9 Health Benefits of Cycling

If you are one of those who prefer to do something more interesting than running, cycling may be a good sport to consider. Those who are serious about cycling swear by the amount of good the sport has done for and to them.

But besides the adrenaline rush that comes from the ability to go really fast on a bicycle, what are the various health benefits that come with it? Taking into consideration that you probably only need a few hours a week pedaling away to attain them.

1. Your heart gets stronger

As with any exercise, bicycling requires loads of stamina, which also means a set of stronger lungs and a stronger hear. Doing regular rides can help to strengthen your heart muscles and make you feel healthier and better about yourself.

2. Increased muscle strength and flexibility

You are also doing some form of cardio when you ride your bicycle. If you notice, there are a lot of maneuvering required to maintain balance and your core may even be worked while doing so. Every part of your body is being exercised when you are vigorously pedaling away, which makes for a great workout.

asian male cyclist training on a road

3. Improved joint mobility

This is obvious. When you ride a bicycle, you are constantly moving all your limbs at almost the same time, especially your legs. You may actually have better joint movement after riding for a while and maybe even get rid of the pain in that knee.

4. Decreased stress levels

Similar to other forms of exercise, going for a ride can take away the stress of the day. A good 5km can ensure that you will have sweated out all the pressures of the work day by the time you get home, especially after a good shower.

5. Better posture and coordination

Your coordination will definitely improve because of the constant movement of all your limbs and senses while you are on a route. However, having better posture is dependent on the type of bicycle you ride. If yours is a mountain bike or one of those racing kinds, your back may be compromised.


6. Bones become stronger

As with your joints, your bones will also get stronger from all the pedaling and movement.

7. Body fat will dip

Those of you who are looking for an adrenaline-filled exercise to lose weight, perhaps cycling may be the one for you.

8. Diseases can be prevented or managed

When your body is strong, your immune system is also kept strong, keeping diseases and illnesses at bay.


9. Reduced anxiety and depression

Like how riding a few kilometres can help to reduce stress, it can also dip your anxiety and depression levels to an all-time low. This is definitely beneficial for our mental and emotional health in the long run.

What Important Supplements Do Our Bodies Need As We Age?

Adding life to your years, and years to your life.

As we grow older, our bodies start to decline in almost every aspect. Our metabolism dips to an all-time low, we get tired faster and everything starts sagging. This is because our bodies are no longer as capable of absorbing some key nutrients which may be a result of a blunt in appetite because of the declining food tasting abilities. It may also be because some foods become difficult to chew or digest in our golden years.

In light of this, there are several supplements we will need to keep our bodies going as we age. Here are some of them and reasons why we should be getting enough of this bunch.

1. Calcium


I am only in my early 30s and am already experiencing pain in my joints due to old sports injuries. Because of that, I try to have as much calcium as I can get from dairy products such as cheese and milk. We all know how calcium helps to fortify our bones and teeth and keep them from breaking easily but did you also know that not enough of it will cause you body to leach it out of your bones? If cheese and milk aren’t your thing, you can always reach out to your local health store for calcium supplements that work just as well.

2. Fiber


According to some health professionals, it is necessary for us to take a dump at least once a day to clear our bowels and system. However, as we get older, our bodies don’t absorb as well as it used to and what happens is we get constipated, which is really uncomfortable. Besides ensuring regular bowel movement, fiber is also required to protect against heart disease. Fiber can be found in most vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and whole grains, but if these are not items you have on your regular menu, you can seek out fiber supplements from your doctor too.

3. Omega-3 Fats


The first thing most people will think about when they see this is salmon. And salmon is a really delicious way of getting your day’s worth of this supplement. Omega-3 fats are unsaturated fats found primarily in fatty fish that have a wide range of benefits including reducing symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis and slowing the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is a disease that reduces vision in the elderly. It may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and perhaps even keep the brain sharper as we age. Talk to your doctor if you need to take supplements for this.

4. Vitamin B12


The entire B vitamin group has lots of nutrients that are required for the well-being of our bodily functions. Vitamin B12, in particular, is important in creating red blood cells and DNA and for maintaining nerve function. Unfortunately, older people don’t get a lot of it because they aren’t able to absorb it from food as well as the younger folks. Although Vitamin B12 can be found in fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk and dairy products, it may also be a good idea to seek out your doctor’s opinion on starting you on supplements.

Event Review: #CreateYourCourt by adidas Singapore (by Rebekah)

hold-court-bannerHold Court’, ‘#CreateYourCourt’ are words normally associated with Tennis. I came to know about this event when I was scrolling through Facebook and saw the #CreateYourCourt posted on Adidas page. Naturally I was curious and decided to find out more.


#CreateYourCourt is a Women only event which encourages women to put their own spin on the rules, and transform their training. This event had also invited some of Adidas’ biggest global tennis stars — Angelique Kerber, Garbiñe Muguruza and Simona Halep, in an immersive and adrenaline-filled women-only workout experience in the heart of the city.


#CreateYourCourt is a series of different workout events throughout the entire day on 20 October at The Adidas Court, The Pavilion – Far East Square. These 1 hour Workouts can be a Speed Training based on HIIT, a dance-based Mobility Training, a Power Training based on POUND®fit, or an hour long dance-workout finale led by Adidas Trainers and Creators.


I signed up for the dance-workout finale and was lucky enough to get a slot. I read through all the classes brief write-up and thought this looks interesting and do-able hahaha… I’m not someone who dances or fancy going to a Body Jam class at the gym. In fact my class preference would be a Step workout class or an aerobics class but I thought, hey I should just be thick skinned and just try. If I don’t try I will never know. I decided to drag my friend Cheng Yee (CY) along since it’s more fun working out with a friend!


We got our confirmation on Tuesday morning! The Ultimate Dance-workout Finale is a workout inspired by Tennis that combines fly tracks which provide the peaks and troughs of intensity that you need during a workout! The music will also guide you through an immersive and infectious total body aerobic workout – ending the series of training sessions on a high note with adidas Trainer, Nor Dee Dee.Dee Dee is a professional dancer with more than 15 years of working dance experience. She was one of the first trainers to establish street dance as a regular activity in gyms, and has been recognised internationally for her work as a dance choreographer. She strongly believes that every dancer should find their own natural and achieved style.



The dance-workout finale was scheduled to start at 20:30 hrs but participants were encourage to be there 15 minutes earlier. Dressed in our Adidas dance/ workout outfits, CY and me met for a quick dinner before heading to the Venue. When we got to Far East Square, there were direction sign boards that lead us to The Adidas Court. I was so glad that they had those boards if not I think I would get lost. We happily registered ourselves and got a short introduction to what we could do before the class started. There was hair braiding services provided by Toni and Guys, a juice bar that will provide shots of fruit juice before or after each session, an interactive video game center and lots of photo opportunities.


CY and Me decided to check out the juice bar first. They had really interesting combinations of juices and were really yummy drinks. After that, we decided to go around taking some photos around the area. 15 minutes passes really fast when you’re having fun!

Soon Dee Dee was up on stage asking the participants to join her on the Adidas Court. Like most Singaporeans, we are very shy so a lot of us huddled at the back but Dee Dee encouraged us to move forwards. I was a bit nervous because I was standing in like the thrird row which was pretty front and normally for dance classes all the very good dancers would stand in the front! I always felt like a penguin during dance classes because some moves were just hard to do.


Warm up started with some simple dance moves like body rolls and dynamic dance stretches to slower tempo songs! That slowly build up to like a dance routine. Moves were fun and pretty simple to follow! What made the session even more enjoyable was the energy that Dee Dee brought to the class. The songs that she played were super catchy and fun! She also did a breakdown the dance moves so that beginners like me can catch the moves. We were all movin’ and groovin! What a party!! I sure didn’t feel like a penguin hahah… Check out the pics below! Photos are courtesy of Adidas Singapore.



Soon the class ended and all us had that high! You know that feeling when you just completed a workout! Group photos were taken and that was the end of the session! Big thanks to organisers Adidas for the invite and Dee Dee who made the class soooo enjoyable. After that session, I can tell you I was quite inspired and may actually consider taking some dance classes.

Till my next review! Have fun everyone!

