After achieving my milestone of completing the 5km run, I wanted to capitalise on the momentum and so signed up for the 10km @ the Standard Chartered.

Almost literally since the moment I signed up, we have been under a blanket of haze. I have not been able to train since. The haze is also preventing my weekly football. I worry my fitness is going downhill !!!

I don’t have an indoor gym membership. and all forms of training outdoors should be limited with the haze.

So in an attempt to slow down the deterioration of my fitness, and hope that I can still complete my 10km run:


1. Indoor cardio training on the spot. On my rolled out yoga mat perform the routine of:

60 seconds jogging on the spot
15 seconds rest
60 seconds high knees
15 seconds rest
60 seconds butt kicks
15 seconds rest
60 seconds star jumps
15 seconds rest
repeat 2 more times.

2. I have now started TaeKwonDo again, after many many years.

Usually a pretty good cardio work out – and also very good for building strength and flexibility in my legs.

3. Watching my diet.

As I’m exercising less, and so burning less calories – it is very important i watch the diet. Otherwise I will very quickly and regrettably put my weight back on.

Not had a fast food burger now for nearly 2 months (a massive achievement for a junkie like me)

Not much, but hopefully these small changes and exercises will help me continue my onwards to my next fitness goal: 60mins 10km.


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