Iloilo Ready For 40th MILO Nationals!

Mary Joy Tabal and Raphael Poliquit, the reigning MILO Queen and King.

milomarathonlogoILOILO CITY – It will be the turn of this city in Central Philippines to be engulfed in a sea of green as they host the 40th MILO Marathon National Finals this Sunday (December 4) at the Iloilo Convention Center. The elite of the elites of Philippine running will go all to claim victory in the country’s oldest and most prestigious footrace.

All eyes will be on defending MILO King and Queen Rafael Poliquit and Mary Joy Tabal as they try to retain their crowns against a stellar field consisting of former winners and a gritty contingent of overseas entries. A windfall of PHP 300,000.00 each awaits the winners plus the chance to represent the country in an international marathon in 2017.

Aside from the elite runners, an estimated field of 20,000 has signed up for the side events of 21, 10, five and three kilometers. A fast, straight and easy course traversing the Iloilo Radial before making a u-turn approaching Zarraga is expected to yield fast times as runners go for personal records.

Over a thousand runners earned slots through the series of regional qualifying races. Among the prominent names in the start list are Eduardo “Vertek” Buenavista and Cristabel Martes, multiple MILO winners who hope to further add to their already legendary status.

City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog has thrown his all-out support to ensure a successful hosting, the first time that the event will be held outside of Luzon. Last year, the MILO Marathon was staged outside of Metro Manila for the first time in Angeles City to positive reviews thus prompting organizers to choose a provincial venue anew.

Elite Runners Share their Ambitions for SCMS 2016

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore today held an elite runners press conference at the Singapore Expo where two-time SCMS winner Kenneth Mungara and IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion Tim Reed shared their thoughts on running the race this weekend.

Mungara guns for unprecedented third win at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016

Press Release – The 15th edition of the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) will see two-time winner Kenneth Mungara from Kenya attempting to win an unprecedented third title on the island nation. He will be joined by IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion Tim Reed, as well as over 27 other elite runners on 4th December 2016. The elite entry list which revealed a mix of debutants, veterans and Team Singapore athletes was announced by IRONMAN Asia today.

43 year-old Mungara took victory at the 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon in July, and will be racing this edition of the SCMS against Singaporeans Mok Ying Ren and Ashley Liew, who made a name for himself at the 28th SEA Games and is the only Singaporean to receive the very renowned Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy.

A very confident Kenneth Mungara Gunning for his Third Title. Photo credit: Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore
A very confident Kenneth Mungara Gunning for his Third Title. Photo credit: Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

“I am happy to be back and I hope to do very well. The different course will not change anything for me as I have trained very hard for this. The problem is not that you are in danger if you don’t have enough training, but is when you don’t have the proper training. I am very confident for this Sunday’s race”, said Kenneth Mungara at the elite runner press conference held today.

The Half Marathon category will see IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion Tim Reed make his race event debut in Singapore. The 31-year-old Australian clinched the title following a successful 2016, where he beat German Sebastian Kienle by less than a second in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast in September.

Reed shared his thoughts on racing in Singapore, saying “The SCMS run really appealed to me and I am very excited to be here. As a triathlete, I don’t necessarily train at top end speed for running too much. My running will not be much faster from the usual this weekend, especially with the training I do, and the muscle mass muscle I carry. I must say that it will be difficult to match up to an athlete that purely run, as the last time I ran was when I was 20 years old. I want to go out and enjoy myself this Sunday. This is a real bucket list experience for me; it’s like going to several different countries when in Singapore.”

SCMS 2016 will see some 19 elite athletes from around the world arrive in Singapore to participate in the Marathon. For many of these athletes, the trip to Singapore continues to be an important fixture on the global running calendar due to its iconic routes and its status as the only IAAF Gold Label event in Southeast Asia. Organisers IRONMAN Asia are confident that with several adjustments to the route and start timings, this year’s SCMS will be the best one yet.

Commenting on race improvements, Geoff Meyer, Managing Director of IRONMAN Asia said “We’ve made some improvements to the race this year to enhance runner experience, with earlier start times, wider routes, and waved starts, we’re confident the runners will have an enjoyable, and better race experience.”


This year, more than 46,000 runners will compete in the Marathon, the Half-marathon,10km Run and Kids Dash. Starting at the same Start Point with waved starts, the Half and Full Marathon, and Ekiden Race will begin in the heart of the city – Orchard Road. The 10KM run will Flag Off at the Esplanade Theatres by the Bay and will end at the Padang, together with the other categories.

JustRunLah! is at Singapore Expo. Come see us at booth #36!

Come say hi at our booth #36 at SCMS2016 expo. Photo opportunities and more surprises await you!

Cover photo: Ashley Liew, Rebecca Kangogo, Kenneth Mungara, Tim Reed at the Press Conference. Photo credit: Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. 

REPC: Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016 (by Lingderella)

img_5778 Hoseh bo? Wish everyone who is running SCMS all the best and run happy!

img_5807 Ask, and you will receive what you’ve ask for! Thank you Just Run Lah! for the race slot! Because now I really am thinking thrice before registering for any races and I feel that the race fee for SCMS is just too expensive, with this amount of race fee I can sign up for 2 or 3 other runs but actually it can’t be compared this way because even for chicken rice there’s $3 or the $30 ones. But seriously I don’t really understand why the flag off for 42km and 21km is together. Really got no eyes see 🙈 Hopefully no bottlenecks and not chaotic at all. Or they got plan swee swee liao so all these will be avoidable? Just hope everything will go smoothly for the runners on race day. And this year there is no train services but lame excuse from SMRT that SCMS never informed them earlier and due to track maintenance, cant do that on the rest of the 364 days? And then why SCMS never inform earlier leh? Since every year SCMS is at about the same period right or must be the cost to activate train service over budget? So anyway, I bought the shuttle bus tickets at $5, which will be picking me up super early at 2am because I want to deposit my bag, I don’t want to bring bag as it’s troublesome but I want to have fresh set of clothes to change into and slipper, it’s shiok that after a run you get out from your soaking wet clothes. Just a reminder to those who purchased shuttle bus tickets to remember to collect the wrist tag for the shuttle bus during the race pack collection 😊

afada13f-589d-47e8-b133-fb306671f009 img_5870 Last year, I hero signed up for the full marathon alone while my friends ran the half marathon. The race singlet and finisher tee is Adidas, and very difficult to go wrong with black so the finisher tee is super nice, so I guess for last year, its what makes the race fee worth it and also running a full marathon is one of the item on my bucket list and it have been long that I want to strike that off from my bucket list and finally able to clear it last year. Maybe life is also about making your dreams come true. A few weeks ago, I was at Sportslink and I saw the exact same Brooks race singlet selling on their racks 😔 It’s not exclusive anymore and don’t know why people will buy it if they are not running unless they are collectors.

