adidas Takumi Sen v2, 2014

The upper design also feature some changes in the forefoot area. In v2, there is no plastic overlays around your forefoot upper. This modification should potentially allow better flexibility during toe off. Other than that, the meshed-like structure makes this an extremely breathable shoe.

Adidas Takumi

The shoelaces also received an upgrade. Sen v1 laces looks good to the eye but doesn’t seem to hold the upper well. Sen v2 looks to remedy that with more traditional and flatter laces.

Sen v2 retains weighs in at 175grams compared to 173grams for Sen v1, no much difference here.

Takumi Ren V2

I used to own a Takumi Ren before, but unfortunately the heel did not fit me well. I seemed to be weighed down by it everytime I toe off and I sold it off soon after.

Adidas Takumi Ren v2, 2014
Adidas Takumi Ren v2, 2014

Prior to Idomi, the Ren is supposed to be the slightly heavier, more cushioned ‘trainer’. Based on the specs, the weight of the shoe remains the same as V1.

From what I understand, the orange version will be launched in March 1st 2014. Much have been speculated about the colorways of these shoes. There were sources stating there might be ‘wide’ versions in Ren and this news should delight runners requiring larger widths for their racing shoes. There are also speculation stating specific female colorways and thus doesn’t make this a unisex shoe. Do note these speculations might be untrue at time of publishing.

This shoe retains the breathable racing upper, high traction out-sole which looks 90% similar to Sen v2 and is worth a try for anyone wanting a new racing flat. Expect a firm ride on Ren v2.

Takumi Idomi

By the looks of it, it looks like the ‘Japanese version’ of Boston series in the US market. The weight is similar to Boston and so is the design of the upper and sole.

Adidas Takumi Idomi
Adidas Takumi Idomi, 2014

This shoe is marketed as the trainer version of the Takumi series for runners aiming for a Sub-5 marathon. The sole as you can see is much thicker than Ren and provides more durability with much more significant rubber overlays across the sole. Black colorway is the rumored wide version for Takumi Idomi.

I got my Takumi Sen v2 from Hong Kong at HKD1099. Sorry for the lousy pictures as i took it in the hotel. I took one run to break in and i raced with it in the Hong Kong Marathon the very next day. Initial impressions seemed extremely similar with Sen, not much changes and seemed like an exact prototype to it. Upper with its changes gives a more secure fit while retaining the meshy structure to encourage breathability.

The Takumi series are not available in Singapore at time of publishing.


One more week to go…

2XU Compression Run Singapore 2014

One more week before the 2XU Marathon… I’m actually not quite ready, my longest run this month has only been 14km. Been somewhat busy with work, and a whole lot of other stuff, just couldn’t have enough time to commit to run a 21km.

Oh well, it’s a little too late to do anything now… Having ran a few marathon, I have come to realised it really is all in the mind. Injury aside, it is all about one’s mental strength to want to complete the 42.2km.

I’m still gunning to better my previous time of a 5:30 finish…. remember I said no more trying new shoes a couple of blogs ago? Haha.. I did not keep to my own words, I bought the Kayano 20 today and planned to run around with it in the next few days, and use it for the 2XU marathon next Sunday.


6 Days. 250 km. Across the Sahara desert. For charity.

6 Days. 250 km. Across the Sahara desert. For charity.

Two Singaporeans, Chin Wei Chong and Ian Lye, are running 250km within 6 days (April 4-14 2014) across the Sahara Desert to raise S$100,000 for the local animal welfare organization Save Our Street Dogs. Just Run Lah! is always happy to support such good causes, and after Yvonne’s 7 Marathons In 7 Continents, we hereby present you their case.

Marathon des Sables

Held in Morocco each year, the Marathon des Sables (MDS) is considered by many to be the “toughest footrace on Earth”.

Participants cover approximately 250 km (156 miles) over the course of six days. During this time, they must traverse the Sahara desert crossing dunes, mountains, and brave sand storms and temperatures that can exceed 50 degrees Celcius, while carrying all of their own supplies, including food, clothing, a sleeping bag, and other items needed to survive, except for a small ration of water given out each day.

Taken during their hilly terrain training stint in Lantau, Hong Kong, in January this year. Wei Chong and Ian flew there to practice running/power hiking up hilly terrain to simulate the dunes that they will be coming across in the MDS.

