Zsanett Bragmayer and Hayden Wilde win Arena Games Triathlon Singapore powered by Zwift; Beth Potter and Alex Yee crowned first ever esport triathlon World Champions

SINGAPORE, 7 May – Triathlon history has been made in Singapore today with British stars Beth Potter and Alex Yee taking the first ever esport triathlon World Championship titles.

The British pair wouldn’t have it all their own way in the heat, humidity and rain of Southeast Asia at Arena Games Triathlon Singapore powered by Zwift, however, with Hungary’s Zsanett Bragmayer and Hayden Wilde of New Zealand powering their way to the event wins to leave the Brits in second place in the fast and frenetic ninediscipline tri format.


In the women’s event, the three-stage triathlon saw 30-year-old Potter and Bragmayer, 28, duke it out for victory from the starting horn in Singapore’s Marina Bay, the openwater swim being the first time that a world-class event had been hosted in Marina Bay Reservoir.

Potter would win the day’s first 200m open-water swim, 4km smart trainer bike leg and 1km self-powered curved treadmill run stage, before the Hungarian would prove victorious in the second stage (a reverse of Stage 1).

Those results left the Stage 3 victory and the day’s overall title coming down to the last 200m open-water swim, 4km bike and 1km run. The duo would be inseparable on the swim and bike, before Bragmayer achieved the rare feat of overpowering Potter on the final 1km run to land a major victory. Georgia-Taylor Brown (GBR) would round out the podium on a day when the British Super League regular, Jess Learmonth, would drop out due to a hip injury on Stage 1’s run leg.

Combined with her silver from Singapore, Potter’s Arena Games win in Munich and second place in London would lead to her being crowned the 2022 World Champion, however. “I was in a world of pain, but I gave it everything,” said the Scot at the finish as she made Super League Triathlon history and secured her first major title of 2022.


The men’s event, the climax of the Arena Games Triathlon season that has also visited Munich and London in Europe, again saw two races for the price of one. Both the 2022 World Championship crown and the Singapore Arena Games Triathlon titles were on the line, with Alex Yee and Germany’s Justus Nieschlag vying for the former, a field of 10 international contenders for the latter.

Both titles would go down to the wire and the final of today’s nine triathlon stages. That final 1km treadmill run would witness New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde power to the Singapore title, with Yee holding off a chasing Nieschlag to take the 2022 esports World Championship title. France’s Aurelien Raphael would take 2022 bronze.

While Yee will relish his world title, New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde was the star of the men’s event. The Kiwi outpaced Yee on Stage 1’s final run leg before both he and Yee were overpowered by Germany’s Justus Nieschlag putting on the afterburners to take the Stage 2 win by just 1secs in an enthralling and rare triathlon swim sprint finish.

Stage 3 would really be the Wilde show, though, the 24-year-old taking control on the 4km bike leg, his watts reaching 370w as Yee evidently suffered in his Zwift slipstream. By T2, Wilde’s lead was 15secs over Yee and Nieschlag. Wilde would hold off both Yee (10secs behind) and Nieschlag (27secs) to deliver a major statement win, Yee another major title. With their careers in the ascendency, today won’t be the first time that the 24-year-old’s battle for major tri honours.

“I love racing on the edge of my seat, and a big shout out to the crowd for coming out and supporting even though it was bucketing down,” said Wilde at the finish. “I was actually hoping it would be a bit hotter than it is, but the sun gods didn’t come out! A massive kudos to Alex as well.”

“I came here to race the best that I could, and I’ve been rewarded for my performances here [and in London],” was Yee’s verdict on making tri history. “My swim has been a massive project for me this winter and I’ve worked meticulously on it, so I’m really pleased that it paid off.”

Results are available at www.superleaguetriathlon.com.


10 Things You Didn’t Know Could Make You Gain Weight

If you’re trying your best to lose weight but the number on the scale is going up, then this list could be the reason.

1) Whole grains cover your whole plate

Yes, they’re healthy – especially compared to refined grains. However, there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing, says registered dietitian and nutritionist Toby Amidor. Two cups of cooked whole-wheat pasta, for instance, adds up to 1670kJ. Try to limit yourself to a 1-cup serving (same goes for brown rice, quinoa, farro and barley) and round out your meal with plenty of veggies and some lean protein.

2) You’re obsessed with avocado toast

Ultimately, it’s about quantity, and it’s easy to overdo it. “Avocados contain a healthy dose of nutrients and heart-healthy unsaturated fat, but eating an entire avocado or using half an avocado daily for your avo toast can rack up hundreds of kilojoules rather quickly,” says Amidor. “An entire avocado contains 1347kJ and close to 30 grams of fat – that’s 45 per cent of the daily recommended amount of total fat!” About a fifth of an avocado is the right amount for a healthy snack.

3) You eat straight from the bag

You take just one handful and then another… maybe even more. At the end, how much are you really eating? Grab a small bowl next time so you can measure a reasonable portion first.

4) You like to unwind with an adult beverage

You probably know that margaritas, wine and other kilojoule-laden mixed drinks can make you gain weight, “but even having a low-kilojoule beer and wine can add up quickly and cause weight gain,” says Hultin. Some people have a hard time with weight loss if they’re drinking much at all.

5) You’re nuts for nuts

Nuts have a healthy reputation, which is mostly deserved. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, protein and healthy fats. However, the serving size is probably smaller than you think. For example, 14 shelled walnut halves and 24 shelled almonds equal one serving. Make sure you count them instead of eating them by the handful.

6) Not enough rest

It is certainly possible to gain weight by not getting enough sleep because it can make you crave comfort foods rich in carbohydrates and fats. Sleep deprivation is known to cause hunger hormones to fluctuate throughout the day, but you can be especially susceptible late at night when you are less active and trying to unwind.

7) You indulge in fat-free cookies, bars and other diet goodies

Nothing comes for free, is it? Treats that are fat-free are typically loaded with sugar, making the calorie count soar (and making you gain weight). Instead, try a few small pieces of the real thing.

