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Selected races, more to come!

To date, slots for more than 20 events taking place in Singapore and Malaysia are open for registration through our registration platform. We here bring you some highlights of races to come!

Kids Run: Cold Storage Kids Run 2018

Happening on May 20th, 2018, Singapore’s very first kids-focused running event is back! The aim of this race is to expose kids to competition and also introduce children to the notion of living an active and healthy lifestyle. Perhaps your kid could be picking up a new hobby and discovering a hidden talent.

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Women’s Run: Mizuno Women’s Run 2018

Come celebrate women together with the Mizuno Women’s Run 2018 happening on the 15 April 2018. This run is to inspire one another and lift each other up to achieve the best that everyone can be. You can challenge yourself to a 5 km or do a fun 2 km run/walk with your mother, sister, grandmother, or granddaughter.

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Marathon: Borneo Marathon 2018

The Borneo Marathon is a coastal road trip that allows you to soak in the beauty of the Kinabalu town and admire its scenic coastal roads. One of the best things about the Borneo Marathon is experiencing the warmth of the Sabahan local hospitality as they cheer you on as you run Kinabalu! Save your dates – 6th May 2018! Use promo code: BIMpromo2018 to enjoy $20 OFF!

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SEA Running Series: The Performance Series 2018

South East Asia’s premier running series – The Performance Series promotes the notion #TranscendYourself. The #TranscendYourself concept is a unique one. It is a never-ending journey to constantly improve yourself -physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. They encourage non-runners to become runners and runners to become ever better runners. Taking place in Singapore and Malaysia, there will be 4 races in Singapore, and 5 in Malaysia. Use promo code: JRL5OFF to enjoy 5% OFF!

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Trail Run: Tuba Trail Run 2018

The Tuba Trail Run 2018 will be its 3rd edition happening on the 21 April 2018. It is a mixed terrain run – bringing you through roads, uphills, trails, and beaches. It is indeed a 30 km adventure to the finishing line that brings you across 2 islands – Pulau Tuba and Pulau Dayang Bunting.

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Multi-sports: Singapore International Triathlon 2018

Singapore International Triathlon is the pioneer triathlon event in Singapore. Every year, it attracts up to 3,000 triathletes from countries all over the world – UK, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia. Swim, Bike, and Run at the SIT 2018 happening on the 23 September 2018.

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Fitness: FitnessFest by AIA 2018

FitnessFest by AIA 2018 is a 12-hour event of live mass workouts. It is your ultimate fitness escapade, where you can live and breath fitness. Feed of the energy of everyone else that’s going to be working out with you! Come sweat it out and move to the beat. Come discover activities such as Bouldering, Boxing, Bounce, Calisthenics, CrossFit, Parkour, Spin, and the Manduka Stage featuring Yoga, Pilates, Barre and more. Mark your calendars – 19 May 2018!

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The list goes on – here are some more races for you to check out:


Meet Rayden, one of the youngest members of V8Runners

Hello! My name is Rayden. I am 9 years old and I am definitely one of the youngest members of V8Runners. I joined V8Runners with my Daddy, Roy and Mummy, Fiona and my cute little sister, Reanne since August 2017.

Well, let me talk about our weekly routines…

Every Sunday at 7am, all runners will assemble at the Club House of Vue 8 Residence or the entrance of Overseas Family School for warm-up exercises which will definitely wake us up from our dreamland.

V8Runners also welcome brisk walkers and children cyclists to join in as the objective of
V8runners is to encourage us to keep healthy and fit. For me, I would prefer to cycle with
my BFF, Triston, while the adults will run or jog. The distance for each week varies from 10
to 13km which Uncle Stanley calls it as “short runs”! Recently, I have a new found exercise
which I liked – vertical climb. I trained with the V8Runners as part of the weekly exercises
and I can climb 5 times of 16 storeys, which is 80 storeys! I signed up for the National
Vertical Marathon in June with Uncle Stanley and Aunty Jade. I will train hard and be ready
for this challenge!

The weekly sessions are also our bonding and laugh-out- loud (LOL) sessions. I feel proud to be part of the team and I feel so refreshed and energized after each session.

Lastly, I sincerely want to thank Uncle Stanley and Aunty Jade for creating V8Runners. Cheers!







Malaysia’s Highly Recommended Half Marathon

The HSN21KM event is back with its 3rd edition. It is a half marathon event held annually in conjunction with the Hari Sukan Negara – Malaysia’s National Sports Day. It’s always a great event that unites us Malaysians together as a nation through sport. The crowd, the cheers, and the unwavering support is unrivaled as you challenge yourself to a new personal best, or maybe even attempt the national record? Save your dates, mark your calendars for the 13th October 2018.