Race Review: YOLO Run 2016 [10 KM] (by KenJoe)

Photo Credit : Running Shots

You Only Live Once – YOLO.  Easy to understand, a catchy phrase that can appeal to most, if not all.  This is the name of the run that started in 2015.  The company behind the run is Singapore-based garment manufacturer X-Change Republic and the founder of this company is Xavier Bay, a 26-year-old Singaporean, who started the company right after he completed his A levels at age 18.  His entrepreneurship story is indeed an inspiring one.  Back in 2015 YOLO Run, for every runner who ran shirtless then, a T-shirt would be donated to an underprivileged child from a developing country.

I started running in late 2014, and got the ‘race’ bug in 2015, completing average of 2 per month.   Carpe Deim was my motto for the days then as I woke up to a fresh morning run almost every day. YOLO appealed to me then.  I thought it would be a good idea to challenge the mindset to do a shirtless run in public, and in the process contribute something back to ‘society’.  So I just signed up in 2015 for the fun run then.  It was with some trepidation though that I took off my T-shirt back then because when I reached there early in the morning, I didn’t see any man who was shirtless in the baggage deposit queue, though the women seemed more sporty in their attire.  But for the cause, I just went ahead.  Nearer the start time, other men appeared shirtless but it seemed that men were more shy in that event.  But by the end of the run, everyone has also shed off his/her inhibition to a large extent.

I bumped into my neighbor who took a short video.  Was a bit shocked to watch the video after the race as I thought she had taken a photo.  It was then a 5 km fun race and we just needed to put on a wrist tag which was rather smart.  I also didn’t notice a photographer who took a fairly close up shot too.  The race was breezy and I did enjoy the novelty and liberty of running shirtless in a race, oblivious of my ‘flabbiness’.

Photo Credit : Yolo Run 2015
Photo Credit : Yolo Run 2015

This year, same YOLO run, but different format.  There is still a 5 km run but additional 10 km competitive run.  For the competitive race, there is a nice unique medal.  For each shirtless runner, X-Change Republic Pte Ltd would donate a sports bra to the BRAS (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Singapore), which is essential in the recovery process of patients.

For those who are keen to just get a review of the race, immediate next few paragraphs are my impressions and what I gathered too from some of my running friends and own observation.  I participated in the 10 km race so it’s generally focused on that.

Race Registration was $55 for Early Bird for the 10 km category.  This was good value for your money as you get a singlet (or a sports bra for female), a Tee-shirt, a draw-string bag, a Yoga-mat, a nice customized box amongst the usual promotional items.  There were lead up sessions (some complimentary) to the race but I was too busy with life’s mundane matters to attend.  I believe they are useful but can’t comment further as I didn’t take part.

Race Entry Pack Collection was done at Sports Hub, OCBC Arena, a bit distant but a nice place to collect and no place is really that far in Singapore, especially if you are a serial race runner.  Collection was done within 5 minutes for myself and there were the usual promotional setups but pretty decent display for participants to take photos to enter the photo contest too.  The surprise was that the items were packed in a nice personalized box with your bib number and name sticker pasted.

Race Venue was at Gardens By the Bay, Bay East Garden (near Tanjong Rhu).  This was a tricky venue (lack of car parks near there) but not unfamiliar to most serial runners again.

Shuttle buses were provided at limited MRT stations to venue for a fee of $4.  Free Shuttle Buses were provided too near Stadium MRT.  This was great except that on race day itself, long queues were seen forming at the Stadium.

Queue at Bag Deposits after the Race (and some for the 5 km Start)
Queue at Bag Deposits after the Race (and some for the 5 km Start)

Bag Deposits: A number tag was issued and stapled onto your bib.  This was, I thought a good way to identify the bag except that it was not taken advantage of.  Long queues were seen at the bag deposits especially nearer race time and after the race.  Folks were in the queue for 30 minutes or longer (it took me 25 minutes, a friend 30 minutes and another friend 45 minutes to collect our bags).  Assuming that the turnouts were already as expected, perhaps improvements could be made in the following areas :

  1.  Big number signs could be shown at each queue to indicate the range or just the counter number.  I saw that after queuing for a lengthy time, some participants were redirected to another counter.  It could be that they had forgotten which queue they had been in previously.  The net result is that the other queue then had some people redirected there waiting to be served while the rest of the folks in the queue started to wonder.
  2. The bags were just thrown a bit randomly into the racks behind at least at the counter where I had queued.  They were not in any order so the volunteers needed to search every shelf.  They asked for the description of your bag when collecting, which caused further delays.
  3. The number of volunteers were inadequate, I believed.  There was only one at the counter where I collected mine, though I saw two at the one next to him.  It would have been ideal if the tent set up was such that there is another queue on the opposite side for collection.  But I could understand the lack of space and resources.  Still, if the bags were arranged more in order, in the running sequence they were issued out, it would have probably relieved the frustration of the long wait at the baggage deposits/collection.
Source: YOLORun Website
Source: YOLORun Website

Race Route : It was one of the more challenging ones as it was a loop, which meant that the dreaded Marina Barrage slope had to be negotiated twice, once at the beginning and the other near the end 8-9 km.  Some runners had feedback that the distance seemed a bit short of 10 km, but I had seen at least one runner who showed the distance to be just exceeding 10 km.  Still, the route is fairly ‘standard’ and a nice scenic one.  The weather was comfortable that day though the race started at 7 am, a fairly late time, I felt for a 10 km race.  Towards the end there was a light drizzle but everyone did seem to have a great time (maybe because of that, as it lowered the temperature).  I noticed at least two hydration stations.  It was adequate as I needed only one these days.  An improvement would be perhaps to make the encounter with the barrage to just once or change the route completely.  A 10 km run for newbie (and exposed !) runners starting at 7 am will normally be a very hot affair under Singapore’s sun by the time he/she finishes.  (Mileage signage seemed a bit sparse at the beginning or perhaps I had missed them.)

After Race : the event repeated its successful debut by having the Yoga session (Stretching) by influential Yoga Instructor – Liv Lo, sponsored by Manduka (as promoted).  I didn’t stay back for the session but as per last year’s session, witness the abundance of participants from the photographs.  I believe this was probably one of the most participated after race events compared to the other races.   Speaking of photographers, this event is embraced by many in the scene : Running Shots, Runcapture, YoloRun, Run Society (Jackson Teo), and Umar AK.   I’ve shared some of their great efforts too in this blog and you may find yourself in their FB pages.  Thank you for all the nice photo shots !  (Photo Credits are due to them for the running scenes.) This race will get a full 5 stars for photo coverage if this is high in your requirements for a race.

Race Results were announced on YOLO website 2 days after the event early Monday morning.  An email was also sent by SpaceBib.  Communication and marketing gets high rating too in this race.  On the ground communication for transport could be improved to avoid too long waiting queues.  The Race Medal is quite unique (see further below).

The above is as objective a review as I could do.  What follows is more my personal account of my 25th event’s medal this year or the 25th challenge.

As it was, I caught a bad cold in the week before the race after the Swim For Hope.  Though the cough and bad throat seemed to disappear on Wednesday, they came back on Thursday again.  So You Only Live Once philosophy came a bit differently this time to me.  I had to be in good condition still for the other challenges that I still had on hand, a TOGO1050 that was ongoing (cycle 1050 km in 9 weeks) and preparation for the Spartan Beast, I decided I had to wear my ‘most skimpy singlet’ – not a shirt, for this race and not risk worsening the cold.  It was also good advice by my other ‘adventure’ buddy Francis.  He couldn’t make it for the race due to another commitment but my other running buddy SY turned out in full force with his twins.  His blog is out and he had decided to YOLO run with his twins, which would be one of the precious moments when he looked back on his races for the year, I’m sure.

So just as well too, towards the end of the race, there was a drizzle but I enjoyed the run, much more than expected as I had to cover the Marina Barrage twice.  I didn’t PB for this 10 km race but am getting back slowly after the past series of injuries.   The difference for this race was that we collected the drawstring bag, the yoga mat and medal at the finishing line with a can of energy drink.

Unique Medal
Unique Medal

The number of registered participants seemed close to 5000 for the 10 km, quite sizable for their first time organized competitive event.  I believe that there is a certain level of attraction for those who wish to run ‘free’ perhaps for once a year or see it as a motivation for themselves to get in shape to run shirtless.  For others, it could be the novelty of doing something different.   After the race, there is the popular yoga stretching exercises.  Before that too, there was some fashion show.   All in, I believe the participants generally did enjoy the event to a large extent.  For the fans, I’m sure they would look forward to next year’s and hopefully too, there would be other surprises.  Till the next challenge, safe and happy running!

