Stay Active & Help The Less Fortunate with Challenge 55 Singapore 2020!

#Challenge55SG is a national movement organised by Pink Apple Pte Ltd and supported by GetActive! Singapore. This unprecedented period sees a notable increase in beneficiaries at Food from the Heart, a charity organisation, whose mission is to reach out to beneficiaries and provide to the best of their ability. Thus, this movement aims for everyone to stay active and take proactive steps to alleviate hunger for the less fortunate.

Rise above this challenging period and clock 55,000 steps as a team or 5,500 steps individually anywhere anytime to pledge your unity and resilience. These steps you take will bring us closer as a nation and One Team Singapore. In conjunction with the nation 55th’s birthday, #Challenge55SG is born.

#Challenge55SG details at a glance

Date: 16th June 2020 – 9th August 2020
Time: Anytime!
Venue: Anywhere!

James Koh, Operations Director at Pink Apple Pte Ltd, said, “With our unfailing resilience put altogether, I believe this initiative enables us to build a  healthier lifestyle and emerge stronger as a nation”

Our unity and resilience are pivotal. We can all play a part to alleviate the hunger of the less fortunate by participating in #Challenge55SG where all registration proceeds (after GST) will be donated to charity organisation, Food from the Heart. Every step we take will provide them with stronger food security, keep them well sated and put a smile on their faces. Registration is priced at $5.50 per participant.

Finishers will receive an E-Cert, E-Badge and collar badge in recognition of their contribution and effort.

As underlined by President Halimah Yacob: “The strength of a people is seldom tested during good times, but will be severely challenged when we face a crisis. How well we stand together, support each other and react to a situation define us as a people.”

Leading up to #Challenge55SG is a series of weekly challenges to help you stay active at home. Activities include Full Name Workouts that are uniquely tailored to each individual’s name and Let’s Cook! where you can whip up a healthy meal and share with us the recipe! Winners will be selected on a weekly basis with 10 x $10 GrabFood gift cards up for grabs!

Let’s all take a proactive step towards alleviating hunger and encouraging an active lifestyle so that Singapore can emerge from this crisis stronger than ever. No gesture is too small, so register now!

Click here to register now!


3 Reasons Why Runners Should Take a Probiotic Supplement Daily

On its surface, running seems like an easy and straightforward way to exercise. But anyone with a serious interest in running can tell you how deep the sport goes.

Some people choose to focus on the equipment they use. From specific shoes to anti-chafing measures, they are particular about the sort of products they buy.

Others take a more holistic approach by incorporating regularly scheduled massages or they look to supplements and hydration aids to make them better runners. If you fall into this group, make sure you include probiotics in your daily supplement routine.

Probiotics are only as effective as the particular strains contained in the supplement. But when you get the right strains, a probiotic supplement can have great impacts on your running.

From improving your mood to addressing leaky gut to altering your diet, probiotics have amazing potential for runners. Here are 3 reasons runners should take a daily probiotic supplement:

1) They Can Improve Your Diet

Runners, generally speaking, are pretty particular about their diets. You want to eat food that will help keep you at the top of your game so you can go the extra mile.

Now and then, though, odd cravings sneak in. This is where probiotics can help.

There are a lot of theories around why you crave certain foods. One theory holds that cravings are one way that your body lets you know what it needs. And in these cases, probiotics can help alter the foods you crave.

Probiotics do this by altering the bacteria in your gut microbiome. Healthier gut bacteria help you avoid unhealthy cravings that will further upset the microbiome, such as excess sugar. Emphasis on excess since a healthy gut will still crave some sugar.

When your unhealthy cravings go down, your body can turn its attention to the fat and sugar it already has stored. This will, in turn, help you burn fat stored in the belly and other problem areas, which is a nice bonus to craving a healthier diet. The fact that probiotics can help burn belly fat is just one reason to add a supplement to your daily routine.

2) They Can Improve Your Mood

Although it might sound far-fetched, the brain-gut connection is very real. It is also called the enteric nervous system and is essentially a connection that runs straight from your brain to your gut.

When your gut biome is unbalanced, it causes an imbalance in your brain chemistry. The opposite is true as well. It’s why your stomach gets upset when you’re dealing with stress. Or, if you’re like me, why an upset stomach is a good warning that your mood is about to take a turn for the worse.

In short, your gut health has an impact on your overall mood. Probiotics help balance your gut microbiome. And while this isn’t going to cure your depression, it can help improve your mood.

That little boost might be all you need to get yourself moving for your morning run, or to push yourself for that extra mile.

3) They Can Improve Your Health

The gut-brain connection has a big impact on your mood, but it can also impact your health. In fact, there is evidence that the health of your gut has a direct connection to your overall health.

When talking about the impact of probiotics on your health, though, it’s important to separate the myths from reality. Probiotics aren’t going to cure cancer or eliminate your risk of heart disease. And they aren’t going to cure IBS or Crohns.

They can, however, reduce the severity of some allergies and help boost your immune system, among other things. While these issues might not directly affect your running practice, they certainly have an impact on your overall wellness. It’s not easy to get up and go for a run when you’re suffering due to food allergies or down with a cold.

The Fine Print

Of course, taking a probiotic one time isn’t enough to make a difference. And unless you’re eating a lot of fermented food, you’re not likely to get enough probiotics from your daily diet. To get the benefits of probiotics, you need to take them every day.

You also want to get the best strains. This is why, when it comes to probiotics, you want to be aggressive about reading the labels. Probiotics are, as the name suggests, good varieties of live bacteria.

Most of us only think of bacteria as harmful microorganisms that have the potential to cause illness. Probiotics are at the other end of the spectrum, offering benefits so long as you get the right kind.

Getting the wrong kind usually results in the supplement having no effect at all. There are, however, some side effects to bad probiotics that you’ll want to watch out for. They include upset stomach, increased allergic reactions, and headache.

If you experience any of these issues, stop taking your supplement until you can talk to a health care provider and find the right strains of probiotic to suit your body and meet your needs.

Generally speaking, however, probiotics from trusted sources are more likely to do good than to do harm, especially if you take them daily according to the directions on the bottle.

The Takeaway

Probiotics won’t magically make you a better runner, but they will help you avoid issues that can keep you from reaching your goals. From your mood to your allergies, these supplements are a great way to boost your health.

So long as you spend a little bit of time reading the labels and you take them correctly, probiotic supplements can be your new best friend. And in a world where there’s a supplement for everything, it’s nice to have one that works at the base level to create far-reaching improvements.