Project Saharan Footprints

Wei Chong and Ian have been training for ultramarathons since the start of 2013. Motivated by the possibility of finishing races in excess of 42 km, they signed up for the Sundown Marathon 100km and trained progressively towards the 14 September event. To get the confidence of running longer races, Wei Chong and Ian completed back-to-back weekend runs of up to 80 km from May to August. They also completed both the Sundown half and full marathon races on consecutive days in May.

In an attempt to simulate the MDS’ punishing conditions including the harsh terrain and heat, Wei Chong and Ian have decided to inject a twist into their training program since December 2013. Road runs became a mean to cultivate speed and stamina while the key focus were to maintain long distances on sand, trail and hill runs during the hottest hours in Singapore. Four times a week, they will hit the sandy beaches of East Coast, run the undulating trails from MacRitchie to Bukit Timah, work on hill repeats at Bukit Timah, as well as run the Southern Ridges to Mount Faber and train on stairs.

In the last 3 months leading up to the race in April 2014, Wei Chong and Ian will ramp up their weekly mileage from 65 km to 110 km over 5 runs a week. They will also be training with a backpack that weighs at least 10kg by end February, up from the current 3kg they train with. From 10th to 12th January, they will be travelling to Hong Kong to train on the technical trails in Lantau with elevation of more than 3000 feet to test their running performance in an unfamiliar terrain. During this time, they will also be testing out their kit and food packs to find the optimal configuration.

As part of their preparation towards the MDS, Wei Chong and Ian will also be reaching out to fellow Singaporean runners who have done similar races to seek advice and get tips on surviving multi-day stage ultramarathon races in the Sahara desert.

Meet the runners

Chin Wei Chong:

Wei ChongWei Chong has run countless races and marathons since year 2000. An avid adventurer with a zest for the path less travelled, he has backpacked across the Middle East and scaled numerous mountains in South East Asia. Upon completing his 12th marathon last year, Wei Chong contemplated ultra and adventure racing, fuelled by his passion for running and admiration for the legendary Ray Zahab. He is currently training for the Marathon Des Sables.

Wei Chong graduated from the RMIT University in 2005 and is currently the Asia Pacific Marketing Communications Director for First Advantage. He has worked for companies like Shell and Premier Farnell over the past 10 years where he managed Corporate and Internal Communications in region. He has also spearheaded Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives where he led employee activities to raise funds and volunteer with Associations for the Disabled and Children’s homes.

Wei Chong strongly believes in contributing actively to worthy causes and is pleased to be able to help raise funds for Save Our Street Dogs through his participation in the MDS. Wei Chong is married with two children and his other leisure pursuits include reading, travelling and spending time with his family.

Ian Lye:

IanIan has led a nomadic existence for a large part of his live, having travelled to more than 60 countries and lived in North Carolina, Washington D.C., Seville, Beirut and Damascus. He is currently back in his native Singapore working for Thomson Reuters as a Research Manager while also pursuing a part-time Masters degree at Nanyang Technological University.

As the owner of 3 dogs, animal welfare causes have always resonated with him. The work of SOSD in particular has been a cause that is deeply personal to him, as he adopted one of the dogs rescued by SOSD 2 years ago.

Although Ian has been racing for many years, he had never run further than a full marathon. In 2013, however, he completed a 100 km ultramarathon in September as part of his preparation for the desert race. By participating in the MDS, he hopes to help SOSD raise SG$100,000 to offset the astronomical costs that are required for its operating expenses. The documentary “Running the Sahara” inspired him several years ago to contemplate the possibility of running in the desert one day, so returning to the Sahara to run will also be the culmination of a longtime dream of his, having first visited the beautiful alien landscapes of Southern Morocco almost 10 years ago.

About Save Our Street Dogs

Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) is a group of volunteers in Singapore, banded together by the common passion and conviction to be part of a unified voice, purposed to make a difference and effect change to the welfare of our street dogs—our homeless strays.

It’s mission? Till every dog has a refuge of safety; a home to call their own. SOSD’s mission is to save street dogs to the best of our ability, and give them a chance in life.

Save Our Street Dogs Singapore logo

Learn more about Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD): www.sosd.org.sg

Connect with SOSD on Facebook.

