The Complete Guide to the Best Supplements for Bone Health

There are many different supplements that can help to improve the health of your bones. This article will help you find the best one for your needs.

The first thing you should do is consult with your doctor to see if there are any vitamin deficiencies that need to be addressed or medications that could affect bone health. After consulting with your doctor, it is important to understand what kind of supplement would work best for you, as there are many different options available. The supplements can be taken orally, through topical application, or a combination of both.

It is important to remember that a supplement alone will not have the same effect as a healthy diet and exercise routine; however, they can provide additional benefits when used in conjunction with these lifestyle changes.

Introduction: Do You Need to Take a Supplement to Support Your Bone Health?

A supplement is a product that you take to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Supplements for your bone health can be taken as tablets, capsules, or liquids. They are often used to replace certain nutrients which are not consumed enough through food. Or they can be taken to improve the body’s ability to absorb and use nutrients from food.

There are many different types of supplements available on the market. Some people take supplements because they have been prescribed by their doctor or healthcare professional. Others may have heard that they will help them lose weight, build muscle, or improve their health in other ways and decide to try them out for themselves.

Why Vitamin D is Important for Bone Health

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is found in certain foods and can also be made by the human body. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to bone diseases like rickets and osteomalacia.

The most common way to get Vitamin D is from the sun, usually through exposure to ultraviolet B rays. However, not everyone has enough exposure to the sun for their body to produce adequate levels of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked with several different conditions including cancer, depression, diabetes and chronic pain.

Which Vitamin D Supplement is the Most Effective?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is important for bone health and immunity. It can be obtained through food and supplements.

Vitamin D supplements are widely available in the market, but it’s not always easy to know which supplement is the most effective.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a supplement is the amount of vitamin D in it. The recommended daily intake of vitamin D for adults is 600 IU (international units) per day, so you should choose a supplement that contains at least this amount.

The next thing to consider would be whether or not you have any other medical conditions or take any medications that might interact with the supplement and change its effectiveness, such as diabetes medication or antacids.

What Are the Most Important Minerals for Bone Health?

Minerals are essential for the development and maintenance of bone health. They are needed for bone formation, bone mineralization, and the production of hormones that regulate calcium levels in our bodies.

The most important minerals for bone health are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. These minerals play an important role in the prevention of osteoporosis and other diseases that affect the bones.

What are some Other Supplements that Support Bone Health?

Calcium is a mineral that is important for the health of your bones. It helps to form and maintain strong, healthy bones and teeth.

Some other supplements that support bone health are vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K2, potassium, boron, phosphorus and silicon.

Conclusion: Your Final Answer on the Best Supplements for Bone Health

To sum up this article, the best supplements for bone health are calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium.


10 Silent Symptoms Of A Heart Attack

Symptoms of a heart attack can be described as an excruciating, chest-clenching feeling. Nevertheless, health authorities note that in a large number of cases, this tell-tale pain may not be what an individual is experiencing.

In fact, the Australia’s Heart Research Institute estimates that of the 57,000 heart attacks that occur in Australia each year, 15 per cent of these are ‘silent’ heart attacks. A silent heart attack is accompanied by relatively mild or no symptoms. The damage is done but an individual is not aware of it.

Therefore, it is crucial to identify silent heart attack symptoms as soon as possible. This is because the sooner you get treatment, the greater the chance of you surviving without permanently damaging your heart.

In an effort to help you recognize the subtle symptoms of a heart attack, Reader’s Digest spoke with cardiologists and other health experts.

1) Feeling like you’re being hugged tightly

Chest pain associated with heart attacks is often described as sharp, stabbing, or dull. However, a heart attack can sometimes feel like pressure and heaviness on your chest, or as if you are being tightened up, says Dr Jim Liu.

2) Fatigue

Dr Rosen observes that fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of a heart attack she sees, especially in female patients. “In my 25 years of practice, people on the verge of a heart attack report feeling tired and not able to do their usual activities,” says Dr Rosen.

During a heart attack, blood flow to the heart is reduced. This puts extra stress on the muscle, which is a reason this feeling of exhaustion can occur. If you’re feeling fatigued, it’s best to consult your doctor. They will decide if an electrocardiogram (EKG), which checks heart activity – or another heart test – is necessary.

3) Soreness in the back, arms, or chest

Back and chest pain, as well as pain in any arm – not just the left – are often signs of a silent heart attack. Dr Rosen explains that people tend to ignore the pain since it is not accompanied by the chest heaviness that is typically associated with a heart attack.

The pain may feel like a pulled or sore muscle or ache as if you slept on it wrong. It may also come and go or remain constant. To be safe, if the pain is something new and it isn’t going away, you should talk to your doctor about it, even if it’s a body part that isn’t usually associated with the heart, she says.

4) Pain during exercise

Dr. Liu says one commonly overlooked symptom of a heart attack is chest, arm, shoulder, or back pain that only occurs during exercise.

If you have a partial blockage in your coronary arteries, that can limit blood flow to your heart, causing a feeling of weakness and pain. The pain may stop when you stop exercising, as the heart doesn’t need as much blood flow, or it may continue even during rest. Both can be concerning signs of heart disease – but, Dr Liu suggests, the former may suggest a heart attack has already occurred; while the latter may mean one is imminent.

5) Seemingly unusual shortness of breath

A trip up stairs is usually no problem, but if suddenly you feel like you are gasping for air, this may mean you are having a heart attack.“Women especially tell me they noticed feeling fatigued or breathless while walking up steps or carrying groceries when they normally wouldn’t,” says Dr Rosen.

6) Throat, neck, or jaw discomfort

Unexpected discomfort in the neck or jaw, or tightness in the throat can indicate a heart attack, says Dr Kini. You should contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of those symptoms. It’s especially important for people with diabetes to pay attention to subtle changes like this.

7) Sweating for no reason

Hot flashes, cold sweats, and night sweats may be dismissed as a sign of hormone imbalance or aging, but excessive sweating can be an indication of a serious health concern.

A subtle symptom of a heart attack can be sweating even when you are not exercising or otherwise physically active. The sweating may come on suddenly and seemingly for no reason, or you may wake up drenched.

8) Vertigo or fainting

You may experience light-headedness, dizziness, or even faintness if the room feels like it is spinning. Vertigo may also trigger nausea and hot flashes.

Note: Women are often more likely to report this symptom than men – just one example of how heart attack symptoms can feel different for women.

9) Heartburn or belching

If you have an occasional heartburn flare-up after a heavy lunch, it may be nothing to worry about. However, if it’s out of the ordinary or you haven’t experienced heartburn before, Dr Liu suggests you see your doctor.

Angina, a heartburn-like chest pain, is caused by a lack of blood flow to the heart that can signal a heart attack.

10) Stomach upset

Dr Rosen says heart attack symptoms can sometimes mimic stomach problems such as nausea, vomiting, or overall gastrointestinal upset – especially in women. “If you don’t feel well, always call your doctor. It could be that taco you had at 10pm but it could also be a heart attack,” she says.


Adidas Concludes David Beckham’s 2-Day Visit To Singapore With Activities True To Its Brand Purpose: Through Sport, We Have The Power To Change Lives

From a live talk show to a football clinic for youths between four to 16 years old, and a surprise futsal challenge at The Cage, more than 200 people met and were inspired by the global sporting icon.