8) You reward exercise with a “healthy” treat

Exercise is great for anyone, no matter if they are trying to lose weight or not. But rewarding the effort with food is a different story. A muffin, for instance, can have around 1670 kilojoules! However, the answer is not to forego the exercise but the answer is to retrain yourself to see the walk/activity as a reward. If that’s too difficult at first, at least opt for non-food rewards (like a pedicure or new book download).

9) You’ve gone too low carb

Carb cutting may be working – to a certain extent. However, if you aren’t eating carbs or are eating a diet very low in carbs, most likely you will be filling your plate with protein and fats. But the kilojoules from too much protein or fat can also lead to weight gain.

10) You eat too lightly during the day

Many people believe that it’s a good idea to ‘eat lightly’ – basically semi-starve themselves – throughout the day in order to lose weight. However, that inevitably drives them to overeat in the evening. Instead, you should eat at the earliest signs of hunger and stop when you’re just slightly full. Avoid going starving yourself.


Singapore Welcomes The World’s Best Triathletes To The Arena Games Triathlon Grand Final

The best triathletes in the world are ready to battle for glory at this weekend’s Grand Final of Arena Games Triathlon powered by Zwift. Taking place at the iconic Marina Bay area, the event also marks the first time that professional athletes including Olympic Champions Alex Yee, Jess Learmonth and Georgia Taylor-Brown will take to the waters of the Marina Reservoir. The event will also feature a corporate race, Tri Club race and Singapore National Championships. 

Arena Games Triathlon Powered by Zwift is an innovative esport concept that blends in real life and virtual racing to deliver a new level of the immersive viewing experience. The format took the triathlon world by storm with the debut of the Arena Games in Rotterdam 2020 before successful follow-up events in London and Rotterdam in 2021. Now it’s back in a World Championship Series format for 2022, that will see the crowning of the first esports triathlon World Champions. With further innovations, more live data, and in your face cameras, these events will get closer to the athletes than ever before.

The Arena Games Triathlon Singapore is the last of three events this season, with the previous two taking place in Munich (9 April) and London (23 April). Arena Games Triathlon London men’s winner Justus Nieschlag (GER) arrives in Singapore at the top of the table, while Munich champion Beth Potter (GBR) will look to overtake Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA) as leader in the women’s standings.

Ahead of the Grand Final, the athletes got a chance to meet with members of the local sports community as they conducted running workshops and training sessions for youth from the ActiveSG Athletics Club and SportCares. They also tried their hand at making roti prata and “pulling” teh tarik, local delights known and loved by many in the region.

The Arena Games Triathlon powered by Zwift is a result of the ground-breaking partnership between Super League Triathlon (SLT) and World Triathlon (WT) to create a global esports World Championship series. The Arena Games Triathlon, a trailblazing concept by SLT, features real-life and virtual racing action with the action turned into a visual race via Zwift’s online platform. Previous iterations have all taken place indoors but the Grand Final in Singapore will mark a first as all three disciplines will take place outdoors. The triathletes will start their 200m swim in the Marina Reservoir before completing their 4km bike and 1km run legs on smart trainers and self-powered curved treadmills placed on the promenade of Marina Bay.

SLT is committed to growing the sport and engaging new fans in a sustainable way. The Arena Games Triathlon Singapore will see a partnership with leading energy and urban solutions provider Sembcorp Industries (Sembcorp) as carbon offset partner. 

Michael D’hulst, Super League Triathlon CEO and Co-Founder, said: “Sustainability is one of our core values and Super League Triathlon is constantly working hard to ensure that our events are sustainable while continuing to deliver the impeccable standards that we are known for. Sembcorp’s commitment to making sustainability its business aligns with ours, and we are grateful for their support of the Arena Games Triathlon Singapore.”

Super League has also partnered with Ochlos Holdings Pte Ltd, who are the Official Sustainability Partner for Arena Games Triathlon Singapore, and are providing sanitization efforts for all touchpoints and equipment with their FR-Shield solution. Once a surface is coated with FR-Shield, it has self-disinfection, antimicrobial and deodorizing effects that can last up to a year. 

James Yang, Chief Executive Officer, Ochlos Holdings Pte Ltd, said: “To be able to effectively leverage our resources to provide sanitation efforts for Super League’s Arena Games Triathlon Singapore really builds towards our vision of ensuring a sustainable future for our planet and preserving it for future generations to come.”

Event schedule

Arena Games Triathlon Singapore Heats – 6 May, Friday

1pm – 3.10pmWomen’s heats
3.30pm – 5.40pmMen’s heats
7pm – 8pmCorporate race (bike/run)

Arena Games Triathlon Singapore Finals – 7 May, Saturday

10am – 11.20amWomen’s repechage
11.40am – 1pmMen’s repechage
2pm – 3.30pmSingapore National Championships
4.20pm – 5.10pmWomen’s Final
5.30pm – 6.15pmMen’s Final
7.30pmTri Club Race  

The Most Common Sports Injuries

While engaging in sports can help you achieve healthy body weight, maintain muscular strength and improve your heart and respiratory condition, it exposes your body to risks. A fall or trip, moving the wrong way, or sudden high-impact contact could result in a sports injury. Read on for the five most common sports injuries and how to treat them.

1. Fractures

A fracture, also known as a broken bone, results from high impact in sports like football, hockey, rugby, and soccer. It often occurs after a fall, and you notice limited movement in the affected area, swelling, and severe pain. Here are the different types of bone fractures:

  • Open or compound fracture: Occurs when the injury breaks through the skin, exposing the bone.
  • Closed or simple fracture: Where the broken bone does not penetrate the skin
  • Complete fracture: Where the broken bone separates into multiple pieces
  • Hairline: The incomplete or partial breaking of the bones

Fractures are severe conditions, so ensure that you seek medical attention after an injury for treatment to prevent long-term irreversible damage.

2. Concussions

A concussion is a brain injury resulting from a blow, jolt, or bump to your head and affects your brain function. Concussions are common in sports that involve a lot of contact, including soccer, football, and hockey. The symptoms of concussions include:

  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of coordination
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Blurred vision

Concussions or any other impact on your head can result in severe health complications, so you should see your doctor immediately for diagnosis and treatment. Concussions often resolve within seven to 14 days, so be sure to seek medical attention if you experience post-concussion syndrome. Be sure to rest after a concussion diagnosis and avoid going back to the same activity level as before.