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Win A Free Polar M600!

Great news for JustRunLah! readers. We are happy to be giving away one (1) free Polar M600! Fill in the form below to take part in the contest!

Contest terms

  • The winners will be notified by email.
  • By entering this contest you agree to periodically receive emails with news, stories and promotions.
  • We do not spam and you are free to leave the mailing list any time you wish.

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Race Review: The Running Diva Malaysia [10 km] (by Gerlyn)

Hello JustRunLah! Readers!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post on Tinkerbell Half Marathon a few months back! Today I will be sharing about this run I did when I just started running in February 2016.

This race was my first longest run, 10km run and it’s pretty challenging due to it’s terrain with plenty of slopes, secondly it’s tough as it’s a Saturday morning run and we only arrived in Kuala Lumpur 4:30am earlier the same morning so we definitely lack of rest. But glad that we endure through and managed to bring the pretty Tiara and Crown medals back home, Singapore.

Without further ado, let me share some snippets of the race and the Terrain of the University of Malaya. *Note: Not the University of Malaysia* Why I asterick this? It’s because Casper (husband) drove to University of Malaysia instead and we are almost late.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.20.37 pm

Not sure if I mentioned, on that day we travelled it’s a Friday night to a Saturday midnight / morning. The second link custom actually suffered from unknown traffic jam and hence although we set off at 10pm but we arrived at 4:29am by right our expected arrival time should be 1am or latest by 2midnight.

Unfortuately, we did not get to rest in the hotel but to check in and proceed to the race venue and collect our race pack, event t-shirt and bib.
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.21.04 pm

I have to change my shoes and shirt in the car. As there is no light in the set up portable toilet. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.21.18 pm

Yay I am ready and all geared for the race. But I am still very sleepy.
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.21.34 pm

I felt like it’s a mistake to join races in KL on Saturday morning. If it’s a Sunday morning it would be so much easier. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.21.46 pm

It was zumba session for warm up and all runners are getting all perked up and ready.
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.22.04 pm

Queue starts forming near the starting line because we are about to start running! 
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.22.19 pm

We ran pass lots of cars which park along the road side and mostly the cars are by participants of the race. In Malaysia races one thing you got to note is to arrive early why? To warm up? Not really… But to get a good “illegal” parking spot. Otherwise you would have to walk really far to the start point and at the end of the race walk really far back to the car.
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.22.32 pm

For this race, we are given pink ribbons for the first check point. 
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.22.40 pm

At the 2nd km we were given water and 100plus! For which I am pretty impressed as most of you know I dislike the lack of water points but this race actually have plenty of water points.
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.22.54 pm

Even before 3km, we have water points. According to some regulation is 4km then we will get 1 water point but lucky us! Maybe I am a water bucket I need water every now and then hence I bring along my water point “Kat” which is Mr Kat, my husband. He will carry a bag of 2 x 500ml Ice mountain and 2 cans of 100plus. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.23.10 pm

One bad thing about this race is the terrains. The “ups and downs” I called. There is many hills and uphill courses which we have to run and you really feel like cheating them because after running uphill you need to come downhill again. It’s like so demoralising somewhat especially when you are tired. Hence in running, we need perseverance and willpower more than anything like “stamina” or “strength” or “speed”. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.23.19 pm

Glad that I did not cheat and went uphill for the blue ribbon! 
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.23.36 pm

Sometimes in life, there is Upz & Downz. I prefer the downs for this situation! Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.23.52 pm

After the mini hill-climbing, I clocked 5km! High 5! This means I am halfway through this race! 
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.23.59 pm

Guess what? It’s water point again! It’s so motivating to see water point and they really perked me up!
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.24.11 pm

Another thing that really motivates me is the nice volunteers and coloured ribbons which I collected along the way! 
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.24.20 pm

Met our Malaysia Running friend, Aizat. He is also a “costume” runner. He frequently runs full or half marathons in costumes which I am pretty inspired to do so too. In this photo, I don’t run as fast as him because he is running downhill after reaching the digital checkpoint and for me, I am running uphill. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.24.32 pm

This is the one and only check point they have for this race and it’s at the top of the hill. It’s really important to cross this check point for every single race. 
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.24.43 pm

I was pretty slow for this race. Ok. Not just this race, I am always slow. So as I am about to run to the finishing line, other participants who have completed their race are leaving the venue with their medals already. 
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.24.54 pm

1 hr 35mins gun time when I crossed the finishing line! 
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.25.04 pm

Hooray I have completed my first longest run of 10km! Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.25.11 pm

My first Tiara Medal one of the prettiest medal I ever have. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.25.22 pm

Our couple medals for the Prince and the Princess. Haha! Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.25.51 pm Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.26.38 pm

What’s inside the goody bag? Face wash and mostly woman’s products. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.26.53 pm

My tutu is again from Sweetest Princess Tutu DIY, Christine Low. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.27.10 pm

The back-view of my medal. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.27.19 pm

The back-view of his medal. Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.27.37 pm

Our official timing is available here.


This is our e-certificate too. It’s available here.


For more details and what happened after the race, click here to see the original blogpost on Ger’z World. Where I’ll shared about Hello Kitty Cafe in Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Theme Park and many more!

Once again, thank you for reading my blogpost again!

To find out more about the races I have joined, you can follow my Facebook Page: Ger’z World or my Instagram Page: @gerlynwang

See my previous post if you have not!

When the Mind Becomes Your Biggest Enemy!

Have you ever experienced a moment when during a great pace in a run all of the sudden your mind would starts to fill your head with doubts and tempt your body to just quit?

Being mentally tough plays a big role in Running, it can affect your time, pace and overall experience. Overcoming doubts and mind obstacles are common experiences that runners face during training or race. I have fallen victim to giving up to my doubts numerous of times and it is usually what I fear of when registering for runs, thus proving to myself that I not only need to be prepared physically but also mentally.

Control the mind!
Control the mind!

Here are some of the moments that my mind has betrayed me while running:

1. “The Regret”

One of the very first wall that hits me every single time! My mind would ask me why would I even be running, and pictures of what I could be doing if I decided to stay in would pop up prompting me to quit.


2. “Go with the rest”

This is when the mind decides to play tricks on me. As in every Run there will definitely be other runners whom would be walking at some point of the leg of the race (there’s nothing bad about it, and it’s their pace..I respect that) and my mind would use them as a temtpation for me to walk too, which ends up ruining my pace for the rest of the race.

3.”The Temptation”

After surviving the first leg of the Run, and thinking that I would be smooth sailing from there on, here comes my mind with another deception! Seeing that signs that indicates that there’s only 5miles to go, my mind would prompt me to pick up the pace(thinking that 5 miles is not that far..not!) of which again would ruin my pace and technically finishing the last tank of gas left in me after a mile or so.

Big mistake!
Big mistake!

4.”The Low blow”

This is the part when my mind would come up with different kind of things to distract my pace, one of which would the popping question of “Do we need to stop for a number 1?” even though I dont need to go to the bathroom, but since the question was asked my body would then require me to go find a bathroom immediately! (I guess that’s why some pro racers really does a number 1 while on the go!)

Why now??!!
Why now??!!

There are alot of things that goes through the mind when running and thus can become a kryptonite to anybody. That is why I believe that training the mind to have a focused mentality is a dire need! Don’t just run..Run Smart!


Race Review: YOLO Run 2016 [10 km] (by SY)

YOLO – You Only Live Once

Screen Grab of YOLO Run Event Website

This term #yolo is familiar to most in the younger generation; expressing the need to ‘seize the day’ and to live life to the fullest.  It aptly reflects their dreams to make a difference in that one life each of them has.  YOLO Run adopts the following hashtags #yolorunsg #runshirtless #freeyourselves; all of which challenge the status quo.  The event organiser also supports BRAS (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Singapore) by donating a sports bra for every runner who crosses the finish line ‘shirtless’.

With a slick marketing angle and minimalist look of its event website and appeal to millennials, the run attracted a lot of young runners; even baby-boomers like myself.  I checked with my sons whether they would be interested to run together; since I was the one who prepped them for their NS days.  They liked the idea; on condition I prepped them again for the 10km run since they had not done a 10km race.  I thought it was also a good opportunity for father and sons to bond over the preparation as well as the race itself.