I’ve only know that Standard Chartered Marathon races is available in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Taipei. So far, I’ve ran Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Next year, I will be running in Hong Kong, which makes me a Wonder Woman again wondering that I shall go to Taipei Standard Chartered in 2018 maybe? 😆 Can’t believe it that just for a piece of medal I decided to run 42km instead of the 21km. And I’ve got only 2 more months to prepare for it! OMG! 😂 Still better than Sundown marathon this year, I ran a full marathon in a 1 day notice 😏

img_5785 SCMS is one of the largest running event of the year in Singapore and the race pack collection is at Expo. It’s at Hall 4 and when I reached at 5.30pm on the first day of REPC after work there is no queue at all! Phew! But many of my friends were complaining of long queues for their collection. But don’t know what they mean by long queues since our tolerance level of queues is low nowadays, but should not be that long I Guess 😅

img_5861 Thank you P_eace for the customised prints on my race singlet! Love it so much! We can choose from a few meaningful the designs template and customise our name on it. And the design that I choose is in Chinese characters, which means surpassing limits. Best thing is, it’s only a 10 minutes wait for me while I use the time to explore the race village.

img_5863 July and I went to the Jaybird booth and play basketball. It’s in one minute time see how many shots you can score and the top scorer of the day will win their ear piece worth $200plus! I thought it’s easy, but it’s not 😅 But so nice lah, they still got a “thank you for your participation gift”, a draw string bag.

img_5811 My favourite part of the whole Expo is none other than the Madamn Tussauds Mofarah Maqnequinn! 😍 c68a3dda-f8f2-42ca-9727-b3b61840966c The pose is cute right? Show the world some love! ❤️ Recently I’ve been thinking of poses during running, so it’s not the common “peace” and “good” signs. Maybe I shall try sailormoon and ultraman pose if I spot any Photographers during my run 😅 So Madamn Tussauds have a contest to post a cutest caption to stand a chance to win a Fitbit. But if it’s a “valentine day challenge” think my pose may qualify for the cutest pose, the boyfriend will feel so much love right? 😆 So the #buddybuddy and #friendshipgoals can use this as reference 😘

img_5855 There’s many things but I only get some hair bands, shorts and the sports bra is only at $20 each and it’s nice!


img_5879 (Loading with Pinoy-Sg Runners after the race pack collection)

img_5880 (With Ying Tian, one of the pacer from Running Department pacing the 5hr15mins)

img_5804 (With Coach Arnel)

Do’s and Dont’s for a Better Time and a More Enjoyable Race

It’s that time of year again- the biggest races of the year are imminent! Whether you’re doing a full or half marathon, 10k or 5k race these tips might just help you to a better time and a more enjoyable race!


1) Sleep and rest well.

Coming up to the race it’s important you get good rest for your body to recuperate after your preparation runs and to be fresh. As a general rule your last long run should be around two weeks before race day and you should taper down from there.

2) Increase your carbohydrate intake.

Notice I did not mention ‘’carboloading’’! – often people overindulge the week before a race leaving the body working hard to process the change in diet and feeling sluggish. A small and gradual increase in carbs (exact quantity depends on how long your race is) starting a week before will improve glycogen stores for use on the big day.


3) Go for a ‘’shakeout’’ run the day before.

Yes, I did say to rest well but a light 15-20 minute jog is a great way to keep your muscles loose, get the blood flowing and increase your confidence for the next day.

4) Drink up.

Start hydrating well the day before the race so that by race day you only need to maintain your already good hydration.


Race day

1) Wake up bright and early.

You want to get there at least 60 minutes before the race to physically and mentally prepare. Also you need to make sure your pre-race breakfast is at least 2-3 hours before you start running.

2) No flashy new kit.

Now is not the time to break in a brand new pair of trainers or try a hot new pair of shorts that may cause nightmare chafing!

clothes running gear

3) Food and drink- don’t overthink!

Often people stress about what special pre-race meals they should be having but the best policy is to just to keep doing what you’ve been doing before all your previous runs. Your body doesn’t like change and won’t be able to cope with heavy carbs or a huge influx of liquid if it hasn’t been conditioned to do so.

4) Stay hydrated.

This could not be more important than in Asia. You will lose a lot of fluids as you run and these need to be replaced. (This does not mean you should stop at every drinks station however- having a belly full of liquid does not make for a comfortable run!)

Photo Credit: She Knows
Photo Credit: She Knows

And most importantly- enjoy the day! There’s nothing like race day atmosphere and buzz. When the going gets tough just think of how amazing it will be to cross that finish line- regardless of the results.

Debunking 3 Popular Pre-Race Myths

Good advice comes from bad experiences. Here, I’ll save you the bad experience and bad advice. I’ll let you learn from my bad experiences, and trust me, I’ve learnt the hard way.

#1 I don’t warm up – I don’t want to get tired


I’m sure quite a number of us are guilty as charged! We’re going to save our energy for the real run. Well I have been through this phase – I’m not going to waste my energy on this thing they call the warm up. Boy could I not have been more wrong. Jogging 10 minutes prior to your race will not make your tired! On the contrary, warming up has significant benefits for us runners. Warming up increases our body temperature and helps loosen up our muscles. This will prevent the occurrence of injuries and cramps during your race. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that.

#2  I rest before race day

The day before a race is so important – so important that I just rest and do nothing. I need to be fully rested so I can perform my best, right? Contrary to popular belief, this is what you should not do. Now my routine is totally different. I rest 2 days before my race and the day before my race I go for a short fast run and stretch.


This run serves to prep myself mentally and physically for my race the next day. There will be an increased blood flow to my muscles and more oxygen delivered. My muscles are loosen up. And this short run also serves the purpose of topping my glycogen store. Instead of feeling fatigue and lethargic, you will feel refreshed and more than ready for your race!

#3 The perfect game plan

Racing, as with life rarely goes as plan. Remember to have a plan b, c, d, e and f. Things can go very wrong. I’ve had stomach cramps, calf cramps, ankle sprains and even food poisoning. And just like that, your perfect plan A goes out the window. There is no such thing as the perfect race. Try visualizing as many race circumstances as possible – think of what may go wrong and how you may overcome it. This way you won’t be caught off guard and stay on top of your game – come what may.


Most importantly, remember, people have good days, people have bad days. We’ve just got to remember, end of the day what matters is for us to learn to manage the bad days!