3. Strains

Strains occur when you tear or stretch your muscle tissues by over-extending them. A mild strain occurs due to repetitive motion, while acute strains are caused by jumping, lifting, or running during sports.  You may also get a strain if you suddenly change direction. Some muscles prone to strains include hip flexors, quads, ACL, hamstrings, and the groin. The symptoms of strains include sudden pain, tenderness, muscle spasms, weakness, bruising or redness, or limited motion in the affected body area. Strains are often minor injuries and heal within a few days; however, do not hesitate to seek medical attention if you experience severe, persistent pain.

4. Tennis elbow

Did you know that tennis elbow accounts for 7% of sports injuries? Tennis elbow, also referred to as golf elbow, is caused by repetitive motion in your wrists and arms, causing the ligaments in the elbow to strain. You do not have to play tennis to suffer from tennis elbow. If your occupation or sport involves similar repetitive motions that cause tears on tendons and stress muscles, you are vulnerable to the condition. Consider using anti-inflammatory medication and resting the affected area to resolve the condition.

5. Knee injuries

The knees endure the most pressure and stress during vigorous exercise or playing sports as they often carry the body weight. This could result in knee injuries, including tears in the anterior cruciate ligament, knee sprains, and dislocations. The most common signs of knee injuries include stiffness, pain, tenderness, bruising, and reduced range of motion. Be sure to warm up, use the correct posture and stretch to prevent knee injuries, as correcting the condition could sometimes necessitate surgery.


Engaging in various sports activities makes you vulnerable to fractures, concussions, strains, and knee injuries. Avoid sports injuries by preparing your body through warmups and stretching before playing.


HOKA ONE ONE’s New ST/ART PACK Allows You To Live Life In Full Color

The new HOKA ONE ONE ST/ART PACK is inspired by the energy of street art, the bold collection delivers colour you can’t help but notice. It includes exciting and vibrant new colourways for four of HOKA’s most popular models – Arahi 6, Clifton 8, Kawana and Mach 4. These four HOKA models have their own unique difference that fulfill the runner’s needs while providing the important features of the HOKA brand, such as the soft, yet supportive cushioning, the heel pull, and the engineered mesh. 

Arahi 6

Lightweight. Stable. Unmatched.

Surprisingly light for stability shoe, the Arahi returns grounded in the same stabilizing J-Frame™ as its predecessor. Boasting a seemingly contradictory combination of maximal cushioning and minimal weight, it’s been refined with a pull tab and mesh upper with zones of breathability.

Remarkably light and exceptionally comfortable, the Arahi 6 is a lively support shoe for a wide range of runners. How it’s different – Plusher tongue, lighter upper, new midsole color blockings. Why you’ll love it – The Arahi 6 delivers the perfect balance of plushness and support.


  • Vegan
  • Recycled content mesh lining
  • Plush tongue
  • Extended heel pull
  • Ortholite® sockliner
  • CMEVA midsole
  • Early stage Meta-Rocker
  • J-Frame™ midsole support
  • Zonal rubber
  • Durabrasion rubber

Clifton 8

The latest silhouette within the iconic Clifton franchise, the Clifton 8 delivers an even softer ride than its predecessor. Building on the geometries that made the Clifton a gateway for first-time HOKA wearers, the Clifton 8 is reinterpreted with our new, ultralight midsole foam that virtually disappears underfoot and is 15% lighter than the previous iteration.

This next-gen design is crafted with a breathable mesh upper, ultra-plush tongue and refined pull tab. Equipped with HOKA’s extended crash pad at the heel and increased rubber coverage for durability, the Clifton 8 is the ultimate everyday trainer.


  • 100% vegan materials
  • Engineered mesh upper delivers breathable comfort
  • Plush, engineered mesh tongue
  • Molded EVA sockliner
  • Extended pull tab for easy entry
  • Compression molded EVA midsole provides signature HOKA cushioning
  • Early stage Meta-Rocker offers a smooth ride
  • Flat-waisted geometry provides inherent stability


Earning its moniker from the Gold Coast’s famous beach break, the Kawana continues to push the boundaries of HOKA foams and geometries.

Soft. Smooth. Bliss. Earning its moniker from the Sunshine Coast’s famous beach break, the Kawana continues to push the boundaries of HOKA foams and geometries. Breaking the mold with a lively new foam that provides solid rebound without packing out, this accessible trainer delivers an incredibly well-balanced ride. Sporting a modified crash pad with SwallowTail™ geometry, the Kawana’s beveled heel creates a broader, flatter surface designed for smoother heel strikes.


  • Vegan
  • Engineered recycled jacquard mesh
  • Anatomical Achilles construction
  • Extended heel pull
  • New, lively CMEVA midsole foam
  • SwallowTail™ heel geometry
  • Early stage Meta-Rocker
  • Durabrasion rubber

Mach 4

Designed for logging long miles, this everyday trainer delivers a lively ride and energetic underfoot feel that is unquestionably HOKA.

In its fourth edition, the Mach 4 takes its biggest leap forward, built on themes inspired by the Rocket X and Carbon X. Designed for logging long miles, this everyday trainer delivers a lively ride and energetic underfoot feel that is unquestionably HOKA. Softer and bouncier than the previous iteration, the Mach 4 employs a harmonious blend of foams — merging an incredibly soft, lightweight foam on top with rubberized foam directly beneath.

This up-tempo shoe has been crafted with a new pull tab, revamped upper made from heat-pressed TPU embroidered yarns, and a refined collar shape that alleviates pressure on the Achilles. Light, fast and unquestionably responsive, the Mach 4 delivers a daily dose of speed.


  • Engineered mesh delivers breathable comfort
  • Anatomical Achilles construction
  • Removeable, molded EVA sockliner MIDSOLE
  • PROFLY™ midsole gives a cushioned landing and propulsive toe-off
  • Early stage Meta-Rocker offers smooth ride OUTSOLE
  • Rubberized EVA outsole provides lightweight ground contact and responsive cushioning

The new HOKA ONE ONE ST/ART PACK is available for purchase at Takashimaya Sports Central, Level 4 and all Running Lab stores. For the full list of authorised HOKA retail stores, you may also visit HOKA social media pages:
– Singapore Facebook / Instagram: @hokaoneonesg / @hokaoneone_sg


Is 5×5 enough to build muscle?