As the REPC date draws nearer, we were busy logging our mileage in different ways.  My older son, Austin, preferred to train with me; while the younger one, Justin, did it at his own time, own pace.  The aim was to at least reach 8-9km with a good pace to get ourselves ready for the run.  REPC was scheduled for 14 to 16 October.  Race pack collection was at OCBC Arena, a convenient place for train commuters or who those who drove.  We collected our packs after lunch on Saturday.  To our surprise, the setup for race pack collection was neat, organised and appealing.

Race Pack Collection

We were happy that there was no queue and we were in and out of it in less than 3 mins.  The race pack was not the usual drawstring bags or carriers but a neat little box to hold the number bib, singlet and tee shirt.  No energy bars, no discount coupons for fitness centres – totally no frills pack.  I love the box, which can be re-used for daily storage needs.

Nice, minimalist look race boxes


Since the REPC was just a week before the race, most of the preparation and training had been done prior to this.  During this week, all I did was to taper my runs and ensure that I ate well and hydrated properly.  Of course, I had run many 10km races before so my body knew how to adapt.  I taught my boys how to prepare physically and mentally for the race too.

Tapering Run
Tapering Run

Then something unfortunate happened two days before race day.  On Thursday morning, while exiting the MRT train, my left ankle got snagged by someone’s bag which was on the train floor.  In my desperate attempt to free myself from it before the train door closed, I exerted force in the wrong direction and felt a sharp pain at my ankle.  Eventually, I freed myself but not before I landed on my right hand and knee to break the fall.  Immediately, the pain shot up my left foot and I was limping.

I thought to myself – no, no, no!  I would be having a race in less than 48 hours and I was in pain because of a sprained/twisted ankle.  The pain subsided after I rested it for a few minutes.  So I went on happily for the rest of the day.  Long story short, the pain returned with a vengeance that night and I had to desperately iced and taped it.  I even offered a quiet and desperate prayer to God to somewhat miraculously heal me in a day.

Amateurish taping
Amateurish taping

Faced with this last minute setback, I was grasping at straws.  I looked up youtube to see how to tape an ankle sprain for recovery; I texted a friend to standby in case I could not make it (hate to think about missing the run with my boys).  I needed to focus on getting well as soon as possible; or I risked missing my Saturday race altogether.  After resting for a day on Friday (I was telecommuting from home), the ankle recovered significantly enough for me to call off my standby runner.  Thank God for answering my prayers.  I continued to ice my ankle and stabilise the ankle from unnecessary movement through taping.  After preparing my gears, I turned in for an early night and looked forward to the run.


My boys and I woke up early and got ready with a light breakfast.  Thankfully, my ankle felt okay.  I popped one painkiller and drove down to Indoor Stadium carpark.  It was a beautiful morning.  As we made our way to the race village, I checked the weather forecast; and it seemed there would be a slight chance of rain in the morning.  No time to worry too much about that, I told myself.

The morning skies awaken as we cross the Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge.

When we arrived at the race village, many were already there.  It was well laid out.  I needed to make a size change for my XS singlet because it was too small.  Thankfully, they were nice enough to make a swap for me.  That made my day.  I slipped my singlet on, clipped on my race belt with the number tag, before heading to the start pen.  While walking there, we heard the count down for the flag off.  We leisurely made our way to the front and when I hit my watch start button, we were probably 3mins behind the first runner.

A Wefie before the Race
A Wefie before the Race

All three of us were running at about the same pace most of the time.  We chatted a bit while we made our way to the Marina Barrage.  When we approached the ramp to the top; we still had plenty of energy to keep the pace (not sure about the return leg.)  I remembered my painkiller tablet, taped ankle and compressions socks; it was sufficient ‘protection’ to give me the assurance that the joint will not fail me half way.  I did, however, experienced a bit of pain up and down the barrage slope but nothing debilitating. The first hydration point with isotonic and plain water at the top of the ramp provided the extra oomph to propel us further.  A smart move to put the water point on top, which gave runners motivation to get up there fast for some hydration.

The route past Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands that morning was pretty devoid of pokemon hunters or morning joggers; I guessed it was still early hours but it was good for the racers.  By the time we got to the 3-4km mark, the runners had thinned out and more spread out for a better running experience.  Unlike other races, the event organiser did not stagger the start time, everyone was waved off at the same time.  So for those of us who started late or far behind, we had to contend with weaving through slow and sluggish runners at the start.  Approaching the 5km turn-around point, we saw the dark clouds looming above our heads.  Thankfully, no lightning or thunder threatened to disrupt the race.  So, we pushed on.

Leading my boys around the 5km mark
Leading my boys around the 5km mark. Photo Credit: Running Shots

I was so focused on my running that I missed the photographer sitting inconspicuously on the grass batch at the Promontory around Marina Boulevard.  Austin called to me but it was too late to smile at the camera man; but he still managed to capture three of us in a single frame.  We made the U-turn and headed back on the return leg with the Marina Barrage climb threatening to test our mettle again.  I wished there were more volunteers to cheer us along the route.  Generally speaking, Singaporeans are still not so encouraging and spontaneous when it comes to such races and events.  The participation from onlookers were almost zero; we runners were all on our own.  Zilch encouragement from the sidelines.

Runners climbing the Barrage in the first leg. Photo Credit: Run Society
Runners climbing the Barrage in the first leg. Photo Credit: Run Society

The dark clouds did not materialise into torrential rain but it drizzled a bit towards the end of the 10km race.  Egged on by the good weather, many runners were ‘flaunting’ their well-toned bodies and some even bared their torsos.  For the young runners, there were plenty of eye candies – both male and female!

As the runners left the much dreaded slope of the Barrage for the last time, many picked up their pace and sped towards the finish.  Austin was already ahead of me and Justin was just hot on my heels.  I wanted to go faster but my legs were on strike.  Passing by the 8th mark, I spotted a familiar face; someone who was recently featured by the local running community.  I could remember him because he was interviewed by the Run Society this year.  His name is Duncan Watt; a veteran newscaster from yesteryears.

Probably the oldest runner in the field – Duncan Watts Photo Credit: Running Shots

I ran alongside him and spoke briefly to him.  I said that he was going to just make it slightly over an hour.  I glanced at my watch and he was right (he eventually finished under 65mins.)  A short conversation with him revealed that he would be 74 next year.  Incredible for someone his age to be still running 10km in about an hour.  He waved me on, telling me to go get my PB and I wished him well too.  What an incredible runner to meet on a YOLO run – a fine example of how to #yolo through this life!  I wanted to whip out my phone for a photo with him but decided against it.  Managed to find his photo and here’s the link for his interview with Run Society.

I bade goodbye to Duncan and sped towards the finish line; not forgetting to remove my singlet for the final dash. Disregarding my skinny size, I crossed the finish arch in slightly a minute past the hour with many eyes looking at my scrawny frame.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t self-conscious at all; could even pose for the camera man.  In fact, I silently congratulated myself for bouncing back from an injury two days ago, clocked a sub62 timing and still bold enough to bear a skinny upper body for the sake of charity. Haha! That’s a YOLO moment for me!

No fats, No flab but also not abs :')
No fats, No flab but also not abs :’) – YOLO

I picked up the medal and hydration after crossing the finish line.  Collected my drawstring bag and yoga mat, I went looking for my two boys were crossed the finish much earlier than me; at least 3mins faster.  Both told me that they recorded a sub60 finish.

Fathers and Sons – Running to BOND? Y not!
My best running buddy, Kenjoe
My colleagues, Tony & Kartini

After that it was a series of photo taking, waiting to pick up by baggage.  I was so engrossed with taking photos and catching up with friends that I forgot I had a bag to pick up; so I ended up having to queue for 45 mins! Argh!  Lugging the yoga mat was a bit of a chore even though we had a carrying bag.

Long queue for baggage collection. Notice the security guy making sure no one jumps queue.

So what’s my assessment of the YOLO Run event this year?  I would grade it as 4*.

