Those who love hiking know how liberating it can be to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the pollution and the noise, to be amidst nature and all its glory.

And if you are looking for some unique trails to explore, here are 5 unique ones to try out in Southeast Asia for your next hiking adventure.

2. Chiang Mai Hill Tribe Treks, Thailand

Photo Credits: GAdventure

If immersing yourself in some of the local tribes while in the heart of a lush jungle is what you seek, then this may be the trail for you. While trekking options abound in Chiang Mai, you are sure to find ancient forest trails, waterfalls and stunning scenery at every turn. Most treks will also include a village homestay, where you can eat with local families and learn how to cook in the jungle (a great skill to have if you ever get lost. And if you feel that mere hiking isn’t enough, you can also take on some whitewater rafting or ride an elephant!


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