HOKA ONE ONE Singapore Announces Launch of the Clifton Edge: A Culmination of All the Brand’s Footwear Innovation to Date

HOKA ONE ONE®, a division of Deckers Brands (NYSE: DECK) announces the launch of the Clifton Edge, an innovative new shoe designed to empower athletes of all levels to feel like they can fly. The Clifton Edge features a unique extended heel geometry designed to provide a smooth impact for a gliding sensation while moving; combined with the softest, lightest foam yet featured in any HOKA shoes, the Clifton Edge is the latest pinnacle in the brand’s unique approach to footwear and apparel. It is designed to be the smoothest ride on the road.

The Clifton Edge is the first-ever style extension of the best-selling Clifton franchise: the Clifton first launched in 2014 and the Clifton 7 is set to be launched soon. The Clifton family of shoes has become tremendously popular by occupying a best-of-both-worlds space between the maximal cushion and minimal weight; they feature the cushion and unique ride characteristics for which HOKA’s original maximal-cushion shoes are known, but in a lighter-weight and lower-profile package. As an entirely new extension of that franchise, the Clifton Edge is designed to make the Clifton silhouette even more accessible and enjoyable to an even broader audience of athletes at every level of fitness, and to empower them to feel like they can run forever.

“HOKA is writing the story of performance footwear as we speak, and the Clifton Edge marks an exciting new chapter in that narrative,” said Wendy Yang, President of HOKA ONE ONE. “We have always taken a bold and unexpected approach to creating products that work for athletes of every level, and this is no exception. We believe the Clifton Edge will improve upon how athletes everywhere experience movement, and possibly open the door to that experience for even more people.”

The Clifton Edge will be available at S$259 at Running Lab & LIV ACTIV stores on July 1, 2020. Fans can visit or follow @hokaoneone_sg on Instagram for more information, and stand a chance to win a pair of Clifton Edge from June 26 to July 5, 2020.


HOKA ONE ONE Malaysia Announces Launch of the Clifton Edge: A Culmination of All the Brand’s Footwear Innovation to Date

HOKA ONE ONE®, a division of Deckers Brands (NYSE: DECK) announces the launch of the Clifton Edge, an innovative new shoe designed to empower athletes of all levels to feel like they can fly. The Clifton Edge features a unique extended heel geometry designed to provide a smooth impact for a gliding sensation while moving; combined with the softest, lightest foam yet featured in any HOKA shoes, the Clifton Edge is the latest pinnacle in the brand’s unique approach to footwear and apparel. It is designed to be the smoothest ride on the road.

The Clifton Edge is the first-ever style extension of the best-selling Clifton franchise: the Clifton first launched in 2014 and the Clifton 7 is set to be launched soon. The Clifton family of shoes has become tremendously popular by occupying a best-of-both-worlds space between the maximal cushion and minimal weight; they feature the cushion and unique ride characteristics for which HOKA’s original maximal-cushion shoes are known, but in a lighter-weight and lower-profile package. As an entirely new extension of that franchise, the Clifton Edge is designed to make the Clifton silhouette even more accessible and enjoyable to an even broader audience of athletes at every level of fitness, and to empower them to feel like they can run forever.

“HOKA is writing the story of performance footwear as we speak, and the Clifton Edge marks an exciting new chapter in that narrative,” said Wendy Yang, President of HOKA ONE ONE. “We have always taken a bold and unexpected approach to creating products that work for athletes of every level, and this is no exception. We believe the Clifton Edge will improve upon how athletes everywhere experience movement, and possibly open the door to that experience for even more people.”

The Clifton Edge will be available at RM699 at Running Lab Pavilion Elite & 1 Utama, Kuala Lumpur. Fans can visit or follow @hokaoneone_my on Instagram for more information, and stand a chance to win a pair of Clifton Edge from June 26 to July 5, 2020.


Home Remedies For Treating Restless Legs Syndrome

Have you ever had disturbing or tingling experiences in your legs while you were lying or sitting down? Are you resisting against the pain or forcing your legs to move? Do these painful experiences in your legs occur during the daytime when you’re physically active? Or are these feelings in your legs surprisingly disturbing your sleep at nighttime?

If you have answered yes, then you may be suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

To the day-to-day life of a person living with RLS, the constant battle against pain is a real struggle – the painful experience is more than a toothache, and its severity is greater than a heartache.

Just imagine how it suppresses you from going into fun activities and ruins beautiful moments together with your loved ones and friends. Of course, your pain is lesser than your capacity. As long as there is treatment, life goes on.

To make your life more bearable despite the RLS condition, here are some home remedies to ease the pain caused by Restless Legs Syndrome.

What is Restless Legs Syndrome?

According to Harvard Health Publications of Harvard Medical School, Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a neurologic sensorimotor disorder that causes an individual to move the legs with an irresistible urge, often accompanied by a painful and unfavourable “creepy-crawly” sensation.

In statistics, 10 percent of the American population suffers from RLS. According to WebMD, the occurrence of RLS is more common in women than in men, and middle-aged people are prone to experience the symptoms.

Symptoms of RLS

Furthermore, the symptoms of having RLS causes ruining events to your daily activities – whether you’re only confined in a space with an awakened presence during the daytime, or whether you’ve fallen asleep during the nighttime.

Restless Legs Syndrome causes uncomfortable sensations in the internal parts of your legs – during sitting or lying down. It aggravates your nerves in impeding sensations such as burning, aching, crawling, creeping, itching, tingling, tugging, or a feeling similar to electric shocks – which occurs repetitively or longer than seconds.

The leading causes of RLS are iron insufficiency, abnormalities of dopamine level, chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney failure, the Parkinsons’s disease, and the occurrence of varicose veins.

If you are suffering from RLS, you should immediately have your screening and consultation with a professional, such as Elite Vein Clinic, to examine the venous insufficiency in your legs through ultrasound imaging. Light therapy for aches is also a good way to get rid of RLS. Don’t let RLS get worse.

What are some Home Remedies for treating Restless Legs Syndrome?

Home treatments are effective when properly and regularly executed. Through proper diet and best sleeping routines, you can reduce the symptoms and pain caused by RLS. Here are five effective home remedies for treating RLS:

1. Devote yourself to a sleeping hygiene

Most people often overlooked the proper way of sleeping. Not only because of the tiring experiences in fixing the bed, but also the factors of using smartphones and other gadgets before sleeping. As a result, your RLS symptoms get worse.

In other words, you need to devote yourself to sleeping hygiene, where you plot your schedule on waking up, your napping sessions, and the time before going to sleep. Also, keep a cool, quiet, and comfortable sleeping environment.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, avoid using your smartphones or gadgets, at least 30 minutes before bed.

2. Eliminate your caffeine intake

Everybody loves to take coffee before going to work or during leisure time. But do you know that coffee can make your RLS worse?

Caffeine is a triggering element for RLS. It is a stimulant that interferes with sleep, particularly when you’ve taken it close to bedtime. While other physicians agree that caffeine has less impact on your RLS, make sure to regulate your caffeine intake.