Despite having to walk almost 15 mins to the race village from the carpark; jostling with the starting line-up, waiting in line for the baggage claim for 45mins, climbing the barrage twice – I was pretty happy with the entire event.  I felt that one of the unique selling point of the event was the theme design – it was such a compelling way to get young runners to sign up.  The psychology of using hashtags #freeyourselves and #runshirtless obviously worked.  What’s more impressive was the event organiser’s ability to match the their marketing with an equally sleek, minimalist and hip product.  Well done!

The quick shout-out to all volunteers who were there in the wee hours of the morning to man the hydration stations and direct human traffic.  Special mention for all the photographers; amateur or otherwise, who covered the event tirelessly; having to sit through almost 3 hours trying to capture the special moments and share these with the runners.  A BIG thank you!


This was one medal that almost eluded me.  I have planned so nicely that it would be my last race for 2016 and it was meant to be the climax of my running calendar.  It was a race with two special people in my life; my twin sons.  I took them for several preparation runs before their enlistment just about a year ago.  Now they both are accomplished in their own ways; chalking up silver and gold awards for their IPPT.  Running together with them for the YOLO 10km race was a fitting finale to another year of running.  So this race meant a lot to me.

Looking back over the last one year, I must say that despite my injury earlier this year. You can read it here. Year 2016 was quite different from 2015.  I would like to spend a bit more time reflecting on it and write a separate personal blog here.  Stay tuned.

The elusive medal
The elusive medal

Finally, let me reiterate these well known words:

Once the mind conceives and the heart believes, the body achieves!

I totally experienced it at YOLO Run 2016.

Till then, go #freeyourselves & #runshirtless, remember to treasure those #yolo moments.

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Angkor Wat International Half Marathon 2016 – Runners’ Awe

The 21st Angkor Wat International Half Marathon is back again this year on the 4th of December 2016! Set to take place in the largest religious monument in the world – the remarkable Angkor Wat, this is THE race that has made it to the top of every runners’ bucket list.

AWHM is well known as one of Cambodia’s largest fund-raising events. Its underlying aim of this event is to bring together families and communities, and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle through running. Manulife, one of the world’s leading financial services providers, is the principal sponsor for this year’s AWHM, showing its continuous support for this monumental event. Manulife’s 5-year sponsorship which began in 2015 reflects the company’s dedication to raise awareness of living a healthy lifestyle and its commitment to building a stronger Cambodia, where peoples’ futures, and those of their children are secured and protected.

Here are the top 3 reasons why YOU should be part of the 21st AWHM 2016!

#1 Fall in love with Angkor


Built in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II, Angkor is one of the most stunning archaeological sites in South-East Asia. It is so rich in history, culture, religion and it also holds great archaeological, architectural and artistic symbolic significance. An array of temples built by the Kings of the Khmer Empire from the 9th – 13th century, this UNESCO heritage site seemingly brings you through time.

The scenic route will lead runners through several must-see beautiful historical sites – the Bayon Temple (the main temple during the Khmer Dynasty), the famous Angkor Wat and the Ta Prohm Temple.

#2 Meet Diverse Running Friends

Photo by KPR, Cambodia's Number 1 Event Photography Service Since 2010. More info http://qr.KPR.nu

Angkor Wat Half Marathon is fast becoming one of the largest races in the region. With nearly 9,000 runners  from 75 countries participating in 2015, this has become an outstanding race to meet people who are as passionate about running as you are, from different corners of the world. Explore the magnificent ruins with people who have great running stories!

#3 Run for a good cause – Support the Underprivileged!


The Angkor Wat Half Marathon is organised to raise relief for victims of antipersonnel mines in Cambodia. Attended by many landmine victims, this race serves as an avenue to give the victims courage and hope, as well as to appeal to the world to support the ban on the use of antipersonnel mines.

Entry fees and additional financial support obtained through this race are used to foster independence among landmine victims by helping provide prosthetic limbs and social reintegration programs. Additionally, in 2015 alone, a grand total of $12,750 was collected in donations! These funds were donated by fellow participants of the race and donated to the Angkor Children Hospital, Cambodian Trust (Prosthetic limbs support), Cambodian Red Cross, CDAF (Sports for disabled people), Handicap International, and even some local NGOs for orphans.

So what are you runners waiting for? If you have not signed up yet, SIGN UP NOW!


Caburnay, de los Santos Rule MILO-CdeO

CAGAYAN DE ORO – Newcomer Keenan Lou Caburnay topped the 40th MILO Marathon Cagayan de Oro regional qualifiers Sunday (October 23) at the Centrio Mall.  Sharing the spotlight was two-time MILO Queen Mary Grace de los Santos who easily grabbed top honors in the distaff side by more than 20 minutes over her closest pursuers.

Caburnay levelled up his game after winning the 10-kilometer side event in last season’s Butuan City qualifiers.  He finished the 21-kilometer course in 1:11:25 to beat out Prince Joey Lee (1:12:27) and Bryan Quiamco (1:14:32).

Meanwhile, de los Santos can now officially shoot for her third MILO crown after ruling the prestigious footrace in 2011 and 2012.  Her time of 1:30:15 was too fast for runner-ups Gilda Velarde (1:51:04) and Reychelle Nave (1:51:16).

A total of 76 men and 4 women earned tickets to the National Finals this December 4 in Iloilo City.  They will try to unseat reigning MILO King Rafael Poliquit and Queen Mary Joy Tabal and a host of foreign challengers for the top prize of PHP 300,00.00 and a chance to represent the Philippines in an international marathon in 2017.

The penultimate leg of the series will be held next Sunday (October 30) in Butuan City.  Runners will have one final chance to qualify when Davao hosts on November 6.

Overseas-based runners who wish to participate in the Nationals must prepare a certification from any AIMS member race held after December 4, 2015 that they have met the minimum times for either the 21-kilometer or 42.195-kilometer distance in their age group.  For more information, log on to www.milo.com.ph.

Other Winners: Christian Jude Sandinao and Jeanny Rose Lanzado (10 kilometers), Allan Oman and Jennalyn Taypin (five kilometers) and Stanley Tolentino and Ynah Ybanez (three kilometers).

Race Review: Salomon X-Trail Run 2016 [10km] (by Moses)

I genuinely found this to be quite a thrill. Or trail, should I say. I will try to provide an adequately detailed, objective account of my race experience. Do look out for the font in italics as I highlight some aspects constituting my race experience 🙂

Race Category
10km Competitive! Original rates were pretty pricey but a discount code we acquired made that much more affordable 😀

Pre-Race Matters
If you’ve read my previous reviews, you may have inferred that I don’t particularly enjoy having to collect my race pack prior to race day. Race Entry Pack Collection took place on 1 October from 11am-9pm at Kallang Wave Mall. Thankfully, I had assistance in the collection and was thus spared the errand. The entitlements included a 30% Salomon discount voucher, the race top, two bottles of Lucozade – all contained in a sturdy Salomon shoe bag.

The Race Precinct
The LRT took us right to the race venue at Punggol East. Though the weather was previously searing hot (flag-off was scheduled to be at 4.00pm!), it improved substantially and we even enjoyed a momentary drizzle. There was baggage deposit and portable restrooms available, without too much of a queue. Hydration was also available for runners before they decided to begin the run. This event comprised of a small field of runners – perhaps 400~ for the 10km competitive category.

The Race
Runners were flagged-off a few minutes past 4pm. The race route (with my judgement solely derived from the map below) seemed initially…mild. This was based on my understanding of previous editions of the race. To be honest, I had expected that the majority of the “trail” portion of this race would be on Coney Island as the rest of the route seemed to follow the park connectors. That was awfully deceptive.

The Race Route. Credit to Salomon's webpage.
The Race Route. Credit to Salomon’s webpage.

It was a challenging route. Right from flag-off, runners were made to run across a muddy construction region (no doubt this trail experience was enriched by the previous day’s continual downpours). No doubt it was slippery (a participant beside me fell on his knees). Thereafter came a pretty steep but short descent before we tasted tarmac. For awhile.

An exciting start. Credit to Salomon Singapore.
An exciting start. Credit to Salomon Singapore.

A decent portion of the route involved running along gravel, grass, mud – all of this parallel to the nicely constructed PCN. In addition, there were some waterlogged grass fields to trudge through. Each step would take submerge my feet – I was pretty cautious with my steps in order to protect my ankles. Contrary to my preconceived notions, perhaps the mildest trails were those that took participants through Coney Island itself.