Show your support

Donate through the fundraising portal: www.geofundit.com/sosd


Running t-shirt etiquette

Marathon Finisher T-Shirts

Finisher t-shirts is not a rare sight in our country. You must have come across people wearing them and proudly displaying their achievement in all sorts of places, from the gym to the hawker center, and from classrooms to a night out. How many of them are they doing it right?

For the serious runner, choosing just the correct apparel for the right occasion can be a daunting and difficult task. The following guidelines have been compiled (in fun), to help the responsible t-shirt wearer avoid potential embarrassment and/or elevate their perceived status in their athletic community.

We cannot claim the creative license for the following list, however, as we found it to be one of the most hilarious articles on the runners’ sub-culture, we are giving you some of the best as a teaser and encourage you to visit the source for more.

  1. A shirt cannot be worn unless the wearer has participated in the event. There is an exception, though: “significant others” and volunteers.

2. Any race tee, less than a marathon distance, shouldn’t be worn to an ultramarathon event. It simply doesn’t represent a high enough “cool factor ” and sends a red flag regarding your rookiness. It’s like taking a knife to a gunfight.

3. When you are returning to a race in which you have previously finished, then wear the shirt from the first year you completed the race. Don’t short-change yourself by wearing the shirt from the year before. It doesn’t adequately display the feat of accomplishment or the consummate veteran status that you are due.

4. Never wear a race event shirt for the (same) race you are about to do. It’s like being at work and constantly announcing “I’m at work”. Besides, you wont have the correct post-race shirt then.

5. Never wear a shirt from a run that you did not finish. To wear a race shirt is to say “I finished it”. Exceptions: see guideline #1.

6. A DNF’er (did-not-finisher) may wear a race shirt if and only if the letters DNF are boldly written on the shirt in question.

7. Volunteers have full t-shirt rights and all privileges pertaining thereto. So there. Remember, you can always volunteer for a race and get a shirt. I encourage this as your civic duty to be a member of the running community. Races don’t happen without volunteers, folks.

8. No souvenir shirts: therefore, friends or anyone else not associated with the race may not wear a race shirt. If your mom thinks that your Boston shirt is lovely, tell her to qualify for Boston herself, and send in her application early for next year, so she can earn her own shirt. Note that your mom can wear your finisher’s shirt under one of these 4 conditions- 1) you still live with your mother; 2) she funded your trip to the race; 3) she recently bailed you out of the slammer; or 4) All of the above.

9. Your t-shirt should be kept clean, but dried blood stains are okay. If you’re an ultrarunner, you can even leave in mud and grass stains.

10. Never wear a t-shirt that vastly out-classes the event you’re running. It’s like taking a gun to a knife fight.

11. Never wear a blatantly prestigious t-shirt downtown or at the mall among non-running ilk. People will just think you have a big head, which you do.

12. Never wear a shirt that has more sponsors listed on it than people that ran in the event (are you listening, race directors?), or any sponsors on it that you don’t agree with.

13. If an event is cancelled at the last minute, but the event shirts were already given out, you can’t wear the shirt unless you actually ran the race on that day. This means you will have to run your own unsupported event, through snow storms, hurricanes, or whatever lame excuse the Race Organizers came up with for cancelling said event. If you still want to wear the shirt, you have to mark it with a sharpie, “I didn’t run this lousy event, and I’m all the better for it, thank you.” across the front of it.

Adapted from: Bad Ben’s Trail Running Site

Can you relate to this? Do you have your own do’s and don’ts?


Running around Pandan Island in Philippines. Literally.

Pandan Island, Philippines map.
Pandan Island, Philippines map.

Pandan Island, Puerto Princessa, Philippines.

I recently visited Philippines for vacations, and more specifically Palawan island. Now, I always like to go for a run in a new place, even if it is just a short one around the hotel, however, this time a new opportunity was presented to me: I would be able to literally run around an island.

Pandan (or Makesi) Island is about 40 minutes away from Puerto Princesa City by boat. It is situated in Honda Bay and it is very famous for snorkelling and island hoping.

When approaching the island I saw that it looked to be completely surrounded by beach, so the idea was planted in my head. After we had a quick dive, I had to try it out!

Pandan Island, Puerto Princessa, Philippines
Setting off for a run around Pandan Island

Early on I was approached by a dog playfully barking at me. He (she?) was limping, but started following me.