3. Make time for meditation

Repetitive stress and anger mismanagement can aggravate the symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome. When you get stressed in a longer period, the prefrontal cortex of your brain shrinks and kills brain cells, responsible for giving signals in a fight-or-flight situation. Meaning, chronic stress can also lead to diabetes and heart diseases – a pathway for RLS symptoms.

As a way to mitigate stress, the habit of doing yoga, deep breathing, and stretching can give meditation that your body needs. It helps the improvement of your mood, increases your awareness, and reinforces your comfort during your sleep.

4. Manage your diet

You are what you eat. In other words, your diet amounts to your physical standing and reflects your mental condition. If you have symptoms from Restless Legs Syndrome, chances are higher for you to have iron sufficiency and low magnesium count in your body.

In your diet, always include foods rich in D3, potassium, and iron. We recommend you to eat spinach and leafy green vegetables and liver for your diet.

Spinach is rich in iron and folate, which can be included in different varieties of dishes, such as soups, sauces, smoothies, and salads. Also, a liver is a great source of iron – a  rich source for haemoglobin formation and brain function. It is also the best way to suffice iron deficiency.

5. Commit to a regulated physical exercise

Exercise is the best way to combat stress, high cholesterol, diabetes, and the formation of varicose veins. Since varicose veins contribute to the symptoms of RLS, exercise can mitigate the pain through healthy blood pressure and normalized dopamine levels.

By producing sweat through a 30-minute exercise of walking, jogging, or moderate running, your legs will relieve, giving you a good night sleep. However, make sure to avoid vigorous exercise that might trigger RLS symptoms.

Key Takeaways

Restless Legs Syndrome is giving you more than the painful experience of a toothache, or severity greater than a heartache. It suppresses you from going into fun activities and ruins beautiful moments together with your loved ones and friends.

But as long as there is treatment, there is hope for a better life.

Today, RLS has affected the lives of millions of people – not just only in America, but to the entire world population. It occurs mostly in women as to men, and with middle-aged adults.

The leading causes of RLS are iron insufficiency, abnormalities of dopamine level, chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney failure, Parkinson’s disease, and the occurrence of varicose veins.

And its symptoms are generally causing an individual to move the legs with an irresistible urge, often accompanied by a painful and unfavourable “creepy-crawly” sensation.

To avoid any ruined moments and disturbing events, here are five effective home remedies to alleviate the symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome:

  1. Devote yourself to sleeping hygiene;
  2. Eliminate your caffeine Intake;
  3. Make time for meditation;
  4. Manage your diet; and 
  5. Commit to a regulated physical exercise.

Swiss Performance Brand, On, Introduces Its CloudTec® Technology And Its Latest Collection for All Fitness Enthusiasts

Swiss Performance brand, On, introduces the CloudTec® Technology which the outsole provides soft, cushioned landings. On features the first cushioning system that is only active when you need it – during the landing, but doesn’t get in the way during take-off. This allows On to provide more under-foot protection than any other shoe on the market.

On also fosters an efficient running style, allowing the runner to land more forward on his or her foot as well as to adopt a centred and energized running position. The Speed Board™ flexes over the whole length of the shoe, making it the best rolling shoe on the market. Combined with your Cloud-activated muscles, this results in a shorter ground contact time.

On’s intelligent cushioning allows for a minimalistic, lightweight construction in line with the latest research on the natural movement of the foot, i.e. a low heel-to-toe ratio, being close to the ground, and supporting the spiral dynamics of your foot.

Additionally, On puts you back in control: By slowing down the impact and providing less of a lever in the heel (thanks to the low profile), overpronation or supination forces are greatly reduced. What is more: the Clouds act like small Swiss Balls for your feet, activating your muscles and enabling yourself to stabilize and control your foot strike naturally – without the artificial support of an orthotic.

The New Generation Cloudflow

Ready, set, flow. On releases the all-new Cloudflow, a record-breaking shoe chosen by athletes, refined through training, competition, podiums and smashing personal records.

Cloudflow Rust | Limelight

With more comfort and kick with the addition of Helion™ superfoam, the Cloudflow is highly responsive and fully cushioned for optimal training and racing. The Helion™ foam combines high-performance properties, delivering durability and rebound at a previously impossible level. 18 Helion™ Cloud elements combined with an even more explosive Speedboard turns impact into acceleration. Plus, the new lacing configuration and reshaped Clouds allows for softer forefoot landings and more support at high speed. All in all, a winning combination.

New Colours

Cloudswift Black | Rock

Run the city in the light, swift shoe with full road protection. Features Helion™ superfoam for high performance in urban environments.

CloudTec® in Helion™ superfoam gives the Cloudswift cushioning with zero compromises. Engineered for urban running, Helion™ is light on weight but big on energy return and durability. Temperature resistant, it provides the same unrivalled performance in hot and cold conditions. Durable rubber reinforcements provide high traction at high speed, even on wet roads.

The breathable engineered-mesh of the inner sock construction keeps your feet cool, even when on-the-road temperatures soar. Strong yet stretchable, the TPU mechanical side band delivers gentle midfoot support during swift city sprints. It also gives you a hiding place to stash your laces.

Cloudace Graphite | Rock

Maximum cushioning, support and speed for even the most demanding runner.

The most advanced application of CloudTec® and Zero-Gravity foam offers ultrasoft landings and constant comfort. The Cloud elements feature slightly different materials in the heel and forefoot areas for a more secure landing. An extra-wide, liquid-injected Speedboard stabilizes each phase of the rolling motion and propels you forward with an explosive take-off.

The premium technical mesh upper is designed to both vent the forefoot and provide stability where it’s needed. No-sew tape reinforces and provides midfoot stability, evenly distributing pressure across the foot. The super-light dual-density sockliner constructed from compression EVA and memory foam aids the moulded 3D heel pads in providing a supremely snug fit and hold.

Cloud X White | Black

For those that love to run and then some. The shoe to take with you for a running remixed companion you can count on.

The CloudTec® sole of Cloud X is made for explosive movement in all directions. The zero-Gravity foam keeps weight to an absolute minimum for maximum mobility. The lean, engineered heel cap is precision-moulded to keep you stable without strain. The dual-density sock liner and seamless tongue are both designed for comfort and hold in mixed-sports workouts.

A function-oriented knit-weave upper uses an engineered mesh of the highest quality and material strength. Light and breathable, it supports without restricting freedom of movement and helps keep your feet cool when the workout heats up. Reflective details ensure night visibility.


Made to support any runner and running goal. One of the lightest, cushioned support shoes in the world.

Twelve wider Cloud elements provide a larger surface area underfoot for added stability. At the same time, Zero-Gravity Foam cushions while keeping the weight low. The Clouds are configured to reduce inward rotation on landing and combine with the internal Speedboard™ allow for stable, natural transitions every stride.