What A Cool Start & Finish – New Venue

This year, the HSN21KM brings us to a brand new venue. You start and finish in the National Bukit Jalil stadium. Yes, the very track stadium that our very own Prabudaas Krishnan ran against Agus Prayogo and Soh Rui Yoong in the 5,000m SEA Games 2017 event. It is a privilege to be able to run on the same track as all these great national athletes. Thank you HSN21KM for the opportunity!

Safety First

In light of the recent series of unfortunate events, HSN21KM will be emphasizing on safety. Safety of the participants will be the utmost priority and hence, traffic control will be the main priority. Additionally, there will also be insurance coverage for participants of the event. Runners can run with a peace of mind and at ease, knowing that their safety is well taken care of.

Take Advantage Of The Registration Promotions

Great news for all runners, take advantage of the promotions HSN21KM is offering.

  • Priority Registration: All returning runners will get priority registration which entitles you to a 15% discount (1st March – 14th March)
  • Early Bird Registration: Be an early bird which entitles you to a 10% discount (15th March – 28th March)
  • Loyalty Registration: If you’re a returning runner and you’ve missed both priority and early bird registration, fret not, you’re still entitled to a 10% discount.

Note: Registration closes 15th August 

Read More: Race Review: 1st (Inaugural) KL HSN21KM 2016 By ALCE

Registration Fees (Before Discount):

  • 21 km – MYR 80
  • 10 km – MYR 70
  • 5 km – MYR 55

Check Out The Finisher Entitlements:

Add these finisher entitlements to your collection. Don’t miss out on being a part of one of the biggest, coolest Half Marathon events in Malaysia! Be a proud owner of these finisher tees and the commemorative medal.


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Can’t Sleep After A Hard Workout or Race?

Many athletes complain about not being able to sleep after a really hard session. You are exhausted, but yet you keep tossing and turning. You want to fall asleep so badly, but you are left staring at the ceiling. Sleep is critical after a hard workout for recovery purposes, so, not being able to fall asleep does seem worrying.


Cortisol is a hormone that is released into our body when it is placed under stress. When we exercise, we are putting our body under stress, and hence Cortisol is released into our body. Elevated Cortisol levels in our body can cause sleeplessness.

Image credit: Krishna.org

What you can do is to ensure Cortisol levels drop back to normal by your bedtime. This means planning your hard workouts accordingly. If you intend to do a long strenuous workout, it is best to do them in the mornings. Whereas in the evening, it is better suited for shorter less strenuous workouts.  This will help ensure by bedtime, your cortisol levels are no longer elevated and you won’t get post-workout insomnia.


If you only get sleepless nights after a competition and you are okay after hard workouts, adrenaline is probably the reason behind it. Adrenaline is the hormone that gets released when you are excited. Your body gets excited during a race or competition, and as a result, adrenaline is released into your body. Adrenaline levels can remain elevated up to 48 hours after exercise.

If you’re looking to avoid this, try and avoid doing night competitions. Plan for racing or competing only in the morning session so adrenaline levels can drop back to normal.

Body Temperature Rises

Have you ever felt like you are radiating heat after exercise? Our core body temperature rises during exercise and this is the feeling that you get. Our body also experienced dehydration and this causes our body temperatures to remain high. These both factors cause our body temperature to remain elevated, and hence post-workout insomnia.

To avoid this, remember to cool down after every workout. This will help bring down your core body temperature. Do some light jogging and stretching! Also, hydrate yourself well after a workout. During long endurance workouts, we can potentially lose 1-3 kg of water. Always have water an isotonic drinks ready to consume post-workout. It also helps to sleep in cooler conditions to help bring your body temperature down – ramp up your air conditioning!

Read More: The Science Of Sports Drinks – Which Sports Drink Should You Buy?

Photo Credits: Caregiver


Altra Bought Over By Owner Of TNF

North Carolina’s VF Corporation, owner of TNF has bought over running shoe brand – Altra. The acquisition is set to be finalized in April 2018.


The Altra shoe brand was born in the kitchen. Altra founder – Golden Harper started Altra by melting shoes in a toaster oven and cutting off the excess material in the sole of the shoes. He believed that a flatter midsole would help alleviate running injuries. This becomes the zero drop concept that we are all now familiar with. This means that there is no drop in the heel and your toes. People loved it – it was a hit!

VF Corporation

Photo Credits: Altra Running

VF Corporation also owns another running shoe brand – TNF. It will be interesting to see how VF Corporation handles both brands which are competitors with each other. It should be expected that there will be a shift in direction in one or both shoe brands to avoid directly competing with each other.

What’s Next For Altra?

A company spokesperson says that Harper and co-founder Brian Beckstead will remain on as VF employees. However, the direction of the development and marketing of the brand may be moving in a different direction.

We look forward to seeing what’s going to happen next!

