I Want My Finisher Medal Even If I DNF A Race – WHAT?

The debate is hot! The logic for: – I paid for my finisher tee, I paid for my medal – you are ripping me off by not giving me my finisher entitlements! I am entitled! It was not that I could not finish the marathon, your checkpoint cutoff times rendered me unable to complete the marathon. The 7 hour cut off time wasn’t up yet! You made me DNF! You stopped me from getting my hard-earned medal. Why are you making a local event one of international standard with these checkpoint cutoff times when our runners aren’t even of international standard. Organisers are demoralising runners with their CP cut-off times! Other organisers do not apply this cut-off times so strictly! How can an organiser profit from DNF-ers?

So here’s some news for people expecting finisher entitlements despite not finishing a race:-

  1. You need to read the rules and regulations before registering for a race. You registering for a race is acknowledging the rules and regulations including the organiser’s cut-off times! You disputing them after the race just shows the kind of sportsmanship you embody!
  2. Your registration fee is inclusive of finisher items on the condition you actually finish the race! You do not pay for a finisher tee! You pay for a race entry! To ask for finisher items despite not completing the race is a disgrace to yourself!
  3. Newsflash: Finisher medals and Finisher Tees are called FINISHER items because it is that – you only get them if you finish! If the organiser were to hand out finisher items to anybody and everybody, the term finisher loses meaning!
  4. Although local athletes may not be of international standard, it does not mean that events organised locally cannot meet an international standard! If you are ready to argue that, then be ready to come to a race that may be gravely over distance, or gravely short of refreshments, and gravely short of road closures! Do not argue for a lower standard! It shows the degree of backward thinking you have!
  5. Just because other organisers are more lenient as to cut-off times, this does not mean every organiser should embody the same degree of empathy! Same goes, just because everyone robs the poor, does not make it right and okay. Just because everyone is doing one thing, does not make it the right thing! Deviating from the norm, does not necessary make it wrong! To think so shows the kind of thought process you possess!
  6. If you have failed, train harder and come back stronger! Earn your finisher medal and finisher tee so you can wear them with pride. What pride is there in wearing a finisher tee you have not earned? To blame the organiser and not think of just training harder and coming back stronger shows the strength of your character – minimal!
  7. Run organisers are out to make money – I mean surely yes. Did you think organisers organise run for the fun of it and for charity? But one thing you need to be clear about is that they do not profit on the undistributed finisher tees and medals. I mean – did you think they would be selling the undistributed items? If you think so, you are naive.
  8. How PRIVILEGED do you have to be to think otherwise?

Sounds harsh, but true! Sports is supposed to shape strength of character and develop sportsmanship. So, respect the distance, respect all the other runners who truly deserve the finisher title, train hard and come back stronger! Good Luck – next time!


5 Athletes To Watch Out For This Coming World Championships

The IAAF World Championships 2017 is happening in London this year! 4th August is the big date! Here are 8 athletes to watch out for – they have been on a roll and we look forward to some outstanding performances and hopefully record-breaking timings from them.

#1 Almaz Ayana

Photo Credits: IAAF

Her stunning performance in the Rio Olympics 10,000m was one to remember! She broke away from the leading pack early on to run a impressive world record! She destroyed the world record by 14 seconds – a record that was always thought to be unbreakable. Last season, Ayana came close to breaking Tirunesh Dibaba’s 5000m record.

Perhaps Ayana will go for the double this year! And maybe the World Record?

#2 Mo Farah

Photo Credits: Athletics Weekly

Mo Farah has confirmed that his track career will end with London 2017! And so, we look forward to a great final curtain call. How fitting as well because he will be running in the stadium he first won his double double back in the London Olympics 2012. Watch his final performance before he moves up the distance – the marathon!

#3 Usain Bolt

Photo Credits: Business Insider

The fastest man on earth has many times envisioned his career ending in London! He will be racing – one last time and will only be doing the 100m event. The 200m event remains his favourite event and he does not want to risk being unbeatable at it. It’s the homestretch you’re not going to want to miss!

#4 Caster Semenya

Photo Credits: Yahoo Sports

Semenya has been untouchable at the 2 lap track event! Her speed has been extraordinary! Could she finally annihilate the 34 year old world record? She is an ace in the 800m distance, and really commanded total domination across this distance. Expect a stellar performance from this lady here!

#5 Genzebe Dibaba

Photo Credits: IAAF

Younger sister of the almighty Tirunesh Dibaba, world record holder of the 1500m distance, and heck of a great athlete! Genzebe has hinted stepping up the distance to give Ayana a run for her money! Genzebe runs powerfully across a great range of distances – from the 800m to the 5000m. It will be interesting to see whether she will decide to step up to the 10,000m distance and challenge Ayana!

So, here’s to a competitive World Championships! You’re going to be impressed.

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My Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017 [FM] (by Lingderella)

Yes! I am back to Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon again this year. But this time running 42km, the full marathon category whereas last year I ran the 21km half marathon. Now I really look forward to running overseas for new routes and new experiences 😍

Once registration opens for SCKLM, I registered immediately as a past participant though none of my friends seems keen to run SCKLM. Even if they are not keen to run, I can still register and travel to Kuala Lumpur by myself right? I’m like a “baby”, I have never travelled anywhere 100km or more away from home alone 😂 And thought ok, I can finally try travelling alone this time!

But who knows that a few months later, I get to know Willis and taadaa, I got a boyfriend! 😆 I didn’t tell him about me going to SCKLM as we were just together for like less than a week. But during a dinner with friends in that just few days into our new relationship, July brought it up about me going alone to SCKLM alone and Willis asked if he can come with me and of course I loved the idea that he could come with me! The next day he asked me which airline tickets I’ve bought and immediately bought air tickets to come with me and I thought wow, he’s really so sweet! 😍 I thought that registration for SCKLM had already closed but somehow, Willis still manage to register for a full marathon slot even at March this year under foreign participants though I thought registration was closed just merely days after registration opened. And so this is our first overseas trip together and I’m looking forward for more to come! 😍

I guess after my SCHKM this February a few months back, I have no motivation to do SCKLM. I have also gotten sick just weeks before SCKLM and didn’t really train for it. And worst. Friday just few days before SCKLM I feel heatiness and thoat is pain. Or just simply I’m finding excuses, I was just busying dating my boyfriend so I didn’t really train for SCKLM 😂

Worst thing happened. During work on Friday I started to feel sore throat and then start coughing on Saturday. Thought that I will just aim to complete this time round before the cut off time of 7 hours is good enough since we never train for it and I thought that doing a Marathon once in a life time is good enough as I striked off one item from my bucket list but I’ve actually been striking on it a few times already 😂 This is my 4th marathon. And every time, days before the a 42km I’m always cursing myself. Who am I kidding? 42km is crazy! I’m crazy! Then it’s ok, there’s many crazy people out there doing the 42km too! 😜

Willis and I took a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and we head to collect our racepack at KLCC. It’s quite a misleading and a troublesome location as Hall 6 is outside the building of KLCC like a temporary set up. No matter what it is still out of the way to collect the racepack for us as there is no delivery of racepack overseas Racepack collection is fast and of course it’s a must to look for our names on the board of all full marathon runners!