Support never felt so light. Combining stability with agility, the Cloudflyer takes you further, faster. Surprisingly soft landings and explosive take-offs. For elite athletes, running rookies and everybody in between, it’s ideal for increasing distance or volume. A true fan favourite, the Cloudflyer is a fully cushioned support shoe that weighs next to nothing. So your long run now feels shorter.

Versatile Apparels for All Fitness Enthusiasts

How do you make an item of clothing feel like an essential, go-to, timeless piece? First, design for maximum functionality. The rest will follow. Since it’s inception, On has stayed true to its design principle of form follows function and On’s all-new apparel collection is no different. Stylish and reduced to the max, each piece of the collection can be used for any activity.

From biking to work in the morning, yoga at lunch or exploring the outdoors over the weekend, the On Essentials collection is all you need.

Men – Tank-T

Sleek in shape, this tank top features fast-drying, high-tech fabrics that shield and protect yet keep weight to a minimum. This running tank is made with fast-drying high-tech fabrics in a stripped-down design for extreme lightness.

The Tank-T is made from a lightweight Japanese knit fabric, selected for its ability to keep weight low while delivering high performance. It transports sweat quickly away from your skin for comfort when the temperature rises. Highly breathable, it also dries at rapid speed to help you feel fresher, longer.


The performance running T-shirt is for racing. Reduced to the max, it balances ultralight protection with breathability and freedom.

The Performance-T is Swiss-engineered to support running of the highest level. It features a blend of high-tech fabrics in a stripped-down design for extreme lightness. All seams are taped, not stitched so it feels like you’re wearing nothing. The protection you need, in a style everybody will want.

Women – Active Tank

The simple yet sophisticated tank top is more than just an essential. It consists of 93% Lyocell (Tencel), extracted from eucalyptus trees. Cooling effect, odour control and good moisture dissipation are just some of the many advantages of this material. A slit on the backside provides additional airflow and increases the range of movement, making the lightweight Active Tank not only ideally suited for all intensive sports but easily transitioned for all-day wear as well.

Active-T Breathe

The Active-T Breathe combines style and functionality. Like the Active Tank, it is also made of Lyocell, a sustainably produced material. This material retains shape and structure for longer while drying faster than you can sweat. The smart T-shirt also has a subtle opening at the back, providing faster ventilation. The Active-T Breathe combines a unique feminine cut with a pleasantly soft feel. This makes it the perfect companion for sports and everyday life.

On has recently launched its Singapore Facebook Page. For more products, information and updates, please visit On Facebook page.

Alternatively, You can find On products in all Running Lab and LIV ACTIV stores!
– Running Lab Singapore:
– Running Lab Malaysia:


Run for the good times at the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Virtual Marathon

The Gold Coast Marathon is an annual marathon race on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is Australia’s premier road race and is one of only two marathons in Australia to hold a IAAF Gold Label status. The event is held on the first Sunday of July each year with races and activities also being held during the weekend.

The world-class event, originally scheduled for 4-5 July 2020, was recently cancelled due to COVID-19 and the subsequent Queensland Public Health Order preventing mass participation events.

Events Management Queensland CEO Cam Hart said that although cancelling the event was an unavoidable and unfortunate decision due to the pandemic, the virtual run gives participants the opportunity to still connect with the event and achieve a personal goal ‘alongside’ thousands of other members of the event’s advocates.

This year has been a challenging one for most people and with so much preparation going into the event, participants are now given the chance to put their training towards completing the virtual event and still receive a sense of the good times on offer every July.

I was looking forward to returning to GCM2020 for a Full Marathon experience after I achieved my personal best at GCM2019. Whilst things have taken an unexpected change, I am signing up for the GCM Virtual Run Half Marathon to run alongside runners from all over the world in July to support one of my favourite races. I will be back in Gold Coast 2021!

– Loh Chooi Fern, Malaysia’s Fastest Female Marathoner

Choose your distance

The virtual event will be free for runners, wheelies and walkers of all ages and abilities from all over the world to join and there are six distances on offer including the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Virtual  Marathon, ASICS Virtual Half Marathon, Southern Cross University Virtual 10km Run, Gold Coast Airport Virtual 5km Fun Run and the 4km and 2km Junior Dash. 

Participants can record their efforts from wherever they are in the world, and even don a personalised virtual race bib, while daydreaming about the Gold Coast’s famous flat, fast and scenic course located alongside the city’s renowned surf beaches and stunning broadwater.

Friends, family and foes will be vying for bragging rights with results available for all to see on the event website during the month of July and personalised finisher certificates shareable on social media with the event hashtag #GCM20.

I have run at the Gold Coast Half Marathon in 2015 and the Marathon in 2018. I felt disappointed that the 2020 edition is cancelled but I understand that the primary concern is for the safety of the participants, volunteers and supporters. I signed up for the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Virtual Marathon to show support to everyone who has put in great work in combating COVID-19. It is difficult to say no to the temptation to run in the Gold Coast Marathon. I will participate in the 2021 edition as long as my schedule permits.

Loke Hon Wah, Singapore

How to participate in the virtual run


  • Register for free here.
  • Choose an event, or if you’re up for it, take on one of the bundles of races to really challenge yourself.
  • You can even enter as a team so tell your friends and family to come along for the run and inspire and encourage each other to achieving a goal as a group.


  • Receive an exclusive e-Bib when your registration is confirmed


  • Download the ASICS Runkeeper app on Apple or Android to participate.
  • Track your training runs, set measurable goals and see progress along the way—whether you’re just getting into running, training for the virtual run or trying to reach a new personal record, ASICS Runkeeper can help. It’s free for everyone. Please note that you only need the free version of ASICS Runkeeper (the upgrade to ASICS Runkeeper Pro is not required and is optional).


  • Take on your chosen distance between 1 and 31 July, recording your run with your phone via ASICS Runkeeper, or by using your running watch (such as a Garmin) and syncing with your phone at the end.
  • Once you hit save on Runkeeper, you’ve crossed the virtual finish line! Your results will be uploaded to the live results and you can celebrate the good times!


  • Take some time to celebrate achieving a personal challenge and reward yourself for a job well done.
  • View your results online, download your finisher certificate and share your celebration photos on social media using the hashtag #GCM20 to inspire others to follow your lead.

What you will need:

  1. Comfortable clothing suitable for running
  2. Good quality running shoes
  3. ASICS Runkeeper app
  4. A smartphone containing the ASICS Runkeeper app, a Garmin running watch, or similar, or another method to record your run

Mark your calendar for Gold Coast Marathon 2021

Celebrate the 42nd edition of the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon and run for the good times on Saturday 3 – Sunday 4 July 2021 on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Its famous flat, fast and scenic course located alongside the city’s renowned surf beaches and stunning broadwater plus ideal winter running conditions featuring low humidity, little wind and mild temperatures result in 60% of participants achieving personal best times each year.