Pandan Island, Philippines
Further away from the touristic area.


The sandy beach keeps going on around the island, apart from a 100m or so stretch where you have to go through some bushes, grass and trees. It is still very accessible and suitable for barefoot running or walking.

Pandan Island, Honda Bay, Philippines
The least accessible part of the island, still easy to walk through.


Bravely enough, the small, limping dog ran by my side for the whole time. When we arrived back to the main beach, it looked exhausted and went straight for a dive in the crystal clear waters – and so did I. It wasn’t a long run (the island circumference is about 1.8km according to my GPS), but it was very enjoyable. And I did make a new friend!

Later on, I went for a leg massage by the beach, and I found out that the dog was born on the island, and has been limping since he was born.

If you want to find out more about Pandan Island, I refer you to this blog entry.



Marathon, anyone?

The reasons we run

The reasons we run

We all have our own reasons why we run, why we take part in marathons, after marathons, after marathons…

What is mine? Well, honestly, I don’t know now… I only remember that I wanted to challenge myself when I sign up for my first marathon in 2010. I wasn’t really prepared for it, and end up I did not complete the marathon, I gave up at 35km due to a calf strain after walking from 25km. I felt quite lousy, and vowed to complete the next one. The opportunity came, and it was the Sundown marathon, and keeping to my own words, I completed it, albeit walking half the distance. It was painful and I told myself I did it, and that’s it. But when I saw the StanChart Marathon accepting sign-ups, something inside me tells me I must do this to ‘avenge’ the failure in the previous year – and so I did.

So come 2nd March, I’ll be doing my 8th marathon. I don’t know why, every time I complete one, I would say ‘no more’, but when the sign-up starts, I find myself reaching my wallet for my credit card. It’s beyond me, I just want to do it… not for bragging rights, not for the finisher t-shirt, not for the medal, I just want to do it…



Heroes Run – 10% Discount Code

Heroes Run Singapore 2014

Heroes Run, 28 June 2014 Singapore

Think you can be a better Batman than Ben Affleck, or a better Wonder Woman than Gal Gadot?

Singapore’s first superhero themed run will take place on 28 June 2014 at the Marina Barrage! Heroes Run 2014 is designed to encourage family bonding, role/cos-playing and drive a social message of awakening to the needs of others in our daily lives.

Based on the setting of a city under siege, participants will journey through pages of a comic book and discover its twist and turns as they make decisions along the run. Upon completion of the multi-route race, they will be awarded with a heroes pin and a character card that reveals the kind of hero they are.

The Singapore Police Force will be present at the event to showcase their Crime Prevention Program and interact with participants who wants to know more about our everyday heroes. To drive home the message of empowerment, Heroes Run will support the Make-A-Wish Foundation by granting a child’s wish to demonstrate how everyone can be a hero to someone.

Heroes Run 2014 is a super fun run suitable for all ages and the public will have the option of registering as an individual superhero, or as a superfamily.

This event is organised by Celebrity Trainer, the organisers behind Race the Dead 2013 – Singapore’s first zombie run, which was sold out in less than 14 hours. Registration for the Heroes Run opens 7 February 2014 at 2000 HR.

10% Discount code

Just Run Lah! is happy to present its readers with a 10% discount code (valid until 31 March 2014).

[textmarker color=”0C9529″]Use code beawesome during registration to enjoy 10% off.[/textmarker]

Links: Official website / registration | Facebook


The Runner’s High. An exercise-induced euphoric feeling.

The Runner’s High

The “runner’s high” is a state of euphoria that can be experienced by someone engaged in a vigorous workout. It is known that when the body is pushed to its limits, it produces endorphins, in order to compensate for the pain. Endorphins, the natural opiates of the brain, are capable of inducing a euphoric feeling when they are present in the brain. Apart from endorphins, other neurotransmitters are believed to contribute to a runner’s high include epinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine.

The high itself is variously described as a feeling of well-being, almost like floating or and out of body experience. It is typically related to longer periods of vigorous exercise rather than shorter, easier workouts, possibly due to the stress the body undergoes as the major muscle groups begin to run short on glucose. The exact time into exercise that kicks in varies between individuals.