Blog: My Weekend at The North Face 2016 [13km]

img_5484 This isn’t my race. I’m just suppose to go and show support to my friends who are running and do a short run then go home continue with my “beauty sleep”. Somehow, I have a little bit of of regret that I didn’t signed up and I become Wonder Woman now how come I didn’t signed up 🤔 Must be because the thought that I have to cut down on races since August when during July and August I have a total of 9 races! That’s about 1 every weekend! That I have to forgo one of my favourite activity to nua on bed during weekend 😂 I thought I’m not what they call a medal slave, to run for medals but now I look back I think I’m indeed one medal slave 😅 See my signature pose: img_4672 img_4673 Sorry to damage your eyes because seeing too much of me 😂 Apparently I really am a medal slave since I’m quite sad that I have to go home without a medal and have to borrow Rey’s medal for a photo 😭 img_4674 Moral of the story is: Just register lah! 😅

Anyway there is this Run Free run next year. It is a free run! Free! But includes nothing, wonder if you run past their hydration point can even take water to drink or not 😂 It’s concept is interesting, if you want to get anything from them can buy. You can buy the baggage deposit at $2, can buy their accessories like singlet and medal and bib. Singlet I will consider as it’s quite nice, but do I need it? 🤔 I have so many race singlet already which my wardrobe is about to burst 😅 Don’t say it’s bluffing you it’s a free run because you need to buy medal and bibs and etc, you can don’t buy what. A medal slave like me will definitely and willingly buy the medal which cost $9.90 and I think I will buy the bib too which is also $9.90, a “hoarder” like me keeps bibs and medals for all my runs 😆 Though I must say my medals and bibs didn’t wash and contains my sweat as I didn’t wash or even wipe 🙈 MUAHAHA! img_5488 img_5489

The coming standard chartered marathon in Hong Kong only have medals for runners who run full marathon and have to finish within a cut off time of 6 hours! That’s what makes me so undecisive of which category to sign up for because it’s too risky for me that I may probably finished more than the cut off time 😅 But I want the medal! So how eh? Just run lah?

Luckily I reached just in time to see the 50km runners to flag off at 7am. So while Kelvin and I went to video the flag off so that our friends will have some snap shot of the video as photos but the super noob me only realised after like 3 minutes that I didn’t press record on my phone 😅 Think I didn’t fully wake up yet and was still dreaming 😑 I did manage to video the 25km and 13km runners at least 😊 I have created a photo album for photos of TNF2016, I may have captured you 😊 img_5481 Is not I try to be consoling to myself that the blur photos is lousy but I think it turns out to be actually quite nice and artistic because there’s some part is focus and some part is blur 😂 It’s your perception that determines what a good photograph is, just like how people have different taste and view in beauty and food 😆

I still remembered my cross country in my secondary school which was also at MR. I was in secondary 2 that year and I shocked a lot of people that someone with no CCA can even get a trophy for coming in as the top few runners. Because the rest of the top runners are either the Netball girls(my school Netball girls used to be super strong) or girls who are in the sports team. I don’t run last time but I play basketball in the neighbourhood basketball court very frequently with friends since I was in primary school, which I backside itchy choose a secondary school without girls basketball team. That’s my only achievement in running other than coming in 5th (there’s only 5 runners, just kidding lah 😂 At the very least also more than 100 runners estimated) from my company’s running event last year 😆 img_5367 (What a typical “street basketballer” looks like in those days. I remembered we love to wear slippers to play basketball and wear those No Fear, No Rules T-shirt we get from Pasar malam 😅 The right one was me when I was 12 years old 😂)

img_3931 So, according to different category they have different requirements to have hydration bag/pouch with them and weigh in before going into the start pen. After Chiu Ping Zeh Zeh goes into the start pen, I have about 5 mins to chiong to another spot because I wanted to capture runners running with a different scenery. Like I said beauty is subjective, I think it’s a nice background of the Reservoir with people at the back Kayaking 😆 img_4788 (Photo Credits: Me 😆) Love this photo of Chiu Ping Zeh Zeh as this is what a genuine run happy is!

After that I went for a short run myself as I have about 1 hour plus before the 13km runners flag off. One thing I like about running in MacRitchie Reservoir is I always sweat more whenever I run there, soaking wet with sweat, I like! Must be because of the slopes that makes it tougher. So the plan was after the short run, waited after the 13km runners flag off I’ll go home sleep then go pole class and attend my company’s dinner and dance in the evening 😁

img_5483 So after my run die me run, I went to look for the rest of my friends who are running the 13km. I was very happy to be covered with sweat, feels really good. Then I suddenly have the thought why not run with them? It will be fun and this place is open to public right? I can just run with them! Plus considering I ate KFC for the past two days, and I need more stomach space for feasting at dinner and dance the night so why not just run together with them? 🤔 Considering doing the “beautiful beautiful pace” with Serene Zeh Zeh and think I can still reach home on time and go to pole class 👍🏻 img_5365

b10a354a-fdea-4e9b-9b88-94be6783ed67 (Baggage deposit, spraying inspect repellent, part time photographer and route navigating/familiarising 😁) After they go in the start pen, there’s only about 10 minutes to flag off, I rush to Mushroom Cafe to get myself Ice Milo and gulp down. I really need it because I didn’t had any food yet only ice teh much earlier and I saw coach Arnel and the rest of the Pinoy-Sg runners and manage to get a photo with them before rushing off to camp at a spot to video the 13km runners 😊 img_5368

Running on trail is not easy, there’s rocks, there’s mud and there’s upslope and downslope. All are potential fall risks so have to be extremely careful so I’m always very humji to run on trail, which I think I only ran before at (if Green Corridor is also considered)Green Corridor, MacRitchie Reservoir and Bukit Timah Hill. Saw many runners went Cameron Ultra recently at Cameron Highlands running the 25km and 50km that I’m also tempted to go next year. Even the leave for it is approved already although it’s next year July but still see how first. Not I kiasu, is my company kiasu that every year November have to plan and ballot for the leave next year already 😑 But still I’m quite scared to go run on trail because I worry of “I want to play a game” or 127 hours may happen that I fall and get stuck I will need to cut a part of me to stay alive. Or got kidnapped and get hidden under the kidnapper’s basement. Always imagining the worst case to die, sibeh sadist. Watched too much gore and horror movies already 😅 But what’s living with fearing to die? Means that I haven’t live enough to welcome death yet. But first thing first! Bungy jump I’m coming! Recently I’m very interested in going overseas to run, even if it’s just the next door Malaysia I will be happy. Maybe I’m bored with Gardens by the Bay and East Coast Park already. I was supposed to run Penang Bridge but I decided not to go anymore since I’m lazy to run 42km so I decided that I will definitely be happier running 21km at SCMS. Registered for it at first because I thought Penang is my hometown because my parents are from there and I’m giving up Malaysian citizenship so I thought it is quite meaningful as I was saying bye bye to blue ic and hello to pink ic. I was born in Singapore so Singapore, I grew up here so here is my hometown. I will leave the 42km to places like Japan, Taiwan or Hong Kong. But even just thinking of 42km is torturous, really respect the ultra runners. So much perseverance and determination is needed.

img_5370 (Photo Credits: Me 😆 Another really nice photo that I like! Serene Zeh Zeh’s run happy smile!)
The 13km category have really a lot of runners and I ran with Serene Zeh Zeh the 13km entirely 😊 Thank you for sharing water with me and give me ice cream to eat after the run 😊 It is super enjoyable chit chat run except that some runners is not graceful and kept yelling. I heard one uncle even shouted: “Hello! Uneducated is it? Don’t know how to keep left ah?” img_4348 Just nice I saw this at the photo booth at my company’s Dinner and Dance that evening. Seriously I’m not happy about that uncle 😡 It’s really not nice and there’s so many foreigners in this run, the image he is giving out about Asians and Singapore is not very nice. It’s a run, not a matter as big as life and death. It’s nature and nature is a peaceful and happy place. I’m sure everyone tried their best to stay left but it’s just that the path is too narrow, the terrain is also not easy to navigate and there is too much runners.