Save your Gold Coast travel wish-list

Gold Coast is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations known for its sunshine, golden surf beaches, beautiful broadwater, popular restaurants and cafes, exciting theme parks and accommodation for all budgets.

Beyond the buzz of this holiday hotspot, you will also find plenty of peaceful escapes where nature lovers can relax amid rolling green valleys, lushly cloaked peaks, and World Heritage-listed rainforests.


So Long, Fast Food: 7 Healthy Snacks for College Students

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Trying to find a balance between gruelling study sessions, pulling all-nighters preparing for exams, and all sorts of other extracurricular tasks, it may seem almost impossible for a student to get the proper nutrition.

To complicate matters, students are often on a tight budget. Lack of financial stability holds them back from opting for healthier food choices.

Finally, living in a dorm also leaves its footprint on your nutrition. Indeed, it can be rather hard to cook healthy meals when all you have at your disposal is a microwave and a tiny mini-fridge.

Given the fast pace of life and extreme load, students are in the category of people who need to pay special attention to their nutrition. Studying different types of sentences, writing hundreds of essays, passing dozens of exams, and processing plenty of information every day – to keep your performance at the top, you really want to supply your brain with the right nutrients.

Now, the big question is – how can a student get his daily norm of healthy food? Although diving straight into healthy eating can be hard, one can get a smooth start by opting for healthier snacks. Good eating habits begin with small steps. So, here are the top seven snacks you can stock in your dorm to start getting the right nutrients:

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are probably the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of proper snacks. Indeed, fruits are full of vitamins and other essential elements that make them perfect for a quick snack.

DIY Mix of Nuts and Dried Fruits

Another great option for a quick and healthy snack is a trail mix made of dried fruits and nuts. Such a mix will provide you with the right share of protein, healthy fats, and fiber. 

It has been proven that nuts offer a variety of benefits, including lower heart disease risk. Dried fruits, in their turn, are rich in iron, which is an essential element for your body and brain.

Bonus tip: Add a sprinkle of dark chocolate to your mix to make it even more delicious.


When it comes to snacks, the faster they are in prep, the better. In terms of time economy, grapes make a perfect quick snack. They are easy to take with and require no preparation. At the same time, grapes are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols and are low in calories.

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Cereal with Greek Yogurt

Cereal is probably one of the most popular morning foods people of ages eat. Although there is nothing harmful about cereal itself, there is a way to make it even more beneficial for you! 

We recommend consuming high-fibre cereal with Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurts are rich in protein, B12 vitamin, probiotics, iodine, calcium, and many other beneficial elements.

Veggies with Hummus

Just like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables can make a great quick meal. Now, add to rich-in-vitamin veggies a bit of high-fibre hummus, and you get a perfect healthy snack that is both beneficial and delicious.

Energy Bars

If you have a sweet tooth, energy bars will be the right option for you! 

Candy bars have always been one of the students’ favourite snacks. They are delicious, sweet, and seemingly nurturing. However, as most of you probably know, candy bars don’t really bring many benefits.

Luckily, there is a better alternative in the form of energy bars.

They are pretty similar to traditional candy bars. However, they are made of cereal and other high energy foods that provide you with quick energy. As a rule, such bars contain the right share of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. You can either make them yourself or buy them in a store.

Chocolate-Covered Almonds

Among all nuts, almonds are probably the most popular and beneficial ones. Almonds contain plenty of good fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibre. Dark chocolate, in its turn, is one of the best sources of antioxidants existing today, so it has a positive effect on your whole body and brain. Mixed together, chocolate and almonds make up a perfect quick meal!

The Bottom Line

All snacks on our list can be very beneficial for your body and brain. At the same time, they don’t require much preparation and are easy to find in the nearest grocery store. However, these are just a few of the many healthy snacks out there!

If you decide to replace junk food with something more nutritious, you have plenty of options. You can opt for fruits, nuts, dairy products, veggies, and so on.


New Study Explores The World’s New-found Love of Running

  • Since the start of lockdown, more than a third (36%) of regular exercisers are more active now than before 
  • 79% of runners say running is currently helping them feel saner and more in control and 65% of runners say its mental benefits outweigh any other form of physical exercise; and
  • 73% of runners want to keep running as much as they are now after this pandemic ends
  • To support this newfound love of running, ASICS announces the start of a series of initiatives aimed at helping the world run – both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

[9 JUNE 2020 – SINGAPORE] – Amidst the isolation of lockdown, the world has fallen in love with running – that is, according to the findings of a new, ongoing research study by ASICS. More importantly, the research shows nearly three-quarters of runners around the world plan to stick with their new exercise routine.

The study, which ASICS is conducting to better understand and support the changing needs of runners, spoke to 14,000 regular exercisers across 12 countries. It found that more than a third (36% globally) of them are more active now than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic began – despite most sports being brought to a standstill by social distancing measures. Meanwhile, figures from fitness-tracking app, Runkeeper™[, show that runners of every level are clocking up more strides, more often.

During April 2020, the app saw a 252% rise in registrations globally and a 44% increase in monthly active users compared to the same time last year. It also reported a 62% spike globally in people heading out for a weekly run. Put in context, in the days around Global Running Day last week, there was a +47.3% (globally) increase in people running compared to last year.

The study also reveals that for the majority of people, this activity surge is down to more than just physical health. Two-thirds (67% globally) say exercise helps them cope mentally when faced by challenging situations like the one we are in now and eight in ten (79% globally) runners insist that being active is making them feel saner and more in control. A similar number (81% globally) say running is playing a key role in helping them clear their mind while two-thirds (65% globally) insist its mental benefits outweigh any other form of physical exercise.

Running past COVID-19

Furthermore, runners across the board are keen to keep their active habits going when this crisis is over. Nearly three-quarters of runners (73% globally) say they want to continue running as much as they are now after the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end while seven in ten (70% globally) people who exercise regularly are determined to hang on to the important role sport and movement is currently playing in their lives. Perhaps most encouragingly, among those who only took up running after the COVID-19 crisis started, nearly two thirds (62% globally) say they plan on sticking with it in future.

Yasuhito Hirota, President & Chief Operating Officer, ASICS, says: “For most of us, life is full of anxieties, uncertainties and restrictions at the moment. As our study’s initial findings prove, a run has, therefore, become much more than just a run. It’s a way for people to put aside the extraordinary mental challenges of this pandemic. And importantly, it’s something which they want to maintain as lockdowns ease across the globe”.

“It makes perfect sense that people around the world have turned to running during this crisis. When you run, you literally sense yourself moving forward in life. You can feel your muscles propel you forward. Your actions take you somewhere. In a time when so many people feel trapped or isolated, running provides a direct, physical experience of freedom. By encouraging runners of all abilities to recognize and share how running makes them feel, ASICS is helping them fulfil their aspirations to keep moving” said Kelly McGonigal, PhD, health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University.

