The average American spends a daily average of just 3 hours and 58 minutes on leisure and relaxation (as reported by The Wall Street Journal in 2018). This time also includes the amount of exercise a person gets. Many busy parents and professionals have even less time to dedicate to working out and training for upcoming runs. Considering that individuals training for a marathon should run about 50 miles each week, the idea of meeting your running goals may seem next to impossible. Thankfully, there are many effective strategies for helping you find the time needed to prepare for whatever race is up next.

Whether you plan to run a marathon or your first 5K, the following three tips can help you fit your training schedule into even the busiest of schedules.

Train where it is most convenient

One recent study found that the average distance from one’s home to the gym is about 4 miles. Depending on traffic in your area, 4 miles can either take a few minutes or 30+ minutes to travel. If it takes more than 15 minutes (one way) to get to your gym, it might be time for you to consider other, more time efficient options. For example, you can create a home gym with a compact treadmill to help you run more each day. Even if the weather or traffic isn’t ideal, you will have a guaranteed way to train in the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, if your workplace offers an on-site gym to employees, consider planning your runs for the early morning or after work. This way, you can put all that travel time to a gym or a training facility back into your workouts.

Write down your training schedule

You are 42% more likely to achieve a goal when you write it down on paper. This strategy is also incredibly effective when it comes to planning your daily schedule. Instead of having a general idea of how the day will go stored in your mind, write down your schedule of activities for each day of the week. Even though you will likely need to make some modifications, you can easily prioritize training for your upcoming run with this strategy. Think through where your run will fit in best during the day, and do not cancel it. Treat your training with the same level of respect as an important client meeting or your child’s sporting event.


Support your efforts with a healthy diet and sufficient sleep

In addition to prioritizing your actual training for the run, you must also make your health a priority. If you don’t support your body through your training and the busyness of daily life, it is much easier to come down with an illness. While working your schedule to allow for consistent daily training, be sure to plan healthy meals and adequate sleep. To help achieve this goal, consider using a meal delivery service that offers pre-prepared healthy meals. Also, rather than spending time watching TV or browsing social media at night, use that time to go to bed a bit earlier than normal.

Even with a busy schedule, planning a training routine for your next run is absolutely doable. By prioritizing your goals of health and wellness, and by eliminating time wasters, you can reach the next level of your training goals.

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