Yiannis Kouros, a legend in the world of ultra-running wrote:

“Some may ask why I am running such long distances. There are reasons. During the ultras I come to a point where my body is almost dead. My mind has to take leadership. When it is very hard there is a war going on between the body and the mind. If my body wins, I will have to give up; if my mind wins, I will continue. At that time I feel that I stay outside of my body. It is as if I see my body in front of me; my mind commands and my body follows. This is a very special feeling, which I like very much. . . It is a very beautiful feeling and the only time I experience my personality separate from my body, as two different things.”

The mechanisms underlying the runner’s high have been debated for years, until in 2008 a german study of long distance runners showed that not only did periods of robust exercise produce endorphins, but that the degree of euphoria reported by the runners correlated strongly with the endorphin levels in their brains.

The runner’s high is an extreme intense feeling, and like all such, can be habit forming. Exercise addiction is a rare but real condition thought to be caused by an addiction to the endorphins produced by the runner’s high. It’s typically characterized by an OCD-like compulsion to exercise to the exclusion of all other activities.

Have you ever experienced it?



MERCY Malaysia International Humanitarian Run 2014

MERCY Malaysia International Humanitarian Run 2014

MERCY Malaysia International Humanitarian Run, 2 March 2014

We are always happy to publicise and promote a good-cause running event, and this time we want to draw your attention to MERCY Malaysia International Humanitarian Run 2014, a run that will take place on Sunday the 2nd of March 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

About the run

MERCY Malaysia is launching its first ever International Humanitarian Run in an effort to raise awareness on MERCY Malaysia’s endeavors to provide health based humanitarian aid, both locally and internationally.

The 7km run which is being co-organized with Go International Group is open to the public, and will start at 7.00am on Sunday, 2 March 2014 at Kuala Lumpur’s Padang Merbok. Race technical partner, Pacesetters Club Malaysia, has charted the 7km route, ensuring that it is suitable for first time runners. The morning event, targeted at families, will have a carnival like atmosphere, as there will also be a mini concert and vendors selling assorted items.

In addition to that, MERCY Malaysia will be setting up a part of their Emergency Response Unit (ERU) field hospital on site, so that the public can view an example of a hospital that is set up during emergencies. The full mobile hospital which is fully self-sufficient consists of an operating theater, an emergency room, wards, an out-patient department, a pharmacy, and it would also include water and sanitation facilities, electricity supply, waste management, living quarters, storage and inventory, security and transportation as well as communication facilities. Recently, two components of the field hospital (the Out-Patient Department and the pharmacy) were deployed to Ormoc, Philippines in order to help provide medical aid to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the area.

“One of the reasons we are having this run is to encourage the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle, where they are both mentally and physically fit. This is why we are starting with only a 7-kilometre run, making it feasible for Malaysians from all walks of life to participate in the event. After all, anyone can run, and anyone can volunteer. Additionally 100% of the proceeds from the registration fee will be directed into MERCY Malaysia’s Humanitarian Fund” – The Honorary Secretary of MERCY Malaysia, YM Raja Riza Shazmin Raja Badrul Shah.

YM Raja Riza also commented on the importance of fitness in this day and age where many people now practice a sedentary lifestyle which could hinder their response during an emergency or disaster. She also mentioned that many studies have shown that exercise improves blood flow to the brain, increasing mental alertness –which is essential during emergency and disaster response.

She cited that based on MERCY Malaysia’s model on Total Disaster Risk Management, and the organizations experience obtained from 15 years of providing humanitarian aid, they found that communities who are both mentally and physically prepared for disasters are more resilient in times of crisis.

This could be seen in Johor, where school children who had been trained under MERCY Malaysia’s School Preparedness Program (under its Disaster Risk Reduction arm), have not only been able to cope with the annual floods, but also help their loved ones to prepare for the floods.

In the Myanmar, a Community Based Disaster Risk Management project was implemented in several villages to empower communities in disaster preparedness, especially when it came to dealing with the heavy rains that flooded the area. A 9-year-old child named Maung was quoted saying, “If a storm comes, I would run to the temple. I also have packed bottles of water, schoolbooks and clothes. We prepared for everything”.

“We wish to encourage Malaysians and their friends from around the world to sign up for this 7KM #myMERCYrun as their donations are channeled towards MERCY Malaysia’s numerous humanitarian aid funds” – Nikki Yeo, Head of Sports Marketing at Go International Group.