Source: Outside Online


ASICS Marathon Relay PH Debuts

    A DIFFERENT evening racing experience awaits participants in the inaugural ASICS Relay Philippines this May 26, 2018 at the SM Mall of Asia starting at 7:00 PM.  Teams of four will try to outlast each other as they combine to complete either a full or a half-marathon.

The Philippines is the latest addition to the running series that has had stops in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.  An estimated field of 750 teams or 3,000 runners in the all-male, all-female and mixed categories are expected to participate.

Each team member will be made to run 5.25 or 10.50 kilometers then pass a slap band to the next runner. The night route will be spiced up by lights, music and other fun activities.

“This event gives emphasis on team spirit over individual abilities,” said Andy Neo, Sports and Marketing Manager of ASICS Asia during the recent media launch.  “We know Filipinos love sports that’s why we chose to add the Philippines to our legs.”

For her part, Olympian and ASICS ambassador Mary Joy Tabal expressed excitement over the event and hopes that it will encourage more people to take up running.  “I once joined a triathlon relay and it was a different feeling so I want to join this event,” she said.

Registration is now ongoing at www.asics.com/asics-relay.  Fees are set at PHP 3,400.00 per team for the half and PHP 3,600.00 for the full marathon until April 4 with an additional PHP 200.00 after the said date until April 27.

A team may avail of free registration upon a single receipt purchase of shoes at participating ASICS stores until April 14.  The race kit will consist of an ASICS short from a choice of green, red, blue and orange, a race bag, personalized bib and medal upon completion of the event.

The winning teams in the full marathon category will receive an all-expense paid trip to any future leg of the series.  Trophies and other prizes await all the winners.


Results: Run Out Pahang Marathon 2018

The 2018 edition of Run Out Pahang Marathon took place Sunday morning and kudos to the organizers, all finishers, and volunteers. Everyone took to the streets of Kuantan town to challenge their limits and hopefully hit new heights in their running.

Now it’s time to wear proudly your finisher t-shirt, show your shiny medal, record your thoughts and photos on your running app, JustRaceLah!

Watch this space as we will be bringing you updates as soon as they become available. You can keep track of all changes in real time and add your own comments via our mobile app, JustRaceLah!

Congratulations everybody!


Here are the top 3 results (Gun Time):-

Men Open Marathon Results:

  1. James Karanja 2:37:55
  2. Elly Kiptarbei Yego 2:38:16
  3. Dennis Isika 2:43:14

Women Open Marathon Results: 

  1. Pei Wah Lim 5:25:14
  2. Ayana Joy Cabalhin 5:30:04
  3. Nofal Sandra Sofyan 5:36:52

Men Malaysian Open Marathon Results: 

  1. Mohamed Helmi Azri Suhaimi 2:49:01
  2. Mohd Shukri Abdul Rahman 2:51:41
  3. Sahrizan Bin Ahmad 2:58:09

Women Malaysian Open Marathon Results:

  1. Hong Wee Tan 4:32:34
  2. Fazliana Ismail 4:36:33
  3. Kafiza Ahmad Kamurazzaman 5:06:49

Men Veteran Marathon Results: 

  1. Tamizi Bin Salleh 3:59:35
  2. Alex Teo 4:08:34
  3. Ingbert Grombach 4:09:12

Women Veteran Marathon Results:

  1. Aileen Ho 4:58:14
  2. Jean Wong 5:03:32
  3. Monica Suleiman 5:47:25

Men Open Half Marathon Results: 

  1. David Kibet 1:07:58
  2. Moiben Laban Kipkemoi 1:09:28
  3. Cyprian Kiogora Mwobi 1:10:16

Men Veteran Half Marathon Results: 

  1. Kibilo Bernard Kiplangat 1:13:48
  2. Yator Micah Kipkeny 1:17:53
  3. Kwan Chin Eng 1:40:05

Men Malaysian Open Half Marathon Results: 

  1. Poo Vasanthan Subramaniam 1:17:20
  2. Mohd Jironi Riduan 1:19:00
  3. Ow Yong Jin Kuang 1:19:30

Women Open Half Marathon Results:

  1. Joshua Regina 1:23:08
  2. Viola Jepchirchir Kimeli 1:38:11
  3. Lynil Quebec Martinez 1:52:52

Women Veteran Half Marathon Results: 

  1. Tiffany Lacey-Edwards 1:54:14
  2. Zanita Zin 2:27:14
  3. Rosa Ilesa Munoz Navarro 2:35:49

Women Malaysian Open Half Marathon Results: 

  1. Noor Amelia Bte Musa 1:43:21
  2. Yee Phui Se 1:47:34
  3. Tan Siew Chen 1:51:18

Men Open 10 km Results: 

  1. Kipchirchir Lel 32:19
  2. Maregu James Munyi 33:52
  3. Njeru Samuel Ndungu 36:07

Men Veteran 10 km Results: 

  1. Kitur Jacob Kibiwot 34:05
  2. Chong Chee Liang 41:48
  3. Ding Hock Hou 44:27

Women Open 10 km Results: 

  1. Naum Jepkosgei 44:12
  2. Ong Sue Ming 48:10
  3. Agilah A/P Manivanan 52:27

Women Veteran 10 km Results: 

  1. Joanne Rice 53:55
  2. Chia Lee Chin 57:39
  3. Tan Kui Tai 1:00:34

Check Your Results here.