There were some hazards towards the later portion of the race as well, where runners were running along a ‘breakwater’ that faced the sea – the kind you see in East Coast Park. Some of the stones here weren’t too secure – a risk factor for ankle injuries.

3 Hydration stations were present across the route, serving isotonic hydration (Lucozade) and water. There were numerous marshals along the way to direct participants along the correct route. In addition, some portions of the route featured red tape attached to branches to guide runners along. I didn’t actually notice any distance markers present along the route. The last portion of the race featured a flight of stairs before a turn towards the Finish.

Strava data accessible here :)
Strava data accessible here 🙂

The Finisher’s Medal, a banana and hydration was handed out after participants crossed the Finish. The medal was decent but nothing to boast about. Race results were emailed to participants two days after the race.

That’s all for this slightly delayed review, hope it was informative 🙂 Feel free to check out my personal experience of the race here!

Cover photo credit: Salomon Singapore

Race Review: YOLO Run 2016 [10km] (by Rebekah)

YOLO the acronym for “You Only Live Once”! Yesterday the 22 October 2016 was the YOLO Run which was held at the Gardens Bay the Bay, Bay East Gardens. The YOLO Run is about freeing oneself and running shirtless for a good cause. X-Change Republic Pte Ltd, the race organiser would donate a sports bra to the BRAS (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Singapore), for every participant who runs shirtless on the race day. Sports bra are an  essential part in the recovery process of breast reconstruction patients.


Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) was held at OCBC Arena – Hall 5 on the 14 to 16 October 2016, a week before the actual run. This was my first time collecting my race entry pack at the OCBC Arena. I went on a Friday with my colleagues. Here’s the PROs and CONs of the REPC.



New Environment – Nice to have a change in environment when collecting the race pack. Nice decor for photo opportunities! Cool to also have what you would receive in the race pack displayed out! Great to have their merchandise and vendors stall all in one place so that participants can do some shopping after collecting their race packs!

Cool, Sleek & Personalized Race Pack – First time receiving a race pack in a beautifully packaged box. I got to give it two thumbs up! It was super pretty and it had my name and race number printed on it. I love that the race pack was personalized to each individual and inside had our race bib, sports bra and race event tee!

Instagram Contest for most creative shot of the YOLO race Pack – I always love Instagram contests, this gives participants the chance of being creative and taking photos at the REPC site.



Gets crowded very fast – As I went on the first day or collection, there were also many participants that went to collect their race pack too. The queue system was not very good, though it was meant to be systematic, not every queue had people in it because they were organised by race bib numbers, causing long lines to form making the place very crowded. As  I left the Hall, I saw many people queuing to get into the collection area. This is the first time I had to see crowd control being done.

My suggestion would be for the organiser should just consider the traditional way of issuing the race pack which is first come first serve which is the norm at most REPCs. This would prevent some queues from being under utilized and clear the crowd faster.

Information Counter could have been better prepared Because of the mistake in sizing on the website, a lot of participants received smaller sizes than what was advertised on the YOLO sizing chart. The sizing were a few inches off and this made a lot of people want to exchange. The organisers did not expect to be receiving lots of exchanges and queues were chaotic at the Information counter. I gave up trying to exchange as there were too many people.

Ps: There were a few feedback from participants on the YOLO Run Facebook page notifying the organiser that the sizing they had placed on their website did not match what they had listed, so participants received smaller sizes. The organisers did make an official announcement on Facebook and apology regarding the mix up in sizing. They rectified the situation by saying that participants can bring their sports bras or event tees to the race site on the actual event day to do a 1-to-1 exchange.



Though it’s encouraged to run shirtless for a good cause, I was tad too shy to go shirtless and at the same time, I was feeling a bit under the weather with bad stomach cramps. This was the first race that I didn’t complete too. You’ll know more as you read the review.

I woke up at 04:30 hrs to get ready for the race. I had bought tickets for the shuttle service from Yishun MRT Station which was scheduled to leave at 05:15 hrs. The organisers had catered for 3 main pick up points from different parts of Singapore. For a price of $4, my friend, Cheng Yee (CY), and I were able to get to the race site with convenience and comfort.

We reached the race site at around 06:30 hrs. The shuttle bus had dropped us off at a drop-off point which was about 200m away from Gardens By the Bay, Bay East Gardens main entrance. We were surprised when that happened because the last time I took a shuttle service for any race at Bay East, the bus would drop us directly outside at the main pick up point.

The first thing that we did was to get our sports bras exchanged at the information counter. The sports bras sizing were a bit off. I had initially requested for a size ‘M’ but the sizing was a tad too small and it was tight. As we were early, there was no queue at the information counter and was exchange was done in a fast orderly manner. Next we went to deposit our bags at the bag deposit area, it was also really fast.

After doing so, we wanted to know whether there was a hydration point where we could get drinks before we started the race. We went to the Information counter to check but the volunteers didn’t seem to know and they were not very nice nor helpful. She just quickly told us that we could try walking to the START point and there might probably be one there and went to help out another participant, talk about a short attention span!

Since we didn’t receive much help we decided to head to the toilets and get some water from the water coolers there! As usual there was a queue at the toilet and we had to wait quite sometime before our turn came. I know there were mobile toilets around but I still prefer using the ones at the main drop off area since we were early.

At this point, my stomach had began misbehaving again. The pain kept coming on and off. CY and me decided to take a slow walk to the START point.  As we entered the START pen, we were greeted with the beautiful scenery of our Singapore Flyer and Gardens By the Bay Domes on the opposite side. The sky was slowly turning a shade of pink because of sunrise which was just happening. We took a few photos along the way. We managed to catch up with some friends at the START Pen and some of them had already noticed that I looked a bit pale.



Flag-off was done punctually at 07:00hrs! CY had asked me to try jogging slowly but after a few metres past the START line, I gave up… I was a bit disappoint that I couldn’t continue on. The pain had taken over and I had to veer off the route to the side to find a place to sit down. After resting for a bit, I felt better and decided to brisk walk to get a bit of workout in, so I continued all the way up to the Marina Barrage where the hydration point was. At this time, the pain had come back again and I decided to get some drinks and sit down at the barrage and rest. There I saw the sun rising over the Marina Barrage bridge which connected Bay East to the Barrage. It was a beautiful sight. As I saw all the participant whizzed by me as I sat at the barrage, I wished I had the strength to continue but I just didn’t feel up to it. Once I felt better, I decided to come down from the area I was sitting and head for the toilet. As I was coming down the barrage slope, I could see some runners returning back. They had to go up the slope again to return to the FINISH point. At that point, I was thankful that I chose not to do the race. Imagine scale the slope at your 8km mark again… Tough is definitely the word.



When I came out of the toilet, the sky had already became dark and there were strong winds blowing. It was going to rain, I decided to make my way back to the FINISH line. As I walked, I could feel that it was drizzling and soon it started pouring… I couldn’t run as my stomach was still giving me issues, so I just walked in the rain telling myself that I will be okay. I managed to collect the runner entitlements and seek shelter before it started pouring heavily.

Shortly after finding a place to settle down, my friend CY messaged me that she had completed the race. After cooling down, we went to collect our bags from the deposit area. OMG! There were already long queues being formed. I decided to find a place to sit and wait for her. The queues were so long that she had to wait about 40 minutes before she got her bag. This has never happened at other races…  At this time, the pain was worst! I couldn’t stay for the Yoga session. So much time was wasted just queuing for the bags that I didn’t have the mood to go around the race village to take photos. I just couldn’t wait to leave the race site and get some breakfast. I wanted to take the shuttle bus but there was a long queue so I had no choice but to walk all the way to Stadium for breakfast.


Overall, just to sum up these are the things that I thought could be done better:

  • Proper Training for Volunteers – This is my first time faulting the volunteers for not doing a good job. Maybe the organisers could conduct a briefing for them to better equip them to help participants and also to prevent  a situation like mine from happening.
  • Better organisation for Bag Deposit and shuttle bus – 40 minutes in line just to collect a bag is definitely not acceptable. So much time is wasted and it’s worse when you are not feeling well. And more frequent shuttle bus service for after race. Organisers should also consider dropping the participants at the main drop-off point at Bay East instead of a few metres away.
  • More accurate apparel sizing – Most participants would want to come in the event apparel but because of the mistake, a lot of them had to bring their stuff to get an exchange which defeats the purpose.