When I wake up for the marathon, I thought hoseh liao! My throat is painful and burning. But still I wanted to run and Willis assures me that if I want to stop anytime we can just Did Not Finish or Did Not Show but I thought that I’m still alright. Flag off is at Dataran Merdeka on the dot after Malaysia’s National Anthem. I really like the pacers balloons as they are really huge and easy to spot for people who who wants to follow the pacers as the pacer’s balloons in Singapore are always small till can’t be seen.

This is seriously not a good run for me at all. It’s the toughest run I ever did because my body condition bad as I’m sick and I didn’t have a good sleep. It’s Hotel 1915, please don’t choose to stay there as it’s super noisy and I was literally up the whole night without sleep.

After about 15 or 16km into the run we start to walk thought we walked a lot after that, I think we were still quite fast as before 2hr 40mins we completed a half marathon distance already but I mentally can’t take it anymore. Willis is really dear, he takes care of me and I kept doing the mental calculation how many km more I must run in order to walk the rest of the distance between the cut off time. We run, walk, run, walk and whenever we are walking we are walking hand in hand which a few runners did commented: The most romantic couple in this run 😆

For the first few hydration points, the water and Lucozade at the hydration points is not cold at all. I was wishing that we would pass by some shops that would sell iced cold water but it’s impossible as the most of time we were just running on the expressway and no shops in sight. However at some hydrations in the end I’m happy like a toad because of the cold water and Lucozade. There’s 2 shower points spraying water and there’s many hydration which provide wet sponge and I put them on my throat and back. It’s really shiok! My survival item is axe oil. Every few km I apply them on my next, under my nose and temple until almost the whole face already 😂 And I used up almost half the small bottle of axe oil which is really spicy but really it kept me awake and going.

The route is really sloppy with many upslopes but not to forget when there is upslopes there will be down. But only the downslopes is shiok 😆 As like more than 90% of the time we were running on the expressway, the lanes are huge like 4 or 5 lanes. Basically it’s nice to run at any country with huge land as running in Singapore if there’s more runners you are really squeezing, rubbing shoulders with other runners already. It’s nice to see many friends from Singapore and Malaysia along the way 😊

As the sun rises, it’s actually not really hot but tolerable to run and walk in but the vehicles on the road is getting more and the air is getting really bad with all the exhaust fumes in the air. And it pours at the last few km. I thought hoseh liao, immune system will be weak after a 42km and since I’m already sick I am sure it will get worse 😭

At the 30km mark, wristbands were given to the full marathon runners though I have no idea what is that for. Maybe it is to make sure that only runners who does not took short cuts and run the full distance will get the finisher items?

Thought it’s finally the last km or so I’m really mentally drained. I stopped a few times and sit down beside the road and I just don’t want to move anymore. I’ve let the 6.30 pacers passed us already and it’s going to be the 7 hours pacers soon. I was swearing and cursing in my heart that no more 42km for me. But who am I kidding? I was sick. Though not really sick enough to be bed ridden but I’m a crazy runner who will run if I can. Just a note to take care of the body before a run and not to get sick. As I’m typing, I’m already looking forward to my next overseas 42.195km 😆 But anymore SCKLM for me? Maybe not in the recent years 😏

Finally it’s few hundred metres before the finishing line. There’s many people cheering for the runners. It’s just few hundred metres to the finishing line but I just can’t run. Though at the last few km Willis said that he wants to piggy back me to the finishing line but I decline as he’s also tired himself already though he assured that he is still very fine maybe if I lose some kgs it’s still ok 😂

It’s the hardest medal earned and it’s the longest time ever I’ve spent in a single run/walk. And I seriously only took just one photo after the run which is not usual as I will usually take dozens of photos 😂 See my super shag face: in

It’s a day after the run. Legs is not chui but I tio flu and fever and cough worsened. Need to rest and recover soon as I’ve got The Performance Series coming already this weekend! 😊

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Almost 36,000 runners at 9th Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017

The scene at the Honda Half Marathon Flag-Off! #SCKLM2017 // Photo credit: Standard Chartered KL Marathon Facebook

More than 36,000 running enthusiasts participated in this international race held in the iconic city of Kuala Lumpur. There were also close to 1,700 running tourists from 52 countries and 75 nationalities taking part making SCKLM a truly international event.

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 May 2017: Close to 36,000 runners converged on Dataran Merdeka to take part in the 9th edition of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon today. Cosmas Matolo Muteti,from Kenya won the Full Marathon Men’s Open category in a time of 2:18:43 to take home USD17,500 while the Full Marathon Women’s Open category was won by Elizabeth Chepkanan from Kenya in a time of 2:36:14 also earning USD17,500 in the process.

Five-time champion Kennedy Kiproo Lilan from Kenya came in second in the Full Marathon Men’s Open with a time of 2:19:35 while Tonui Kiprop from Kenya finished third in a time of 2:20:36 In the Full Marathon Women’s Open, Vikoti Chepkemoi from Kenya took second place in a time of 2:40:08 and Zeritu Begashaw Wakijira from Ethiopia had to settle for third place with a time of 2:42:56.

The Full Marathon Malaysian Men’s category saw a close battle between defending champion Muhaizar Mohamad and Leo Tan Huong Leong. These two vastly improved runners were neck to neck until close to the finish when Muhaizar eventually repeated his triumph in last year’s Standard Chartered KL Marathon with an improved time and personal best of 2:35:55. Leo narrowly finished second in a time of 2:38:06 and Ow Yong Jin Kuan came in third in 2:43:45. The Full Marathon Malaysian Women’s category was clinched by Yuan Yufang in a time of 3:23:00, while Loh Chooi Fern clocked 3:25:55 to come in second and Chua Khit Yeng got third place in a time of 3:33:46

FM Open winner Cosmas, was delighted that he not only won the title but recorded a personal best while fighting off multiple winner Kennedy. “I was running against strong opponents but I kept to my game plan and really enjoyed the run through some great scenery,” he said.