If you have been someone for whom lifting weights is a lifestyle, you would have surely heard about the 5×5 training program.

In simple words, it consists of performing the major compound lifts for 5 sets of 5 reps with a weight that is 85% of one’s 1 rep max weight on the respective lifts.

This training program was first introduced by late Olympic weightlifter and coach Bill Starr and later on popularized by Reg Park.

Initially, the 5×5 training program was used only by strength athletes but when it showed positive impacts in terms of muscle gains, it became a favourite of bodybuilders as well. So can it be said that a 5×5 training program promotes muscle growth? Well, this post is going to answer that question for you. So without further ado, let’s get started.

The effectiveness of compound lifts

Performing compound lifts is the bread and butter of any weight training program. This is because compound lifts not only target multiple muscle groups but also put adequate stress on one’s central nervous system which translates into greater strength and muscle gains.

A 5×5 workout program comprises only compound lifts including squat, bench press, barbell rows, overhead press, and deadlifts. Thus, it works wonders for individuals who are training to promote muscle growth.

Performing compound lifts also enables your body to release greater amounts of anabolic hormones like testosterone and HGH which further assists in muscle building. Well, that is the prime reason that the effectiveness of 5×5 training has stood the test of time and would continue to do so.

Promoting lean muscle gains

Some of you might think that a 5×5 workout program wouldn’t be very apt for muscle building owing to its lower rep scheme as compared to some hypertrophy-oriented training programs.

But that is certainly not the case. There have been numerous researches concluding that performing 5 or even lesser repetitions with a weight that is around 80-85% of your 1 RM contributes significantly towards muscle growth along with fetching your body with strength gains.

Moreover, muscle building occurs when your muscles are put under adequate stress. A 5×5 workout protocol does that job pretty well and facilitates lean muscle gains.

Sticking to the basics

A workout program that is focused on muscle building doesn’t necessarily need to have a plethora of exercises for targeting each muscle group. Just sticking to performing the basic compound lifts like squat, bench press, barbell rowing, etc. can also accelerate your muscle-building journey beyond your expectations.

No doubt, all the world-class bodybuilders have always been performing the basic compound lifts and have made some serious muscle gains.

A 5×5 training program makes you stick to the basic compound lifts and fetches you with a decent amount of strength and muscle gains that serve as a firm foundation in your lifting journey.

Less is More

Following a 5×5 workout program requires you to train only three days a week. On the remaining four days you simply let your body relax and recuperate. If you are skeptical that such a training approach will make you fall into the category of undertraining, you need to give it a shot.

A 5×5 workout program is highly intense and requires you to make proper provisions for rest and recovery in order to gain the most out of it. This provides your muscles a greater amount of time to recover from the stress of your workouts which further supports the muscle-building process.

A simple training approach

A 5×5 workout program is one of the most simple training approaches which promotes muscle growth. While following it you perform only 3 exercises in each of your training sessions. This makes it easier for you to keep a track of your progress.

It also saves time as while following a 5×5 workout routine you don’t have to hop on numerous exercises one after the other. This in turn makes the 5×5 workout program a perfect choice for individuals who have hectic schedules but also have an intent to grow muscular and strong.

Speeding up your metabolism

When you perform 5 sets of 5 reps of any compound movement with a considerable amount of weight, your body requires a decent amount of energy to get that job done. This in turn enables your body to burn a greater amount of calories and that too in a relatively short amount of time.

This keeps your metabolism in check and allows you to maintain the leanness in your physique even if you are in a caloric surplus.

Full-body training

The effectiveness of a full-body training approach in terms of strength and muscle gains is unquestionable.

A 5×5 workout program allows you to do a full-body workout in each of your training sessions. Even if you hit a plateau on it over time, you can choose to go with Madcow 5×5 which is a modified version of the conventional 5×5 training protocol.

Boosts athletic performance

The benefits of a 5×5 training program are not just confined to promoting strength and muscle building. It also works towards enhancing one’s overall athletic conditioning with the barbell lifts that form the core of a 5×5 training program.

There have been numerous researches that have shown the profound effects of a 5×5 workout program on athletes in terms of improved athletic conditioning and performance.

This is the reason you can find the elements of a 5×5 training program in the workout routine of some of the most renowned basketball players, American footballers, and even wrestlers.

The Bottom Line

We are sure that by now you would have been motivated enough to give the 5×5 training program a shot. You should certainly go for it. It will subject your muscles to adequate stress that will promote both strength and size gains.

While following it, all you need to make sure is to keep your diet on point. You will also have to make adequate provisions for rest and recovery to gain the most out of it.


Gear Review by Vanessa: Skechers GOrun Horizon Vanish 3

First impressions and Fit

Off the box, the Skechers lightweight GOrun Horizon Vanish 3 definitely has an eye-catching colourway. It is remarkably lightweight at 146g for a women’s US size 7 and fits true to size yet still allows for adequate toe splay.


An adequately roomy toe box with a breathable upper featuring a partly see-through mono mesh, you can even tell the colour of the underlying socks. This feature would be advantageous in our humid climate and on hot race days to provide adequate ventilation.

The tongue was shockingly thin, but in a good way, and certainly helped the shoe shed any unnecessary weight. The laces were comfortable and did not cause issues despite the barely perceptible tongue.

While the toe box was a good fit, I did experience heel slippage. I tried thicker socks but that made for a narrower, more uncomfortable toe box. Ultimately I resorted to tying a runner’s knot lacing which secured the heel lockdown.


This incredibly lightweight shoe has a stack height of 28mm to 24mm heel to toe drop, providing some cushioning for those not used to the traditional racing flat. There is no carbon fibre plate, but the responsive TPU-base cushioning provided adequate energy return and there was a bounce to the shoe which would work well for intervals on the track.

The midsole felt well cushioned and was not overly firm for the level of energy return. Designed with Skechers trademark Arch Fit, the medial arch felt well supported and comfortable.


I had no issues with the outsole. There was adequate traction and worked even on more slippery puddles on the roads. The shoe lands softly, unlike plated shoes yet preserves a bouncy feel.