3 Tips To Run A Sub 4 Hour Marathon

Many runners target to break the elusive 4 hours barrier. To run a sub 4-hour marathon, you need to be running at a 5:39 pace or less. Many of us are on our way to a brand new sub-4 personal best but fall short at the end. We hit the wall, slowing down tremendously, leaving us once again unable to hit the sub-4-hour mark. Here are 3 simple tips to run a sub 4-hour marathon!

#1 Pacing Is Everything

Many of us get caught up in the excitement of the race atmosphere – the adrenaline, the music and the nerves. We feel good and go out way too fast, only to find ourselves hitting the wall at the 30-kilometer mark. We all feel good at the start of the race, but we must always remind ourselves that 42.195 kilometers is a long way. It is important to still feel good halfway through to ensure we will not crash and burn. This means learning to hold ourselves back and learning to be patient.

Photo Credit: Runtastic

If you are targetting the 4-hour barrier, aim for a 1:55 – 1:57 half marathon. This will ensure you aren’t going out too fast, yet gives you a bit of a buffer just in case you slow down in the second half of your race.

Read More: 3 Pacing Strategies To Your Next Personal Best 

#2 Fuel Yourself Well

Photo Credits: Beyond The Mud

Your fuelling strategy is very important to prevent you from bonking or hitting the wall. Try and test out your fuelling strategy during your long run training to find out what works for you. What works for someone else, does not necessarily mean it will work for you. When we run such a long distance, our glycogen stored start to deplete, and it is important to fuel ourselves with gels. Gels help replenish our carbohydrate stores that are depleted.

Read More: Everything You Need To Know About Gels

#3 Taper Is Part Of Training

Many of us may seem reluctant to taper – because it makes us feel lazy. If there’s something we could be doing to get better, we should be. However, we have to remind ourselves that tapering is part of training. Tapering allows your body to top up its glycogen stores. This is why it is only when we taper well and our muscles are well rested, that our body is in the best shape possible to tackle that marathon.

However, we can’t overdo nor underdo tapering. You should decrease mileage, but don’t overdo it. Decrease the volume of training, however, you may retain the intensity and frequency of training. For instance, instead of running 400m x 20, perhaps just 400m x 8 but at the same intensity.

Read More: 8 Tips For A Successful Taper


Check Out The STAR WARS™ Run 2018 Entitlements

Transport yourself to a galaxy far far away with the STAR WARS™ RUN Singapore, returning this year on the 5th May 2018. STAR WARS fans are in for a treat. This year, the Marina Bay area and the F1 Pit Building will be transformed to give runners a truly immersive experience. The race village will be an epic adventure with lots of fun games and activities.

What we’ve all been waiting for – the entitlements! All STAR WARS™ enthusiasts will receive exclusive STAR WARS™ Run merchandise. Finishers of the 10km & 5.4km category will also receive a commemorative medal unique to their category and a finisher t-shirt. Designs vary depending on the side you choose, so pick your side wisely!

Earn Your Star Wars Finisher Medal


Star Wars Merchandise

Star Wars fans can treat themselves to an array of limited edition exclusive merchandise. Get your very own lightsaber, or a Chewbacca pin to add to your collection. If you’re looking for something more functional, opt for the Star Wars umbrella.

Early Bird Registration Ending Soon

Pledge your allegiance by the 14th March 2018 to take advantage of the special registration early bird registration fee. Whether you’re on the light side or the dark side, this is the final call! Wait no more, click here to register now!


4 Runners Hit By Car In Pahang Marathon 2018

Four runners were hurt when a car ran into them in the Pahang Marathon 2018 event just yesterday. The 28-year-old driver was said to be a part of the Pahang Marathon 2018 team. She lost control of the car while giving directions to runners who were outside the designated running area.

“She tried to brake her car so she could give directions to the runners, however, she is believed to have lost control of the vehicle and it veered to the left before hitting the runners”

-Kuantan police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Noor Yusof Ali-

The 4 victims were identified as Ahmad Fakhri Sulaiman, 31, Chua Yennie, 21, Nurul Huda Ahmad Razali, 31, and Haslinda Othman, 41. They suffered injuries, none fatal.

Ahmad Fakhri suffered injuries to his head and left leg. Chua sustained injuries to her face and head. Nurul Huda, a lecturer at the Universiti Tenaga Nasional campus in Muadzam Shah, suffers a broken right leg. Haslinda suffered injuries to her head, legs, and left arm.