Muhaizar was also thrilled to have retained his title, especially after the tough competition with Leo. “It was a hard race but I’m very happy to have defended my title and even happier to record another personal best at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon,” he said.

Rainer Biemans, Project Director of SCKLM and Director of Dirigo Events, added “We are extremely pleased to have pulled off SCKLM 2017 without any major hiccups and we hope that all our runners had a memorable run and a great experience overall. It is gratifying to receive such support from the local and international running fraternity and we are committed to continually improve on all aspects of this event and look forward to welcoming all of you for our 10th anniversary in 2018.”

Mahendra Gursahani, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank said, “As title sponsor, we are delighted to be able to play a part in empowering people from all walks of life to make a difference through this amazing event. There are inspiring stories everywhere today and this is a testament to the power of the Marathon. Congratulations to all our winners and our sincere appreciation goes out to all participants for their tremendous support.”

This was exemplified by more than 30 visually impaired runners who took part in the 5km Fun Run, along with volunteer “running buddies” from Standard Chartered Bank. 20 autistic children from Permata Kurnia and over 100 underprivileged kids from Sivanandha Home and Care2run also participated in the race across various categories. Standard Chartered KL Marathon’s Run For A Reason charity initiative remains an integral part of the event, channelling funds raised to deserving charities that assist underprivileged communities and those in dire need. This year the participating beneficiaries were the Standard Chartered Foundation, National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Dignity for Children Foundation and Hospis Malaysia.

Efforts to make the Marathon more competitive, like having a seven-hour cut-off time and route checkpoints appear to be paying dividends as more than 8,000 runners signed up for the Full Marathon category this year. There were also close to 1700 running tourists from 52 countries and 75 nationalities taking part making SCKLM a truly international event. SCKLM was also the first stop in Englishman Andy Dukes’ epic marathon ride around the world on his BMW motorbike while running in six marathons in six continents.

SCKLM 2017 Race Day was preceded by the Race Entry Pack Collection from 18-20 May which was a bigger affair this year with the inclusion of the Prudential Healthy Life Expo, as well as the Friendship Run and Pasta breakfast on 20 May which saw Full Marathoners from Malaysia and around the world gather for a warm-up run and mingle in a more social setting.

The view this morning during the FM Flag-Off. // Photo credit: Standard Chartered KL Marathon Facebook


Apart from the Full and Half Marathons, the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 also featured a 10km distance and a 5km Fun Run for social runners, along with Kids’ Dash categories for children under 12 years of age. There were also several categories like the Corporate Challenge, Media Challenge, Universities Challenge and Ministries Challenge to either raise money for charity as well as provide friendly competition and bragging rights for the eventual winners.

The Standard Chartered KL Marathon has grown to become the premier running event in Malaysia, drawing thousands of local and international runners to the country whilst firmly establishing Malaysia in the global running calendar. The 2017 edition of the race once again saw Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia returning as title sponsor, along with a host of returning and new sponsors, including Honda, Seiko, Brooks, Lucozade and Pacific Regency. The event is owned and organised by Dirigo Events with co-organiser Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.

Standard Chartered KL Marathon is sanctioned and supported by Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF), Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Athletic Federation (FTKLAA), International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and Association of International Marathons, Distance Races (AIMS).

Winners of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017

Full Marathon Men’s Open

Position Name Country Time
1st Cosmas Matolo Muteti Kenya 02:18:43
2nd Kennedy Lilan Kenya 02:19:35
3rd Tonui Kiprop Kenya 02:20:38


Full Marathon Women’s Open

Position Name Country Time
1st Elizaberth Chepkanan Kenya 02:36:14
2nd Vicoty Chepkemoi Kenya 02:40:08
3rd Zeritu Begashaw Wakijira Ethiopia 02:42:56


Full Marathon Malaysian Men

Position Name Country Time
1st Muhaizar Mohamad Malaysia 02:35:55
2nd Tan Huong Leong Malaysia 02:38:06
3rd Ow Yong Jin Kuang Malaysia 02:43:45


Full Marathon Malaysian Women

Position Name Country Time
1st Yuan YuFang Malaysia 03:23:00
2nd Loh Chooi Fern Malaysia 03:25:54
3rd Chua Khit Yeng Malaysia 03:33:46


Full Marathon Veteran Men

Position Name Country Time
1st Seurei Julius Kiprotich Kenya 02:23:09
2nd John Kprop Samoei Kenya 02:37:34
3rd Timothy Kelsall Great Britain 03:08:16


Full Marathon Veteran Women

Position Name Country Time
1st Lilian Chelimo Kenya 02:48:45
2nd Margeret Njuguna Kenya 02:56:20
3rd Deborah Chinn USA 03:36:13


Honda Half Marathon Men Open

Position Name Country Time
1st John Muiruri Mburu Kenya 01:07:13
2nd Charles Munyua Kenya 01:07:53
3rd James Munyi Maregu Kenya 01:09:28


Honda Half Marathon Women Open

Position Name Country Time
1st Shieys Chepkosgei Kenya 01:21:46
2nd Njijia Ann Mukui Kenya 01:22:33
3rd Muriuki Naomi Wambui Kenya 01:25:54


Honda Half Marathon Men Veteran

Position Name Country Time
1st Jeffrey Ross Great Britain 01:28:02
2nd Ramesh Palaniandy Singapore 01:31:49
3rd Troy Keast Australia 01:32:48


Honda Half Marathon Women Veteran

Position Name Country Time
1st Hayley Holle Great Britain 01:36:18
2nd Clare McCulloch Great Britain 01:37:20
3rd Rachel Pepper New Zealand 01:42:33


10km Speed Men Open

Position Name Country Time
1st Enock Kipchirchir Kigen Kenya 00:33:19
2nd Soh Wai Ching Malaysia 00:35:42
3rd Amiruddin Bin Nasir Malaysia 00:36:52


10km Speed Women Open

Position Name Country Time
1st Danielle Nant New Zealand 00:40:23
2nd Chan Shun Yee Hong Kong 00:44:32
3rd Michele Tan Bee Kiang Malaysia 00:45:08


10km Speed Men Veteran

Position Name Country Time
1st Lim Khon Seng Malaysia 00:39:53
2nd Chan Shan Ching Hong Kong 00:41:09
3rd See Hock Leong Ronnie Malaysia 00:43:14


10km Speed Women Veteran

Position Name Country Time
1st Susan Khoo Great Britain 00:47:27
2nd Lorna Wong Malaysia 00:47:38
3rd Tina Munro Great Britain 00:48:32


Race Review: Meiji Run 2017 (by blizzy8)

Took part in the 5k run, was down at Novena Square for the race pack collection, I was one of the first few and did not take long to get my race pack. Just a little odd the way they did the collection. Had to wait outside the building and then they let batches of people in at a time. The tote bag was very cute and it’s now the property of my daughter. Towel was great too, usually, anything besides a tee is great, don’t get many other stuff with race packs these days. I chose purple.