The weather is good though at one point I thought it will rain as the sky turns very dark but luckily it didn’t. Some parts of the route is very muddy due to the rain the previous day. There’s one hydration at about 4km for the 13km runners. Consider it 2 hydration point since the return journey also will also pass by the same hydration point. But there’s a ranger station just a little more than 1 km which have water cooler so water should be enough for the runners. There’s food like Subway, ice cream and banana for the runners.

So, after the run I rush back home immediately for a bath then head out to go pole class with all my barang barang for dinner and dance. I didn’t want to attend pole class at first as I was too tired and pole class is getting disheartening. Last week we learnt shoulder mount and dismount which is simply cruel and torturing to my collar bone and shoulder. As predicted, I attended pole class with no strength to do the moves. I’m hungry, I didn’t had any solid food yet since previous evening’s KFC. I’m considered at “advanced” class but I just feel very weak and like a beginner and after class I still even asked my instructor that after this term if I’m still lousy will I get “retained”? 😂 But I was told not to be silly and that everyone progress at their own pace 💪🏻 img_5406 (Participating in our dance studio contest 😊)

After pole class headed directly to City Hall and meet my colleagues to go Dinner and dance. Totally forgot that it says door opens at 6.30pm does not means that food will be serve on time, waited till 8pm then the first dish is serve, after the so hardcore run and the so hardcore pole class makes me so hungry and finally first solid food for the day! Hungry and angry (Hungry woman is also angry woman! Roar!!) img_5408 (Picture Credits: 300) Seriously this is me when the food comes and luckily 2 of my colleagues didn’t turn up so so I no need paiseh and eat ah! Meow! 😆 img_4374

By right the next day I’m meeting Sabrina for a run, but luckily she gladly welcome the idea to change it into “Exploring Singapore Day” 😆 And we seriously took a minimum of 500 photos and I’m not exaggerating! 😅 We were out since 8.30am in the morning and our first stop is at Changi Airport. Inspired by Justina’s beautiful photo at Changi Airport with #buddybuddy and #friendshipgoals so I also want to go there and take photos 😜 Had been aiming the Hello Kitty cafe for a long time at Terminal 3 and secondly because of the super big Pikachu. It’s cute although I have never watched a single episode of Pokemon in my life and I’ve never downloaded Pokemon Go in my phone. But I can’t resist cute things, just like Hello kitty, I’ve never watch a single episode of Hello Kitty or even Winnie the Pooh, or did I even watch Micky Mouse before? img_4783

The Hello Kitty cafe is at T3 and open 24 hours! I find the food and dessert nice! Especially the pink velvet cake, will never say no to dessert and definitely want to go again to try other desserts 😍 img_5416

After that we went to the Singapore Art Museum, Fort Canning Park, National Museum and the National Gallery. And wow, thank you so much for reading to the very end! 😘 Hope what I’ve written is entertaining for you during your toilet break or transport journey and now let the pictures do all the talking 😊

6f063b80-e848-46a7-868e-2869e48556ef (Changi Airport)

34774bf4-7c8d-41d2-bc93-2022836bc99d (Singapore Art Museum: An Atlas of Mirrors)

2717960f-e6fb-4b02-82c7-1403853e272c (Singapore Art Museum)

dfb2dd46-c420-4957-ab8d-ce483a7e0fd3 (Singapore National Museum: What is invisible is not invisible)

06caf7bb-866d-42b9-a423-3e7477914733 (Fort Canning Park)

a21581c3-cf47-4106-adcd-0119c2b47fb5 (Singapore National Gallery)

19006f5e-1d65-420b-9674-cc9dd7fc21ef (Singapore National Gallery)

3 Common Tapering Mistakes

After day in and out of training, we all look forward to tapering week, no?  The main objective of tapering is to give your body a chance to rebuild and refuel such that your body muscles feel at its peak, yet at the same time being in top cardiovascular shape. However, tapering is a skill people find difficult to master – you can’t under-do it, nor overdo it. There is a fine balance to tapering. People make a lot of mistakes – be it too little running or too much eating.

#1 Dropping Mileage

young woman stretching before exersise - closeup shot.

The biggest mistake runners make is to rest too much too soon. They over-taper. This will often lead to a sluggish lazy feeling instead of making you feel good. Of course it is wise to drop mileage but, to perform your best, you need to maintain your aerobic fitness without exhausting your body. Dropping your mileage about 20 – 30 per cent a week will be sufficient. Don’t completely take the week off running.

It is also important to maintain some kind of intensity during training. Although the hardest workout days are now behind you, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sneak in a hard run. Personally, I like to do a hard 10 km run exactly a week before my marathon.

#2 Getting Off Your Normal Routine


Our body responds best to consistency. Straying from your normal routine can actually have a real detrimental effect to your performance on race day. First of all you may feel sluggish on race day. Secondly and more importantly, getting off your standard routine may reduce your confidence going in the race. So if you’re used to running 5 times a week, go ahead with the same routine but go lighter with the workouts. This way, you can go into a run feeling physically and mentally good.

#3 Expecting To Feel Good


Sometimes we have a little too much faith in tapering. We expect to feel at our best. Well, we rested so much, our legs should not feel fatigue. After tapering, some people may expect to feel like superman. Well, if you think that way, you are definitely in for a rude awakening. Running hard hurts, always! Be prepared to hurt! Tapering does not take that pain away. Thing is when it starts to hurt, instead of having the confidence to push through, athletes may start to give up and question their training instead. This has been the cause of many DNFs.

You have got to prep yourself mentally to face these adversities. No race will come easy! Trust the process but also do not forget that you have to push through the pain!

Get the tapering right and be on your way to your next marathon personal best!

Color Manila Five Times Better In 2017

The 2017 Color Manila Run season was recently unveiled at Kerry Sports in Shangri-La The Fort.
The 2017 Color Manila Run season was recently unveiled at Kerry Sports in Shangri-La The Fort.

2017 PROMISES to be a banner year for Color Manila Run as the Philippines’ fastest growing and most colorful footrace series enters its fifth season of truly bringing the fun in fun runs.  Color Manila founder and President Jay Em recently bared their calendar of events for next year beginning with the franchise cornerstone Color Manila Run 5 on January 8, 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City.

Runners of all skill levels can choose between three, five, 10 and 21-kilometer distance categories. Just like in all events, this is non-competitive in nature with the ultimate goal of providing participants with a big dose of fun and positive vibes to begin the New Year.

A big come on for participants is the well-designed race kit that includes a singlet, race bib, tote bag, sunglasses and other freebies from sponsors.  All finishers will receive a medal.