SINGAPORE, 18 JUNE 2022 – Over the past two days, 17 and 18 June 2022, adidas organised a series of activities with David Beckham in Singapore. The activities were anchored on the brand’s purpose, “Through sport, we have the power to change lives”.


On 17 June, David Beckham spoke to more than 120 members of the public at a talk show dubbed “WE GOT THIS 2.0”, held at the adidas Singapore Brand Centre Orchard. Hosted by 987FM radio DJ Joakim Gomez, David Beckham was joined by three local panellists: entrepreneur and social media personality, Christabel Chua, professional footballer, Ikhsan Fandi, and international DJ and Host, Jade Rasif.

A contest for the public to win passes to attend the talk show ran over six days on adidas Singapore’s and the panellists’ Instagram channels, as well as via the adidas app. Winners were selected from more than 2,000 entries submitted during the contest period. 

The three talk tracks discussed by David Beckham and the panellists were:

  1. What matters (sharing what is important to them at this point in their lives),
  2. Marrying ambition with mental health (how they balance achieving what seemed like the impossible), and
  3. We Got This (tips and advice on how they stay on track to achieve their goals).

Ikhsan Fandi on “What matters”: “My family means everything to me. I always confide in them when faced with challenges. I feel safe knowing that there are people to guide and support me through the tough times and will have my back all the way.” 

Christabel Chua on “Marrying ambition with mental health”: “My work always keeps me motivated but there are times that things get overwhelming for me. A few practices that help me are colour-coding my daily calendars so that I’m always present in the moments I’ve committed myself, and ensure I make space for ‘me time’ too.”

Jade Rasif on “We got this”: “My favourite quote has always been, ‘work hard, stay humble.’ As cliché as it may sound, it has been a north star for me. I practice gratitude exercises daily and it helps centres my being. Big or small, compliments or criticism, I take them all, learn from them, else if I don’t see merit in some of the negativity I receive, I move on from them.”


Earlier today, in collaboration with Sport Singapore (SportSG), adidas organised a football clinic for 100 aspiring youth footballers between four to 16 years from the ActiveSG Football Academy (AFA). The 90-minute clinic focused on building fundamental motor skills for 40 pre-schoolers, football drills and short matches for 60 children under 12 years old and athletes with varied abilities who live with cerebral palsy.

adidas Singapore Creators (the brand’s term for influencers) and professional footballers, Anders Aplin, Christopher Van Huizen, Fabian Kwok, Ikhsan Fandi, Izzati Rosni and Marc Ryan, joined the youths by assisting in the clinic and participating in the friendly matches organised.


Capping his series of activities with adidas Singapore, David Beckham visited The Cage at Kallang to surprise unsuspecting “weekend warriors” at the futsal court. The energy was electrifying as he entered the court with adidas Singapore Creators and professional footballers. Surprise, disbelief, and joy filled the room as futsal players on the court gathered around him and invited him for a short game. 

Mark Walden, Director, Go-To-Market for adidas South-East Asia shares, “At adidas, we believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives. We wanted David Beckham to engage in a series of activities that could make a positive impact to the local community given his reputation as an undisputable global icon. He has an impressive sporting career and is a successful businessman. We believe David has the right credentials to offer advice to the community on powering through challenges in life, and on marrying ambition with health. We value the perspective he lends on these topics and hope it will inspire individuals looking to write their comeback stories, pivot, or level-up in sporting, professional or personal pursuits.”

Tiffany Cheah, Brand Communications Manager for adidas Singapore adds, “In conceptualising an event for the public, we decided on the “talk show” format as we wanted to create a platform to motivate and inspire the public through the sharing of personal stories and tips on overcoming the odds – particularly in situations that seemed impossible. The 2.0 edition brings together global and local voices to shed light on key topics, like navigating the pressures of life and balancing ambition with mental health, through a lens of wellness and sport.”

In his 2-day visit in Singapore, David Beckham had shown that through sport, we indeed have the power to change lives. His visit has inspired and motivated the lives of many to keep moving forward and continue achieving the Impossible. 


HOKA Invites Humans Across The Globe To Lace Up And Fly With Their First Global Campaign, FLY HUMAN FLY

The Leading Performance Running Brand Unveils a New Global Ad Campaign, Calling All Humans to Experience the Transformative Power of a Run

HOKA®, a division of Deckers Brands (NYSE: DECK), launches a new global brand platform, FLY HUMAN FLY. As the brand’s most extensive globally integrated marketing campaign to date, HOKA will extend an invitation to runners of all abilities to experience a place of joy, optimism, and limitless possibilities. FLY HUMAN FLY will act as a catalyst to encourage consumers to meet HOKA at the starting line and take flight to new heights – together. The campaign will be amplified globally across owned media, digital platforms, and out-of-home.

The FLY HUMAN FLY campaign introduces – Pursuit – HOKA’s anthem film. The 60-sec spot establishes HOKA’s belief in the transcendent power of movement, in this case, a run. Fueled by HOKA, Pursuit features heroes entering a magical world filled with joy, optimism, and superhuman possibility. With brand, product, and human stories, HOKA’s strategic approach and marketing investments will meet consumers at every step in their journey.

“HOKA has been championed by a strong community of endurance athletes from the very beginning. When a consumer tries a HOKA product, they fall in love with our product innovation that delivers an experience that is both easy on the body and world-class fast. Thus, the brand growing primarily by word of mouth up until this point,” said Norma Delaney, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing at HOKA. “Those that know us, are fans for life. The FLY HUMAN FLY global campaign is an invitation for humans everywhere to experience HOKA and fly into a world of new possibility.”

The FLY HUMAN FLY campaign will introduce a strong visual language, utilizing the bold colours HOKA is known for in its product offerings and elevates the iconic HOKA bird logo – creating synergies across campaign elements and driving the brand recognition. Big, bold ideas will come to life through distinct new creative, a HOKA website refresh, new product innovations, experiential events at HOKA retail stores, and ongoing integrated marketing stories. HOKA is promoting the ad campaign with an extensive global rollout plan, including out of home assets in key global cities, digital, and national video spots on connected TV platforms.

HOKA distinguishes itself in the marketplace as a human-first performance brand, evidence by its rich storytelling platform “Humans of HOKA.” Through the stories of real humans, HOKA shares the brand’s core values and DNA, and celebrates the heart, soul, and power of humanity to change the world. HOKA will tell these incredible stories of athletes of all levels and capabilities through video, blog and native brand channels. FLY HUMAN FLY will continue to build upon the brand’s DNA and core values. 

Timed to FLY HUMAN FLY, HOKA introduces the Mach 5, the next iteration of its iconic Mach franchise, offering a race-ready, performance-driven running shoe. With a perfect balance between speed and comfort, the Mach 5 energizes runners to catch whatever it is they’re chasing, from a race day PR to that feeling of flight, faster. The launch further solidifies the brand’s position as a pioneer in the performance category and will be complemented by an ancillary marketing campaign.

Amplifying HOKA’s message of FLY HUMAN FLY, HOKA is partnering with Achilles International, a global organization operating in 18 countries, including the United States. Achilles International has empowered over 150,000 athletes of all ages and ability levels to participate in endurance events around the globe. With a significant presence at major marathons worldwide, and with the aid of guides, gear, and social connections, Achilles helps to break barriers to the start line. Together, HOKA will further their mission through monetary and product donations and amplifying the Achilles mission via dedicated Humans of HOKA storytelling highlighting the inspiring stories of these athletes.