Helping the world run

ASICS is helping the world maintain and continue its new-found love of running by launching a series of new initiatives aimed at helping the world’s runners stay active and connected. These include:

  • Calling on runners of all levels to share their stories of how it has helped them via #RunToFeel
  • Continuing to listen to runners of all levels through ongoing research to better inform upcoming ASICS innovations and initiatives including a new virtual running format in September (more details to come)
  • Partnership with 42Race to host a Global Running Day Virtual Run regionally to raise funds for Breast Cancer Foundations across Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, and the National Cancer Society Malaysia
  • Offering free access to the ASICS Studio™ at-home workout app for everyone from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic through the end of summer (August 2020)
  • Hosting virtual races powered by Race Roster and Runkeeper™ to motivate runners and let them compete together safely
  • Allowing free access to the #RunToFeel Challenge in the ASICS Runkeeper™ app – with new challenges being added each month
  • All miles logged within the Runkeeper™️ app globally from June 3-10 will be counted as part of the collective ASICS pledge to

Yasuhito Hirota adds: “Nine in 10 runners told us they feel best when their mind and body are connected – and never has that balance been more important than it is now. ASICS was founded on the belief that movement can help anyone achieve a sound mind through a sound body. Through our products and services, and by constantly deepening our understanding of their changing needs, we want to help runners of every level go further, perform better and protect themselves against injury – both during this pandemic and beyond.”

Get Involved

For expert advice, training plans and more information about how to run, people can follow #RunToFeel or visit


Garmin® Partners PhysioQ to Support and Accelerate COVID-19 Research

Garmin today announces an exclusive partnership with non-profit organization PhysioQ, connecting registered users’ health data from Garmin smartwatches to Neo, a connected self-monitoring system that allows users to proactively monitor their own and their family members’ vitals through the Neo mobile app. It is critical to track these vitals as these are indicators of health status – any abnormal vital readings would suggest possible health issues.

PhysioQ aims to provide affordable and easy-to-learn research tools, allowing anyone, from academic researchers to everyday citizens, to conduct health (physiological) research and further their passion for health science. Data from PhysioQ has been used by researchers in top institutions including Harvard University, Berkeley University, Boston University, McGill University, Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute to name a few.

Medical professionals around the world are still trying to understand the implications and effects of COVID-19, everyone can do their part by regularly monitoring health vitals. Early recognition of symptoms will allow for timely medical treatment, and the data can easily be exported for medical professionals to refer to.

Available from 15 June, users can register their family members on Neo and keep track of each family member’s vitals including blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate, respiration rate, sleep and body temperature and receive real-time updates of these important vital signs. This will help users keep track of their family members’ health, especially older family members where abnormal readings could indicate underlying health issues.

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2)

The ideal blood oxygen saturation level should be between 95% to 100%. According to WHO’s Interim Guidance on COVID-19, patients suffering from COVID-19 have seen their SpO2 levels drop below 93%.

Respiration rate

Tracking respiration rate is valuable for monitoring overall health and well-being. A normal respiration rate for a resting adult ranges from 12 to 20 breaths per minute (brpm) and this will change depending on activity levels. The respiration rate for patients suffering from COVID-19 have been monitored to go up to 30 breaths per minute.

Heart rate

Heart rate can vary from person to person, depending on age and fitness levels. Resting heart rate is used as a key indicator of heart health and ranges from 60bpm to 100bpm. It is recommended for users to wear a smartwatch to track their heart rate throughout the day and night for a more accurate understanding of their heart rate data.

Users are encouraged to opt in to donate their health data to PhysioQ, the donated data will be anonymized and aggregated to aid medical researchers globally in the study to combat COVID-19 and other future pandemics. PhysioQ’s Neo app will be available on Android and iOS platforms for free and is compatible with Garmin’s range of smartwatches that tracks SpO2, including the latest Venu, vívoactive Forerunner 245, Forerunner 945 and fēnix 6 series which are available on Lazada, Shopee and

For more information, visit Garmin’s virtual pressroom at or follow us at, and


Farewell The Smiling Runner, but not Goodbye!

A farewell tribute to Lee Hau Chern

It was the dawn of December 30, 2018, at SRK (C) Kg Sg Lembu when I first met him.

On that day, I joined a new group of runners for the first time for my trial run of Penang ECO 30km. With the morning sun barely awoken, I apprehensively scanned the unfamiliar faces in the dim light cast by the adjacent street lamppost. From amidst the sea of strangers, a guy with a smiling face approached me.

“Hi… I’m Hau Chern!” he introduced himself with a soft-spoken voice to break the ice.

And that was how our friendship started and that was how I would always remember him – Hau Chern, the smiling runner with the soft-spoken voice!

I still vividly recall that first day. After a brief introduction by our team leader Tham, our group of 16 hikers soon made our way up the small hill towards Taman Eko Rimba Cherok Tokun. Along the trail, we took a break and admired the panoramic view of Mengkuang Dam. Then we resumed our journey to explore the jungle paths, up the steep hills, down the treacherous slopes, while admiring the cascading waterfall and warily eyeing the durian orchards.

As the day progressed, we huffed and puffed, sometimes cursing, most of the time laughing, but we never gave up! During the trip, we exchanged life stories, sharing our running passion and dreams. We discussed at length about past and future trail events and we even joked about why we tortured ourselves when others were still sound asleep.

Yet deep inside, all of us knew that this was something we really enjoyed – the refreshing morning air, the breath-taking scenery from the peak, the great adventure of exploring Mother Nature, the never-say-die determination to take on the seemingly impossible and the satisfaction of staying the course!

That 11-hour journey naturally brought us closer at the end, as we faced various challenges together during the 30-km hike. Whether it was those moments of shared hardship, the mutual encouragement to each other not to relent, the thrill of taking a group photo at the summit of Bukit Seraya or the group’s collective sigh of relief upon seeing the chicken farms at the end, these highlights brought camaraderie and a sense of togetherness among all of us.

Throughout the period of the next few months, we had several more hikes together, usually with the same band of ‘trail running brothers and sisters’, sometimes with a few newcomers. These hikes further strengthened our bond, as all of us learned more about each other.

During the 2nd trial run of ECO30 (Jan 2019), 28km Utara Runnaz LSD ECO Trail Run (May 2019) or ECO Global Running Day (June 2019) or other runs, whenever Hau Chern was there, he was always smiling, no matter how hard the challenges were, no matter how tough the going got!

Somehow he struck me as a guy who was as tough as nails when he ran the trail, yet as gentle as a dove when he talked!