This raises safety concerns at running events in Malaysia once again.

Source: The Malay Mail

Photo Credits: The Malay Mail, PDRM


Results: Bukit Jalil Half Marathon 2018

The 2018 edition of the Bukit Jalil Half Marathon took place Sunday morning and kudos to the organizers, all finishers, and volunteers. Everyone took to the streets of Bukit Jalil to challenge their limits and break personal bests.

Now it’s time to wear proudly your finisher t-shirt, show your shiny medal, record your thoughts and photos on your running app, JustRaceLah!

Watch this space as we will be bringing you updates as soon as they become available. You can keep track of all changes in real time and add your own comments via our mobile app, JustRaceLah!

Congratulations everybody!


Here are the top 3 results (Gun Time):-

Men Open Half Marathon Results:

  1. Mohd Syahidan Bin Alias 1:20:30
  2. Christopher Wright 1:22:01
  3. Looi Mun Fai 1:24:37

Men Veteran Half Marathon Results: 

  1. Alan Toh Jin Joo 1:26:44
  2. Tan Song Hua 1:27:37
  3. Chan Chee Kian 1:27:41

Women Open Half Marathon Results:

  1. Serem Valentine Jepkemoi 1:32:35
  2. Hitogami Haga 1:45:01
  3. Tan Li Hoon 1:49:43

Women Veteran Half Marathon Results:

  1. Yuan Yu Fang 1:40:46
  2. Yap Yee Ling 1:42:55
  3. Lim Shea Fee 1:51:23

Men Open 10 km Results: 

  1. Haithm Mukred Ghaleb Alselwi 35:34
  2. Phong Tong Yee 37:00
  3. Mohd Asdi Bin Weding 38:10

Men Veteran 10 km Results:

  1. Jaokim Larsen 40:11
  2. Richard Tang 41:33
  3. See Hock Leong 42:02

Women Open 10 km Results:

  1. Catherine Cheang Jenn Yi 48:50
  2. Eng Wei Peng 56:44
  3. Reen Rawaida Zuhdi 59:10

Women Veteran 10 km Results: 

  1. Sea Hui Thin 47:49
  2. Rita Bte Gani 48:04
  3. Sonia Rachel Fowler 52:09

Check Your Results here.


Singapore and U.S. have the Highest Resting Heart Rates, Study Reveals

Fitbit has recently revealed results from an analysis of resting heart rate on its global users, carried over the last 18 months. The company analyzed over 100 Billion hours of aggregated and anonymized average data of more than 25 millions of global Fitbit users with PurePulse(R) heart rate tracking devices, including Fitbit Alta HR™, Fitbit Charge 2™, Fitbit Blaze™ and Fitbit Ionic™.

Key findings revealed that (1) resting heart rate decreases after the age of 40, (2) women tend to have a higher average resting heart rate than men, and (3) Fitbit users in the United States and Singapore had the highest average resting heart rate compared to users worldwide.

What is Resting Heart Rate, and why it is important

Heart Rate refers to the number of times your heart beats in a minute. The number of beats indicates how hard the heart is working to deliver blood through your whole body. The Resting Heart Rate (RHR) refers to the heart rate when a person is relaxed, and is typically measured in the morning.

The American Heart Association notes that a normal resting heart rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute for adults, and it is understood by medical experts that a lower resting heart rate can indicate more efficient heart function and cardiovascular fitness.

Resting heart rate is an important metric for users to gauge their cardiovascular health, track fitness levels, check stress levels, and recognize early signs of illness or health issues,” said Dr. Scott McLean, Principal Research Scientist at Fitbit, who also added “When tracking resting heart rate, users should be aware of other factors such as differences between gender, age, seasonal changes and outdoor temperature, daily sleep and activity levels, and caffeine intake.”

Fitbit users in the United States and Singapore have the highest average resting heart rate compared to users worldwide

Singapore and the U.S. topped the list with 65.9 BPM average resting heart rate (RHR). China’s users’ RHR was the third-highest at 65.2 BPM, while Australia was next. Interestingly, we have recently presented some alarming data that revealed that Aussies are now slower than ever amidst of the rising obesity and hypertension rates in Australia. It would be of great interest for such studies to be carried out in Singapore and the U.S. as well.

Country Name  Resting Heart Rate (BPM) 
Singapore  65.9 
United States  65.9 
China  65.2 
Australia 64.9
Canada 64.7
Japan 64.6
Germany 64.0
New Zealand 63.9
Switzerland 63.3
France 63.2
United Kingdom 63.2
Norway 63.1
Ireland 62.1
Spain 62.1
Italy 61.9


Resting Heart Rate (RHR) Decreases After Age 40 and Women tend to have a higher RHRs

The analysis uncovered correlations between gender and RHR as well as between age and RHR, some of which have been previously observed in the medical community. More specifically:

  • Female users had a higher average resting heart rate (RHR) than male users by about 3 beats per minute (BPM).
  • Female users ages 40-49 had the highest average RHR of all users at 67.4 BPM. Male users ages 40-49 had the highest average RHR among male users at 64.6 BPM, still lower than females in almost every age group (except females 70+).
  • Male and female users’ RHR increased with age from 20’s-40’s, then decreased after age 40.