Conclusions and Recommendations

A comfortable racing day shoe that would also work well as a speed training shoe, especially on the track. Recommended as a beginner racing shoe as the stack height is still relatively well preserved, hence making it more forgiving on the calves compared to traditional racing flats. The best features of this shoe would be its incredible lightweight and very breathable upper.

The GOrun Horizon Vanish 3 is now available at selected Skechers concept and performance stores, including 313@somerset, Bugis Junction (Performance), Compass One, Great World, Jem, Jewel Changi Airport, Junction 8, Jurong Point, NEX, Northpoint City, Paragon, Parkway Parade, Plaza Singapura, Suntec City, Tampines 1, Velocity@Novena Square, VivoCity, Wisma Atria, as well as online via www.skechers.com.sg.  

* Disclaimer: This review represents the genuine, unbiased views of the author. The author was provided with a free unit. Skechers’ products have been and might currently be advertised on JustRunLah! via different channels, however, these relationships do not influence the editorial content of reviews.

4 Calorie-Burning Workouts

Just think of it: Burning nearly 200 calories in a matter of minutes. Aren’t such calorie-burning workouts ideal for those who cannot find time to exercise as a result of their busy schedules?

These effective and time-efficient workouts can be incorporated into your regular training routine by simply making some adjustments. Because whether we like to admit it or not, we can always find 20 minutes to improve our health and fitness.

So here are the 4 calorie-burning workouts:


Tabata training is a short yet intense workout style consisting of bodyweight exercises like Push-ups, Burpees, and Squats. The structure of the program is quite simple: you push yourself as hard as you can for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds until you complete 8 rounds.

There is evidence showing that Tabata training can burn as much as 15 calories per minute or 400 calories in a half-hour. Tabata training boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories.


Running at a steady pace is enough to produce performance gains when you are just starting out. Eventually, if you don’t increase the difficulty of your workouts, you will plateau and stop making progress. One effective way of avoiding this frustrating situation is interval training. And it’s not just for performance, interval training is great for weight loss, too.

Interval running consists of alternating periods of intense effort and active recovery. An interval run usually starts with a few minutes of jogging to warm up, followed by equal durations of sprints and easy running, typically lasting somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes. You can do an interval run in just 15 minutes! Running intervals is great because the hard effort of the sprints burns calories and stimulates the afterburn effect, which means that calories continue to be burned after your workout. 

Although interval training can be done in several different sports, including swimming and cycling, running is still the most efficient way to burn calories.


No matter how good a workout is, it gets boring without variety. By adding hill running to your training routine, you can change up your routine and increase intensity. 

As you train on hills, you not only burn more fat by increasing the training resistance, but you also improve your form by forcing you to raise your knees higher than usual. Plus, inclines are great for strengthening your muscular system.


This combination of upper and lower body workouts is not only great for your health, enhancing heart performance, and torching significant calories, but it is also perfect for improving your coordination. 

Jumping rope is great exercise, but you have to make sure your knees and hips are not irritated by its pounding. Try to land gently and cushion the impact as much as possible. The right shoes can make all the difference and keep you skipping rope long after the others have quit or tripped up.


7 Reasons To Go For A Run With A Dog

It is important to consider whether your dog is physically capable of running before going for a run. Consult your veterinarian if you aren’t sure. Running with your dog should be fun for you, as well as for your pet.

There are plenty of reasons to jog together with your dog if he is a healthy, happy runner:


If you grab their leash, they will come running, delighted because they know what’s coming. Almost every dog owner is familiar with this moment. Lace up your running shoes and let your running buddy’s enthusiasm motivate you.


You have to walk your dog anyway, so why not go for a run instead of walking and getting a workout at the same time? The extra time you save can be used to cook a delicious, healthy meal.


You probably know how motivated dogs are to run across fields and meadows when you go jogging with them. Have your four-legged friend accompany you, and your motivation will automatically get a boost from his/her enthusiasm while running side by side (or maybe chasing them?).


As your dog will probably run a little bit ahead of you, they will be the perfect companion if you want to improve your pace. In an effort to catch up, you’ll run faster – no worries, your pace won’t be affected.


When running in dim or dark surroundings, it is always safer and more enjoyable to run with a dog by your side. They automatically scare off potential threats, no matter how big (or small) they are. In addition, all dog owners of small dogs know that, more often than not, they make a lot of noise (often without any justification).


As you run over rough and smooth terrain, you need to watch for other animals to make sure your buddy doesn’t chase them, for example. This gives you a chance to focus on the present and not ponder over your problems.


Even if they occasionally run ahead of you, dogs usually adapt to your tempo so long as you have a good connection with them. Otherwise, they might run off.

In conclusion,

It is best to start slow and choose short routes for the first few times. Over time, your pet’s endurance will improve. Just pay attention to how your pet feels and see a vet before you start training with them.


Gold Coast Marathon is #GoodToGo in 2022!

Aren’t you looking forward to packing your running gear and weeping with joy when you reach the airport to catch the earliest flight for your runcation? Running the 42nd Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon might be a great idea now that the borders will open soon! It is definitely #GoodToGo!

The Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon holds a World Athletics Road Race Label and is renowned for its excellence in planning and delivery and is one of the most prestigious marathons in the world.

The world-class international marathon will attract participants of all ages and abilities from around the world across eight races. It could be to run a distance, run a personal best time, fundraise for a cause or just run for the good times.

Mark Your Calendars!

Get ready to run for the good times at the 42nd Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon from 2 – 3 July 2022 on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

The categories included are the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon, CPL Wheelchair Marathon, ASICS Half Marathon, Southern Cross University 10km Run, CPL Wheelchair 10km, Gold Coast Airport 5km Fun Run, Health and Wellbeing Queensland 4km Junior Dash and Health and Wellbeing Queensland 2km Junior Dash. 

A jam-packed race weekend is lined up for you, which starts on Saturday, 2nd July at 6:00 am, with the ASICS Half Marathon, and the main event, Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon, on Sunday, 3rd July at 6:00 am.

What’s new in 2022?

1) Change in Race Schedule

The ASICS Half Marathon, which was previously held on Sunday, has now moved to Saturday morning. Participants would then have an opportunity to take part in the 10k run at Southern Cross University or the 5k run at Gold Coast Airport the following day to fully experience the Gold Coast Marathon.