Finally came the day that all of us were eagerly waiting for – June 23, 2019! All our preparation would be tested during Penang ECO 2019. Though we registered for different categories (100km, 50km and 30km), most of the early finishers stayed back to cheer those still running.

I still remember our applause and greeting, when our smiling friend crossed his 30-km finishing line with a sense of achievement and contentment. The mutual feeling was that the extra satisfaction came from our hard work and joint training that we had undertaken over the last few months.

Hau Chern at the finishing line of Penang ECO 2019 (June 23rd, 2019)

Despite the recent COVID19 MCO lockdown, our running paths crossed again in May 2020. Somehow we were recruited as the members of RunXi team to join the virtual “Fourth of May 24H Team Ultra” run. Together with other 28 runners, our team collectively ran 846.7km and won 2nd place for the event.

Fourth of May 24H Team Ultra – RunXi team (May 4th, 2020)

When the fateful news of his demise arrived on the evening of May 31st, 2020, it certainly shocked all of us.

We have lost a great runner, but more importantly, we have lost a great friend! We were lost for words – how do we even make sense out of this?

But let us remember Hau Chern for how he has truly lived!

For me, he lived a full life, exploring his potential, fulfilling his dreams and going where his heart took him! He was a kind person, an inspirational athlete and a great buddy to have during hikes!

To our dear smiling friend, with the soft-spoken voice:-

Thanks for sharing part of your life journey with us! It has been great knowing you as a runner and as a friend! Though fate has deprived us of you, your memories will live on inside all of us!

The moments we enjoyed, the challenges we overcame, the jokes we laughed at, the running goals we dreamed!

May you run with the angels now, Hau Chern!

Farewell my smiling friend, but not goodbye,

You will always be with us!

By Chian Min, Liong

On behalf of The Band of Running Brothers & Sisters in “UTOP Trail Training Group” & “Fourth of May 24H Team Ultra – RunXi”

June 2nd, 2020


Stay Fit and Healthy through Garmin’s Virtual Community Classes

As we enter a new month, have you exhausted your list of virtual and home workouts? Unfortunately, sports, recreation and outdoor facilities will not be open just yet so we can’t go back to sweating it out at our favourite gyms. Fret not, be it adding on to your ever-expanding list of home workouts or learning about the benefits of Garmin’s wide range of smartwatches, Garmin has a variety of virtual classes for you to join in June.

GarminMyRun Virtual Workout with Garmin Ambassador, Arthur Tong

Starting from 9 June, work out together with Garmin ambassador, Arthur Tong, every Tuesday at 7 pm. A triathlete and strength & conditioning coach, Arthur is sure to elevate your workouts to the next level. Join him on Google Meet as he guides you through various mobility and strength exercises for 30 minutes that will get you working up a sweat. Unable to join at 7pm? Don’t worry, the session will be recorded and uploaded onto Garmin’s YouTube page.

Participants are encouraged to go for a run post-workout to complement the exercises. Plus, stand a chance to win Garmin premiums and vouchers when you post your run on Garmin Sports app and social media with the hashtag #garminmyrun. 

Garmin Wellness Series

Keen to learn more about Garmin smartwatches? Tune in to Garmin’s wellness sessions held on Thursdays, 11 & 25 June 2020 on YouTube. Hosted by Garmin’s Community Manager, Edwin Shen, learn more about the body’s five key health indicators and how Garmin can support you to achieve your fitness goals. Understand the different series of Garmin smartwatches and how they complement your active lifestyle. 

On 25 June, Garmin’s session will be co-hosted with Arthur Tong sharing about how you can increase the intensity of your post circuit breaker training. Follow Arthur and Edwin as they bring you through various training concepts and simple bodyweight exercises that you can follow and how Garmin smartwatches can be used to track your training performance.

Join Garmin’s Weekly Virtual Community Ride

Prefer cycling and own a bicycle trainer at home? Join Garmin’s virtual community ride on Zwift every Thursday at 6.30 pm and stand a chance to win Garmin premiums. Follow GarminSG on Zwift and get ready to compete and train with other riders in this interactive virtual course that helps to alleviate the boredom often associated with indoor cycling.


6 Signs You’re Overtraining and How to Prevent It

We may feel that the more we exercise, the better our results will be. But the truth is actually the complete opposite. Our bodies need time to recover after the damage we have inflicted on them during a workout – and if we just keep pushing and pushing them, they will not perform as well, and the results we are looking to achieve will also be delayed.

If you’re wondering whether you might be guilty of overtraining (either doing too much or too often), let’s look at some of the signs, and most importantly, how you can prevent it.


Feeling a bit tired sometimes is perfectly normal – we all experience it. However, if you lack energy on most days, if you are sluggish and fatigued all the time, and if you are also doing a lot of exercise, chances are you are doing too much.


Pain is often the first sign of overtraining – and contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be in pain in order to progress. If you are often going through serious DOMS, make sure you cut down on the exercise and prioritize rest.

Trouble sleeping

While exercise is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your sleep, overtraining can keep you up at night, as your body struggles to repair itself.

In order to maximize your recovery time, make sure you are sleeping on the best soft mattress available, and that you are getting enough sleep every night.

Changes in your appetite

Feeling like you can’t eat anything or like you need to eat a lot more than usual is another sign of overtraining, and one that can be very harmful. If you stop consuming the calories you need, your body will suffer even more, because you’ll be spending a lot more than you are fueling your body with. If you start overeating, your results will suffer and you will start putting on weight.

A weakened immune system

Getting ill more often than you used to might mean your immune system is not up to the task of keeping illnesses like the common cold at bay. That can be the result of taxing your body so much that it has no resources left to give to your immunity.

This can open the door to a whole host of other issues, and injuries can become more common as you become less able to recover and focus.

Mood swings

If you are suddenly going through a roller coaster of moods, it may mean your hormones are out of whack, and that your cortisol levels are up.Cortisol is a stress hormone, responsible for a lot of good stuff in our bodies, but it also causes irritability and a generally darker mood.

Hot to prevent overtraining

If you have now realized you’ve been going overboard, the first thing you should do is stop your activities. Give your body seven days of rest, and only do some light cardio during that week. You might need to rest longer if you are in a really bad state, but a week should be enough in most cases.

To prevent the same thing from happening again, make sure you add rest day to your schedule. Rest days are not a sign of weakness, nor are they slacking off. They are actually the time when your muscles grow and when you become stronger.

Don’t work out too hard, and don’t push your body over its limits every time. And if you do, make sure you’ve also signed up for some proper recovery afterwards.

Don’t train when you are injured or in pain, as it will make things even worse.

Focus on the quality of your workout and not its quantity. You don’t have to spend three hours in the gym – if you train smarter, you can achieve the same results in 45 minutes.

