Costume races and cosplay marathon runners

Creative marathon runners around the world

Looking for costume ideas for your next race? We have put together a collection of some of the most creative costumes seen in races and marathons all over the world.

London Marathon, U.K.

Fancy dress costume at the 2012 Virgin London Marathon-802356Don’t drink and run!

chicken costume london marathonNo chickening-out for this one.

133673906_0baa473d58The bird is the word.

costumes-london-marathon-2009-12 rubyRubik’s cube – a very creative one.

paddington_bear7_470x353The Paddington bear.

rhino costume london marathonSave the rhino. An amazingly detailed costume.

Fancy dress costume at the 2012 Virgin London Marathon-802358Still looking for those droids…

Fancy dress costume at the 2012 Virgin London Marathon-802370Must be hot in there…

Hong Kong Marathon

125301-sharks-at-the-hong-kong-marathonSharks came out to play.

Tokyo Marathon

126577-swan-at-the-tokyo-marathonNot much to comment here…

126136-tokyo-marathon-monster-costumeAnother nominee for the special effects award!

Gold Coast Airport Marathon, Australia

125236-gold-coast-marathon-convict-costumesRunning to freedom.

Geelong Half Marathon, Australia

126081-camel-at-the-geelong-half-marathonThis duo of runners decided to go in a camel costume.

Vancouver Sun Run

Pac Man in the Vancouver Sun Run 2006Nom nom nom

New York City Marathon

banana-marathon-runnerAs if running a full marathon wasn’t bananas enough!

Brighton Marathon

brighton marathon wheres-waldo-runnerWe finally found him.

 Boston Marathon

125382-elvis-in-the-boston-marathonThe king lives!

Bonus: San Diego Costume Party Run Half Marathon & 5K (Link)

A costume-only race in the U.S.A., and what’s more, this half-marathon has the world’s biggest finisher medal!

The design of the medal is a Classic 45 Record, with silhouettes of dancing party people and a real disco ball in the center.

Worlds Largest Half Marathon Medal


Largest Half Marathon Medal


Featured photo credit: Photo by PA Photos /


Singapore Blade Runner Returns to the Boston Marathon


Singapore Blade Runner Returns to the Boston Marathon

He was in the centre of the Boston Marathon bombings last year. But instead of letting that discourage him, Shariff Abdullah Peters, who is better known as the Singapore Blade Runner returned to the scene of the bombings this year in April.

According to Shariff, who runs with a prosthetic leg, he had wanted to complete the run not only for himself, but also for the people of Boston too.

However, despite his running experience, this year’s Boston marathon was far from easy for this 44-year-old mobility impaired athlete.

Suffering flashbacks

Shariff had suffered fears and flashbacks during the marathon race and began to wonder whether he would even be able to complete the marathon – because of his ill-fated experience there, last year.

These fears eventually went away soon after he started running, but came rushing back when he reached the same point as the bombings last year. This had been 800m from the finishing line.

It also didn’t help during the race either, when Shariff faced problems with his prosthetic leg. The alignment of this leg had shifted slightly, thus causing him immense pain, from the 18-mile mark onwards.

So Shariff had to bear with agony for the rest of the race.

But never once did he contemplate giving up, despite the fear, pain and suffering that he had been going through during the race.

Made it to the finishing line

Shariff eventually made it to the finishing line – with the help of an American lady, Jennifer Nocella Dugan, who had been a guide for another mobility impaired runner. She had seen Shariff struggling, shortly after his prosthetic leg had shifted. After that, she was determined to help him reach the finishing line.

And she definitely succeeded in her goal. Shariff crossed the finishing line in about 7 hours and 11 minutes – thus succeeding in his quest to complete the marathon for the people of Boston.

Click here for a moving account of Shariff’s Boston Marathon experience.


Are You Man Enough? (Slightly NSFW – You’ve been warned!)

Editor’s Note: Today’s JustRunLah! post is a little cheekier than usual. We hope it brings a smile in the middle of a work week!

Runners are well-aware of the reported benefits of compression sportswear – some swear by it, some insist that it makes no difference whatsoever. Whatever your stand on the matter is, I don’t think anyone could have expected how far one company took its compression technology. Let me present to you: Gilmore Support Shorts

Due to design technology, the Gilmore Support Shorts target areas that are often missed by other shorts because the genital pouch allows maximum compression around the Pubic Symphysis and groin areas.



Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 19.27.03

Here is poor Wilfried Zaha, who, as some of you soccer fans might know, is playing for Cardiff City. He does not look very happy, does he? Indeed, what he’s wearing are Gilmore compression shorts, providing a little more support than traditional compression shorts. The tagline for this particular brand of compression shorts is “The next generation of scientifically designed compression shorts”, purportedly ensuring that your precious jewels are well-protected enough to produce your next generation as well. *snigger* For that extra support, however, one would not only have to be quite confident of his manhood, but have deep pockets too, as it could cost up to a whopping 220GBP!

I, for one, hope it NEVER makes an appearance on our shores. Running a race is already as difficult as it is, I don’t need to be looking at other dudes’ kukubirds.


Tips for improving speed and efficiency

Becoming a Faster and More Efficient Runner

Becoming a faster and more efficient runner definitely does not mean longer and harder training sessions on a frequent basis. You may even get injured if you train more than your body can tolerate.

Try focusing on the following, instead.

Exercise Your Core Muscles and do Basic Drills

To run faster, you need to strengthen your core muscles. However, these exercises are not all about doing sit-ups and crunches. They include different type of workouts and drills to strengthen various parts of your body and your core muscles. These include push-ups, burpees, jumping jacks and lunges.

Click here to find out more about core muscle exercises and drills.

Do Hill Running

Doing hill running workouts will help you to improve as a runner. This is because running hills add more intensity and resistance to your workout. Consequently, you will soon find it a breeze to run on flat ground – and be both faster and more efficient.

Click here to read more about hill running.

Have Enough Recovery Time

Rest and recovery is very crucial to any runner, especially for running speed and efficiency. Running causes your body to wear down, so resting helps it to heal from the constant pounding on the pavement. After a hard day of exertion, you should take it easy the next day.

Do Tempo Runs

Tempo runs will help to boost your running speed and efficiency too. And as an example, if you are doing a 5km tempo run, complete the first 1km at a slow and easy pace that you feel comfortable with. Then for the final 4km, go all out and see how long you can sustain this increased pace.

Click here for more tips on how to become a faster runner.

Click here for tips to become a more efficient runner.


Introducing “Singapore Race Database”

Your one-stop for racing information

With more than 100 races taking place annually, the Singaporean runner is spoilt for choice when deciding which ones to take part in. In fact, the dazzling array of choices could prove to be a bane rather than a boon, especially for new runners.

If you’re a recreational runner, which events are suitable for you? Which ones have a fun element? If your New Year’s resolution is to run a marathon by the end of the year, which ones will give you enough time to train? What are the differences in price? T-shirt design? Medal design? City route or nature route? Oh, and what if you simply wanted to recall certain information about past races, like the route map or the runners entitlement, but couldn’t locate the information?

Hold on to your seats, racers, JustRunLah! is launching the Singapore Race Database, the first of its kind in the online running community!

It provides all the information on past and forthcoming running events in Singapore. We also provide a space for runners to rate and leave reviews about past races, so future participants will be better informed before deciding to take part. Think of it as a hybrid of the functions of Wikipedia and Tripadvisor! And just like Wikipedia, all users can contribute information to the database, so we welcome you to take part!

For each race, we have archived the following (where available):

  • Date and flag-off time
  • Venue
  • Categories
  • Event day schedule
  • Race logo
  • Website / Facebook
  • Registration fees break-down
  • Runner’s entitlement break-down and photos
  • Route maps
  • Medal photos
  • Race singlet / finisher t-shirt sketches and photos
  • Race winners list
  • Links to off-site blog posts and reviews

Click here to visit the database!

Sorting, filtering and search options

For easy browsing, you can sort the events by title or date. Also, you can choose to display events only of a certain category (e.g. Full Marathons, Half Marathons, 10km, 5km or other), or display only upcoming events (or only past events), or even choose to display only races of a specific year (e.g. all races in 2014). Events that fall under multiple categories will be listed as long as you select any relevant category. All sorting and filtering can be done at the left-hand column. Or, if you’re looking for a specific race, simply enter it into our dedicated search engine.

List view with “10 km” filter.

Result page for search term "RunNus"
Result page for search term “RunNUS”.