Online registration for the Color Manila Run is now available via with payments made via credit card.  Those without credit cards may purchase prepaid cards at all branches of Runnr or visit the nearest SM Tickets outlet and then logging on to for complete details and information.

Since the first Color Manila Run was staged in January, 2013 at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City, the event’s attendance has grown exponentially with over 100,000 total registrants in the 2016 season alone.  The event has spread itself beyond Metro Manila by staging similar fun runs in Cebu, Davao, Dagupan, Clark and Vigan and other major cities.

The positive feedback has assured a return engagement in all the cities visited but the big news is that the event will soon go international with Color Manila Runs in the United Arab Emirates and the United States where there are big concentrations of overseas Filipinos.  The international venues will be joined by other new locations in Tanay, Boracay, Bohol, Cagayan de Oro and a few to be named later.

Aside from the original Color Manila Run, fans of the series can look forward to their other offerings throughout the year like the Color Manila Run Challenge which adds a various obstacles along the route.  There is also the Black Light Run done in the evening, the Glitter Run wherein glitters are mixed with the color powders and the Costume Run which is usually held around Halloween.

Truly, the Color Manila Run has come a long way since Em hatched the idea to now Color Manila Vice President Justin Cordero while snacking at a popular pastry shop in the middle of 2012.  Both admitted they were worried at first because the novelty might wear off soon but fast forward to today, the concept run has evolved into a community of its own with runners coming back regularly to sign up for events not just in Metro Manila but even in the provinces.

The team’s perseverance and industry was eventually recognized and rewarded by the Asia Sports Industry Awards earlier this year in Bangkok were they won as Best Mass Participation Event of the Year.  Color Manila also tied up with the Tourism Promotions Board and the Department of Tourism adding the fun run to the official calendar aimed at enticing more tourists to visit the country.

“The fun actually begins upon crossing the finish line,” said Em.  “We always give runners the complete experience with DJs playing music, live bands and a lot of side events.”

For sure, Color Manila Run has survived the test and is here to stay.  Runners better make their move soon and sign up before all slots are filled up.

Singapore Marathon 2016: Flag-off Times, Road Closures and Last Minute information

It’s happening this weekend! Singapore’s flagship running event is here and it’s your time to… JustRunLah! Check out below important information for your racing weekend.

Flag-Off Times

– Marathon

Flag off time: 4.30am (Sunday)
Opening of Start Pen: 3am

Start Point Map

The reporting place depends on which pen the runner is in. Make sure you report to the access point of the pen you belong to (E.g. Pen C – Sub 4 hours (Marathon): Access through Entrance B). You are able to find which pen you are in on your Race Bib.

Baggage Deposit services are available at Angullia Carpark and *SCAPE. Based on your pen:
Anguilla Carpark (B1) – Baggage for PEN F & G
*SCAPE (B2) – Baggage for PEN A/B/C/D

– Half Marathon

Flag off time: 4.30am
Opening of Start Pen: 3am

Start Point Map

Access to the start line is based on your Start Pen allocation. Make sure you report to the access point of the pen you belong to (E.g. Pen C – Sub 2hrs (Half Marathon) : Access through Grange Road). You are able to find which pen you are in on your Race Bib.

Baggage Deposit services are available at Angullia Carpark and *SCAPE. Based on your pen:
Anguilla Carpark (B1) – Baggage for PEN F & G
*SCAPE (B2) – Baggage for PEN A/B/C/D

– 10km

Flag Off Time: 6:40am (wheelies) / 6.45am
Start Pen Opening Time: 4.45am


Access to the start line is on first-come first-served basis so make sure you report early to get a nice spot at the front.

– Ekiden

The first participant of the team will begin the relay at the same start point and time as the Marathon participants. Each team member will run a section of the marathon, passing the team sash to their next teammate at each of the five Ekiden points. There will be a total of 300 teams.

Click here to download the handbook for Ekiden participants.

– Kids Dash (Saturday)

Distance: 600m
Venue: Orchard Road
Age: up to 13 years old


Kids need to report at least 30mins before flag off time.

Reporting Place


Kids have to report at the Holding area. The holding area will be at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. One can get there through Orchard MRT.

Log your time at JustRaceLah! – The Free App for Runners

Keep track of your results and progress by adding any of the 2000+ races of our database to your own portfolio. Keep your running memories organised and see your timings improving!

Download for free of iOS and Android via:

4 Articles To Get You Going!

Getting to the race ground

Note that: No train service will be available during the early morning of 4 December due to “track maintenance”.

The organiser has arranged for private chartered bus. Online purchase online are now closed, as of 25 November 2016, 2359 hrs. Runners may purchase their private chartered bus tickets at the Race Entry Pack Collection at S$5 per ticket!

For alternative transport options, click here.

Road Closure Advisory

Various areas are affected, including Orchard area, CBD, Downtown, Tanjong Rhu, East Coast and Marina Area. Click here for detailed pdf including times, road names and access areas.


Information taken from:

Please check the official website as details might change any time by the organisers without warning.

REPC weekend: SCMS 2016 & TPS Race 5

It’s that time of the year again. You have signed and trained for SCMS and now it’s time to travel to Expo for the REPC. What’s more, REPC for the last race of The Performance Series is taking place throughout the weekend. It sure is a busy weekend for Singapore runners, so here is a survival guide for you.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore REPC

Race Entry Pack Collection

  • Date 1 December – 3 December 2016 (Thursday to Saturday)
  • Time 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on 1 and 2 December 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on 3 December
  • Venue Singapore EXPO Hall 4 (1 Expo Drive, Singapore 486150)

JustRunLah! will be there! Come meet us at booth 36!

Important Information for ALL Participants

  • All participants (including overseas participants residing outside of Singapore) EXCEPT participants registered under the Bulk/Corporate registration accounts who request for priority bulk collection or delivery service, must collect their race entry pack during the REPC period.
  • For self-collection, please bring along:
    • Registration confirmation slip (check your registration and retrieve your registration confirmation email here
    • NRIC/Passport/Photo ID (for runners in all adult race categories)
    • Birth Certificate (for Kids Dash participants only)
  • Participants who are unable to collect their Race Entry Packs during the REPC collection dates may authorise representatives to collect them on their behalf. All authorised representatives are required to produce the following documentation upon collection:
    • Letter of authorisation filled up
    • Registration confirmation slip with Authorisation section filled up
    • NRIC/Passport/Photo ID
    • A photocopy of the runner’s NRIC/Passport/Photo ID (for runners in all adult race categories)
    • A photocopy of Birth Certificate (for Kids Dash participants only)
  • A maximum number of 4 Race Packs can be collected per collection.
  • All Ekiden teams are required to send one team member to collect all race packs on behalf of the team. There will be no individual collections of race packs allowed.
  • Size Selection of Running Apparel made during registration is final. No exchange can be made once registration is completed.
  • Parking lots are available at the Singapore EXPO. However, there will be no specific parking lots designated for the REPC. Runners and representatives are strongly encouraged to take public transport to the Singapore EXPO as the car park is expected to be full during the event. For parking rates and details on how to get to the Singapore EXPO, runners and representatives can visit here and here respectively.