The event was held at Sentosa Palawan Green. With the 10k starting at 4.30pm and the 5k Fun Run at 4.40pm. I made my way down to Sentosa and was going to park at Vivocity before takign the train in. I figured that was probably the cheapest way to get there. Vivo was jam packed so in the end I ended up at Harbourfront. It was free to enter Sentosa via train as you just had to show your bib or wear the tee. The weather was not cooperative, it was one of the hottest days ever. I was dripping in sweat way before the run even begin. Lucky I remember to use some sun block and had my cap and shades with me.

4.30pm sharp the 10k was flag off in 2 waves. and the 5k runners were all set to go at 4.40pm. We were flagged off by the 2 mascots and I really pity the guys (or gals) playing the mascots, it must be like an oven in the suit.

It was a very narrow route and for the first 1km I think I was walking most of the time as there were just too many people aroud and some had strollers with them. It was a 5 k course and for the 10k runners they did 2 loops, which made things even worst as you had runners from 5 and 10 merging. The route looked like the number ‘8’ starting at the center and finishing there as well. There was some slopes but I felt they were ok. 2 waterpoints were at either end of the ‘8’. The surprise came after the third km, where suddenly the BEACH appear and you had to do a loop on sand !! … Yeah sand !! Just wondered what those with strollers were going to do here.

After the sand break, it was about 1.5k to the finish where we were given a plastice bag and made our way to what looked like a porduction line and the volunteers were there to give us our goodies which we could keep in the plastic bag … and it was a lot of goodies from biscuits, milk, yoghurt drinks, crackers, dips etc… Grabbed the so very cute medal and made my way to the Meiji Fair to check it out.

The Fair was open to the public and you could purchase discounted food items from there. Ice Cream seemed to be the best seller there. It was still really hot and I did not want to wait too long as I just wanted to get out of my very wet attire. So I skipped the movie screening and lucky draw and picked up what I needed, and made my way back to the car. I did enjoy the run, just that the weather was so very hot. The route was ok just too narrow and crowded and they should have a better water management at the start/finish. Could not find the water point until someone pointed me to the correct location hidden in a little corner. It sure did live up to its Most Delicious Race motto !

1st Siargao International Marathon Coming This July 23!

THE FIRST Siargao International Marathon will take place on July 23, 2017 at the bustling Municipality of Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte.  The 42.195-kilometer footrace will be a fundraising activity for the benefit of the rehabilitation and preservation of the said municipality’s mangrove forests under the dynamic leadership of youthful Mayor Alfredo “JR” Matugas Coro II.

Thousands of runners from all over the globe will converge at the Numancia Elementary School grounds for the out and back cover traversing a good section of the Siargao Circumferential Road.  The 5:00 AM gun start will allow all to get to experience the island’s breathtaking scenery that includes the coastline that has given Siargao fame as a haven for surfing and other water sports.

For those not ready for the full distance, participants may opt to join the 21-kilometer or five-kilometer side events.  Entry fees are set at PHP 1,800.00 for 42 kilometers and PHP 1,400.00 for 21 kilometers while the five-kilometer race is free to Siargao residents but non-residents must pay PHP 600.00.

“We are limiting the race to only 1,000 runners to ensure a quality race,” said race director Coach Rio de la Cruz during the recent media launch.  Joining him were Rep. Francisco Jose “Bingo” F. Matugas of the First District of Surigao del Norte, Erick Bartolome of Open Space Media and Runrio’s Andrew Neri.

Registration is now ongoing at www.runrio.com.  Those without credit cards may pay via bank deposit or through registration centers to be set up in Siargao for local runners.

Run the rural roads of Siargao Island this July 23. Sign up now at www.runrio.com.

The race kit for the full and half-marathon includes a race singlet, race bib with timing chip plus a loot bag, medal and finisher shirt upon crossing the finish line.  Five-kilometer runners will receive a bib only.

Making the race extra special is that each runner will have one mangrove seedling pledged in his or her name that will be part of a planting activity on July 25.  Dr. Jurgenne Primavera, Chief Mangrove Scientific Adviser, will deliver a talk as part of the ceremonies.

Race kits may be claimed at the Sayak Airport from July 20 to 22.  Several side activities are also set for participants including an island tour on July 20 and a carbo-loading party on July 21.

Travel and lodging accommodations may also be arranged through the Runrio website.  Major sponsor Skyjet Airlines has allocated several flights that will be exclusive for race participants.

For sure, running on the island is a welcome change as it offers everyone a new route to conquer away from the usual urban marathons.  Grab the chance now to be part of running history and sign up now as slots, flights and hotels are very limited.

The First Ever “Rising Together – Baton Run” (by Rebekah Ong)

Mok Ying Ren, Soh Hua Qun and Evan Chee are just some of the familiar names that you would hear in the local running scene! These are some of Singapore’s best athletes/ running elites and I had an amazing opportunity last weekend, 13 May 2017, to participate in the Singapore leg of the “Rising Together – Baton Run” with them and the RunONE Community!


Now some of you may be wondering what is RunONE. RunONE aims to bring running to everyone. They are also the training partner for this year’s Straits Times Run. RunONE is co-founded by Dr Mok Ying Ren and Jed Senthil. You can find out more about them here.

Rising Together – Baton Run

The Rising Together Baton Run is a lead-up event to the 29th SEA Games and 9th ASEAN Para Games in Kuala Lumpur. This is the first time that such an event is organised by a hosting country in the history of SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games.

Singapore is the penultimate leg in the relay circuit, which has passed through the capital cities of nine other Southeast Asian countries since March. The baton relay will switch to a torch relay and continue through all the Malaysian states before concluding in Kuala Lumpur on 19 August for the SEA Games opening ceremony

[Dates of the Baton Run in the different cities – Photo courtesy of Kuala Lumpur 2017]

The Singapore leg of the “Rising Together – Baton Run” had Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu and Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports Khairy Jamaluddin with other participants such as Team Singapore athletes, Singapore Sports School student-athletes and Team Nila volunteers join in the Baton relay.  It will also feature various notable athletes and sports personalities including gymnast Lim Heem Wei, badminton player Ronald Susilo and swimmers Ang Peng Siong and Mark Chay. The Baton Run was scheduled to pass through several iconic Singapore landmarks such as the Youth Olympic Park, Marina Bay Sands, The Merlion and the Sir Stamford Raffles Statue.