What I thought was done well was the runner entitlements! I super love the runner entitlements because it’s really worth the price of the race! Luckily I managed to change my sports bra if not it’ll be a pity that I cannot use it.


I hope the above feedback provided would help the when planning for the next YOLO race. Though I may not have complete the race, I’m still glad that I came for  the event. There will still be many other races but health and listening to your body is important. Our body has limits and we should not push when we know we are not well.

Till my next race review. Stay strong and healthy everyone! Congrats to all that complete the race!

3 Workouts You Can Do On The Treadmill

If you think all you can do on the treadmill is running, think again. In recent years, many treadmill users have lamented about the limitations of the machine and it has sprouted a list of different kinds of exercises that we can do on it. Some of them may even surprise you!

So if you are looking to change up your treadmill routine on your next gym visit, try these 3 workout styles. Pretty sure you will enjoy them thoroughly!

1. Side shuffles

Simply put, this is your normal running but done sideways. It may look simple to do but it takes a little bit of coordination to get into sync with the routine. The reason is because we are accustomed to running forward on a treadmill and doing so sideways can cause us to lose our balance. This workout, if done well and properly, can allow us to have better coordination and also strengthen our legs and sides. If you feel yourself losing balance though, stop the treadmill or hold on to the bars to steady yourself and continue moving.

2. Walking lunges

Instead of the usual stationary lunges you do in your warm-up, you can do this on a treadmill and mind you, it’s way more challenging because you need to keep moving. Make sure you get your posture right for this to get the most out of your workout. Your knees have to be bent at a 90 degrees angle, and keep a good pace between the movement of both legs. Be kind to yourself and set a pace on the treadmill that is friendly to what you are comfortable with. Don’t go too fast or too slow and just enjoy the rhythm.

3. Walking plank

What is exercise if there is nothing challenging about it, right? If you are a fan of the plank, or have always wanted to try it, this is a version you can do on the treadmill. Although you don’t have to go fast with this one, don’t belittle it. If you thought the normal plank is hard, wait till you try this one out. Basically, you just need to set the treadmill to one to two mph, get into the plank position on it and start walking with your hands, maintaining your posture throughout. Push yourself to see how long you can go on for! You will be amazed by the results!

That Thing Called RUNNEY or RUNning JourNEY


RUNNING connotes a lot of things. Physically, it’s an activity which involves moving from one place to another by means of actively phasing your feet to and fro, it may also mean that a certain object is fully operational, moving or functional; and lastly, figuratively it is moving away from something, fear or trouble perhaps, or from an obligation or responsibility. Whichever, its definition leads to one thing in common — MOVING!

What I’m trying to point out in this blog is the physical activity or sports of Running with a discourse of its figurative meaning. (By the way, It has been roughly 5 months “running” since I wrote another entry in my blog). Why? ‘Coz there have been a lot of things running both in my life and in my mind that made me pre-occupied for quite some time (won’t dwell with it for now), but the good news is that I’m back! And I wanna blog more of my running experience and events that I have been through and will still pursue.

”Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

To “Move” is to live. It is to actively do something. It’s exactly what I plan to do in my life; to move forward and go beyond the struggles of each day, living each moment, savoring every experience that goes with it and learning from its lessons either the easy way or the hard way. What’s important is believing that I can, believing is the first step in order to put something into action. For me, Life is pretty much similar to Running!


Looking back, in my childhood, I was an average chubby kid (until now and I blame my genes for it tho’, but actually having an appetite of a hippo could be a big factor as well, hahaha, however, ‘coz of running and working out I’m getting a bit leaner these days) who was quite active, In my grade and high school I was into volleyball. It entails a lot of running and moving especially during training in the high school varsity. I was also into CAT (Citizens Army Training) since freshman days, training to be an officer, I was one of the 3 youngest ones among our batch. It sure did test my physical endurance (a lot of running her and there), shredded a few pounds and fortunately instilled discipline in my being. So I’d say I was chubby yeah but not that much, was not completely a couch-potato and fairly leaner in my younger years.

When I entered college and studied to being a Dentist, there came the dark years of my life, I was not active in sports nor in any physical activities. To make things worse, since I was studying along the University belt, fast food and street food are everywhere, food rich in saturated fats are enticing me left and right, stress from studying and clinical requirements didn’t help at all, and when I get home I would literally engulf a the whole rice cooker and gulp almost a liter of coke in one sEATING! 

Surely, a healthy lifestyle was running away from me or vice versa. I needed to do something, but it cost me several years to realize it. I eventually graduated, worked and still no active lifestyle for me. Once in a while, my family would go to Quezon City Circle and play a bit of badminton or go biking but after that we would eat to our hearts delight — there goes the calories burnt, just replaced it with even more!

That was my lifestyle for a decade or couple of years more…


Then the day of Reckoning came, when I learned that I too got my mother’s illness, chronic conditions called hypertension and diabetes at an early age of 28. Maybe it was there years prior but I was just not noticing it or possibly ignoring it, so I needed to take prescription anti-hypertensive and hypoglycemic meds in the hope of correcting it. 8 years since then, I still am hypertensive from time to time, my blood sugar rises occasionally, and still a bit over from my ideal weight. But one thing has changed, I am now head on and not “running away” from it, I know that it’s chronic and maybe a lifelong condition and that I need to address this in a holistic approach.

That’s where “RUNNING” came in! I’m not young anymore to do my fave sport which is volleyball, I do badminton from time to time but finding a good court and a regular playmate is a challenge. I also learned playing tennis, I have a “Babolat” racket, but renting out a court is quite pricey not to mention havin’ a regular playmate is even harder. While in Running, I only need a good pair or two of running shoes and I’m off! I started out just doing laps along the basketball court within the enclave of our subdivision, 5 to 10 laps at least a couple of days in a week, then without noticing it increased to 20 to 40 laps four times a week. Running surely tests but enhances one’s endurance as well. And that’s what I like most about running, besides the adrenalin rush, the feeling of having your stamina improved every single day. The key is just to run, and run, without neglecting safety and physical health of course.

I believe that running has not just become a hobby but a habit and a lifestyle!


June of 2015, I was fortunate to work abroad, somewhere in Africa, so naturally my running regimen was put on hold. If you’re a first time OFW, necessarily your focus is work. When you work for 6 days straight every week and your rest day is solely a single day, then rest is important to you. Fortunately, my fellow OFWs are physically active and play tennis on Fridays, which is our rest day, every week. I started to learn and love the game, but before every game I would often run within the premises of the hotel where we play — and that prompted me once again to run!

Sometime in January, as I was searching on info about running, training for distance running, necessary shoes and equipment, I chanced upon Nike+ running app (not endorsing any app for that matter). It’s a mobile application wherein you can track your mileage, duration and calories burnt whenever you run, so I immediately downloaded it and was amazed that it can indeed track my run routes even in Hargeisa, East Africa. Since then I’ve always used it whenever I run, on trails or treadmill, train or join fun runs. (As of the moment I’ve tracked 66 runs with a total of 227.6 miles — yeah, it roughly exceeds a bit of 8 full marathons in total or more than 2 100km ultramarathons — however, my farthest single run so far is my first half marathon, 21k or 13.1 miles last September 4, 2016 for the benefit of UNICEF called “Heroes for Children Run 2016” organized by Run Rio.)

It happens that a college schoolmate friend is into running, he was the one who partially motivated me to join fun runs, (but for the record, I’ve always loved running all by myself or with friends since I was very young.) When I got back home, I told him I wanna try out my first fun run. And so it actually transpired, my first 5k fun run was a Color Manila organized Run called “Blacklight Run” where all runners wore this Blacklight headlamps and were splattered with different colorful powders while running in pitch black night all soaking wet as fireman hoses sprinkled water on everyone — it was really FUN! Not to mention, that this fun run is actually for a good cause after all, it was not just for friends to have fun but to extend an extra hand to others. It was surely a memorable run for me. But my second run, was by far the best ‘coz I convinced my wifey to join in the fun, we ran in another Color Manila organized run called “Glitter Run” their first “glitter theme” as well. It was perfect! even if the heavens was pouring an enormous volume of rain that day, the runners were unstoppable, we just enjoyed every bit of rain and colors throughout the whole run. It was ultimately surreal and fun to have your significant other share your passion.