Important Information for Ekiden Relay Participants

  • The Race Entry Pack for the team’s first participant will include a bib (with timing device) and sash.
  • The Rack Entry Pack for the team’s second to sixth participants will contain a bib (with timing device) only.
  • All participants are required to produce the following documentation upon request from the counter staff:
    • Registration confirmation slip
    • NRIC/Passport/Photo ID (for runners in all adult race categories)
    • Registration confirmation slip with Authorisation section filled up and photocopy of the team mates’ NRIC/Passport/Photo ID/Birth Certificate are required if you are collecting on behalf of your team mates

Note: All Ekiden teams are required to send one team member to collect all race packs on behalf of the team. There will be no individual collection of race packs allowed.

The Performance Series Race 5 (Kranji Countryside)

Race Entry Pack Collection
  • Date: Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th December
  • Time: 11am-7pm
  • Venue: Fountain Square (Basement 1), City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Rd, 208539


1. What do I need to bring for the race pack collection to ensure a smooth collection?
Your photo ID or NRIC and your race confirmation slip.

2. Can my friend collect on my behalf?
Yes. Please provide your friend a copy of your photo ID or NRIC and your race confirmation slip.

Registration for TPS Race 5 closes on 30 November 2016. If you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time! Click here to register with $5.00 discount, use code: 5OFFJRL

Runners can also purchase tickets for race day shuttle bus service at the race pack collection for S$7.00 each, with pick up from 12 MRT stations located island-wide. The service is suitable for all 10km, 5km and 2.5km participants.

In addition, there will be free shuttle bus service from 7.30am to 9.30am (10-15 min intervals) to pick up participants from event site to Kranji MRT Station.

Details: Click here for more information about bus service

Information taken from:


Please check the official websites as details might change any time by the organisers without warning.

Race Review: 42 Race – November 21 Days Challenge (by Rebekah Ong)

I finally received it!!! I was delighted to see it arrive in the mail. You  must be wondering what I’m talking about, well, my hard earned 50km Finisher medal for November’s #42Race #21DaysChallenge had arrived! The November’s #42Race #21DaysChallenge was my first ever virtual race.


What is a  “Virtual Race”? This may sound like a very foreign term to many. A virtual race is a race that is similar to any other run event you see outside and participants that sign up would have to plan and prepare their own route (according to the race requirements) prior to the actual race date/ race period. Participants also get to enjoy all the perks of a regular race, including finisher entitlements and uniquely designed medals. This means that no early morning travels to race sites and you can choose to run the event at any time of the day.


[My virtual dashboard on]

I remembered clearly when I first shared post on Facebook for November’s 21 Days Challenge, my friends were asking me what this event was about and how it worked. Virtual races is a pretty new concept in Singapore and it was nice to see friends taking interest in the event.


[My shared post on Facebook for November 2016 Challenge]

This is my first time doing a virtual race. I signed up for this event because it was:

  • Reasonably Price – Only $9.90 regardless the category you choose. This includes the postage for your medals.
  • Cool medal – The medal for the November 21 Days Challenge is not your typical race medal, it’s a  Vintage Eagle’s Feather necklace. I thought it’ll make a cool accessory for casual Friday! The organisers took inspiration from the eagles feather for the finishers’ medal. The eagle is the chief over all the winged creatures. 42Race believes that anyone can soar like an eagle with consistent training and hard work. The eagle feather is a reminder that we all have limitless potential within us. Main objective, complete the Challenge and Soar like an Eagle.


[November’s 21 Days Challenge Medal]

To complete the challenge, I had to clock/accumulate the distance that I signed up for during the 21 days period.  I signed up for the 20km category which was for beginners/amateurs. Other categories include 50km, 100km and 200km. I was deliberating between the 20km or 50km category because I was not sure how many workout sessions I’ll be able to put in. If I  don’t meet the minimum required distance of 20km, I would not be able to receive the medal. On the other hand, if you managed to clocked the mileage of the other categories, you will be rewarded accordingly with that category medal. It is important that I choose the correct category because ranking would be based on the category you choose. The challenge period for November was from 1 to 21 November 2016.

Before the 21 Day Challenge started, I had to map out my schedule and buffer for days that the workout doesn’t go according to plan. Plans don’t always go accordingly and for me two of the biggest challenges were the weather and laziness. November was the rainy season and doing outdoor runs may be a challenge considering that I don’t have a gym membership.Luckily, during the 21 days of the challenge, the weather held up and I was able to keep to plan and clock my distance. Another thing that you have to buffer for are ‘Lazy Days’. Just in case you are not feeling up to it or just want to skip a workout, you need a backup plan.


[Plan for November 21 Days Challenge]

Like a normal race, there were awards for the participants. The awards offered were not like typical races where you have to be the best at running, Unfortunately I was not one of the winners of those awards but these are the prizes offered:

  • Inspirational Awards x 3 – For the most inspiring journal entries, the winners will receive Compressport Armsleeves Armforce Fluo (worth S$59.90)


  • Lucky Draw Winners x 50 – Running Sets (Running Belt + Running Armband, worth S$29.90)
  • Digital finishers’ certificate – All finishers’ will be awarded with their personalised Digital Finishers certificate.

Overall, I enjoyed participating in the November 42 Race 21 Days Challenge. I finished 18th in my category (20km). It thought me discipline and gave me motivation to push through training. I also learnt that with constant training, you will eventually get better and be surprised at what you can achieve. Doesn’t matter how long, you just need to try, set your goal and take that first step. Till my next entry, stay healthy and happy everyone!


[November’s 21 Days Challenge Digital Finishers certificate ]

Thanksgiving for Running

Strange topic other than Thanksgiving day was just over by the time this is published. Started writing this on Thanksgiving Day.

Having done quite a fair bit of running races (regular readers may remember my race reviews), I’ve decided to try swimming and cycling a bit more the later half of this year.  Also, I had probably ‘over’ run my limits, as I was still recovering from Plantar Fasciitis (PF) the past few months.  I thought too, that cross-training with these variations would help.

Mid Sep, I had decided to take on a 9 week challenge to ride 1050 km (Togo1050) within 9 weeks.   This was organized by TOGO PARTS, the final challenge for 2016 to celebrate its 15th anniversary.  I had signed up and diligently cycled, working out a schedule, and landed up going for rides almost every night in October.  The distance was tracked using Strava apps.

Early October I went for my OCBC Sportive Ride and did much faster than last year though I had a fall and hurt my wrist.  I ignored the pain and continued my exercise regime.  I stacked up on swimming a wee-bit and then went for the Swim for Hope organized by SAFRA.  However this time, I didn’t try and do an ultra but signed up for just two sessions, one of them with my good pal Francis Tan.  I completed 130 laps (130x50m) in total.  This was for charity and so I felt good about it.  I was sunburned but I got tanned too.   Glad that Francis could join this year,  except this year’s format was different, and there wasn’t any trophy awarded too, for any ultra swimmers.  He could have easily attained that as he is a great swimmer.