The full schedule for the race weekend is available here. 

2) Gold Coast Double 63.3KM

For revenge runners who want to make up for lost time and distance due to the global pandemic, you can even sign up for Gold Coast Double 63.3km!

Compete in the ASICS Half Marathon on Saturday and the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon on Sunday and celebrate your awesome achievement of endurance with an extra medal. You will also receive all your finisher rewards for the ASICS Half Marathon and Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon.

For more information about the race, click here

The Ultimate #GoodToGo Marathon

1) A fast, flat, and scenic course

This marathon course is renowned as one of the flattest and fastest in the world. From Paradise Point in the north to Burleigh Heads in the south, the course runs alongside beautiful beaches and broadwaters. You can view the complete race course maps for all races here.

2) Excellent running conditions

Taking place in the middle of winter, the weather conditions are traditionally perfect for running with low humidity, little wind and mild temperatures. A personal best time is achieved by 60% of participants every year, so this is an ideal way to qualify for Boston Marathon.

Kickstart your Gold Coast Marathon training with these insightful tips and soak up the euphoria running has to offer by celebrating the reason you love to run.

How to get there?

1) Book via Travel Agent

Wondering how to travel to Gold Coast during the pandemic and not sure what the current measures are? There is no need to fret as you can get travel packages from Chan Brothers Travel or UOB Travel. From these travel agencies, you can book a 7D5N vacation package that includes 2022 Gold Coast Marathon entry fees on 3 July 2022, return airfare, accommodations, private airport transfers, optional tours, and more!

Take a look at the travel packages now!

2) Plan your own trip!

Are you an adventurous person who prefers an easy, free travel style? Plan your trip to the Gold Coast Marathon!

Register your participation here, and you can proceed to book your flights with Scoot. They fly directly into Gold Coast three times a week. We recommend booking your flight as soon as possible, since it may fill up with fellow marathoners.

New #GoodTimes at Gold Coast

The attractions of the Gold Coast definitely bring smiles to people of all ages and stages.

1) Take a breather by the beautiful beaches

A popular holiday destination in the world, the Gold Coast is known for its sunshine, golden beaches, beautiful broadwaters, trendy restaurants and cafes, exciting theme parks and accommodation to suit all budgets.

Aside from the holiday buzz, you will also find plenty of peace and relaxation in rolling green valleys, lushly cloaked peaks, and rainforests listed as a World Heritage Site. 

2) Experience free-falling

Are you in for a heart thumping faster than a club beat experience? Take off from the Sea World Helicopters Heliport and experience free-falling above the Gold Coast and land on the iconic sands of Surfer’s Paradise with Skydive Surfers Paradise!

3) Whale watching season is ON!

A hot favourite seasonal highlight for every alumni of Gold Coast Marathon runners! Immerse yourself in an unforgettable whale watching experience with Whales in Paradise as they will provide you with the most intimate and memorable encounter with Humpback Whales on the Gold Coast.

4) Quench your thirst for adventure!

The Village Roadshow Theme Parks is pleased to share exclusive Gold Coast Marathon offers for all runners. With more than 115 rides, slides, shows, and new attractions in four parks, there’s no better time to visit your favourite theme parks right after you cross the finish line.

Take a ride on the thrill rides at Warner Bros. Movie World with the new striking reptilian roller coaster, Steel Taipan, with a top speed of 105km/h and a G-force of 3.8, or venture underwater to make friends with the marine life at Sea World and enjoy a variety of rides, shows, and attractions such as The New Atlantis and Vortex for your full 42nd Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon experience.

Are you #GoodToGo?
Click here to register for
42nd Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon!


Get To Your Personal Best On Any Terrain With The New Skechers GOrun Trail Altitude

Designed for enhanced stability and support, Skechers’ new GOrun Trail Altitude performance shoes will revolutionize your run, no matter where you go.

Skechers, The Comfort Technology Company™, a global leader in lifestyle and performance footwear, announces a new addition to its award-winning high-performance GOrun series. GOrun Trail Altitude is designed to handle a variety of terrains and running regimes for men and women. 

Enjoy an effortless outdoor run as Skechers leverages its extensive knowledge of comfortable footwear technology, including the ULTRA LIGHT™ midsole, the AIR-COOLED GOGA MAT™ insole, and foam cushioning to push performance to the core. 

  • the ULTRA LIGHT™ midsole cushioning that absorbs shock;
  • an AIR COOLED GOGA MAT™ breathable insole that makes for effortless and breezy high-mileage runs amid Singapore’s humid weather;
  • an OrthoLite® open-celled comfort foam footbed technology, which offers a thermal barrier to promote healthy foot environment with antimicrobial properties.

Skechers GOrun Trail Altitude

The new GOrun Trail Altitude is not only intended for regular training, but it is also suitable for running on flat surfaces, speedwork, and long, slow runs. It is best for moderate trails, technical trails, rocky areas, muddy areas, through creeks and streams.

With this pair of durable water-repellent trainers, trail runners will have more stability, grip, and support – particularly when running downhill or on slippery surfaces. They are enhanced with a high-abrasion full rubber plate outsole and multi-directional traction lugs.

In addition to providing good traction on a wide range of surfaces, the GOrun Trail Altitude features ULTRA LIGHT midsole cushioning that’s lightweight and responsive. For beginners or casual runners looking to run off the beaten path comfortably, its durable leather and mesh fabric upper make it a great running shoe. 

The GOrun Trail Altitude is now available at selected Skechers concept and performance stores, including 313@somerset, Bugis Junction (Performance), Compass One, Great World, Jem, Jewel Changi Airport, Junction 8, Jurong Point, NEX, Northpoint City, Paragon, Parkway Parade, Plaza Singapura, Suntec City, Tampines 1, Velocity@Novena Square, VivoCity, Wisma Atria, as well as online via www.skechers.com.sg. 


3 Breakfast Myths To Look Into

Do high-protein breakfasts make you feel fuller longer? Is breakfast important to weight loss? And can drinking too much coffee make you dehydrated? Discover the truth about the three biggest breakfast myths.