Final thoughts

Overtraining is doing quite the opposite to your body of what you want to achieve – instead of making it stronger or fitter, it’s weakening it and causing all sorts of damage. Only if you fuel your body with the proper nutrients and provide it with ample quality rest time can it do what you’re aiming for: strengthen and improve.


Make Abs Exercise At Home Fun With Your Partner!

Are you sick of exercising alone and want to have more fun with your workouts? Here come partner exercises to the rescue. It is always fun to exercise with a partner/buddy and it’ll only push yourself further. According to research conducted by the University of Aberdeen, exercising with a buddy/partner will increase the amount of exercise done because of the additional layer of emotional support they receive. So, get ready to have lots of fun and set your core on fire!

1)Inchworm Hand Taps

Inchworm Hand Taps has the ability to strengthen and stretch different muscle groups at the same time, it’s ideally positioned to be included as part of an active warm-up, or as part of a high-intensity interval training routine.

  1. Stand tall, your feet roughly hip-distance apart.
  2. Take a breath in, then as you exhale, look down at the ground and start reaching your hands toward the floor in front of your feet, allowing your back to bend forward. Allow your knees to bend slightly, as needed, to enable your hands to reach the ground.
  3. Place your hands on the floor in front of your feet. Inhale and walk your hands forward, one at a time, allowing your heels to lift off the floor as your body begins to straighten. When your hands are directly under your shoulders, check your form—you should be in a full plank position with your core, chest, quads, triceps, and shoulders engaged, your body forming a straight line from heels to head.
  4. Give your partner a High-5!
  5. Keep your legs relatively straight and begin walking your feet forward, one at a time, toward your hands. This should provide a nice stretch through your hamstrings, calves, and glutes as your hips start lifting toward the ceiling. Exhale as you step forward.
  6. Stop when your feet are as close to your hands as you can comfortably bring them. Remember, you can bend your knees slightly to ease the stretch on your hamstrings, but try to keep them as straight as possible.
  7. Return to standing by slowly rolling your back up from the hips, straightening one vertebra at a time. Inhale as you go. When you’re back in the starting position, you’ve completed one repetition. Continue for time or repetitions, depending on your workout.

2) Partner Squat and Push-Up

Get in some squats and feel your arms burn with this two-in-one move.

  1. Assume a plank position and have your partner pick up your feet.
  2. Do a push-up—keeping elbows tucked and lowering slowly—while your partner squats down.
  3. As you push back into a plank, have your partner slowly stand back up. Repeat for 10 reps. Then, switch positions.

3) Knee Tucks

  • Sit on floor facing your partner, legs parallel to each other.
  • Bring knees to chest, then extend back out to the opposite side of your partner.
  • Return knees to chest and rotate sides for each extension.
  • Do 4 one-minute sets with 30-second rests in between.

4) Sit-up with a clap

Tone your tummy while high-fiving your partner on their hard work with this duo-fueled take on a core-building classic.

  1. Lay on the floor with your knees bent and feet pressed into the ground.
  2. Have your partner lie down facing you. Interlace their feet with yours.
  3. Squeeze your abs and reach your arms up, clapping hands with your partner as you reach the top of the movement. When contracting, squeeze your feet alongside your partner’s to prevent them from lifting as you sit up.
  4. Lower yourself back down in a slow-and-controlled motion. Aim for 10 reps.

5) Partner Bicycle Crunches

  • Lie faceup on floor, feet to feet with your partner.
  • Perform bicycle crunches, pressing into the feet of your partner.
  • Do 4 one-minute sets with 30-second rests in between.

After you’re done with these workouts, don’t forget to celebrate with your partner —both you’ve earned it!


Advisory On Gradual Resumption of Sport and Physical Exercise Activities From 2 June Onwards

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 19 May 2020 that the Circuit Breaker will end on 1 June 2020 and that Singapore will gradually resume activities over three phases. This advisory covers sport and physical exercise/activity under Phase One, which will come into effect on 2 June 2020.

Return to Sport and Physical Exercise/Activity under Phase One

In Phase One (“Safe Re-opening”), public and private sport and recreational facilities will remain closed. However, Singaporeans should continue exercising to sustain their health and well-being.

a) Exercising at Home

  • Members of the public should continue exercising at home to minimise risks of community transmission.
  • Seniors who are more vulnerable to illness should stay home to exercise. Online resources such as, offer varied virtual classes and events, as well as tips and advice on home-based exercise.

b) Exercising Outdoors

  • Individuals may go outdoors, in their immediate neighbourhoods to engage in basic exercise such as walking, running, cycling or other similar exercises.
  • They may exercise with members living in the same household, although we still encourage exercising alone so as to reduce the number of people outdoors.
  • No one should linger outside after their exercise and they should return home immediately after they are done.
  • Safe distancing measures must be observed at all times between people of different households, and there must not be any gathering in groups.
  • Consequently, coaching by anyone from a different household is also not permitted.
  • Masks must be worn when leaving and returning home from exercise. Mask wearing is only not required when one is engaged in strenuous exercise such as running, jogging/brisk walking, cycling and other similar activities.
  • Masks must be donned after one has completed a strenuous exercise.
  • Observe exercise etiquette when exercising outdoors. Individuals can refer to the infographic on exercise etiquette to learn how they can do their part to keep themselves and the community safe.

c) Facilitating Contact Tracing

  • Members of the public should install the TraceTogether app to facilitate contact tracing.

Return to Sport and Physical Exercise/Activity under Phase Two

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce will decide on an appropriate time to move into Phase
Two (“Safe Transition”). In Phase Two, sports facilities, such as gyms and fitness studios, will be gradually allowed to re-open, subject to the implementation of safe management practices at the venue and for facility staff and users. The return to sport and physical exercise/activity under this Phase will be based on the following considerations:

a) Group Size Limitation. Limiting group size and minimising interactions within the group allows for community transmissions to be more effectively contained. The
permitted group size may be gradually raised over time.

b) Safe Distancing. Distancing requirements will influence the nature of activities
allowed and the capacity of sports facilities. For instance, safe distancing may
require sport formats involving deliberate body contact between participants to be deferred until it is less risky. However, technical training drills may still proceed. Sharing of common equipment would be discouraged. Safe distancing measures
will also apply to non-participants (e.g. observers) outside the field of play/courts.

c) Environmental Factors. Outdoor facilities with better air circulation would carry
lower risks than indoor environments.

Everyone Has a Role to Play against COVID-19

With the gradual easing of measures, Singaporeans must remain vigilant and observe safe distancing measures in place to minimise the risk of community transmissions.

As the situation evolves, measures may be amended accordingly. We will publish more updates on COVID-19 for sport and physical exercise/activity as and when available.


Stay Home Covid-19 Exercises

Covid-19 has affected many of our lives since the beginning of 2020. It’s not just running as a hobby, those who go to the gym, swimming pools and public places for a ride will need to be monitored.



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