As of 2nd Nov,  I was on schedule and I remembered that I had another 189 km to complete.   I had been cycling between 10-30 km per night and targeted to complete a few days before 13th Nov.  So, on target – should receive a finisher cycling vest in December.

Beginning November, I felt good with the runs that I was doing, and found that I had recovered from my PF.  I wasn’t having those morning sole pains for past couple of days.  I drew the conclusion that some cycling (cross-train with other body muscles) helped in aiding recovery.   I was so glad that I shared this good news on FB with my friends – I am free from PF !

Unfortunately on 2nd Nov, just the following day, I decided to go for a morning ride in another stretch of the Park Connector.  I was looping and gaining confidence when disaster struck.  I went too fast and the bike hit a rough patch.  I felt myself flying and landed hard on my bottom.  Felt my tailbone hit the hard concrete tarmac, hard, real hard. I felt a snap, and intense pain shot up to my brain or was it my eyes ?  I remembered shutting my eyes hard as I registered the pain !

My body fell backwards to the ground by reflex somehow.  I couldn’t sit up as I felt my lower body muscles tightened in spasm.  For a brief moment, my thought was : did I injure my spine, was I paralyzed ?  The pain was INTENSE.  I wriggled my toes and thought I could feel them still.  But I couldn’t sit up.  It was a bit late in the morning.  After a momentary pause when I thought the world has stopped, a young man and an older woman walked towards me.  Are you alright ?  I quickly said yup, I was alright, feeling embarrassed that I could only answer them in that position.  I was waiting for myself to recover enough to sit up by myself.  But after a while, I realized I couldn’t control my body somehow.  I couldn’t sit up !

To go through those moments, and the next few days would require many more paragraphs.  I’d rather summarized thus.  Pain, limited movements for the following days ensued till today.  But the intensity had decreased.  Was referred to A&E Department of hospital in the end and diagnosed with fractured wrist (from the OCBC Sportive ride) and fractured L1, L2 of the lumbar region of the spine.  Miraculously I didn’t hit any major nerves.  I had a wrist cast on for a few days but removed it myself as I felt tingling in my fingers due to the tightness and I needed my hands for support during those days where movements were impeded.

I got an appointment for the spine specialist a week later and was supposed to see the wrist specialist at the same hospital the following Monday so that they could put on a fiber glass cast.  I thought it was an hassle so I cancelled the second appointment on Monday for the wrist.  For the spine fracture, the specialist said I needed to rest for at least 6 weeks for the vertebrae to heal.  They would require me to see them in another 3 weeks, so that they could take an x-ray and assess further.  No, it was not necessary to do any physiotherapy or rehabilitation – just stop exercise and rest.  Rehabilitation only after the bones healed in about 6 weeks.    The doctor must have thought after all, how active could a 53 year old man get ?

I needed to rest completely to let the bones heal.  Everybody said the same thing.  2 days after accident, I thought of the TOGO1050 challenge.  I wrote in to ask if they would allow me to complete the mileage within a week after my recovery.  No answers.  I guessed to be fair, a challenge was a challenge and there were rules.  5 days after, though I could only get out from any sitting or lying position with pain and difficulties, still, I thought I would give riding a try again.  So at night, I slowly took my ‘trusty’ bike for the ride.  I did this for about 8 days, but cutting usual mileage.   I managed to complete 1051+ km by target date.  I then placed my bike out of my sight.  I needed to rest my spine more completely thereafter.

A few more days passed.  I tried walking at my usual running route.  I completed 3.5 km slowly.  The next day, I did the same.  I researched on how to walk a bit quicker so I read up a bit on race-walking.  I tried the following day but couldn’t sway my hips as much.  The following day, more pain.  I stopped the race-walking mode.  I just walked again.   Last few days, I managed to continue to walk.  I couldn’t jog.  I felt the jarring impact of each stride and I experienced some pain.   I walked on.   I was determined to walk back to health somehow even if I couldn’t run for the time being.  So I am grateful.

Running last two years had given my body some additional resources and strength to draw on.  So while some well-meaning friends said I had to train smarter, that I had to run less, I had a different perspective.  Running has inspired me to get this far.   To quote Shakespeare: ‘Bid Me Run And I Will Strive With Things Impossible’, unquote.   Besides, the marathons, races, challenges sharpened my sense of wanting to go on, to continue to improve myself.  In living we often forget our sense of being, other than just working for a living for example.bidmerun

Accidents do happen in life.   I am grateful for having been able to run the past two years or so, and most times I run as if this could be the last day.  That has driven me so far to complete the challenges I set for past two years.  Speed has never been top of my priority though I try to improve.   I valued more the freedom  that running had given me.  And this feeling is even keener during these days of non-running.  I will be back.  It will take some time.  But I know, I will run.  So hope everyone has his/her own moments of Happy Thanksgiving.  With God’s Grace, I have run, and with God’s will, I will continue to run.  Be Safe.  I am grateful.

5 Things Runners Need To Know About Sony’s NW-WS413 Sports Walkman

If you’re an athlete who uses music to get your heart pumping harder because you find yourself more motivated running to the beat, I’m sure you’ve been looking for the perfect music companion. You would want something that’s going to be with you every step of the way. It needs to be built to withstand the elements, come rain or shine, or that open water Ironman training swim. And headphone wires need to stop getting all tangled up – really the bane of any MP3’s existence. So, thank you SONY for the innovative NW-WS413!

Have you met Sony’s NW-WS413?

#1 Tough


Sony’s NW-WS413 is one tough nut. Besides being salt waterproof, it is also dust proof and can even operate in temperatures ranging from -5°C to 45°C. Sony’s NW-WS413 will be your greatest companion, even in the famed Marathon Des Sables which brings you through the Sahara dessert. Whatever you want to do, almost wherever you want to go, Sony’s NW-WS413 is with you all the way. Now, it won’t be just you and the sharks during your open water swim, you can bring Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger with you to keep you going!


#2 Comfort


Weighing in only at 32g, SONY has prioritised user comfort. It is lightweight – it’s only the weight of half an apple!  It also comes with a secure wrap-around headset which helps the earphones stay in your ears while you train as hard as you want. Nothing frustrates an athlete more than having earphones constantly falling out during their runs. This perfect fit technology will ensure nothing holds you back whether pounding the pavement or tackling the weights.

#3 Ambient Sound Mode


Now this is quite an interesting feature. You can listen to your favourite tunes, at the same time not miss out on the conversation going on among your friends. The ambient sound mode picks up ambient sound around you so you are still able to pay attention to your surroundings. This is a significant innovative concept because it makes the surrounding world easier to hear, especially when running on the roads.