(My happiest Fun Run of all — my first run with my lovely wifey)

THE REASON WHY I RUN… My First Half Marathon…

Essentially, I have 3 motivations why I run and join fun runs — first, I run ‘coz of that childhood experience that has awakened my inner being and became a passion overtime; second, I run for fitness, I need to be fit and healthy not just for myself but for my family as well; and third, I run for the causes that each organizers put into every runs. It’s really rewarding knowing that with every stride I make, every ache and cramps I get, and every breath i need to catch, I get to help in a specific cause. In my own little way I have made a difference — and I want to continue on making a difference in this world.

Most recently, after more than six months of training, I have accomplished one of my bucket list — to run my first #halfmarathon! Yeah, 21km non-stop running (oh well, realistically since I’m not in athlete form yet, there were several walks in between) until the finish line. I ran my very first longest run, in both distance and time, (Officially I finished 3hours and 3minutes — not bad for a first time half marathoner eh!?) ever and I’ve never felt fulfilled, satisfied, tired and aching all at the same time for the first time in my life — but it was all worth it! On that day, 4th of September, 2016, I became a hero for every Child!   

(My first ever and most precious 21k finisher medal)
(Out of roughly 2,000 21k runners, i placed 875th — pretty remarkable for a first timer)

It was a pretty sight to see kids run for a cause for other children, as I was passing along the last 1km strip to the finish line, I saw kids, especially kids with disability, participating in the 500 meter run. It was heart-warming to see them, at a very innocent age, do something genuinely good for the benefit of other children, not thinking that they are kids themselves — such heroic acts that no words can ever fathom. And because of this, I am fully convinced that what this is isn’t only a passion, not merely for fitness either but for a good cause! And I will be choosing the next runs I will participate in, those with authentic and pure-hearted cause to extend a helping hand to those who need it!

As of this writing, I have finished running in two runs organized by RUNtarantantan which is founded by celebrity Bearwin Meily, who is also a motivation to me because of his fitness journey through running. first was a 9k run in the “SkywalkeRun” for the benefit of medical assistance to the PBA superstar Samboy Lim and the second was a 3k run in “RUNinspired” where I once again ran with my wifey, who among others is my real inspiration why I run. I’m currently training almost four times a week ‘coz I plan to run in 2 Half Marathon events this November, the 21k Challenge by Pinoy Fitness and the 22k Gatorade Run. and most probably my last run for the year which will happen on December 11th, the HOPE Run for Children with Special Needs — i wanna wear the cape and be their hero! But certainly, my running stint will never end this year! I am merely warming up! it is only the wonderful beginning of That Thing I call “RUNNEY” or RUNning JourNEY!

(My pride and glory, collection of my Running medals and bibs for 2016)

Running towards or running away? What is the real measure of a true runner? This will be the content of my next blog, ’til then “Run though your legs are aching…”

All about the Author:
A proud dad, a loving hubby, a cool Dentist, a former OFW Dentist, a humble servant of God, Legionary and… A passionate running enthusiast who aims one day, someday of successfully running in a marathon, or competing in a biathlon event. Until that day, I will just continue on running to my heart’s desire
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Cross Training: Wax on and wax off, Karate Kid!

I was asked by one of my athletes, who was rather well read to explain the Principle of Specificity and the Principle of Variation – both of these concepts seem to be in conflict. Like the Karate Kid washing his sinseh’s car, Mr Miagi would simply say wax on and the other wax off – both are essential parts of a holistic training program.

First, let’s explore the Principle of Specificity – which states that the training you do has to be relevant and similar to the sport that you are performing. So basically, swimmers should swim and runners should focus on running more. Makes perfect logical sense, right? The Principle of Variation however suggest that changes in a training program can result in improvements when the changes are relevant to the original sport.

How do we put this together and still end up with a clean shiny car? The key is to find a balance between the two.

Why I advocate Cross Training

Runners are pretty strong but those strengths can be our weakness too. We have strong quads that overpower our hamstrings at the same time, we neglect our glutes. Strong lower limbs result in weaker upper body strength and poor flexibility. Cross training addresses these issues and helps avoid potential problems.

Cross train and maintain your aerobic fitness

Many runners wonder, if they run less, will it affect their aerobic fitness or stamina? It is well documented that cross training has transferable training effects on cardiorespiratory fitness [1] especially where the cross training is closely related to the core sport e.g – cycling and running both involve similar muscle groups [2].

asian male cyclist training on a road

Reduce risk of overuse injuries

Distance running while not a very technical sport, as compared to say the gymnastics, or the hurdles, is still very demanding on lower limb and core muscles. Invariably all runners develop strong muscles in one area that results in tight and weak opposing muscle. Called reciprocal inhibition or innervation, it means that an overactive muscle group, for example the quads, will overwhelm its antagonist (the hamstrings) and weaken it. The body will therefore develop a combination of tight and weak muscles, creating an imbalance that could affect posture, running form and raise the risk of injury.

Similar to how you would rotate your car tyres once in a while to even out the wear. Cross training works on these weaker muscles, giving them a chance to get stronger, keeping the imbalances under control.

Not all cross training corrects muscle imbalances

What kinds of cross training will help with muscle imbalances? I recommend bilateral exercise for my athletes that uses both sides of the body equally, a good example is swimming and cycling. Circuit training done correctly is useful too. However wall climbing, tennis and most ball games are not bilateral.

Gross motor skills and overall co-ordination and flexibility

I completed the IAAF coaching certification recently and all the coaches were unanimous that kids in Singapore seemed to have poorer motor skills and co-ordination compared to their parents. Reflecting on that comment, I began to wonder – compared to my younger self, how well can I skip, or hop on one leg or catch a ball now? Use it or lose? As runners, we don’t use much of these hand-eye-leg, jumping, skipping co-ordination skills when we run, unless you are a technical trail runner. Cross training forces us to perform functional movements that are related but not similar to running. It therefore helps to maintain our overall gross motor skills, co-ordination and flexibility.

Motivation and variety


Most days are just great for running but let’s face it – there are days when you just don’t feel like putting on your running shoes. Perhaps it’s pouring outside or the haze just hit us again. These are the days cross training is meant for! Success in distance running is a long process; consistency and patience is key to success. For those one off ‘sian’ days, why not try another relevant sport and keep your motivation going?

My recommended cross training options for distance runners is to do three to four runs a week and cross train at least once or twice. There is a variety of choices, but make sure its done for at least 30min to 45mins continuously for the full aerobic benefit.

  • Swimming
  • Aqua running
  • Cycling or spinning in the gym
  • Rowing in the gym
  • Circuit training

What’s worth exploring is stair climbing but don’t do this if you have PFPS or knee pain. Stairs are accessible and convenient. I am very sure that for anyone who does not have the privilege to a gym or swimming pool can find a block of HDB flats within walking distance. So there are really no excuses not to try this! Research on the effects of stair climbing is scant, but a quick review of research available shows that stair climbing as similar effects as threadmill running [3]. For the time crunched, your workout could be steps away from your front door! On rainy days, this could be an option – just remember to climb up and take the elevator down. It’s kinder on your knees this way.

However, the following are not ideal and here are some reasons why

  • Yoga is great for flexibility, core strength, but some variations of yoga is not aerobically intense enough as a substitute for running.
  • Elliptical machines have almost similar impact to the joints of your kinetic chain ( ankles, knees, hips) so they don’t really give your joints a break.
  • Aerobics with high impact moves have even higher impact to your joints compared to running.

In conclusion, by all means, train hard but don’t neglect cross training for all the reasons above. Cross training is meant to replace your slow recovery runs, which some say are ‘junk miles’. You get the same training benefits without the pounding and stress to your ankles, knees and hips. You will become a healthier, happy athlete in the long run (no pun intended)


1. Loy, S. F., Hoffmann, J. J., & Holland, G. J. (1995) Benefits and practical use of cross training in sports. Sports Medicine, 19, 1- 8

2. S Welsh, M Schrager, AC Snyder – Eur J Appl Physiol, 1995; 70(4):367-72 Effects of specific versus cross-training on running performance

3. Egaña, M; Donne, B. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness44.2 (Jun 2004): 141-6. Physiological changes following a 12 week gym based stair-climbing, elliptical trainer and treadmill running program in females

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