In our diet, one of the three essential macronutrients is protein. But are high-protein foods really a healthy way to fill up? The answer is yes. Consuming protein for breakfast makes you feel fuller longer. A protein-rich diet appears to increase leptin levels in the blood, which curbs appetite.

However, keep in mind: Breakfast shouldn’t only consist of high-protein foods! Maintain a healthy balance – fibre-rich foods are also important.


How does eating breakfast help you lose weight? There are several arguments for and against. Breakfast seems to boost metabolism, for instance. Then again, intermittent fasting has shown that it is possible to lose weight without eating breakfast. In the end, the most important factor in weight loss is the number of calories you consume. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.


Many people believe that coffee dehydrates the body, but coffee lovers can rest easy: drinking coffee won’t make you dehydrated. It will only increase your urine output if you consume a lot of caffeine. Additionally, people who drink a lot of coffee don’t seem to be affected as much. It’s not necessary to skip your morning coffee (preferably without artificially-flavoured creamers and sugar). Even so, it’s probably a good idea to drink a glass of water with each cup of coffee.


Quit These 4 Wrong Morning Habits Today

Have you ever noticed how much smoother your day is when you sleep well and wake up feeling rested? This is because the way you start your day really sets the tone for the rest of your waking hours.

Certain morning routines will leave you feeling scattered and stressed all day long. So, here are some examples of bad morning habits you should avoid – as well as what positive morning routines you should establish instead.

1) Don’t Eat Dessert for Breakfast

You should avoid eating cheesecake or cookies, of course, but a lot of breakfast staples – like cereal, waffles, and muffins – are high in sugar and carbohydrates, as well. Despite the fact that these ingredients taste delicious, once you come down from your sugar high (which happens much sooner than you may think! ), you will be left irritable and hungry for more food.

Healthy smoothies are a great substitute for sugary, carb-heavy meals. It’s a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and get in some veggies along with healthy fats and protein via coconut milk, bone broth protein powder, collagen, or other healthy mix-ins.

2) Eat Only If You Are Hungry

Breakfast is believed to be the most important meal of the day, and for some people, it is. However, others prefer not to eat in the morning, and forcing them to do so would probably cause more harm than good. 

Instead of beating yourself up for not liking breakfast, try intermittent fasting (IF). One of the easiest types of IF is time-restricted fasting, or 16/8, where you fast for 16 hours (typically from dinnertime through lunchtime) and eat only for 8 during the day. The benefits of intermittent fasting include weight loss, reducing inflammation, maintaining heart health, and stabilizing blood sugar.

3) Morning Workouts Are Important

Not everyone likes mornings. If you enjoy working out in the evening – or if you avoid it altogether – you may want to set an alarm clock.

The best way to boost energy levels first thing in the morning is to get your blood pumping. Evening workouts can leave you tossing and turning if you do them too close to bedtime, but switching to morning sweat sessions can improve your sleep quality.

Additionally, morning workouts increase your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day and increasing your productivity. You’re more likely to choose healthier foods at mealtime if you exercise first thing in the morning.

Start your morning routine the night before to make waking up easier. For instance, you should have your lunch packed and ready to go, your workout clothes laid out, and any other preparations you need to make for the next day. When you reduce your early morning tasks, you’ll get more sleep and be less likely to hit snooze and miss that all-important workout.

4) A Day Worth Of Calories And Sugar In A Latte Is Not Good For You

Do you like your coffee with a little milk? That’s a good way to start the morning. Adding all the sugar, cream, syrups, and other ingredients to your daily drinks can add up to a lot of calories without you even noticing. This is before you even eat anything.

As a result of all the sugar and preservatives, you end up snacking on food, even though you have already eaten the caloric equivalent of a meal (or more). You can imagine how much it adds up when you multiply that by all the coffee drinks you are ordering.

If you still need caffeine in the morning, consider bulletproof coffee. Here, black coffee is mixed with a healthy fat like grass-fed butter or ghee and then combined with MCT oil. This way, the cup of coffee isn’t filled with empty calories. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. While healthy fats give you a boost, they also make you feel full.

Once you eliminate these bad habits, you’ll soon find you have established the best morning routine that will keep you energized throughout the day.


Greens Powder: What Are the Health Benefits?

Vitamins and minerals are two of the most underrated groups of organic food compounds. But without them, we cannot function optimally. We need them for body growth, metabolism, protection against harmful diseases, and the sustainability of many biological processes in our bodies.

According to research by the University of Rochester Medical Center, only five percent of Americans adhere to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. As a result, many are beginning to resort to dietary supplements, like greens powders, to make up for these deficiencies. There are many organic dietary supplements choices available for selection in the market.

In this article, we will focus on greens powders and their health benefits:

Greens Powders: Definition

Greens powders, or greens as they are commonly called, are supplements with nutrient combinations formulated to improve the body’s immune system, increase energy levels, and make up for dietary deficiencies. These products have become popular today because they are easy to consume and cost-friendly.

The ingredients you’ll find in greens powders differ by brand but, most of them include nutritious compounds from probiotics, fruits with high antioxidants, leafy greens and seaweed, herbs, leguminous vegetables, and grasses.

Most greens powders are consumed as broth. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, they can be mixed with water, juices, smoothies, or other liquids. They usually taste grassy when consumed; however, their flavour can be improved with additives such as natural sugar concentrates, like sugar cane juice.

Greens are vegan supplements made from organic raw materials that are not genetically modified.

Nutrient Composition

As you would expect, the nutrition composition varies by brand. However, the average nutrient content per tablespoon of a greens supplement contains 45 KCal, 3 grams of protein, 6 grams of carbohydrates, 18% of your daily iron requirement, and 60% of your daily value of vitamin A. Green powder is also composed of Vitamin C, which is present in a high quantity. Vitamin C is an important nutrient that helps to make the immune system function more effectively, fight germs, and improve skin health.

Some other nutrients such as Potassium, Calcium, Iodine, and Chromium are present in a greens powder.

Health Benefits of Greens Powders

Greens powders are supplements to a healthy diet, and their nutrient composition can be potentially beneficial to us.

Greens Help Our Bodies Fight Against Diseases

It’s one long-term benefit of consuming greens. Free radicals in the body can damage the cells through a process known as oxidation. Many diseases, like diabetes, stem from this cell-damaging process.