Exercising more often, losing weight if necessary, reducing stress, and avoiding tobacco products can help decrease resting heart rate. You can check out a review of Fitbit Ionic™ here, which is capable of continuously monitoring your heart rate.

Data Source: Fitbit analyzed a representative sampling of aggregated and anonymized average data of about 4 million global Fitbit users from July 1, 2016-December 31, 2017. Article adapted from Press Release.


Top 7 Running Routes in Singapore Everyone Should Know!

1. Marina Bay – For Urban Runners

Marina Bay is one of Singapore’s favourite running route, despite being in the heart of the city. Its terrains are well-maintained and it is safe to run at any time of the day. Addition to that, the spectacular view of Singapore’s skyscrapers and historical landmarks will make your running experience in the city more enjoyable.

2. Southern Ridges – For Nature Runners

Southern Ridges is an open space that connects five parks – Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Hort Park, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Park. Through this route, you can enjoy nature and also spot different inhabitants along the way! However, this route involves slopes and stairways that some runners might find it challenging. Visit the Southern Ridges route if you’re someone who loves nature but is also up for a challenge!

3. Punggol Waterway – For Park / Nature Runners

Looking for a place where you can complete your weekend run but also spend time with your family? Punggol Waterway is definitely the perfect place for you! Go for a smooth morning/evening run due to the availability of foot-friendly terrains while admiring the nature. You can also make a detour to the Coney Island Park during which its rustic charms and nature environment make a unique and interesting running route for runners. Afterward, spend time with your family at the nearby recreational facilities and restaurants.

4. Rail Corridor – For Historical / Green Runners

Always interested in running in a unique course in Singapore? Experience a run that is filled with historical stories and also run through the scenic route. It is also a course with a variety of terrains and thus, making the course a fun run for all. Visit Rail Corridor to experience it yourself!

5. MacRitchie Reservoir – For Trail Runners

Known as Singapore’s most popular trail running destination. Since the course is a combination of trails, pavements and boardwalks, this experience might heighten your running experience! Ultimately, running at MacRitchie Reservoir can be quite an adventure because you might also experience meeting the trail’s inhabitants while running!

6. Singapore Botanic Gardens – For Nature Runners

Singapore Botanic Gardens is located near one of Singapore’s prime shopping street, Orchard Road. While running, you can admire different types of flowers at various attractions such as National Orchid Garden and also the Rainforest. However, the trail can get a little complicated. Thus, equip yourself with a map or navigation or bring a friend who is familiar with the route!

7. Tampines Eco Green – For Eco Runners

Situated right in the middle of high-density HDB flat in the East of Singapore, Tampines Eco Green is home to a wealth of biodiversity, with its rainforest, grasslands and freshwater wetlands. The park was designed with minimal intrusion, leaving most of the land untouched and in its original state. The trails are ideal for those suffering from leg injuries because the trails are neither gravel nor concrete, but grass!

No matter what preference you have as a runner, there is a route for you in Singapore providing you with the best running experience. Therefore, explore Singapore, one route at a time. Life’s better outdoors!


My first overseas race: Tokyo Marathon 2018 (Review by Weekee)

This was my first overseas race and was very excited when I received the good news that my application was successful. Read that many had tried several times and yet to win the slot, so it made me even happier. I began to do my research to prepare myself, but there were not much blogs that share tips on the logistics and experiences. As such, I would like to share my experience and hope that it would provide some useful information to fellow runners for future race.

My first worry was the cold weather as I read in one of the post that the average temperature is only 7 degC. As a sun bear from the tropic, this temperature is not what I can handle easily, so I started looking for long sleeve compression top, glove and light wind breaker for the run. While these should handle the cold during the run, what about from hotel to start point and while waiting at the start pen? The organiser actually provide service to collect your warm clothings before the start line and donate them to the needy. So you can wear your warm clothings that you are prepared to donate out to the race and drop in the collection bin when the race start.

As the race start at Shinjuku and finish near Tokyo station, another question was where to book your accomodation? I prefer to stay near the finish point, so I can walk back to my accomodation immediately and have a good shower. Also because the start time is 09:10, there is already public transport available. From Tokyo Station to Shinjuku Station, you have the option of JR Chuo line or Metro Marunouchi line, both cost 200yen. If you are using the Metro pass, you can use the Marunouchi line.