F22 Mach 5

In conjunction with FLY HUMAN FLY, HOKA will also be launching their new Mach 5.

The new Mach 5 delivers an energized and harmonized ride that will delight runners
who want to go fast. The PROFLY midsole has been enhanced with a lighter, more responsive foam underfoot that puts more snap into every step without compromising the cushioning for support on those longer distance days. With a perfect balance between speed and comfort, the MACH 5 energizes runners to catch whatever it is they’re chasing, from a race day PR to that feeling of flight, faster.

What’s new in the Mach 5

  1. New Upper – single layer creel jacquard engineered mesh with a richer colour palette
  2. Articulated heel collar – more dialled-in fit
  3. Enhanced responsiveness and energetic ride – combines the learnings of Mach 4 and Mach Supersonic
  4. Lighter weight – upper and new foam maintains or slightly shaves weight while still enhancing ride benefits.

Mach 5 is now available in the black and white version and more colourways will be arriving in July. It will be available for purchase at the HOKA Brand Store at Takashimaya, Sports Central, Level 4 and authorised retailers. For the full list of authorised HOKA retailer stores, you can visit HOKA social media pages:
– Singapore Facebook / Instagram: @hokaoneonesg / @hokaoneone_sg


Is There An App To Plan Running Routes?

How we exercise has been fundamentally altered due to recent developments in technology. People of all ages utilize this to gain fitness levels and get their daily workouts. These days, most smartphones come preloaded with a GPS app and a fitness tracker. Sharing your sporting accomplishments with your friends is also simpler by integrating various social media technologies.

Choosing the best app for your needs can be difficult and expensive in today’s app market. Instead of making your daily jog less pleasurable, it will make it easier to find your way about with a route mapping app and offer suggestions, tips, and encouragement to keep going.

This article will cover the top apps for finding jogging routes and trails. Our picks range from those that assist you in finding famous scenic areas to those that help you uncover secret backtrail gems.

ASICS Runkeeper

ASICS Runkeeper is a simple-to-use program that keeps tabs on your speed, distance, calories burnt, and more while you’re out for a run. It reviews your previous runs to keep tabs on your improvement and find new paths in your area to explore. While it’s an excellent tool for a rookie runner, it also contains essential information from which runners of any ability level can benefit.


If you’re a fan of running who also likes to travel, RunGo is the perfect app. The program is designed to assist runners in finding the best routes and guiding them along those routes through voice guidance.

More than 100,000 routes worldwide are already in RunGo’s database, and the company adds 200 new routes daily. It’s safe to say that the RunGo team and certified local running clubs curate the trails and that each route is confirmed before it is included in the app.


For those looking for an app that provides a comprehensive perspective of their exercises, PUMATRAC is the best option. The software gathers and analyzes data about your run, including the weather, time of day, and even the day of the month, to provide you with personalized insights. For instance, you might discover that you have the most success running on Sunday mornings before ten o’clock or that you can improve your pace by running while listening to punk rock.


Strava is the program you should download right away to keep you energized. The community feature of the program enables users to follow their friends, running rivals, and work colleagues. Users can also set up group competitions, such as who can run the 5K the quickest or rack up the most monthly miles.

In other words, if you aren’t an experienced runner, don’t let this deter you from participating. In addition to speed and distance traveled, Strava provides more in-depth performance data and weekly mileage.

Along with Apple Watch and Wear OS devices, Strava is compatible with various running trackers.

Footpath Route Planner

This tool allows you to plan and measure routes that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to imagine by following a route’s shape on a map.

The Footpath is an excellent choice for road warriors due to its free offline functionality. There is a wide range of activities that the app may be used for – from cycling to mountain biking, jogging, backcountry skiing, and kayaking. While training or just trying to make sure you run your customary 5k while on vacation, the measurement gadget will undoubtedly become your greatest buddy and most helpful ally.

Additionally, when upgrading to the paid subscription option, you’ll have access to premium topo maps, 3D views of the landscapes you explore, and other features.


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Feet Care

Here’s what you need to know about smelly feet, avoiding foot pain, preventing infections and ingrown toenails, and keeping your feet healthy and pain-free in general.

From ingrown toenails and bunions to sprains, strains, and broken bones in the foot and ankle, you might need to visit a podiatrist. The information your foot doctor provides will no doubt help you manage your condition, but they can only cover so much ground in a single office visit. You’d be surprised at how much more you need to know about avoiding foot pain, preventing infections, and keeping your feet and toenails healthy.

You should have your feet measured when you visit a shoe store

Every time you shop for shoes have your feet measured by a professional. Foot size can change as a result of natural ageing and health changes. Measure both feet – late in the day – and shop for the larger foot, advises podiatrist, Dr Lori Weisenfeld.

Your change of habits during the pandemic is causing foot problems

Namely, walking barefoot around the house all day. It’s leading to things like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and other types of tendinitis warn podiatrist, Dr Jane Andersen.

Foot therapy at home

Try this DIY foot soak to help clear up foot and toenail fungus, brighten nails and soften skin: combine 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 2 cups warm water, and 2 tablespoons baking soda. Soak for 20 minutes a few times a week.

Foot odour is not necessary

Try a deodorant spray and alternate your shoes so they have a chance to dry completely. Wear socks, as well, otherwise, the sweat will promote the growth of bacteria that stays in your shoes.

Get running shoes at a running store, even if you only walk for exercise

A well-trained staff at an athletic shoe store can help you find the right shoes for your exercise. Typically, they will analyze your foot and gait and recommend the best shoes for you.

Coconut oil has many healing properties

Coconut oil is known to have anti-fungal properties. Use it to moisturise cuticles, as well as skin – especially cracked and calloused areas.

The size of your athletic shoes shouldn’t be the same as your regular shoes

Dr Weisenfeld recommends that there should be one thumb’s width between the tip of the shoe and the end of your longest toe.

Barefoot running

Barefoot running on concrete can mean you’ll end up with stress fractures and some very bad inflammation. Grass and sand are good running surfaces for barefoot running.

Here’s a home remedy to cure your stinky feet

Make some really strong black tea, then soak your stinky feet in it two or three times a week for 20 minutes. The tannic acid has been shown to temporarily shrink sweat ducts so they don’t work as hard.

Socks that are too small can cause blisters

Yes, just like a shoe can. Just go with what feels comfortable for your feet.


Adidas Organizes The Largest Mass Run To End Plastic Waste In 2022 With Run For the Oceans Singapore

  • More than 140 runners gathered to Run For The Oceans in Singapore, contributing a total of 5,600 minutes to the cause;
  • Back for its fifth year, members of the public and adidas influencers (Creators) ran as a community in what seemed to be the largest mass run to end plastic waste, since the easing of restrictions in Singapore. 

SINGAPORE, 2 JUNE 2022 – Last Saturday morning on 28 May 2022 at East Coast Park, more than 140 runners gathered as a community to Run for The Oceans (“RFTO”). A global initiative by adidas and Parley For The Oceans(“Parley”), RFTO aims to raise awareness of plastic pollution among members of the public and end plastic waste by encouraging positive actions through Sport. Back for its fifth year, members of the public and adidas Influencers (“Creators”) ran as a community in what seemed to be the largest mass run to end plastic waste, since the easing of restrictions in Singaporeon 26 April 2022. 