#4 Quick Charge


This is probably the coolest feature of Sony’s NW-WS413. As if the 12 hours battery life is not cool enough, it is possible to charge the earphones in 3 minutes – for a 1 hour usage battery life. Imagine being super enthusiastic about a run, and you pull out your MP3 just to be greeted with no battery! That’s going to totally crush your enthusiasm. Now, you have no reason to not run. 3 minutes is all you need.

#5 Built-in MP3 Player


While many runners turn to music for motivation or distraction, this has never been the case for swimmers. The NW-WS413 might just change this. It has a built-in MP3 player, which means now you can take them on your long open water swims.

SONY is really living up to their legacy of creating robust innovative solid products with this invention.

From now till 2 January 2017, you can enjoy 10% off Sony’s NW-WS413 and discounts on other Sony products. Head over to or visit any Sony store or authorised dealers for more information on the Sony Days exclusive year-end promo.

6 Reasons why Runners should sign up for U Run All Access

Running is an expensive sport. Good shoes aren’t cheap. Races these days don’t come cheap either. If you’re an avid runner, when year-end comes, you might find yourself spending a gigantic sum on races. U Sports may very well be your savior. U Run All Access by U Sports is an annual running package that gives you 3 race credits to their partner races in Singapore.


Here’s 5 benefits for U Run All Access subscribers:

#1 You Will Never Run Alone


Package holders can join U Run All Access’s biweekly running sessions led by professional runners – meet your running idol perhaps? You get to meet like-minded people, train with like-passionate people and achieve your goals together. The training sessions will be held in a variety of locations – Velocity, OMB, Downtown East and more. You get a ton of running buddies to motivate you and spice up your workout.

#2 Hassle free race registration


Let’s face it – we have all probably missed that early bird registration, and damn, now you have to pay an additional $10 for that very same race entry. What a major blow! Fear not! With U Run All Access, you won’t miss out on the best priced deals and races in town. You will be guaranteed a slot at the best price in the most popular races in Singapore. Convenience at one click!

#3 Save Your Money!


This is a steal! What a bargain – really! Where else can you register for 3 competitive runs at $168 other than U Run All Access’ competitive package. They also have a newly introduced fun package with themed runs at which allows you to register for 3 races at $198. Let us do the math for you. The prestigious Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 42km’s super early bird price is going for $70. Another must do race for avid runners – 2XU Compression Singapore 21km’s early bird is priced at $63. That means your 3rd race will be at an astounding $35 only. Think about it – why pay more?

#4 Be Spoilt For Choice


Here’s a few of the races you can pick and choose from. Run the MUST-RUN-RACES in Singapore.

  • Marina Run
  • Sundown Marathon
  • 2XU Compression Run
  • Income Eco Run
  • Tri-factor Run
  • CSC Run By The Bay
  • Newton Challenge
  • Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

Click here to have a look at the mix of packages available.

#5 Why so serious?


Mix up your runs with some fun themed runs. Sometimes letting our hair down and loosening up does us a lot of good. Re-live your childhood with the Garfield Run or bring your kids to the  My Little Pony Friendship Run and run with Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. Let’s face it, we’d all love the opportunity to run with Oddie, BUT FOR the what we would consider as a rip-off entry fee. I mean, $100 for a 5km run, really? With U Run All Access, we can mix and match our runs, bringing in some fun into our running.

#6 Your Lucky Day? – Run your way to a Vacation

All package holders will enter into a lucky draw and stand a chance to win many attractive prizes! The Grand Prize includes a fully sponsored trip (inclusive of return flight & accommodation) to race at Gold Coast Airport Marathon  and Blackmores Sydney Running Festival!

U Sports will be at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2016 race pack collection from 1st – 3rd December at Singapore Expo. The first 400 sign-ups will be entitled to more exclusive goodies. So, go visit their booth at booth 47 & 48! Don’t miss out!


Book Review: First Ladies of Running

I chanced upon this amazing book at the library in August this year and decided to borrow it. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.

This book was just being released in April 2016, authored by Amby Burfoot. Amby Burfoot, 70,  is currently the top editor in Runner’s World magazine. He is an American marathoner and champion of the 1968 Boston Marathon.

For this book, he personally interviewed all the pioneer ladies who ran hard to change the perception of people that women too can run. Running is not a sport just for men.

It’s hard to believe that in the early days (before most of us were born), women were not allowed to run in any official distance races at all. These ladies’ amazing courage and determination made them fought their way through running long distances despite being discriminated by race directors and officials. When women run in the streets, people would stare at them like they were aliens, or asking them if they were running away from something, or if they needed help? Nobody would believe that they were only running, and nothing else. They ran because they loved to run. Running gave them great pleasure, made them stronger physically and mentally.

These incredible women often ran in uncomfortable clothes, without a sports bra and a good pair of running shoes. As in the early days, these were not available at all unlike in this new modern world now, where we can easily get hold of a good sports bra, dry fit running attire and highly technical running shoes. And yet, they ran faster than most of us.

Do you know that women’s marathon was finally included in the summer Olympics only in 1984? Joan Benoit Samuelson (USA) won the race with an incredibly fast time of 02:24 despite having undergone a knee surgery slightly over 3 months ago.

Joan Benoit won the first Women’s Olympic Marathon 1984 (photo credit:

There are many astonishing stories from different pioneer ladies in this book that will surely inspire you to run.

These first ladies of running changed the running world forever. Running is no longer a male-dominated sports but a sports that are also being enjoyed by millions of women around the world now. Their stories are so inspiring and I am deeply touched.

For ladies out there, if you love running, this book is definitely a must-read. Go check it out and enjoy your many hours of reading!

Baguio Tour On Foot

It was my 6th day on the summer capital and I wanted to do something different. I’ve been running for the past 5 days exclusively around Burnham Park to avoid jeepneys and cars. But in this sunday morning, with less vehicles, I thought of doing a city tour on foot.

I started running at 6am near Microtel in Upper Session road. A jacket on top of shirt with jogging pants for a perfect 18c weather. I turned left to South Drive passing by Teachers Camp. It was a combination of uphills and downhills early on.  I continued to Baguio Country Club leading to the old entrance of Camp John Hay where pine trees, a golf course and an uphill greeted me. An awesome view! There were other runners as well enjoying their morning run. I passed by The Manor and went straight ahead, making a U turn at Technohub. I used the same route to exit CJH. This time, I headed towards Wright Park. I made a brief stop at St Josephs The Worker Parish to pray. Once I got into the park, I ran the stairs which felt like a hundred steps. My next stop is The Mansion. After taking some pictures, I proceeded to Mines View. It was a grueling uphill climb. I ran passed the Good Shepherd’s convent and then finally, the top of the hill! A little bit over 10km to reach Mines View Park!

I appreciated the view for a few minutes then went down the same route until Wright Park. This time, I used the Leonard Wood Road passing by the Botanical Garden, Session Road, ending in Burnham Park. It’s one of my memorable runs as I got a free city tour on top of completing a high altitude long run.

Read more about running in The Philippines.

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