User rating and comments

Let your voices be heard! All the listed races can be rated by our members on key attributes, such as route planning, pre-race logistics, hydration and amenities or runner’s entitlement. Comments and reviews by our readers are also welcome and can be published using the form at the bottom. Want to find out what are the top-rated races? The top 20 races with best overall score can be found at the left-hand menu.

Top rated running, calculated from our members’ votes.

rating system
Our rating system where readers can vote.


Gallery views

A must for the Medal Hunters out there! You can view finisher medals, route maps,  race apparel or runners entitlement galleries. Here, only photos are displayed, so as to let the pictures do the talking!

Add / edit an event

JustRunLah! is a user-centered website and we could have not done all these without the running community, you. Everybody can add a race or update information (e.g. submit better photos, add additional details) on an existing one. There are currently two ways to do this. First, you can submit the race details to us using the form provided here; we will process your submission as soon as possible, the second is to become a contributor for JustRunLah!. All contributors have access to a special back-end interface and can add races directly themselves. You will be able to start and maintain your own running blog from the same account. Click here to read more on how to become a contributor.

We would like to thank the forum members who helped us by beta-testing and with their feedback.

Please let us know what you think of this new feature and how we can further improve it.


366 Marathons in 365 days. Impossible? Meet Annette Fredskov.

Annette Fredskov - 366 Marathon in 365 days - Morten Krogh Nikolajsen 17Completing 366 Marathons in One Year

For some runners, two or three marathons in one year is probably enough – let alone 366.

But one Danish woman, Annette Fredskov, ran 366 marathons in 365 days – from July 2012 to July 2013.

That meant she completed one marathon every day – without any rest. Annette even ran a double marathon on the final day.

What is even more astounding, is that this feisty lady was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This condition affects the central nervous system and may cause the limbs to become numb or even paralysed. But after running continuously, Annette thinks that her MS condition has been cured – as she hasn’t had symptoms for a few years now.

Started with a Dream

Annette’s 366 marathons a day journey had begun with a dream of hers and a desire to run marathons – instead of going to work.

So she quit her job and set out to fulfill her dream of marathon running. The rest is history.

A Supportive Family

Annette was lucky to have a very supportive family who believed in her throughout the whole marathon project. Instead of thinking that she was crazy, they had the confidence that she would be able to achieve her goal.

And in the end, Annette showed that they were right to have believed in her running abilities.


During the marathon journey though, Annette did face plenty of challenges.

For example, there were times when she felt really tired and simply wanted to spend time resting and doing nothing taxing. But with the support of her husband and two children, who never let her quit, she managed to achieve her dream.

Annette also suffered a shin splint injury at the beginning of her marathon project. But instead of quitting and postponing her dream to another time, she decided to power-walk instead of running – during her two weeks of recovery.

Click here to read an inspiring interview with Annette on her 366 marathons in 365 days.


SKORA Phase-X Review: Turn Night Into Day

SKORA Phase-X: THE shoe for night-time runners.

I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and a video says it all, so I thought to start my review of SKORA Phase-X running shoes with one.

SKORA Running is a small shoe company based in Portland, Oregon, which has brought us a plethora of quality running shoes, such as the SKORA FORM, SKORA FIT and SKORA PHASE.  

I recently got my hands on a pair of SKORA Phase-X, a minimal running shoe with amazing design and performance, and I am sharing my experience with you.

Design & style

I don’t usually trust commercials, so, I had to see it with my own eyes to believe how much these shoes light up when hit by headlights!

Phase-X has reflective materials everywhere – from upper mesh to the laces. Not only do they look really cool, but they also offer added safety for night-time runners like me.

Asymmetric lacing and no-tongue design are two characteristics commonly found in SKORA products. Apart from giving the shoe a unique look, they also make it feel more comfortable. Unsurprisingly, Phase-X has adopted both features.


These photos were taken with / without flash, and the colors have not been edited in any way!

Performance & technical info

The Phase-X is a lightweight, high-performance, zero-drop runner. Zero-drop means that the cushioning under your toes is the same height with that under your heels, which allows for a more natural run (you can read more about heel-to-toe drop here). 

The first thing I noticed when I tried them on was their ample toebox. This is something I look for in shoes, and I can say that SKORA Phase X comes at the just right size: not too tight to suffocate your foot, and not too ample to make runs feel sloppy.

The open-weave mesh upper is flexible, lightweight and extremely breathable, perfect for the hot weather conditions in Singapore.

