Natalie Dau, Singapore-based 10-time ultramarathon winner, crossed the finish line at The Westin Singapore on 5 June, marking the completion of her incredible Project 1000.  Over the course of 12 days, Natalie ran an astonishing 1000 km, beginning the journey in Hat Yai, Thailand, on 25 May, traversing the entire length of Malaysia, and concluding the journey in Singapore.

Covering a distance equivalent to approximately 2 marathons (42.2 km x 2) per day, the run concluded on Global Running Day, 5 June.  Starting at 4 am on the final day, local runners in Singapore were invited to join in at various join points, seeing hundreds of individuals participate in running with Natalie and supporting her through to the finish line. Hundreds were gathered at The Westin Singapore to celebrate her historic achievement, with distinguished guests including MP Poh Li San and Mr. Ong Eng Huat of the Singapore Book of Records.

Natalie was recognized at the finish line by the Singapore Book of Records for the “Fastest 1000 km Thailand-Singapore Ultramarathon”, and her Guinness World Record title for the “Fastest Crossing of Peninsular Malaysia on Foot” is now pending certification.

Throughout the 12-day run, Natalie battled extreme heat, lack of sleep, dangerous road conditions, and a variety of other factors including wild dog chases. She was operating on just a few hours of sleep each night, starting the mornings shortly after midnight to maximize running during the cooler hours of the day.  The temperatures were so high that her shoes melted on the pavement, and she went through 4 pairs of shoes on the trip.  


Despite the extreme conditions and struggles with a hip injury and a urinary tract infection, she was determined to continue the journey and insists that giving up was never an option. “This project was about community, teamwork, and perseverance, and so many people were counting on me.  I couldn’t let them down.  I never considered stopping, and am so grateful to everyone who supported me and believed in me.” shared Natalie.

Alongside the challenging factors, Natalie and her team were touched by numerous beautiful moments as they passed through local communities in Thailand and Malaysia, encountering warmth and kindness with people rushing to bring her water on the roadside, or giving a friendly wave of support.  She also visited Hat Yai University and several local schools along the way, speaking with children about her experience and encouraging them to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

A cause closest to her heart, with Project 1000, Natalie is raising funds to support underprivileged women and girls, and bringing awareness to the gender gap in exercise and the importance of physical movement for mental health and overall wellbeing.   Funds raised through Project 1000 are contributed to GRLS, a global charity and part of Women Win, which works to elevate women and girls around the world through sport and exercise.  To donate in support of GRLS, visit

While challenging herself to push to new limits, at 52 years, Natalie hopes that her example may help others to feel confident, dream bigger, and resist self-limiting beliefs and societal expectations. “No matter what your goal is, it doesn’t have to be running or sport, everyone should feel that they can do something and believe in themselves,” shared Natalie.


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