This year from 23 May 2022 to 8 June 2022, for every 10 minutes of physical activity from movement-based sports like running, hiking and walking recorded by participants on the adidas Running app, adidas and Parley will clean up the equivalent weight of one plastic bottle from beaches, remote islands, and coastlines before they reach the ocean (up to a maximum of 250,000kg).

To kick off RFTO in Singapore, Adidas Runners (“AR”) Singapore captains, Sofie Chandra and Eugene Lim, shared with attendees information on how to participate in the movement, and issued a #NoSingleUsePlasticChallenge. The challenge encourages a commitment from attendees to avoid using any single-use plastics for the duration of RFTO.

adidas Brand Communications Manager for Singapore, Tiffany Cheah, also shared details on the brand’s larger commitment to sustainability and how it has lived up to its promise. In addition to phasing out single-use plastics and microbeads, adidas is also launching entire product lines with more sustainable materials. 

What went down at RFTO Singapore on 28 May 2022

Runners were flagged off in six different waves. Attendees committed a total of 50 minutes of Running and covered a range of 4.5KM to 7KM during the event. The total duration committed by Singapore during the event stands at 5,600 minutes.

The sense of camaraderie was uplifting. Runners cheered each other on and concluded the event in high spirits. Attendees were also spotted engaging each other in conversation regarding the impact they had made, and exchanging tips on more sustainable living among themselves.

Run for the Oceans is still on, till 8 June 2022!

The public can continue to track their activities till 8 June 2022 and are to sign up for their runs through the adidas Running app. As of 1 June 2022, Singapore has clocked a total of 410,957 minutes and counting. For more information on the movement and how to sign up, visit


My OCBC Cycle 2022

After a two-year hiatus, cyclists are finally able to participate in a mass cycling event in this year’s OCBC Cycle. While I had taken part in past OCBC’s virtual rides, I would personally still prefer to be able to cycle with many other cyclists on closed roads.

Hence when registration commenced, I made up my mind to participate in both the City Ride as well as Virtual Ride to make it a complete OCBC Cycle experience.

City Ride

The 20 km City Ride, scheduled on the 8th of May Sunday, consists of 2 flag-offs at 5 am and 6:30 am. This route takes cyclists on closed roads passing several scenic locations such as the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and Marina Bay Sands, before finishing inside the National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub.

My friend LC and myself were riding in the first wave at 5:00 am. On Saturday, we decided to come early at 11:30 pm to spend a night at the Sports Hub. We could hardly sleep even though it was raining and the weather was cooling!

The rain had eased by 5:00 am and the first wave was flagged off without any delay. It had been some time since I cycled in the early mornings and it was surreal cycling with other like-minded cyclists.

Cyclists riding towards Marina Bay Sands

It was very enjoyable to be able to cycle on closed roads with families and friends, chilling out and taking photos at iconic places. OCBC Cycle is the only event in Singapore that we are able to do so.

Selfie at top of Benjamin Shears Bridge

It had started to drizzle by the time I reached the top of Sheares Bridge. Dark clouds gathered ominously and the rain grew heavier by the time I completed the ride at 6:40 am.

Virtual Rides

I took 2 virtual rides to complete this category.

The first virtual ride was completed by cycling from my home at Bedok North to Springleaf, passing by Punggol Waterway, Seletar North Link, Yishun Dam and Lower Seletar Reservoir.

Do note that there is ongoing construction at Seletar North Link. Hence, it is very dusty and there are risks due to the presence of heavy vehicles and gravel along the roads if you choose to cycle on the roads.

The second virtual ride was completed 2 weeks after the first and was completed by riding to Changi Airport via the Siglap Park Connector and East Coast Park. My friend CK joined me for this weekday ride.

We started off at 9:30 am. The sky was overcast and it was raining in the North-Eastern parts of Singapore. We were fortunate that the sky held up in the East while we reached Changi Airport without any issue.

It was a great OCBC Cycle experience and I look forward to next year’s edition. Hopefully, there will be a category for the ‘Sportive Ride’ and with a new or revised route.

Till then, stay safe and adhere to cycling rules while cycling.


10 Myths About The Sweet Tooth

Consuming too much sugar can make you sick, but when consumed in moderation, sugar can be extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health. Sugar is a carbohydrate and a quick source of energy for your brain and body. It can also feel soothing and lower stress levels, which is why comfort foods are usually sweet.

Yet we all know some people who seem to crave sweets more than others, even claiming to have a ‘sweet tooth.’ Here’s why we should dismiss these 13 sweet tooth beliefs.

1) “The sweet tooth is real”

There is no such thing as a physical tooth in your mouth that goes rogue and causes you to inhale bags of chocolate. Still, there is evidence that some people have genetic, hormonal and mental factors that make them crave sugar more than others, says dentist, Dr Wesam Shafee.  “You’re not crazy if you think you have a sweet tooth,” he says. “We have some scientific evidence that it’s true.”

2) “Your sweet tooth is all in your mind.”

Have you ever noticed how there seem to be two classes of people when it comes to dessert – those who love it and those who don’t? According to a 2018 study published in Cell Reports, the FGF21 gene produces a hormone that can make you more sensitive to insulin fluctuations. This, in turn, makes you seek out sugar more than people without the gene. You can, however, use your mind to help you conquer those sugar cravings.

3) “You can tell if someone has a sweet tooth by looking at them.”

Sugar is one of the top factors associated with obesity, but just because someone is obese doesn’t mean they consume excessive amounts of sugar. According to research, people with the sweet tooth gene are more likely to have lower body fat (although they are also more likely to have high blood pressure).

4) “Sugar-free foods and drinks are safe for teeth.”

No, they’re not. Sugar-free products are often touted as a healthier alternative, but researchers from Melbourne University tested a variety of sugar-free soft drinks, sports drinks and sweets and found that they were highly acidic. “Any food which makes the mouth more acidic can lead to cavities and tooth enamel erosion,” Dr Shafee explains.

5) “All sugar is sweet.”

Think you don’t have a sweet tooth just because you crave pasta, bread, and barbeque instead of confectionery? Not so fast: there is plenty of sugar hidden in many savoury treats, too.

Sugar is a carbohydrate and is found in any carb-laden food, even if it doesn’t taste ‘sweet.’ “Anything that can break down into sugar – and that includes snacks like Goldfish [crackers] and pretzels – can increase cavity and acid erosion risk on the teeth,” says Dr Issac.

6) “Candy and sweets are the worst foods for your teeth.”

Sugar is not the only food that is bad for your teeth. The liquid form of sweets, such as juices, soft drinks, and milk, coats every nook, cranny, and groove of your teeth, so they are the most damaging to your dental health. The combination of sugar and acid found in many soft drinks make them doubly bad for teeth.

7) “Fruit snacks are a better choice than chocolate.”

The fruit snacks that come in single packs are one of the worst offenders for teeth, especially as they’re often given to children as a ‘healthy’ treat. From a dental perspective, any sticky sweet foods – think gummies and toffees – are harmful to the teeth because they cling to the surface.

8) “Sugar-free gum is good for your teeth.”