Event Day Excitement

My friend, Cheng Yee and I arrived at SCAPE Youth Park bright and early to meet up with the rest of the group and the team from RunOne! It was nice to see everyone excited and ready up for the event! This being a national event,  somehow felt like we were participating in a National Day Parade segment! The RunONE team introduced themselves and gave a short briefing on the event day line-up. Once the briefing was done, we went to change into “Rising Together” event tee! I really liked the design of the event tee though it was slightly too big for me. We took some group photos before hopping onto the shuttle bus which took us to our START point.

The total distance for the Singapore leg of the “Rising Together – Baton Run” leg covered 16.5 KM and there were nine checkpoints. We super excited to be on Mok Ying Ren’s Team which was the 2nd last checkpoint which will start from the Arts House and end at the Somerset Skate Park.

[Route Map for Singapore leg of the “Rising Together – Baton Run”]

Getting to know the Team

While waiting for the baton to arrive, we had the chance to interact with the team from RunOne. It was interesting hearing the athletes talk about managing their training while balancing work and life. It really takes lots of hard work and discipline to do what they do. I salute them for their commitment on going the distance. They also talked about their upcoming events and one of it was the Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2017 happening this weekend on 20 May. Evan Chee and Soh Hua Qun would be representing Singapore in the event.

Time to Run As One

As the time drew nearer to the arrival of the baton arriving, we had to get into formation. The group was led by none other than Dr Mok Ying Ren (double gold medalist in 2007 and 2013 Games), and then followed by the athletes managed by RunONE , Evan Chee and Soh Hua Qun. The rest of us formed up behind them. This is the formation that we had to keep while running to the next checkpoint.

Minister Grace Fu and her contingent soon arrived and the baton was passed to Dr Mok. Off we started out journey to the Somerset Skate Park. Truth be told, I was a tad nervous as I’m not a fast runner and I’m on the team which is led by some of Singapore best runners. I was worried that I could not keep up but that all that changed when we started running. During the run, all of us were chatting with each other and it was enjoyable to run because the group encouraged one another to keep going. My nerves just dissipated. The pace that we were running at was slightly faster than my normal but since it’s a short distance, I was still enjoying the whole experience.

We ran past places like Raffles City Shopping Center, Singapore Management University (SMU), Istana Park which you never would during a normal day/event. It was a surreal feeling to have the police mobile squad driving alongside the team and to have them stop traffic so that we can make our way to the Somerset Skate Park. It felt like we owned the road and you can run freely. It was a great feeling also to have people along the route cheering us on as we made our way to the other checkpoint. Talk about being the centre of attention!

We ran for about 2.5 KM before we reached the Somerset Skate Park. Dr Mok handed over the baton to Rio Paralympic Games triple gold medalist in swimming, Yip Pin Xiu, who then proceeded to complete the 16.5km run. It was an awesome feeling completing the short but fun run.  All of us headed back to the SCAPE Youth Park for the closing of the event.

You can click here for the press release on the Singapore leg of the “Rising Together – Baton Run”.

What a Saturday! Big thanks to RunOne for the opportunity! This experience would definitely a highlight of 2017 for me and it would be engraved in my memory for a very long time. Not only did I get a once-in-a-lifetime experience running alongside a team of elite runners but at the same time Run together as One to represent and promote Singapore as part of the SEA Games. Till my next write-up! Let’s Run as One!

Race Review: Mata Amazing Race, Edition 1 2017 (by ‘The ReAwakenedRunner’)

Credits : Tony Ton Ton Fun Shots / Digiplex Studios

This Race Review was written from the Race Directors’ perspective
The Race Directors are : Eugene, Tony, Steven, & Jason

The Mata Amazing Race Directors (L-R) : Jason, EuGene, Tony, & Steven (front) with Bee Choo, & Lily

The Mata Amazing Race is a FOC, no-frills, self supported (BYO hydration), integrity based, team event with a unique twist
The race has a 4-hour cutoff time with a typical distance of 12km
The race requires teams to identify their checkpoints, and then plan their own route

Teams are given 12 clues each
Each team is made up of 1 leader and 2 fellow members
Teams are allowed the use of smartphones (to Google), as well as taking any shortcut through buildings, and underpasses. That said, the use of any mode of transportation is strictly prohibited !
Each of the 12 clues has been deliberately cropped / zoomed in to minimize its location from being compromised by the surroundings
All 12 clues must be resolved as each is the location of the CP (checkpoint) of the race
Teams must make their way on foot to every one of these 12 locations before heading back to the Finish Line as a team
At every CP, teams must take a wefie with all 3 members in a single shot with the corresponding CP clearly visible in the background
a +1 hour Time Penalty (to be added to the finishing time) is awarded to teams who :
1) Get the CP wrong
2) Do not have all members of the team in the wefie
The maximum time penalty for any given CP is +1 hour regardless of whether the team fails one or both tasks at a particular CP

The Birth of The Mata Amazing Race :
RD Eugene first brought up his idea of a Mata Ultra Amazing Race during the trial run of my (Jason) Run-To-Eat event back in late November of last year.
The concept of Run-To-Eat is somewhat similar to this race except that it is not a team based run. The CPs are food centres, and runners are required to take selfies at these CPs. The idea of Run-To-Eat as a race has since been shelved, and is now more of a fun get-together run
Fundamentally, The Mata Amazing Race is a scaled-down version of Eugene’s Mata Ultra Amazing Race. The clues though are not as straightforward as his original concept. They have been tweaked to be more challenging for this Mata Amazing Race

For the first Mata Amazing Race, the CPs were based on sculptures and statues located in the CBD area (Participants are kept in the dark as to the theme of the race till after flagoff on race day)
An on-site recce was carried out about 3 months ago
Many details were ironed out, and meticulously scrutinized. The time penalty system only came about during this process.
The race was based on a 3-member team to promote team spirit, and camaraderie.
A team is only as fast as it’s slowest runner !
We’ve also tweaked the clues to make it more challenging during this period, and increased the number of CPs from the intended 9 to the final 12
A ranking system was also formulated for teams that starts off with less than full strength, as well as teams that finishes with a man or two short

RD Jason laying out the clues for the teams … Photo Credits : Tan Kim Lai

Our original target was to have 20-25 teams, given that none of us had previous experience as a Race Director.
Once we had attained the minimal target number, we decided to fund the inclusion of trophies for each member of the Top 5 winning teams, as well as providing 100Plus for finishers, and prizes for the Lucky Draw to be conducted at the end of the event
We would eventually have 35 teams when registrations was closed

The day started with a pre-race registration (attendance), a race briefing, group phototakings, before the race was finally flagged off at 7:37 am
Teams headed for their clues that had been laid out in alphabetical order on the floor
After a momentary lapse of shock and disbelief, teams made light work of their clues and slowly at first one, then a couple more .. streamed off from the staging area to execute their plan and their preferred routes
Most importantly, teams understood that this race was based very much more so on planning than just running fast

teams at work …

moving out …. Photo Credits : Dave Poh (Pictureart Gallery)

Team Wefies at CPs :

team JEJ Mochi

Unbelievably, just when we were expecting teams to take at least 2 hours to complete … the first team returned after 1 Hr 31 Mins ! These included time spent on online search engines, as well as planning the route.