Cushioning is 11mm (including 3mm removable antimicrobial insole) and the outsole is made of Injection Blown Rubber (IBR), which enhances ground feel – you really feel what you are running on.

Last but not least, SKORA shoes have an anti-slip heel pad which keeps your foot comfortable and locked in place.


All in all, this shoe is my choice for when I want to go minimal and don’t need to have extra cushioning. They engulf my feet nicely, feel natural and perform well in everyday runs. I haven’t tried them on a trail yet, but will do so during my Green Corridor Run!

Back from the store!
Ready to Run Real?
Photographed with flash.

Over 12,000 Participants Came Together For a Greener Tomorrow at the Fifth Edition of NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC

NTUC RUN 350 Singapore 2014 LogoSingapore, 27 April 2014 – Early this morning, Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run, NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC saw a record number of over 12,000 runners, more than 500 volunteers and 21 partners come together in support of the global 350 movement. The fifth edition of the race welcomed participants from 64 different countries who ran for a greener tomorrow.

Mr Lim Swee Say, Secretary-General of NTUC, was present to award the winners in the respective categories. RUN 350 saw runners participating in two categories – the 10km run and the 350m Kids Dash.

Held at the F1 Pit Building, RUN 350 aims to raise awareness of the climate crisis facing our Mother Earth. The atmospheric carbon dioxide level currently stands at 400 parts per million, but the level must be lowered to 350 parts per million in order to preserve our planet.

Dubbed an eco-run, RUN 350 practices eco-friendly initiatives that support their green cause. This year, RUN 350 became the first run in Singapore to introduce its inaugural Medal Recycling Campaign which collected a whopping 6,482 donated medals islandwide. The public was encouraged to donate their old or unwanted medals at collection points islandwide. The medals were then recycled and given a new lease of life to become brand new medals for finishers of this morning’s race.

Mr Steve Tan, Executive Secretary of Young NTUC, said, “What started as a little dream of a group of like-minded young people has become an annual event in the local environmental grid and local sporting calendar. RUN 350 has taken off far beyond our wildest imagination and we thank everyone involved in this year’s event for helping us to make our dream a reality. Today, we witnessed over 12,000 runners participate in RUN 350. We surpassed last year’s record number of participants and it is gratifying to see so many people come together to support a movement that affects our Mother Earth. At Young NTUC, we represent, advocate and mobilise when a cause calls for it, and RUN 350 was realised on behalf of the 350 movement. We thank you for joining us in our effort to raise awareness for a greener tomorrow.”

In addition to the Medal Recycling Campaign, RUN 350 embarked on many green initiatives this year including encouraging participants to partake in the Bring-Your- Own-Bottle (BYOB) initiative to training runs as well as to the actual race. The effort helped to reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles and paper cups. On-site, there were over 200 bicycle racks available for participants who chose to cycle to the race venue. Eco-partners also set up booths to showcase their various causes such as 350 Singapore, Save That Pen, ECO Singapore and Ground-Up Initiative.

RUN 350 collaborated with the Public Hygiene Council to drive a number of litter-free initiatives to bring the litter-free messaging to the forefront of runners’ consciousness. Running route maps in race booklets, EDMs to runners and Facebook medium were used to serve as reminders to runners to keep the event site litter-free. Initiatives implemented during the run include litter-free messaging on Bins and Screened Disposal Areas and announcements to keep the event site litter-free. More than 200 volunteers were also trained to become litter-free ambassadors to advise runners against littering on the race day.

Mr Marcus Chew, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, NTUC Income said, “NTUC Income RUN 350 drives the message of environmental sustainability, which is consistent with NTUC Income’s belief in a greener future. As the title sponsor for four years running, NTUC Income is proud to partner Young NTUC in furthering the 350 Movement. The record turnout this year and the public’s enthusiastic participation in the Medal Recycling Campaign leading up to the Run are evidence that support of the

350 Movement is gathering momentum. NTUC Income is glad to play a part in creating a better tomorrow for our loved ones.”

Unionists from the Labour Movement also took to the road at RUN 350 as part of the annual inter-union sports tournament, the U Games, which is now in its sixth year. “U Sports is glad to be part of this eco-run where members from different unions could race in friendly competition while showing their support to the cause and our environment,” said Mr Yeo Khee Leng, Chief Executive Officer, NTUC Club.


Race Review: NTUC Run 350 2014: We Ran (10km) for a better tomorrow

We ran for a better tomorrow!