The artificial sweetener xylitol has been shown to decrease cavity risk. Some popular gums, like Trident, have it as their main ingredient. Chewing xylitol gum may have a small benefit. However, many sugar-free gums use other sweeteners that don’t help and may harm your teeth.

9) “Juice is a healthier way to indulge your sweet tooth than soft drink.”

Drinking sweetened beverages isn’t good for your waistline or oral health, and that isn’t limited to soft drinks. Drinks like fruit juices, lemonade, and Gatorade contain just as much sugar as popular soft drinks and have a similar bad effect on your teeth and your waistline.

10) “It’s better to spread out sweets into small servings over the day”

Is it better to eat a few M&Ms every hour throughout the day or just eat the whole bag at once? Eating the entire serving is healthier for your waistline and teeth. Spreading out the treat increases the amount of time the sugar stays on your teeth, which causes insulin spikes that cause you to crave more sugar.


Compete Your Fastest Mile at Under Armour All Out Mile Today!

Challenge yourself by joining the Under Armour All Out Mile from 1 June to 5 June, with help from Under Armour athletes and coaches. 

The UA All Out Mile provides the motivation, the coaching, and the training plan to help runners run their fastest mile. With virtual participation in 14 countries, Under Armour has almost doubled regional participation from last year’s challenge to deliver a global event in both virtual and live formats. Teams and solo runners will take on the 30-day challenge of training with resources provided, with the ultimate goal of going All Out just in time for Global Running Day on 1 June.

Through this guidance over a 30-day training period from 1 to 31 May, runners in Singapore will be empowered as they aim to go all out to clock their fastest mile, or 1.6km. This marks the All Out Mile’s first appearance in Asia, after its inaugural edition in the United States last year.

Teams and solo runners will take on the 30-day challenge of training with resources provided, with the ultimate goal of going All Out just in time for Global Running Day on 1 June.

Key Dates

1 – 31 May: Virtual Training programme in MapMyRun
1 – 5 June:
 Under Armour All Out Mile Competition window
10 June:
 Announcement of results on, winners to be notified by email as well

How it Works

1) Join – Sign up in the FitRankings leaderboard
2) Link – Link your UA MapMyRun™ account with FitRankings for automatic results uploads
3) Race – Race your 1-mile (1609m) with UA MapMyRun™ as many times as you want during the competition window (June 1 – June 5). Your fastest result will automatically appear on the official leaderboard

Join now!

Train Like A Champ

Starting May 1, check here for training resources provided by UA athletes and UA MapMyRun™ experts to help push yourself to your personal best.

When you register for the UA ALL OUT MILE, you’ll have access to training routines and workouts from UA’s elite coaches, athletes, and Human Performance experts.

UA MapMyRun™ has the right tools to help you reach your peak fitness. Scan the QR codes (or tap on mobile) to view some of our favourite routines in the app.

UA Human Performance workouts are only available via mobile and only in English. Scan QR codes to access them in the UA MapMyRun™ App.

Registration and participation will automatically grant runners a free three-month UA MapMyRun MVP membership, where they can log miles and access exclusive training plans and video tips throughout their journey to compete.

In addition to virtual training available on MapMyRun throughout the month of May, runners can also join Run Crew sessions at the Under Armour Funan Brand House and go for a trial run in the latest UA Running shoes.

These shoes have been designed specially to help athletes on their quest to achieve their best. Details of each product are available below.

Flow Velociti Wind 2 (SGD$229) – available in stores and online

  • This rubberless, all-in-one Flow technology cushioning and sole systemh grips the ground better to help you run faster.
  • Flexible UA Warp™ upper contours to your foot as you run for seamless transitions.
  • Connects to UA MapMyRun: tracks and analyzes your running metrics along with realtime Form Coaching to help make you a better runner

HOVR Machina 3 (SGD$229) – launching in May

  • Dual Density UA HOVR foam-mesh Energy Web in the heel and unwrapped in the forefoot – with more cushioning, you get more energy back in every step.
  • Connects to UA MapMyRun: tracks and analyzes your running metrics along with realtime Form Coaching to help make you a better runner
  • Lightweight floating spacer mesh zoned to eliminate hot spots while optimizing breathability, containment and heat dispersion

Go ALL OUT & Win!

Sign up now for the Under Armour All Out Mile today!


Make history by being part of NUS Giving Run BIG’s first-ever hybrid race!

Tough runs don’t last, tough runners do. Let’s make history together by being part of NUS Giving Run BIG’s first-ever hybrid race!

This year’s run will take on a hybrid race format that allows both virtual and in-person participation amongst runners of the NUS community and members of the public. Run BIG 2022 will be a special one as 100% of the proceeds will go towards supporting NUS Annual Giving Bursaries. Your support will enable today’s students to become tomorrow’s changemakers and inspire them to pay it forward to the community.

Join the run not only to beat your personal best, or simply to experience the euphoric feeling of being part of a mass running event again, but also for a good cause!

What is NUS Giving?

As a global leader in university philanthropy, NUS Giving is delivering sustainable impact and realising possibilities.

They build enduring relationships with their donors to seed and grow transformational opportunities that create a ripple effect of progress through their communities and the world, transforming lives and empowering change.

They are future-making as they empower students to achieve their fullest potential, give future leaders and changemakers the opportunity to learn from the best through world-class academic and research programmes, and enable the foremost minds of today to solve the problems of tomorrow through innovative research.

NUS Giving Run Big 2022 at a glance:

Virtual Challenge

Dates: 1 – 24 September 2022
Categories: Individual – 3KM / 5KM / 10KM / 19.05KM / 42KM OR Team of 4 – 190.5KM
Location: Islandwide Race

Run the race, at your own pace and in your own space!

Collect the badges by clocking various distances within the clock-in window to unlock the rewards.

From 1 to 24 September 2022, participants can get active at their convenience while connecting with the NUS Community, and making a real and positive impact on the lives of the students.

Campus Run

Dates: 25 September 2022
Categories: 5KM Non-Competitive OR 10KM Competitive
Location: NUS Kent Ridge Campus

Join us on 25 September 2022 at NUS Kent Ridge Campus to celebrate the return of the campus run.

Come Run BIG with us before slots run out!

Your Bragging Rights!

Every registered participant will be entitled to a race pack containing a Running Tee and many other exciting running goodies. On top of that, finishers will also get to walk home with exclusive finisher entitlements like Digital Certificate, Finisher t-shirt and more!

Virtual Challenge

Do take note that the Race Entitlements (The Running Tee and Shoe Bag/ Tote Bag) for all race categories will be mailed to you before 25 September 2022. While the Finisher entitlements (Finisher Tee and The Medal- if needed) will ONLY be delivered to the participants after completion of the registered distance, within the clock-in period.

Campus Run

Run Prizes & Lucky Draw

Besides participating in the run, you can also stand a chance to win these attractive
prizes when you join us on the final day of the run!

For more information, you can visit NUS Giving Run BIG website by clicking here!