The Champions; team B1 Runners covered 14 km, had to backtrack once or twice between CPs, but otherwise nailed all the CPs without the dreaded time penalty !
They were possibly the team that covered the longest distance of the race.
3 more teams returned within 9 minutes after team B1 Runners, with the last podium slot all but wrapped up in 1 Hr 52 Mins since the race was flagged off
Incredibly, all 32 teams that towed the line at the start not only completed all the 12 CPs given, but amazingly not a single team had incurred any time penalty at all !

1st – B1 Runners
2nd – Random Heroes
3rd – YaoGui
4th – Pocanhontas
5th – Bank Robber

Champions : B1 Runners … one word best sum up this team, Elites ! … Photo Credit : David Tan (Mythos Photography)
2nd : Random Heroes … 11th Hour inclusion ! losing out on first place by a mere 6 mins
3rd : 要鬼 (Yào Guǐ) … the first team to register for this race. narrowly missing out on 2nd by less than 2 mins
4th : Pocahontas … third team to register for the event, their secret weapon : teacher
5th : Bank Robber … “misfits” ! Leader has never met his sidekicks, and one of them was robbed from RDs. he was supposed to help with logistics (no, he has no inside knowledge of the clues), had to stand-in for another robber who had cold feet 😛

Compilation of the teams in ranked order
E-Certificates, done up in under 3 days by RD EuGene

The responses we received filled us with a sense of pride and joy.
We knew this event was going to be different, going to be fun, but at the same time felt it might be challenging to some teams, and for that we were a little apprehensive before the race was underway.
By the end of the event, we felt a sense of relief as every team got all 12 CPs correct !
We’ve had a few participants thanking us more than once for organizing this event.
The online survey reassured us of these positives, but most importantly, we needed to know if there was any area we needed looking into, needed working on.
Alas, the comments we received were simply awesome !
It made us rookie Race Directors feeling very humbled and satisfied.
A big Thank You to each and every participant !

We wanted to give something back to the running community; to bring friends together, to promote team work and camaraderie, and to provide the platform for strangers (runners) to become friends

Buoyed by the feedback of the first edition, we (race directors) are certainly keen and looking forward to getting work on the next one started
We’ve been gathering ideas and hope to soon recce on site
As to when the race will be, we hope it’ll happen soon
Our goal remains the same. Keep it FOC, yet provide trophies for Top 5 teams … and hopefully Lucky Draw prizes, and drinks at the end of the event
Our ultimate goal is to attract sponsors for each edition, naming the edition in their honour, and raising awareness and increasing the exposure of their products or services
We seek sponsors for the trophies, lucky draws, and drinks (not monetary benefits)
So please help spread the word. Thank you
We can be reached via our FB page (link below)

Mata Amazing Race Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/MataAmazingRace2017/



Recap of the Top 5 Teams

We also like to thank our fellow RD Tony Goh of Digiplex Studios for the Printouts (clues sheet), the Mat designating the Finish (spot), and Photography
The photographers who have so generously volunteered and sacrificed their Sunday morning shooting, and thereafter the time to review, process, and upload their work.
We would like to thank the following people :
Photographers; David Tan (Mythos Photography), Dave Poh (Pictureart Gallery), Tan Kim Lai, Tony Goh (Tony Ton Ton Funshots / Digiplex Studios), Tay Guan Kiat, Wilson Ong, Shiok Runner (Running Shiok)  [in no particular order]
Bee Choo for a mammoth effort in recording the finishing times of the teams, especially during the bunch up midway thru
Lily Bimmo for your help and company
and, Nel for co-sponsoring the lucky draw prizes

And last but not least, The Runners !
… for there cannot be a race, without the runners !

credits : David Tan (Mythos Photography)

Electric Shocks – Could It Help You Perfect Your Running Technique?

Elite runners slash trained professional runners tend to land on the front of their feet in contrast with recreational runners who have a greater tendency to land on their heels. Landing on your heels have been linked to a higher chance of injury due to the impact (however this still remains a debate). However, it is always tricky when it comes to changing your first natural instinct as to how you run. Changing your form would mean having to be conscious about going against what you are used to. Perhaps a jolt of electricity could do the trick?


The Footstriker

Behold the mighty Footstriker – a brand new device that uses electric stimulation to move the runner’s foot to the right angle right before it hits the ground. Early tests suggest that this has a great effect on altering a runner’s style.

How It Works?

The FootStriker uses a pressure sensor placed in a shoe’s insole to detect which part of the foot lands first. Whenever a bad step is recorded during a run, a pad on the back of the calf jumps into action. With this little burst of electricity, the muscles are stimulated and the position of the foot is corrected on the next landing.

The Test

In an early test, the device were tested on 6 runners. During the initial 1 kilometre run without the assistance of The Footstriker device, the percentage of heel strikes was over 95 per cent. After that, runners were instructed to run a further 3km with the device turned on. The percentage of a heel landing plummeted to 16 per cent – showing some promising results. For the final kilometre, the device was switched off and the percentage of heel landing further plummeted to a mere 8 per cent. This suggests that the foot has learnt the new technique. In the testing, the device was only worn on one foot, but improvement happened in both.

In contrast, a control group received coaching on landing on their forefoot. However, the improvement statistic was only a reduction in in 17 per cent from 97 per cent to 80 per cent.

The Solution?

It is difficult to break bad habits, so could the new Footstriker be the solution?We hope so.

Exercises That Help You Live Longer / Better: Do They really exist?

Anybody will know that any form of exercise or movement that gets you moving and sweating will keep you in good shape to live a better, fuller, healthier life. It really doesn’t matter whether you are doing 10km sprints or taking it easy with a slow walk every day. As long as you are constantly on the move, you should be in the best shape of your life.

