It sure is a long way down.

Now here’s an important disclaimer: I’m privileged to have my race entry for the Singapore Aquathlon sponsored by MetaSport, the organisers of the event. In return, I’ll be writing two articles on JustRunLah! for them. One prior to (yes this is it) and the other after the race (stay tuned!). What more could I ask for when the opportunity came knocking at my door (or rather, my inbox!) as the tasks complemented my interests! Running, yes; writing, yes; a multi-sport event, sure!

Ever since I took up running more seriously more than a year ago, I’ve also chanced upon multiple multi-sport events. Unfortunately, I’ve only experienced them under the shelter of my house in the comfort of a chair, with eager anticipation in front of the television or the computer.

I know how to run, though swimming or cycling… well certainly not as much. I’ve done both since young, though definitely not in volumes comparable to running. I suppose the opportunity to hone my abilities in the latter two disciplines tragically came in the form of unique injuries, taking me out of running for some time earlier this year. Consequently, in my eagerness to continue to stay healthy, swimming and cycling seemed like optimal platforms. Unfortunately, my access to facilities was limited. During that period, what swimming meant was staring at the tiles of the bottom of the pool as the laps went by. And cycling? It wasn’t much better (if at all), with time spent on the stationary bike in the gym, I knew however, that one day, I’d eventually give a tri a try!

I deeply respect multi-sport athletes. They spend long hours striving for perfection in their various disciplines, for an event that requires mastering their physiology and technicalities. Hence, participating in the Singapore Aquathlon seems like an appropriate baby step towards a triathlon. That’s a distinct contrast to how I approached running – the first race I ever participated in was a full marathon (you can read about it here).


I’m pretty excited and obviously, I’ve been logging the miles (though mostly on my feet, not my belly). Nonetheless, this is a first for me. I’ve done a handful of open water swims and I’m sure it’s pretty evident that I’ve run before. (On this note, there are open water swim clinics and tests organised by MetaSport, for those who are newer to open water swimming.) However, I’ve never tried a multi-sport event. There’s some uncertainty and apprehension, yet an attempt’s the only way to see how I fare.

And thus, I’ve decided to take the plunge.

…and it sure is a long way down.
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