In an effort to help raise awareness on the event, a weekly exercise event called Fun Fit Friday will be held for MERCY Malaysia staff and their families at various parks around Kuala Lumpur by Nikki Yeo.


The event at a glance

Race Date: Sunday, 2 March 2014
Start Time: 7.00am
Finish Time: 9.30am (2.5 hours)
Start Location: Padang Merbok along Jalan Parlimen
City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Distance: 7km

Registration Closing Date: 20 February 2014 or when the number of participants reach the maximum number.

Registration/Donation Fee: RM 60 minimum donation per person.

  • Minimum donation of RM60 per person MUST be made upon registration. We thank you in advance if you wish to donate more than the minimum amount.
  • Donations are non-refundable nor are they transferrable.
  • Any payments made that are less than RM60 per person will be deemed as a donation and not as registration fee.
  • Payments can be made directly via the official MERCY Malaysia website, at www.mercy.org.my.
  • A tax-exemption receipt will be E-mailed to you.

Registration/Donation fee includes one item of each:

  • T-Shirt
  • Race Medal
  • Race Bib
  • Light Breakfast
  • Lucky Draw

Note: All participants will receive a race bib and an exclusive event t-shirt (sizes subjected to availability) in the Race Pack. All participants who successfully complete the 7km run will be awarded a finisher’s medal and light breakfast upon presentation of their bib number to the Race Secretariat. All finisher medals and t-shirts must be collected on Race Day and no requests will be entertained thereafter.


MERCY Malaysia International Humanitarian Run 2014 map

About MERCY Malaysia

MERCY Malaysia is a non-profit organisation focusing on providing medical relief, sustainable health-related development and risk reduction activities for vulnerable communities in both crisis and non-crisis situations. MERCY Malaysia recognises the value of working with partners and volunteers as well as providing opportunities for individuals to serve with professionalism. We uphold the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief and hold ourselves accountable to our donors and beneficiaries. As a non-profit organisation, MERCY Malaysia relies solely on funding and donations from organisations and generous individuals to continue our services to provide humanitarian assistance to our beneficiaries. For more information, please visit www.mercy.org.my

Register now and run for a good cause

Individuals who are interested to participate in the run can do so by logging on to MERCY Malaysia’s webpage at www.mercy.org.my.

It costs a minimum of RM60 donation to register, and runners will receive a tax-exemption receipt, t-shirt, medal, race bib, light breakfast and lucky draw.

Runners are also encouraged to help spread the word about the run via MERCY Malaysia’s Twitter handle @MERCYMalaysia with the hashtag #myMERCYrun.


Win 3 slots for the NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC

NTUC Income RUN 350, Singapore 2014

We are happy to announce the NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC free race slot contest!

[alert color=”C24000″]The contest has ended and winners have been notified and received their slots. Thanks for your massive interest![/alert]

* Make sure you post the comment from your registered account, and that email address is working; otherwise we will not be able to contact you.

The winners will be selected in random and will be notified by email within a week after the contest has closed.

The codes are valid for all categories of the race (350 m Kids Dash / 10km / 21km).

Contest closes midnight on Sunday, February 9th.

Good luck!

Run for Tomorrow. RUN 350 / RUN 350 official website


Would you say “Hello”?

runners culture greeting nod

Would you say “Hello”?

We all have our regular running routes, especially those in the neighbourhood, and those long runs along East Coast park. And we usually run at about the same timing most of the time…. more often than not, we meet the same familiar faces – do you acknowledge the familiar faces that run past you? I do, sometimes… when there is some eye contact, and if the person respond, it is a nice feeling – saying ‘hello’, ‘good morning’ to a somewhat ‘stranger’ but not a stranger.

Not just running, even in the morning when the lift door opens and there is someone inside, a simple ‘good morning’ brightens up someone’s day, especially if you live in the same block or work in the same office building, and bump into each other once in a while.

But very interestingly, everytime after I say the first ‘hello’, I hardly see that familiar face again… hahaha… wonder if anyone out there have a similar experience, but I thought it was kinda weird. Anyway, I just wanted to say that, while we are engrossed and training hard for our next personal best, do stop and say ‘hello’, it is nice to stop and smell the roses once in a while, or say ‘hello’ to the sunrise at the Bedok jetty. It makes those long boring runs more interesting and keeps us connected.

Would you say ‘hello’?  🙂



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