Heavy rain and thunders lead to Half Marathon cancellation

I had registered for the Half Marathon category, and arrived on site at around 5:00am (flag-off was scheduled for 5:30am). It was a bit cloudy but little did I know how much the weather was about to change.

It started drizzling at around 5:15am and by 5:30am, a full-on thunderstorm was on. Everybody sought for cover under the canopy tents or in the F1 Building. The rain was so heavy that even though I was standing under a ledge, I somehow managed to get soaked. A first announcement for delaying the flag-off right came on the speakers right away. The rain and thunder were going strong, so at around 6:15am the cancellation of the Half Marathon was announced. The fate of the 10km would be announced later.

Heavy rain and thunders lead to cancellation of the 21km race.

Rain subsides...
Rain subsides.

Skies are clearing...
Skies are clearing…

6:45am: Skies are clearing, 10km is a “GO”

As promised by the organiser (they did an excellent job updating us on time) the decision for the 10km was announced at around 6:45am. And luckily it was a “GO”! What’s more, 21km runners were welcome to join the 10km race – as a “fun run” however, that is, without official timing. Everybody was happy that the wait was over and the rain didn’t manage to ruin our run completely. We all entered the pen for a 7:15am flag off.

7:15am: Off we go!

Soon enough, the race was on. After the first few kilometres, we exited Republic Avenue and turned to Nicoll Highway. The loop was closed via Kallang Road. It was a very comfortable run in the after-rain breeze, and the red-coloured sky gave a unique look to the landmarks along the route. There were plenty of hydration points (I think I counted 5 or 6) offering both water and 100Plus, as well as WCs placed along the route.  Despite the huge number of runners (which must have doubled due to the 21km runners ending up joining the 10km), I did not come across any bottlenecks or congestion along the race. Massage, food and drinks were available at the finishing line.

10km race is ON and all are welcome to join!
10km race is ON and all are welcome to join!

Along the route.
Shot along the route.

As recorded with my Sports-Tracker app.
As recorded with my Sports-Tracker app.

The verdict


– Cancelling such a big-scale event is not an easy business, yet I believe that the execution was perfect. There were timely updates via internet and sms and all staff werewell-informed and helpful.

– The 10km route was planned very well, and it accommodated the increased number of runners without any problems.

– Volunteers did an amazing job, I saw many of them helping people get cover from the rain by taking them under their umbrellas.

We ran for a better tomorrow!
We ran for a better tomorrow!

Massage at finisher’s area.

Finisher medal, made partly from recycled material.

Cons / room for improvement

– Post-race makan. Unless there was a tent I missed (let me know in the comments section), we were only given bananas after the race.

– Perhaps the organiser pulled the plug on the 21km race a bit too soon. From my perspective as a runner, it could have been flagged-off at 7:00am. I suppose there were good reasons (road closure and logistics) behind their decision though. At least official updates were coming on time.

Closing remark

I am generally against cancellations due to weather conditions, but there is absolutely no way the race could have been carried out as planned today. All in all – and I believe that most of the runners out there will agree – it turned out to be a very enjoyable 10km “fun run”. Despite the cancellation of the 21km category there was positive energy and smiles all around. Congratulations to the organisers for pulling this off, given the tough conditions. I am looking forward to next year’s NTUC Run 350.

Generous race pack!
The generous race pack with lots of coffee!



Lock Laces – Never have to tie your shoe laces again

A runner’s first world problem

nathan-lock-laces-review-packWho hasn’t ever had to stop during a run -be it training or race- to tie his shoelaces? Now, if you are competing on a top level, this can be a major issue; for the rest of us, it is just a nuisance.

One that can luckily be resolved very easily and at a low cost, though, so why not go for it?

Introducing Lock Laces

So I got myself a pair of Nathan Lock Laces from Amazon for about S$ 10. There are other brands and similar products for you to choose from, but those seemed good enough for me.

Nathan guarantees for comfort, safety and claims that the laces are water-resistant and highly suitable for trail running and triathletes.

Fitting was easy, as they come with instructions, and it took less than 10 minutes (see video below).


My first impression was that they were a bit too tight, even when I tried to loosen them up.  The shoe did seem to fit much better though.

What I particularly liked running in them is that they have some sort of “give” during the foot’s movements, but always getting back to the original form.