Adidas And Parley For The Oceans Unite Sporting Communities Across The Globe To Run For the Ocean

  • adidas x Parley’s global impact initiative, Run for the Oceans, returns for its fifth year, uniting sporting communities across the planet 
  • More activities than ever will be eligible for Run for the Oceans, with the introduction of tennis, wheelchair movement, football and more. For every 10 minutes of running recorded via the adidas Runtastic app, Joyrun, Codoon, Yeudongquan or Strava, Parley will clean up the equivalent weight of one plastic bottle from beaches, remote islands, and coastlines before it reaches the ocean (up to a maximum of 250,000kg)
  • People across the world can take part by signing-up to the challenge from today and logging activity between May 23 – June 8

Singapore, 19 May 2022 – As we approach World Oceans Day on June 8, adidas and its longstanding partner Parley for the Oceans is once again encouraging the global sporting community to turn activity into action and Run for the Oceans in 2022. 

For the first time, new activities have been introduced to the challenge, making this the most inclusive Run for the Oceans yet. People from all parts of the global sporting community are invited to hit the streets, the tennis court and the football field, and unite to help protect the oceans from plastic waste.  

Launching between May 23 – June 8, the event returns for its fifth year, with the ambition of mobilising a generation to help end plastic waste. Research shows that the world is at a tipping point, with it predicted that oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050**.

We need action from everyone, everywhere to create true change and this year Run for the Oceans will expand to welcome in a wider range of activities – when we all come together, we can help make a world of difference.

For every 10 minutes of running from select activities, such as running, tennis or football*, recorded by participants via the adidas Runtastic app, Joyrun, Codoon, Yeudongquan or Strava, Parley will clean up the equivalent weight of one plastic bottle from beaches, remote islands, and coastlines before it reaches the ocean (up to a maximum of 250,000kg).

Katja Schreiber, SVP Sustainability at adidas said:Time is against us in the race to help end plastic waste, so we’re pushing harder and with more focus than ever before. Just like how this is an industry-wide problem, it requires industry-wide solutions, because sustainability is a team sport. By uniting our sporting community for this challenge, we can inspire real action against plastic waste by giving people an experience where their actions and way of being active contribute toward cleaning up the ocean.

It’s important that our own brand commitments reflect the situation with which we are faced and that’s why we’ve committed to our goal of replacing virgin polyester with recycled polyester inourproducts by 2024wherever possible.”

Since 2017, adidas and Parley’s Run for the Oceans has united over 8.2 million runners worldwide, running a combined total of more than 81.7 million km. 

Since the beginning of the partnership in 2015, adidas has made more than 50 million pairs of shoes with Parley Ocean Plastic and close to 18 million pairs in 2021 alone – this includes plastic waste intercepted from beaches and coastal communities, preventing it from polluting the oceans.

For 2022, adidas x Parley has announced the launch of Adizero X Parley and Ultraboost 22 X Parley. With a carbon footprint of just 3.5kg per pair, the Adizero X Parley is the first time adidas and Parley have combined to launch a lower footprint concept, a milestone for the partnership delivered through innovation and with no compromise on shoe performance.

From raw material interception, processing, packaging, all the way to the end of product life, adidas calculate and communicate its carbon footprint, conforming to an internationally recognized standard: ISO 14067. The footprint results made available provide full transparency on the complete lifecycle of the product. 

Whilst the adidas x Parley partnership shows that progress can be made on the path to help end plastic waste, there is still more to be done.

Cyrill Gutsch, CEO and founder of Parley said: “Seven years ago, adidas signed a contract to support Parley as founding partner. With this decision, the three stripes showed the courage to face an epic threat: The Plastic Crisis. Millions of people have supported us since, with action and by buying products made with Parley Ocean Plastic®, a material we invented to fund our work. These products became Symbols of Change, flags that carry an optimistic message. We can end the crisis by cleaning up our planet, by inventing new materials and most importantly, by changing our minds. Today, plastic is still threatening life. But billions of people now know how harmful it is. Run for the Oceans is the moment where we turn awareness into action, where we grow our movement even bigger. Where everyone can take a stand. Run with your feet, run your mind! Help us to end this epic battle. Together we can win this impossible mission and end the destruction of our magical blue planet. Join Parley for the Oceans!”

Individually we can take action, together we can make an impact – adidas is unifying sporting communities across the globe to Run for the Oceans between May 23 – June 8 by signing up and tracking activity via the adidas Runtastic app, Joyrun, Codoon, Yeudongquan or Strava. For more information and to sign up, visit

How to join the movement?

  • Step 1: Simply download or head over to the adidas Running app.
  • Step 2: From now till May 22nd, sign up for the #RunForTheOceans challenge through the app.
  • Step 3: Start clocking your run or exercises on the app from May 23 to June 8 to join the community tally.

10 Ways that will Help You Stay on Track While Eating Healthy

It can be tough to stay on track while eating healthy. There are so many temptations out there, and it’s easy to get off track. But if you want to stay healthy and look good, you need to find a way to stay on track. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 ways that will help you stay on track while eating healthy!

Tip #1 – Find a role model

It can be helpful to find someone who is already eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. This person can be a nutrition expert, a healthy foodie friend, or even a celebrity. Seeing someone else succeeding at eating healthy will inspire you to do the same.

Humans operate using ‘mirror neurons’. This means we naturally copy the behaviour of those around us. So, if you want to eat healthily, find someone who is already doing it and emulate their behaviour.

Tip #2 – Set goals

Setting goals is a great way to stay motivated. When you have something to strive for, it’s easier to stay on track. So sit down and make a list of realistic goals that you want to achieve. Then make sure you create a plan on how you’re going to achieve those goals. Writing down your goals and staying committed to a planner can help!

Goal setting does not have to be boring. It can be adventurous and exciting. For example, you can:

  • Make a list of healthy foods that you enjoy eating.
  • Find some new recipes to try out.
  • Create a grocery list of healthy foods.
  • Challenge yourself to eat a certain number of fruits and vegetables each day.

Remember that goals should not be too restrictive. If you make goals that are impossible to reach, you’ll likely get discouraged and give up. If you are starting to get bored or have achieved your goals, do not be afraid to make new ones!

Tip #3 – Create a menu

Planning out your meals for the week can help you stay on track while eating healthy. When you know what you’re going to eat, it’s easier to make healthy choices. So take some time to create a menu for the week. You can even batch cook or meal prep so that you have healthy meals ready to go when you’re feeling hungry.

An example of a healthy weekly dinner menu would be:

  • Monday: Quinoa bowl with roasted vegetables or a healthy wrap.
  • Tuesday: Curried lentils with rice or roasted sweet potatoes.
  • Wednesday: Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce or a mango salad.
  • Thursday: Sautéed kale and grilled chicken or vegetable stir fry.
  • Friday: Fish tacos with cabbage slaw or grass-fed beef and onions
  • Saturday: Veggie burger with sweet potato fries or lentil soup.
  • Sunday: Slow cooker chilli or roasted cauliflower with garlic

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to eating healthy. And planning out your meals can make it easier to stick to a healthy diet.

Tip #4 – Get rid of temptation

If you want to stay on track, you need to get rid of anything that might tempt you off course. This means getting rid of unhealthy foods from your house and office and avoiding situations where you know you’ll be tempted to indulge. Another way to get rid of temptation is to find a healthy alternative to your favourite unhealthy foods.

For example, you can swap out your favourite candy bar for a healthier option like a fruit and nut bar. Other perishable foods such as Chips can be swapped for air-popped popcorn. Finally, sugary drinks such as soda can be replaced with healthier options like unsweetened iced tea or water with a splash of lemon.

