Hiking is a great way to get back in touch with Mother Nature and train your stamina in a more exciting way.

If you are one of those who has scoured trails in most of Asia, you may want to explore a little further and go on a trek in the following top five Asia Paciifc trails that will sure to not just get your heart pumping, but set your senses alight.

#1 Everest Base Camp, Nepal

There is not one person on the face of this planet that does not gasp at the mention of the name Mount Everest. You can imagine the awe you are in for if you tell people that you are setting off to go trek there, albeit the base camp.

 Photo Credits: GadAdventures


But don’t look down on it just because of it being a base camp! This highly acclaimed trekking trail is best known for its magnificent mountain peaks, as well as the friendliness and loyalty of its inhabitants. Although the route can be arduous, coupled with the extremely cold weather, it can be a very euphoric one. With this trek, you will be able to pass by several places for a rest and a good meal. And you never have to worry about getting lost, as there are lots of dwellers that can help to guide you along your way!

#2 Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Australia

 Photo Credits: Auswalk

Although this trekking route is moderately challenging, its scenery is to die for. Stretching over 60 miles from Apollo, this trail goes through eucalypt and hum forest and traverses cliff-top tracks, beaches and sand dunes. You can also be sure to catch jaw-dropping views of shipwrecks and the much-photographed Twelve Apostles.

#3 Great Wall of China, China

 Photo Credits: Wise Geek 

If you thought the Great Wall of China was just another pretty tourist landmark, think again. Although the hiking trek is relatively short and a pretty easy one, with an overall length of 7.5 miles, it nonetheless lets you soak in some of the most dramatic sights along this historic wall. Perfect for photography enthusiasts.

#4 Milford Track – Fiorland National Park, New Zealand

 Photo Credits: Bald Hiker

This is New Zealand’s most popular trekking trail for both local and foreign trekkers for over 150 years, and for good reason. For one, the trail allows you to enjoy beautiful sceneries of glacier-carved fjords and alpine, and secondly, you get to lose yourself in unforgettable views of the rivers and valleys. Most importantly though is the rare opportunity to see the tallest waterfall in New Zealand!

#5 Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea

 Photo Credits: The Wounded Pelicans

With a track that runs around 60 miles and may take hikers between 9 to 12 days to complete, this trail can prove to be grueling, mentally challenging and a little scary. But hikers keep coming because apart from the adrenaline rush, the trail also offers awesome views of the country’s stunning landscapes and gives you a deeper insight of the WWII battle between the Australian and Japanese forces.

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