As you can see at the photos below (installed on my ASICS GT-2000) , they don’t look much different from standard laces, and the sliding mechanism is quite discreet.

asics gel nathan lock laces
A “before and after”, or rather a “with and without” shot. Running shoe Asics Gel GT-2000.
nathan lock laces review
The final product. Running shoe: Asics Gel GT-2000.

All in all, if you’ve ever found yourself pissed for having to tie your shoelaces in the middle of race, I would say give them a try. The are really inexpensive after all, and you can always go back to normal laces if you don’t like how they feel on the foot.



Tips From Top Runners for Sundown Marathon: Part II

Who is Who

Hoong Wei at Chiang Mai MarathoIT executive Marcus Ong (top) has conquered the Sundown Marathon twice. In 2009, he was the champion for the 10km race. And last year, he emerged victorious in the Men’s 4x10km relay category. Come May, he will be taking on the 10km race again – at Singapore’s biggest night race. Education Officer Wong Hoong Wei (left) conquered the Sundown Ultra Marathon (100km) last year in 9 hours 5 minutes and 34 seconds. It was his first win in the ultra running event. Here are a few tips from Marcus and Hoong Wei for Sundown Marathon this year.

Eat moderately

Marcus advises runners to eat moderately, in the build-up to the night race. And fried foods and drinking beer should be avoided, according to this top runner.

Have an afternoon nap

Hoong Wei says to plan an easy day before the race – to avoid unnecessary physical and mental stress. He also recommends having an afternoon nap on the day of the race – to help you stay awake.

Drink caffeine

According to Marcus, you could try and drink some caffeine to cope with the sleep bug. Perhaps a small bottle of coffee on your race belt may help.

Do not over-train

Hoong Wei recommends runners to listen to their body and not overdoing themselves when it comes to training for distance races such as the marathon. This is because more training does not mean that you will perform better during the race itself – and may simply increase chances of injury. Click here for more Sundown Marathon tips from Marcus Ong. Click here to read more of what Wong Hoong Wei says about night running.


Jurong Lake Run: Race History and Background

The event

Jurong Lake Run 2012
Jurong Lake Run 2012

As the first and largest running event in the west of Singapore, Jurong Lake Run aims to promote healthy living and bring together people from all walks of life. Organised in the middle of each year at Jurong Lake Park, Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, Jurong Lake Run infuses the typically serene landscape with fun and excitement.

Jurong Lake Run is a not-for-profit volunteer-driven event. Its motto – “Running as One” – represents the importance of community spirit; the importance of working together and contributing to society. Every year, volunteers come together to make Jurong Lake Run possible and a portion of the proceeds is donated to adopted beneficiaries.

But of course, Jurong Lake Run isn’t complete without Jurong Lake Expo and Jurong Lake Carnival. Sports enthusiasts can pamper themselves with great promotions on sporting products, services and events at the Expo. At the Carnival, one can expect games and entertainment for all ages.


jurong lake run 2012 park


Participants: 6,500

Identity: First Mega Running Event in the West

Race Categories: 10km Competitive Run, 5km Fun Run


Participants: 15,000

Charity: $250,000 raised for 7 beneficiaries

Identity: Running as One

Theme: Run For a Cause

Race Categories: 10km Competitive Run, 6km Competitive Run, 3km Walk-a-Jog


  • The Singapore Children’s Society
  • Children’s Cancer Foundation
  • Loving Hearts Multi-Service Centre
  • Singapore Association for Mental Health
  • Aspiration Wan Qing Lodge
  • Lakeside Family Centre
  • Concern & Care Neighbourhood Link

In 2012, a Carnival at Jurong Lake Run was introduced, Carnival@JLR2012 where participants could immerse themselves in the booths, workshops and fringe activities that were specially lined up for them.

Jurong Lake Run 2013


Participants: 15,000

Charity: $140,000 raised for 4 beneficiaries (Club Heal, Lakeside Family Centre, Beacon of Life, PromisedLand Community Services)

Identity: Running as One

Theme: More Than Just a Run

Race Categories: 10km Competitive Run, 6km Competitive Run, 3km Walk-a-Jog, 850m Kids Dash

In 2013, a 850m Kids Dash was added to make it more inclusive for everyone by encouraging the young ones to also embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

On top of that, participants could look forward to the extravaganza after the run at Chinese Garden to bask in the carnival atmosphere. Carnival@JLR2013 focused on health, fitness and wellness, promising an enjoyable time for all in the family!