Tip #5 – Find a support system

Eating healthy can be tough, but it’s a lot easier when you have a support system. So find some friends or family members who are also trying to eat healthily. This way, you can help each other stay on track.

Tip #6 – Take baby steps

Start by changing one thing at a time. If you try to do too much at once, you’ll likely get overwhelmed and give up. So pick one area to focus on, whether it’s eating more fruits and vegetables or cutting out processed foods. Once you’ve made that change, move on to the next one.

Tip #7 – Use an app

When searching for an app, it’s helpful to use one that can be customized based on your specific metrics such as height, weight, and activity level. This will help you get more accurate results. A great place to look for apps that will help you stay on track with your health goals is WellTech. If you are trying to lose weight and track your nutrition intake, using an app can be a game-changer.

Tip #8 – Find a coach

If you’re struggling to stay on track, it might be helpful to work with a coach. A coach can help you create a plan and hold you accountable. By having expert guidance, you’ll be more likely to stick with your healthy eating goals.

Tip #9 – Join a community

If you want to stay on track, it can be helpful to join a community of like-minded people. There are many online communities that you can join, or you can even find a local group. This way, you’ll have support and motivation from others who are also trying to eat healthily.

Tip #10 – Be prepared

One of the best ways to stay on track is to be prepared. This means having healthy snacks with you so that you’re not tempted to eat junk food. It also means planning out your meals so that you know what you’re going to eat ahead of time. If you’re prepared, it’s much easier to make healthy choices.

Some foods that you can prepare are:

  • hard-boiled eggs
  • roasted vegetables
  • quinoa or rice bowls
  • grilled chicken or fish
  • fruit salad

If you are travelling, it can also be helpful to search for healthy restaurants in the area that you are visiting. By planning ahead, you’ll know where to go when you’re feeling hungry.


These are just a few tips to help you stay on track while eating healthy. Just remember that it’s important to find what works for you and to be consistent. If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on track and keep going. You can do this!


Orange Room Asia Going Global With Sports Property Trifactor, Powered By Technology

  • The TriFactor World Championship is back after three years to a brand new location – on the beautiful tropical paradise of Maldives.
  • LevelUP is a new app created by Orange Room to help people get fit efficiently, along with an innovative Human Performance Lab 
  • TriFactor launches a feeder series called T.R.A.C. and also an all-kids race.
  • TriFactor announces its upcoming calendar of events in Asia, including a new Asia Cup.

Singapore, 13 May 2022 – As the world recovers from the pandemic, Orange Room Asia is excited to make some mega announcements with new technology, new race formats and a new TriFactor World Championship location. 

“The pandemic has made us realise the importance of health and in this time, we have pivoted and developed new technologies with the aim of helping people improve their quality of life through health and fitness. Through our new programmes and innovations, we seek to impact more than 1 million people around the world by 2025,” said Elvin Ting, co-founder of Orange Room Asia that owns the TriFactor brand.

He added, “Fundamental to our new direction was the support of Sport Singapore and their various Blended initiatives that allowed sport to continue to grow under the changing circumstances and we are excited to share our new developments with the world.”

TriFactor World Championship 2022 to be held in Maldives

The TriFactor Asian Championship Series, which first started in 2009, will be held in 9 countries this year – Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and China – including a brand new TriFactor World Championship race venue at the beautiful magnificent paradise of Maldives, a South Asian island based in the Indian Ocean. Previously, all the TriFactor World Championship editions were held at China.

Elvin Ting, Co-Founder of Orange Room Asia, awarding the hosting rights for the TriFactor World Championship to Afrah, COO and Co-Founder of Move Maldives

This is an incredible opportunity to swim, cycle and run in the archipelago of the Maldives, a stunning destination of coralline islands with crystalline turquoise waters, white beaches, blue lagoons, colorful marine life and swaying palm trees all under the limitless azure blue skies. Many of the Maldives’ 1,200 islands are under serious threat from rising sea levels and erosion; hence Orange Room aims to bring awareness to this issue, to urge the community to do their part and save the environment.

To be held in November later this year, the TriFactor World Championship will have two categories – Elite and Age Group. The Elite category, which will have an attractive prize purse, is only via qualification – athletes need to finish in the Top 3 of their age group at any races in the TriFactor Asian Championships Series or Top 3 in a World Triathlon-sanctioned race. Age groupers can simply sign up for the race, but the slots are limited to just 300. 

TriFactor introduces new race formats

Another addition to the race format is the TriFactor Asia Cup, which will be held in Vietnam later this year, where the best of the region will compete for the titles of Asia Champion.

Elvin Ting, Co-Founder of Orange Room Asia addressing theaudience

A new event dedicated entirely for kids only, TriFactor Kids will be making its debut this July at Gardens By The Bay, in collaboration with Kiztopia. It will involve a 1km and 3km run for children, on top of a carnival of fun and games.

After receiving feedback from participants, a feeder series called T.R.A.C. (Train – Recover – Assess – Complete) has been created to serve as a stepping stone towards the main TriFactor races. Consisting of shorter and simpler events, the T.R.A.C. series will give people the opportunity to set milestones in their training and prepare for the races.

New technologies created to help people live better

Working in tandem with the T.R.A.C series is LevelUP, a brand new app that aims to take one’s fitness to the next level. There are coaching programmes provided in the app that one can follow to lead up to a T.R.A.C. event, or it can help to match you to a coach based on your needs and preferences to create a customised programme for you. There are also physical training sessions across eight locations in Singapore that you can sign up for.

Further enhancing one’s quality of life and training, Orange Room Asia will be opening a physical space called the Human Performance Lab which has

professional testing facilities – typically only available to elite athletes – to help you understand your body better to achieve optimal health and performance.

All of these exciting new initiatives from Orange Room Asia are launched with the objective of improving people’s quality of life by equipping them with various health and fitness tools.

TriFactor Asian Championship Series 2022

June 18 – 19 – TriFactor Philippines
July 9 – 10 –  TriFactor Kids x Kiztopia 
July 30 – 31 – TriFactor Bike & CycleRun Singapore
August 13 – 14 – TriFactor Vietnam
August 20 – 21– TriFactor Singapore
October 29 – 30 – TriFactor Run & RunSwim Singapore
November 9 – 12 – TriFactor World Championship in Maldives


2,000 Cyclist Join First In-Person Mass Participation Event In Two Years

Photo Credits: OCBC Cycle. In a long-awaited return to the roads, all 2,000 City Ride slots were sold out in six days

SINGAPORE, 8 May 2022 – 2,000 cyclists took part in the City Ride of the OCBC Cycle today – the first in-person mass participation event since the latest easing of Covid-19 measures two weeks ago. Participants started from as early as 5am at the Singapore Sports Hub and rode in a 19km route that included scenic views on the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, with the finishing point in the National Stadium.

Photo Credits: OCBC Cycle. Coming together to celebrate the Hari Raya festivities while getting a good workout in, the Amin family showed up in colour-coordinated clothing to bring colour to the streets

The City Ride attracted a diverse mix of participants, from individuals to multigenerational families. 50-year-old Mr Ahmad Amin, who signed up for the race with his wife, son and soon-to-be-retired uncle shared, “Cycling together as a family has given us more opportunities to bond, get a good workout in, and also learn more about each other. We are taking our love for cycling to this year’s OCBC Cycle City Ride, and I’m thrilled to be having this experience shared across three generations of my family. We decided to fully commit to the event, booking a staycation nearby to be closer to the race, and donning our baju kurung to continue the Hari Raya festivities!”