During the registeration, you have the option of whether you want to have baggage drop. I worried that the collection will be a mess, so I opt without baggage drop since I have decided to stay near the finish point. From the map given, runners with baggage claim are divided to two locations away from the finish line. For us without baggage claim, we can collect our Finisher Towel, Medal, Jacket and Poncho just after the finish line and diverted to the train station enterance. I think the jacket and poncho are only for those opt out of baggage drop.

Before a marathon, most people will do carbo loading. I am not a rice person, but I love the gohan in Japan. I can finish a big bowl of rice in Japan, we even bought the “koshihikari” rice back to cook. Anyway, we went to try out many of the popular restaruants recommended by our airbnb host.

Race Bib collection was held at Tokyo Big Sight which was a bit out of the way. To access, you would need to take either the Rinkai Line and Yurikamome Line which are not Metro line and cannot use the Metro Pass. I did my collection on Friday as afraid that Saturday will be more busy with locals. Runners were to print out the confirmation slip for the collection, the process was swift and easy. After the bid collection, it leaded us to the Expo area which was open to everyone (Bib collection area for runners only). There was this wall of names and of course I also joined in to search for my name.

There were many exhibitors in the expo, lots of photo taking, free gifts, and shopping. Be prepared to spend time walking through the expo area, probably an hour or two.

Getting to the starting area was easy, there were many volunteers that held banners and show the ways to different gates. Runners were divided to 5 gates and runners could only enter the area through the correct gate indicated on their bib. There are security screening and water was not allow. I had specially brought a hydration pack for the race, thought it could help to keep my back warm, and also the hydration points were about 5km apart. But I was told that water was not allow and I had to pour away the water before entering. Luckily I found a water point before the starting pen and filled up my hydration bag. There were also many bins that Runners could “donate” their warm clothings.

I was allocate to the starting block K which was the 2nd last block right at the back. We had to wait patiently for the front blocks to move before we could get into the main “runway”. Probably due to the cold weather, I started to get a bit “urgent”, but there was no toilet in the starting block. Everyone standed close to each other to keep warm. When we got on to the main “runway”, I started my watch and started running. But wait! the start line was right in front, few hundreds meter away. Stopped my watch and moved slowly towards the start line.

Finally, we got to the start line which was very wide across few car lanes, lots of spectators lined along the two sides of the route cheering. I had always made mistake to go too fast at the start, so I kept telling myself to go at the pace as planned. Also to keep my heart beat within the blue zone.

Not long after, I saw the toilet sign, and was very happy. But there was already a long queue. Not to waste time, I kept going and the there were long queue for toilets. Finally I saw a short queue by the far right and quickly diverted my course and joined in the queue. By now, my body had already warmed up and getting a bit hot. I had to remove my jacket and packed into my hydration pack. What a relief, I am now feeling fresh and ready to hang on till the end. There were many toilets along the way, so not to worry about it.

Seriously, seeing is believing. There were probably more spectators than runners, they lined the entire route, cheering loud. Saw some were in their companies’ uniform, I even saw chef (or kitchen assistance) cheering. Many supporters from Taiwan and China, and I saw two ladies with Singapore flag not far after starting. I must say the spectators were great, and added lots of fun to the run.

There were also many volunteers at the hydration points, giving out drinks, fruits, energy pack, etc. I think the hydration points were 5km apart. Along the route, there were also volunteers holding plastic bags for runners to throw their rubbish. Thank you very much for volunteers and thank you for the supports.

I could say the whole route was very lively, there were many performances along the way. Music, dances, cheers, etc. and there was one point they played YMCA, and when we pass by, we also did the YMCA sign. That lifted up my spirit. And we also passed by famous tourist attractions, for example the Asakusa Kannon Temple where many runners stopped for photo taking.

I think every runner has an objective in this race, and mine was to finish within 5 hours. Looking at my watch, I thought I would probably miss my target. But hey, whether or not, I must do my very best since had travelled so far. Finally, I struggled passed the 41km marker, and toldl myself to hang on. Near the Finish line, both sides are lined with spectators cheering, cannot walk!hand on! I told myself. Gonna make it, I told myself to keep going as may not be lucky enough to do this again. And there the Finish line in sight, I made it!!

After the Finish line, there were clear banners showing runners which way to go. Following the colours of the bid, we walked to our various channels to collect our Finishers’ entitlement – Finisher’s Towel, Medal, Jacket, Poncho and a bag of goodies. Saw a booth for the 6-stars runners, I wish I could be one of them one day. But I know it is not possible, as I will not be able to meet the requirement for Boston. Had ran passed few of the potential 6-stars runners, and I wonder how did they get to participate in Boston.

After the collection, we were leaded to the entrance to the underground pass that go to the Tokyo Station. Nativate my way through the busy Tokyo station to meet my wifey at the other end of the station. We walked back to our airbnb, had a shower and out for our lunch. Thank you for her support!