Chinese Garden (裕华园), also commonly known as Jurong Gardens, is a park in Jurong East, Singapore.
Chinese Garden (裕华园).

Japanese Garden (星和园)
Japanese Garden (星和园)

jurong-park singapore
Jurong Lake Park

The Logo

The building block of the logo is inspired by two vital elements of the Jurong Lake Run, our runners and the Jurong Lake.

This is represented by the Stylised Runner seen below: Runner + Jurong Lake = Stylised Runner


The combination of 5 stylised runners in a forward pointing arrow formation relfects our vision as well as the 5 core values.


Red, Black and White are chosen as the primary colour scheme:

Red symbolises brotherhood and the passion of the community to help others.

Black symbolises the unlimited potential of the Jurong Lake Run community to change our society for the better.

White symbolises the opportunity for new beginnings, whether be it a healthier lifestyle, or being more engaged in the community.

Jurong Lake Run 2014 is back on June 21st. Don’t wait any longer and register now for this unique event!



Tips From Top Runners for Sundown Marathon


Who Is Who

Alex Ong (top) and Ivan Low (left) are both regular podium finishers in the Singapore running scene.

Ivan, who picked up running only in 2011, has come a long way since then. Within one short year of his introduction to the sport, he stole the show, with a third-placed finish in the 21km race at the 2012 Sundown Marathon.

And then last year, he won the 10km Men’s relay race at the same event.

Alex won the 42km race – at the 2012 Sundown Marathon. It marked his first win at a Full Marathon event.

Last year, he took part in the Full Marathon again and came in third. Come May, he hopes to conquer the same race again, in a time of less than three hours.

Here are a few tips from these two top runners on how to prepare for the big night race.

How to stay awake at night

For both Alex and Ivan, keeping the body alert during a night run is definitely a huge challenge. Consequently, their personal timings may often be slower than those clocked at early morning races. Ivan advises that sleeping during the day may help to ensure that the body can cope with the rigors of running past midnight. Alex says that you could gradually tune your body clock so that it learns to stay awake at night.

Carbo Loading

Alex also shared some useful tips about carbo loading, a common pre-race practice for runners. Generally, he feels that it is good to start increasing carbohydrate content, about two to three days before the race. Some of his personal favourites include spaghetti, bananas and sweet potatoes.

Speed and Pacing

Meanwhile, Ivan Low has some useful tips regarding training in speed and pacing. These include assessing your current conditioning and setting training goals that are within your ability. Doing interval training on a smooth, flat surface such as a running track would also be good training.

Click here to read more on Alex Ong’s tips.

Click here to find out what other advice Ivan gave.


4 Free race slots for ‘Jurong Lake Run 2014’

Light up the night!

As the first and largest running event in the west of Singapore, Jurong Lake Run aims to promote healthy living and bring together people from all walks of life. Organised in the middle of each year at Jurong Lake Park, Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, Jurong Lake Run infuses the typically serene landscape with fun and excitement.

Jurong Lake Run is a not-for-profit volunteer-driven event. Our motto – “Running as One” – represents the importance of community spirit; the importance of working together and contributing to society. Every year, volunteers come together to make Jurong Lake Run possible and a portion of our proceeds is donated to our adopted beneficiaries.

This year, four (4) of our readers will have the opportunity to enter this outstanding running event for free! 

In order to successfully enter the contest, you must:

1) Be a registered user on Just Run Lah!. Click here to register if you are not.

2) Log in and post a comment to the present article using the form below telling us why you want to participate in this race.  

* Make sure you post the comment from your registered account, and that your email address is working; otherwise we will not be able to contact you.

The winners will be selected in random and notified by email within one week after the contest has ended.

Contest closes midnight on Tuesday, April 29th.

Good luck!



Tips for you to like and enjoy running

First and foremost, a big HI to everyone.

Sorry for being MIA for a pretty long while. As a final year student in University, I have been mugging and slogging my guts out  for my final year project (FYP). I still am mugging now but have decided to take some time out to keep you guys posted.

So, I am aware that, or rather, I assume that most of you who are reading this now do enjoy and love running. Most of you have probably joined countless marathons, have tried coming up with various running routes that Singapore can offer, or, are trying to clock in your next marathon with a whole new record.