Photo Credits: OCBC Cycle. At 5am, participants were flagged off by Guests-of-Honour: [L-R] Mr Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law; Ms Helen Wong, Group CEO, OCBC Bank; Mr Lim Teck Yin, CEO, Sports Singapore and Mr Lionel Yeo, CEO, Singapore Sports Hub

The City Ride, which was sold out in six days after registrations started, was flagged off by Guests of Honour – Mr Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law; Ms Helen Wong, Group CEO, OCBC Bank; Mr Lim Teck Yin, CEO, Sports Singapore and Mr Lionel Yeo, CEO, Singapore Sports Hub. 

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law, Mr Edwin Tong, said: “We are very happy to be able to welcome back large scale sporting events like the OCBC Cycle 2022, where families and friends can come together to stay active, have fun and bond with one another. The sporting community has been tremendously resilient, and have worked very well, in adapting and adjusting the various measures to protect the community.  I am very glad that, with the latest measures, we can both considerably and confidently, regain the initiative in mass activities, and be able to do so safely.  We are grateful to our many partners and event organisers for their support and resilience as we look forward to rebuilding a thriving sporting lifestyle in Singapore.” 

Ms Helen Wong, Group CEO, OCBC Bank, said: “I was exhilarated to see the throngs of cyclists come together as part of a large-scale sporting event. We took many things for granted before the pandemic started in 2020. Now it feels especially heartwarming to be able to pedal alongside many riders, who might have woken up as early as 3am on a Sunday. Some were cycling to celebrate Mother’s Day. We are thankful for the support of all participants – whether at the Singapore Sports Hub today or taking part in the Virtual Rides – as well as the authorities, volunteers, event officials and all others who made today’s event possible. I look forward to an even bigger turnout next year. OCBC Cycle, synonymous with family bonding and friendships, also sends an important message of sustainability. We will continue to leverage OCBC Cycle to nudge people to adopt bike commuting rather than driving. We hope riding through park connectors and cycling paths to get to our offices will become an even more common sight.”  

Mr Lim Teck Yin, CEO, Sports Singapore, said: “I am glad to experience the safe return of OCBC Cycle in full swing. It is a key event in our annual sporting calendar that cycling enthusiasts, competitive or recreational, look forward to. The new City Ride is a welcome addition to the event’s race categories, providing a unique and inclusive opportunity for family and friends to ride together against Singapore’s iconic skyline. This memorable experience will no doubt encourage participants to continue staying active and bonding with one another through cycling.”

Other than today’s City Ride, the OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships also returned to the Singapore Sports Hub yesterday (7 May) after a two-year hiatus, with an action-packed day of racing. The event saw a total of 24 teams participating in three categories: the Club, Corporate and Women’s Championships. This year’s Speedway Championships also marked the debut of the Women’s Championship, which was originally set for 2020 but delayed due to the pandemic. The teams from the Allied World Racing, the Singapore Cycling Federation and NDS were crowned the winners in their respective Speedway Championship categories.

The OCBC Cycle event continues with the virtual rides from 7 May to 6 June, with the following categories – Mighty Savers® Kids Virtual Ride (5km), The Straits Times 60km Virtual Ride, The 100km Virtual Ride, The 200km Virtual Ride and the Team Challenge Virtual Ride. A new indoor rhythmic cycling category – Spin Ride by CRU – has also been rolled out in partnership with homegrown fitness group CRU to cater to the growing spin community. Participants of this category will get to attend three 50-minute-long spin classes at CRU studios from 7 May to 6 June. 


Zsanett Bragmayer and Hayden Wilde win Arena Games Triathlon Singapore powered by Zwift; Beth Potter and Alex Yee crowned first ever esport triathlon World Champions

SINGAPORE, 7 May – Triathlon history has been made in Singapore today with British stars Beth Potter and Alex Yee taking the first ever esport triathlon World Championship titles.

The British pair wouldn’t have it all their own way in the heat, humidity and rain of Southeast Asia at Arena Games Triathlon Singapore powered by Zwift, however, with Hungary’s Zsanett Bragmayer and Hayden Wilde of New Zealand powering their way to the event wins to leave the Brits in second place in the fast and frenetic ninediscipline tri format.


In the women’s event, the three-stage triathlon saw 30-year-old Potter and Bragmayer, 28, duke it out for victory from the starting horn in Singapore’s Marina Bay, the openwater swim being the first time that a world-class event had been hosted in Marina Bay Reservoir.

Potter would win the day’s first 200m open-water swim, 4km smart trainer bike leg and 1km self-powered curved treadmill run stage, before the Hungarian would prove victorious in the second stage (a reverse of Stage 1).

Those results left the Stage 3 victory and the day’s overall title coming down to the last 200m open-water swim, 4km bike and 1km run. The duo would be inseparable on the swim and bike, before Bragmayer achieved the rare feat of overpowering Potter on the final 1km run to land a major victory. Georgia-Taylor Brown (GBR) would round out the podium on a day when the British Super League regular, Jess Learmonth, would drop out due to a hip injury on Stage 1’s run leg.

Combined with her silver from Singapore, Potter’s Arena Games win in Munich and second place in London would lead to her being crowned the 2022 World Champion, however. “I was in a world of pain, but I gave it everything,” said the Scot at the finish as she made Super League Triathlon history and secured her first major title of 2022.


The men’s event, the climax of the Arena Games Triathlon season that has also visited Munich and London in Europe, again saw two races for the price of one. Both the 2022 World Championship crown and the Singapore Arena Games Triathlon titles were on the line, with Alex Yee and Germany’s Justus Nieschlag vying for the former, a field of 10 international contenders for the latter.

Both titles would go down to the wire and the final of today’s nine triathlon stages. That final 1km treadmill run would witness New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde power to the Singapore title, with Yee holding off a chasing Nieschlag to take the 2022 esports World Championship title. France’s Aurelien Raphael would take 2022 bronze.

While Yee will relish his world title, New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde was the star of the men’s event. The Kiwi outpaced Yee on Stage 1’s final run leg before both he and Yee were overpowered by Germany’s Justus Nieschlag putting on the afterburners to take the Stage 2 win by just 1secs in an enthralling and rare triathlon swim sprint finish.

Stage 3 would really be the Wilde show, though, the 24-year-old taking control on the 4km bike leg, his watts reaching 370w as Yee evidently suffered in his Zwift slipstream. By T2, Wilde’s lead was 15secs over Yee and Nieschlag. Wilde would hold off both Yee (10secs behind) and Nieschlag (27secs) to deliver a major statement win, Yee another major title. With their careers in the ascendency, today won’t be the first time that the 24-year-old’s battle for major tri honours.

“I love racing on the edge of my seat, and a big shout out to the crowd for coming out and supporting even though it was bucketing down,” said Wilde at the finish. “I was actually hoping it would be a bit hotter than it is, but the sun gods didn’t come out! A massive kudos to Alex as well.”

“I came here to race the best that I could, and I’ve been rewarded for my performances here [and in London],” was Yee’s verdict on making tri history. “My swim has been a massive project for me this winter and I’ve worked meticulously on it, so I’m really pleased that it paid off.”

Results are available at



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