But as time progresses, we find ourselves asking if there are ‘special’ exercises that we can do to keep us even healthier so that we can live longer lives. Are there such exercises and will they really help to extend our lives? Apparently, there are and yes, they do help in keeping us living longer and healthier.

#1 Climbing The Stairs

Photo Credits: Livestrongcdn

It may seem like such a small thing but deciding to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator can do your body loads of good. According to a small Swiss study conducted in 2008, sedentary people who switched to taking the stairs cut their risk of dying prematurely by 15 percent. And of course, you can lose those excess pounds in the interim too!

#2 Exercising For Just 15 Minutes A Day

There’s really no need to work out for 30 minutes or more each day to get the full benefits, especially if you are a busy individual and are already struggling to set aside time for everything else in your life. In fact, it’s interesting to note that a study in 2011 showed that as compared to people who lead very inactive lifestyles, just 15 minutes of daily activity like brisk walking, added three years to life expectancy.

#3 Intensify Your Workout

Basically, this means that whatever exercise that you have been engaging in, all you need to do is increase the intensity of it to lengthen your lifespan. Imagine being able to live an additional 3.5 to 3.7 years just by sprinting for half an hour, five days a week. I would do that!

#4 Go For A Swim

Probably due to the nature of the sport where you don’t have to suffer the consequences of impact, it seems that swimmers have a lower mortality rate as compared to those who walk and run for their exercise. And if you didn’t already know this, swimming can also help you to relax by drowning out your thoughts, stresses and surrounding noise which adds to its longevity powers.

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Stinky Running Clothes – How To Take Care of Them

To those of you who work out regularly, you will know the smell on your workout clothes that come with it. And it may seem like no matter how much you wash them, you still catch that musky waft each time you put them on again for the next session.

If you find yourself getting caught in this conundrum once too often, these tips below for getting rid of the stink (consisting mostly of your sweat!), on your exercise clothes may be highly useful for you.

#1 Wash Them Immediately When They Are Really Sweaty

Photo Credits: Today

This is especially for those who always seem to return from a workout session drenched in sweat, with your workout clothes soaking in it too. Make sure you wash them immediately because when sweat gets a chance to “marinate”, it literally does that to your clothes.

#2 Soak In White Vinegar Before Washing

This is a rather interesting solution and adds to the notion that white vinegar is good for so many reasons. Soak your exercise clothes in the sink or a bucket with a cup of vinegar and some cold water for about 15 to 30 minutes, before throwing them into the washing machine. Of course if you feel like your clothes may need a little more of the vinegar solution, there’s no harm putting some in the wash too.

#3 Add Baking Soda

Baking soda is another one of those miracle items that is used in almost everything to get rid of stink. All you need to do is out one cup of baking soda into your washing machine with your smelly clothes and voila! Clean, fresh smelling workout clothes for your next gym session!

#4 Lemon Juice

Photo Credits: Natural On

It’s interesting how the simple lemon can not only add an immense amount of flavour to our food and drink, but can also help to get rid of the stench on our clothes. All you need is the juice of one large lemon, pour it into the washing machine with your clothes, and let it do its magic. If you are wondering how lemon juice helps, it’s basically because of the citric acid that breaks down the oils in the materials, leaving your clothes bacteria and funky scent free.

#5 Stick Them In The Freezer

If you need to use your workout clothes very soon after, the next best alternative to washing them will be to stick them into the freezer. The cold air will destroy the smell but do remember to chuck them in a plastic bag though. You don’t want to have to deal with frozen clothes especially when you need to use them again so soon.

#6 Hang Them Outside To Dry

Photo Credits: Smart Thing Blog

This tip is a no-brainer. Although there are detergents that are made specially for indoor drying for laundry, it’s always best to let your stinky clothes dry naturally outdoors. For one, the sun will help to get rid of the bacteria in your clothes and two, you won’t risk having to put up with that weird mildew smell throughout your home. Win-win situation.

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4 Ways Running Improves Your Brain Function

You probably already know, or heard that running does your body good. Perhaps you also know running does wonders to your brain too. The benefits are both mental and physical. In fact almost every aspect of brain function can be improved with running – here’s how.

1. Running improves your memory

Various studies done on various groups of people, especially older adults have shown that memory test of subjects improved much more in the test group that went running instead of other forms of exercise like lifting weights [1].

Those who did cardiovascular exercise like running produced an increase in growth of a protein called brain-deprived neurotrophic factor or BDNF. The effect was not only healthier brain cells but actually caused an increase in new ones.

2. Running protects against brain aging

New research has proven that our brain is constantly reshaping itself. Your habits, behaviour, thoughts, emotions and daily experiences all combine to change the shape and connections in your brain. Called neuroplasticity – that means your brain cells are always forming new connections with each other, thanks to BDNF.

The world renowned Salk Institute in San Diego reported that all forms of physical exercise, as little as three hours a week helps generate new brain cells. Running can even reverse brain shrinkage in older adults.

3. Running helps you fight stress

As a runner, I get a small sense of accomplishment every time I finish a run because I set out to do something and I feel satisfied I did it. During exercise, the body releases more cortisol, the stress hormone, but regular exercise at the right intensity teaches the body to adapt and produce less cortisol each time [2]. Overall, active people have lower cortisol levels and feel less stressed. Exercise also makes neoplastic changes mentioned earlier that can make permanent changes in mood, self-confidence, promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety. I have a big mug on my desk that says ‘Keep Calm and Go for a Run’ – the best advice ever!

4. Running makes you happier

Well most of the time it does, but the sedentary person might not agree. Scientifically, running produces ‘happy chemicals’ like endorphins which reduces pain and increases positive emotions. These are the body’s natural painkillers and create feelings of pleasure. You may have experienced the ‘runners high’ – a feeling of happiness, less pain during the early part of your run or race.

Running helps build Mental toughness

Thanks to these positive changes to the brain due to running. Overall this leads to building better mental toughness – Composure, confidence, concentration, Cope-ability and Cohesion – all can be improved with running. As a running and a mental toughness coach, I see a connection – successful athletes who bring their self-discipline and Mental toughness from sport and apply it to their life, work or play – helps them become a better athlete and a better person [3].


[1] Chan, Davis, Lindsay, Nagamatsu et al, ‘Physical activity improves Verbal and Spatial memory in Older Adults…’ Journal of Aging Research 2013

[2] Hill, E.E., Zack, E., Battaglini, C., Viru, M., Viru, A. and Hackney, A.C., 2008. Exercise and circulating cortisol levels: the intensity threshold effect. J Endocrinol Invest, 31(7), pp.587-91.