Yet, there is always the minority and we should not neglect that. Some of you who are reading this now are probably trying to find some new inspiration or ideas to lose weight, to stay fit or simply, to be healthier.  Some might have signed up a marathon or a race due to peer pressure and are desperately trying to force yourself to get into a training mode now.  Some might be trying to understand what make your loved ones or your partner love running that much.

Image credit: 123RF

Well, being just an ordinary girl who got into the habit of running since young, who went through a phase in which I ran daily  so that I do not have to retake my NAPFA, to a young lady now who wishes she can join any marathons that interests her,  I am here wishing that with my years of experiences in and passion for running, I am able to give you guys some tips to like and enjoy running. I may not be a professional athlete but I believe that is what might make these tips more useful and relatable to you guys.

1) Make sure you get a pair of running shoes that suits you. To do that, make sure you know your feet well. (Whether you have a pair of high-arched feet or low-arched feet). You can surf the net to know what type does your feet belong to (for example see here) or if you are still unsure about that, head to any sports outlets and the sales personnel there should be able to guide you about that. The  Reebok outlets at Tampines Mall and Velocity provide such services. Trust me, a suitable pair of running shoes makes running a lot easier and enjoyable for you. The wrong pair of running shoes will in fact, cause injuries to you legs and posture.

2) If you are a music lover, download some of your favourite songs or songs that are more pumped-up into your iPod and bring it along with you for your run. Surveys have proven that listening to music does allow you to run a further distance and even, faster. Not to forget, if you do not know what are the songs that can allow you to feel more pumped-up for a run, just google “the top workout songs” and so on, a list of songs will appear.

3) If you are running to lose weight, do not expect an immediate effect. I know many of us do but let us face the reality, your body needs time too. After every run, look into the mirror and spot the slight improvements in it.  The improvements might be little but patience pays off. In just a few months, you will be able to see the huge transformation you have been waiting for. It is also important to note that diet is a key factor to your management of your weight too so make sure your diet and your running routine go hand in hand.  Do not let your diet ruin the efforts you have put into your runs.

4) If you are new at running, try not to start off too fast, too far or aim too high. Start off at a comfortable pace and aim to finish a distance that would not overstretch yourself. Make your 1st run a pleasant and enjoyable one. If your 1st run is a torturing one, I am pretty sure you will not want to run anymore.

5) If you are in need of motivations to run, get a running buddy, join a running club or sign up for a race! Make plans with your running buddy or aim to complete the race within your targeted timing. They are pretty good motivators.

6) If you have always found that running is a boring sport, try to find new running routes. Singapore might be small but we sure do have many running routes. We have the Park Connectors, the beaches, or even, you can run in town around Marina Bay Sands or Clarke Quay. You will be surprised at the scenery that these running routes can provide you with at times.

7) Learn to enjoy the feeling of sweating it out. There is no better feeling than sweating it out and feeling satisfied after completing a run.

So, here are the few tips that I have shared with you guys. Hope they are helpful and relatable to many of you!

You are always welcome to chip in your suggestions in the comments below!

Till next time,



‘London 890v4’ New Balance Shoes: A Charity Auction

Update: Thanks everyone, for your support. This auction is now closed and the highest bidder will be contacted.

Are you keen to get your hands on a pair of limited edition New Balance running shoes that will be launched next month?

I am having a charity auction for a pair of these beautiful shoes.

A Rare Opportunity

These will be out in stores only next month. But through my charity auction, you can have a rare opportunity to bid for a pair now.

The shoes are part of the New Balance 890v4 Global City Running Pack, which is a set of four limited edition shoes that represent four major cities around the world – Boston, London, Rome and Tokyo.

I will be auctioning off the ‘London’ (forest green) shoes.

The auction will last from now until 20 April.

The Shoes

The ‘London’ shoes are forest or moss green in colour – the international motor-racing colour of the United Kingdom.

And the shoes bears the number ‘06’ – to commemorate 1906, when New Balance was founded.

100 per cent of proceeds go to charity

100 per cent of proceeds from the auction will go to the Singapore Disability Sports Council – for their members to fulfil their sporting dreams. They are one of the four charities that are supported by Sundown Marathon this year.

So by bidding, you will be helping a good cause – and gaining a beautiful, limited edition pair of shoes – that you can use for the Sundown Marathon in May.

To find out more about these limited edition 890v4 ‘London’ shoes and how to place your bid, click here.



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