The vitamins C and K in greens powder can help destroy these free radicals because they are antioxidants. Consuming one serving of greens powder per day can slow down oxidation by as much as 30%.

Greens are Useful for Maintaining a Healthy Blood Pressure

Good blood pressure management is crucial to our overall health. Minerals, like calcium and potassium, can help in regulating systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Taking one serving of greens powder every day can result in healthy blood pressure.

Greens Help to Support the Immune System

Greens powder is rich in vitamins and minerals that help your immune system function properly. Nutrients like Selenium have been shown to help the immune system combat germs. Vitamin A also improves immunity thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Greens are beneficial to our health; however, they are not a substitute for a well-balanced diet because some nutrients are lost during the manufacturing process. It means that you won’t be getting all the nutritional benefits your body requires, unlike when you consume whole foods; therefore, greens powders should only serve as supplements.

Also, some vitamins shouldn’t be consumed in excess, as it can result in health issues. You are advised to speak with a doctor before consumption and buy reputable brands only.


How to Consider a Chiropractor: What You Need to Know

Chiropractic care is an area of medicine that’s centered on the diagnosis, treatment, and mitigation of various conditions, with a focus on manual techniques that improve the musculoskeletal health and restore proper bodily functions. While it’s known for the treatment of back pain, there are numerous other applications. Here, you’ll learn a few facts about chiropractic care.

It’s Natural, Non-Surgical, and Safe

Though chiropractors go through years of training and continuing education, they do not perform surgeries. Rather, chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive process that involves a series of exercises and adjustments. Without the need for procedures or medications, chiropractic care is effective without dangerous side effects. If you’re considering a chiropractor, contact us today.

It’s Not Just for Back Pain

Most patients associate chiropractic care with back pain. While that’s the most common reason people seek treatment, it’s not the only one. All types of pain—including joint pain, headaches, and neck pain—can be treated with chiropractic care. Even for those with no underlying health issues, regular adjustments can help maintain mental health and physical fitness.

Chiropractic Care is For Everyone

People from all walks of life can benefit from chiropractic treatment. For instance, children can receive special adjustments that may work to reduce the severity of colic, ear infections, and certain behavioural disorders. Many times, adults use chiropractic treatment to address general issues and chronic pain. Regular chiropractic care can also help treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression. While every person’s goals are unique, there’s no group that doesn’t qualify for treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment is Affordable

There’s a common misconception that chiropractic treatment is more expensive than other care, but that’s just not true. Not only is it typically less costly than some other types of medical care, but it can also help patients save money by avoiding expensive procedures and lessening the risk of future issues. In the medical field, prevention is better and easier than dealing with illness and injury, and chiropractic care is the ideal example of a preventive strategy.

Chiropractors are Trained Professionals

Some people come in for adjustments and believe they can replicate those results at home—or have someone do it for them. However, this is a dangerous and untrue assumption. A Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine goes through thousands of hours of specialized training before they earn their license to practice, with most of that time being spent learning how to perform adjustments precisely and safely.

When performed incorrectly, things like twisting the neck and back can put undue stress on ligaments and joints. Patients should always look for licensed practitioners to ensure they’re getting high-quality, safe treatment.

Chiropractic Care Isn’t Painful

While patients often hear popping or cracking noises during adjustments, it’s a gentle technique that’s painless for almost everyone. The force a chiropractor applies to the spine is controlled, ensuring a pain-free experience. Though there may be a bit of soreness as healing occurs, chiropractic adjustments themselves aren’t painful.

Get Back on the Road to Health With Chiropractic Care

There are many myths and misconceptions about chiropractic care, some of which lead people to delay treatment or forego it altogether. Don’t let it happen to you—schedule an assessment today. During the initial consultation, a chiropractor will work with you closely, forming a personalized treatment plan that’s designed to accomplish your goals. Request additional information via our online contact form or call today to schedule an appointment.


Muscle Care Tips For Newbies Who Want to Take on a Running Routine

Are you new to running? Most newbie runners know how important it is to take care of their muscles and stretch before hitting the track. But what newbie runners might not know is that stretching after their run is just as important as stretching before. This is called a cool down, which you can think of as the opposite of a warm-up.

According to Healthline, stretching out your muscles immediately post-workout can help return your heart rate back to normal and potentially help reduce lactic acid buildup. It will also help bring down your blood pressure and promote circulation, which helps for getting rid of that dizzy feeling you might get post-workout. All of these benefits will help muscle stiffness and prevent strains, tears, or inflammation post-workout.

Making the Most of Your Routine

One important piece of advice for newbie runners is that it’s not about how you stretch, but what you stretch. Doing the same old stretch routine can help, but it’s best if you are aware of the basic muscle groups and how to target them. That way, you can customize your warm-up or cool-down routine to target which muscles need the most help. 

Exercising with resistance bands is a great way to do this. Having a few resistance bands around will allow you to gently stretch a muscle without doing too much. Stretching with just your own body weight, however, could mean putting too much pressure and potentially injuring yourself. For other groups that need more in-depth stretching, you can switch to a stronger resistance and work them out without injuring other muscle groups.

Back to Basics

Running, at its core, is a basic sport that the human body was engineered to excel at. Priming ourselves to have a great run is quite simple. Easing your muscles in and out of a workout will help reduce the cardiovascular shock on your body. One tip that marathon runners and Olympians swear by is relying on the simple healing properties of warmth and cold. An ice pack (or, if you’re brave enough, an ice bath) will help soothe inflammation and muscle soreness post-workout.

A hot shower before your run, conversely, can help loosen your muscles and prevent shock. If you ever tune into the Olympics, you’ll notice some swimmers sitting in warm water pools or taking warm showers before their relay for this very reason. You’ll also see both short and long-distance runners doing slow warm-up laps around the track to help raise their heart rates and get their muscles warm. When in doubt, just remember to never over-exert yourself. If you do get a strained muscle (which is inevitable for us all), remember to elevate and alternate cold and hot compresses.

Slow and steady wins the race, and by taking care of your muscles, you’ll prevent serious and disrupting injuries. Happy running!



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