Are you bored of running alone? Why not join a running club?

With running clubs, it will enhance your running experience, create new friends and you might also notice improvements in your performance. Fret not, there might actually be running clubs around your area! If you’re near the central region of Singapore and also believe that sweat, time and devotion will pay off one day, Team Runfanatics is perfect for you!

Read more to find out what’s special about Team Runfanatics.

Team Runfanatic’s Purpose

Our objective is to encourage locals who are keen to take up either recreational or competitive running. We may be a performed focused group catered to athletes who wish to take up competitive running, but we also believed that exercises helps to improve physical and mental health as it helps to reduce stress, improve heart health, and alleviate symptoms of depression. In addition, we also hope to help runners to run wisely and reduce the risk of injury.


Our purpose is to develop athletes to improve on their running techniques and achieve their desired timings for races. As a team, we strongly believe that the sweat, time and devotion will pay off one day.

“My belief is that while not all of us have an innate talent for running, we can still attain excellence, given the right training, guidance and encouragement”
– Shanmugam.B, Team RunFanatics’s Principal Coach (Extracted from our Blog)

Team Runfanatic’s Where and When

As for the training, normally track intervals are held at Bishan stadium on Tuesday, and Wednesday at Queenstown stadium. For weekends, it will be either at Rifle Range Road or Mac-Ritchie Reservoir for hills and mileage training. Often, the training programs are designed to cater to our needs and goals.

Note: Training venue is subjected to change according to the nature of training programs for certain events. Find out more via our social media platform @teamrunfanatic on Instagram and Team Runfanatics on Facebook.

For Who and How To Join Team Runfanatics

Anyone, as long as you have the passion for running and looking for a group to run together with. Age or standards are not factors that should be stopping anyone from starting a sport. Contact us via our social media platform to find out more information.

Something Special about Team Runfanatics

We are a performance-focused running group that has runners from versatile backgrounds. From students to working adults, and even from track runners, to Spartan athletes. We always believe that it isn’t about the mountain, it’s about the climb.

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