[3] Weinberg, Robert. Mental toughness for sport, business, and life. AuthorHouse, 2010.

It’s Flu season. How To Keep The Sniffles Away Besides Consuming Vitamin C.

Image credit: appletozebra.com

The weather hasn’t been very kind to us lately. One minute it is hot as heck and the next thing you know, it starts raining cats and dogs and the temperature in the office gets so low, you think you are in some wintry country having a holiday.

And our humidity isn’t helping. With all these rapid weather and temperature changes comes a slew of illnesses that can attack any of us if we allow our guard to be down. Flu is the one that most of us seem to be suffering from so keeping it at bay, especially during this period, will be awesome. But besides consuming Vitamin C, are there other ways to keep this nasty bug as far away from us as possible? Yes, and here are some ways to do it.

#1 Lots Of Sunlight AKA Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an amazingly effective antimicrobial agent, so optimizing your levels will not only help send a cold or flu virus packing, it will also prevent them from invading your body in the first place. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight so go out there and get as much as that as you can! This is one of the perks of living in a country as sunny as Singapore.

#2 Consume Loads Of Green Tea

It is good to know that green tea makes a really fragrant and comforting hot drink on a cold day, it also contains antiviral properties that can be helpful against a flu infection. Load up on your stock of green tea and try consuming one tea bag a day (with multiple refills), to keep the nasty flu bug away.

#3 Mushrooms

Photo Credits: Mushroom Group

Probably something you didn’t expect but apparently, consuming mushrooms can help to fight the flu by supporting your immune system. This is also a good time to let you know that while most people will think of just eating the fleshy part of the mushroom, the magic lies in the section that grows underground. Simply put, all you have to do is consume the mushrooms in their entirety and you are all set to combat the flu bug.

#4 Supplements Besides Vitamin C

While Vitamin C may be the most favoured choice of flu prevention, there are a few other supplements you can take as alternatives such as propolis, oregano oil and olive leaf extract. These are all natural so there shouldn’t be any worry about any negative side effects on your body.

#5 Sleep Well And Exercise

While all of the above can help strengthen your immune system, the best ways to make sure you are keeping your body fighting fit is by giving it enough rest and getting a good dose of exercise regularly. Depriving your body of sleep, being overly anxious and stressed, and being too sedentary, can cause your immune system to weaken and that’s where all the trouble starts.

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Race Review: Runninghour 2017 (by blizzy8)

FEAR the final frontier, to boldly go where no runner has gone before!

Runninghour 2017 is a unique run where you get to experience what it’s like to run without sight. As this run required a buddy, I roped in my running buddy Christina to join me. She was pretty excited about it as it would be a novel run experience. She collected our race packs as I was busy that weekend and could not pick it up. I think this is the only race pack where besides sponsored stuff and a run tee, you get a lanyard and blindfolds in the pack. The run was held on Saturday 13 May at Bedok Reservoir, flag off for the 10k event was at 5pm while the 5k and 3.5k events were flagged off later.

We arrived pretty early and had a chance to catch up on some of the activities there. For the 10k event, it would be 2 rounds the reservoir with a small loop on the first lap. It was a fun run to create awareness for the visually impaired. What happens is that you and your buddy will take turns running with the blindfold on. After the first 500m there is a change over area and then another 500m, after which you are free to complete the course in any fashion you wish.

We got off to some heart-pumping aerobics exercise led by these 5 very enthusiastic and coordinated young people. Me with my 2 left feet usually do not fair well in these types of warm-ups.

5pm and the horn sounded and we were off. I decided to start with the blindfolds first and by buddy would guide me with the lanyard. Now at these runs usually you would go through a few emotions like anxiety, the adrenaline rush, the exhaustion, pain, exhilaration of completing the event etc. etc. but for the first time a new emotion was felt … FEAR ! Once the blinds went down over the eyes, it was not easy just to even take the first steps. You can hear the voices and shuffle of feet so near you. There was this illogical fear of bumping into someone and I even felt that there would be a tree or lamppost right in front of me and I would bump right into it. But all you got to do is trust your running buddy. So with that after the initial fear (well it did not actually go away) I felt more comfortable and picked up the pace a little. Falling over was not so much of a worry it was the bumping into someone which was the main fear … for me anyways. We changed over at the changeover point and this time it was me who lead and you had to be aware of your surroundings as you guide the runner through. We made it through the first km and then we took off our blinds and ran the rest of the way. On the 2nd loop, we tried again the blindfolds and it did not really get better, same old fear was there. It truly gave me a greater appreciating of visually impaired runners.

As we completed our run we ran through the finish point lanyard in hand. We collected our medal .. only the medal as the lanyard was already given and proceeded to make our way home. As you can see from the medal above, the reverse side had braille characters. Now I think that was an excellent idea as it got me curious and so I googled braille and managed to read out the word and it said “Runinghour” and that was with a capital “R”. All in a really interesting event and it was an eye opener to run blindfold, well at least 2km of the 10km route. If you ever want to try something different, this would be it !!

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017: Flag-off Times, Road Closures and Last-Minute Information

It’s happening this weekend! Malaysia’s BIGGEST marathon is back!

This year’s Standard Chartered KL Marathon once again is set to be the most iconic running event in Malaysia! Once again, more than 35,000 runners will descend into Dataran Merdeka at the 9th Edition of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. There will be 6 race distances- Kids Dash (3km and 1km), 5km, 10km, Half Marathon and the Full Marathon.

As we are psyched for the flag-off the night, here are some important last minute information for all runners.

Flag Off Times

Routes and Hydration Information

Log your time at JustRaceLah! – The Free App for Runners

Keep track of your results and progress by adding any of the 1000+ races of our database to your own portfolio. Keep your running memories organised and see your timings improving!

Download for free of iOS and Android via: www.justracelah.com

Road Closure Advisory

Public Transport

Selected stations at the Ampang, Sri Petaling, Kelana Jaya and Monorail train lines will commence operations from 2:00am and will run at intervals of 10 minutes. Please refer to the map below for the selected stations that will be open. You may park your vehicle at stations with park-and-ride facilities. Parking fees may apply.

Courtesy of Dirigo Events, the LRT service will be complimentary from 2:00am till 6:00am. Normal operations and standard charges will apply thereafter. All you need to do is to purchase your MyRapid cards for your trip home.


We hope you have a great race experience! Don’t forget to tag your photos with #justrunlah on Instagram!

See you at the finish line!

Source / More info: www.kl-marathon.com

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