A japan trip cannot go without an Onsen and Kaiseki dinner. Next day, we were on our way to Kinugawa Onsen to relax. I found the Onsen really help to relax my muscles and I was all good after the stay.

I hope to be lucky enough to be back next year.

And to all with the Tokyo Marathon dream, Good Luck!


Review: Marathon Du Medoc – Pauillac, France (by healthobeing)

This was a race that I actually did back in 2014.  It was the first time I ran a road race in France.  The main draw was because you can drink and run at the same time, making it a really interesting one for me and combining both my interest in running and drinking. The theme for the 2014 version was Celebrations in the World.

Finding Company

Our Group

I had registered for the race around March but was only able to get my medical clearance way later due to my condition of lesser red blood count.  Although we still do not know why and could only put it as heredity ( since my brother has such a case lower blood count).But I managed to pull through a second opinion given the record of taking part in 20 plus full marathons.

Knowing no one in the race and going to the race all by myself.  I presumed that I need to find some company to do the race together.  This was where I found a group who needed one more companion as one of the member dropped out.  2 guys and 1 lady, from different countries and we met here together.  It was quite amazing, Heather was the one driving us around.  The race starts at Paulliac while we were staying in a chalet in Hourtin, it takes about half an hour ride to get to the start line.


Our Stay in Hourtin

We all met in Bordeaux, from there Heather drove us down to Hourtin to check in the Chalet.  This was one day before the race.  After a short rest, we drove on toe Paulliac where the start line was to collect our race pack.  It comes with a tee shirt, number bib and happen that 2014 was their 30th anniversary, there was kind of a carnival at the race collection point.  Unlike some races which has tons of sporting equipment companies displaying and selling sports stuff.  This race collection was more like a fun and happy carnival with shops selling food.  The most popular item there is the candied canale, a sweet that is really enjoyable for people who appreciate sweet stuff.

Thinking that this race will be running through chateaux drinking and eating, I decided to just take it easy and enjoy as much as I can.  My hydration pack was filled with only water. The theme of the marathon was ” Celebrations around the world” , all participants had to dress up to the theme.  So with my team, we decided on the Madi Gras, they even brought nail paint colour up.

For nutrition I was rather shocked that these folks eat peanut butter and ice cream like no body business.  I was just doing the usual banana and some fruits, but there they are indulging in the peanut butter and cream! We rested early and it was starting to get cold despite it was Autumn.

Race Day

All dressed up for the event and also floats!

My costume

Early in the morning we drove back to Paulliac to the start point.  There were too many cars and we had to park by one vineyard and track back.  I could feel the cold and breeze , luckily we brought some ponchos to cover up.  Shivering in our shimmery costumes, we saw many funky dressed runners, it was strange that the French men all like to dress up as women, with the wigs and bra.  The start line was like some carnival with so many costumes and even floats around.  It did not feel like some real run here more like a party.

First stop in the chateaux, they already started feeding us with wine.  Some of the runners even filled water bottles of wine for the rest of the race.  After two glasses, I was feeling tipsy.  But somehow it helped to hype up the mood.  There was noise and music every where.  Some of the runners brought their own MP3 players.

Food and Wine all the way

Beside wine, there were also real fruit juices which were a local produce, and loads of food. Beginning with just croissants and bread, cheese and ham, biscuits and sweets to 38km where I could not believe my eyes, people shucking oysters and real fresh oysters on the spot for runners..I simply could not get out of the tent and stayed there really long.  Some of the runners also stayed and lazed around the gardens of some of the chateaux.  There were many locations with good picture moments.

Towards the end, there were entrecote beef (grilled beef) chocolate ice cream.  Before you reach the finishing point, there is even a dress up table to make sure you look good before the ending line.  Really a fun, full with food and wine , costumes and laughter race.  I had never felt so relaxed and enjoyable in a marathon so far!

The ending point has proper makeshift bath rooms for you to clean and wash up before you leave. There were many small stalls, pubs and cafes alongside for those who like to take a break before heading home.


Riedel glasses at the end point

For the price of 120 Euro for the race entry, I felt it was worth it as it comes with a second day recovery walk and luncheon.  The 3 course lunch had unlimited wine served and also another party for all.  Finishers also get the medal, a set of wine glasses and a stalk of roses for the ladies.

If you have the chance to visit France, do make it a point to join this race, usually around mid early September.

Race website: www.marathondumedoc.com


Run Out Pahang Marathon 2018: Flag-off Times, Road Closures and Last Minute Information

It’s happening this weekend! The first marathon of the year on the East Coast of Malaysia is back – Run Out Pahang Marathon 2018! As we are psyched for the flag-off, here are some important last minute information for all runners.


Please note that the venue has changed from Taman Gelora to Kotasas.

Flag-off times & Cut Off Times

Route & Hydration Information

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