Looking to become  fitter, faster, stronger, better? Running clubs offer a world of benefits – Camaraderie, Motivation, Knowledge (just to name a few)! You’ve seen groups running in your neighbourhood. You’ve watched in admiration at groups doing their speed track workouts. Step up your game and join them!

Can’t find a reason to convince yourself to join them? – Let us give you 3!

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

1. Meet More Running Buddies

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Haven’t you heard, great minds think alike? Come meet more great people with the very same passion – your solemates (pun intended). There is just an indescribable bond between you and your running body. Your running buddy pushes you, encourages you, motivates you and supports you through the ups and downs of running. They understand your struggles and joy of running. They completely get your addiction to running – they are as crazy as you about running, or probably crazier. They understand that running is not a want, it is a need.

2. Get Your Competitive Juices Flowing

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Nothing improves you more than a little competition. Everyone’s a little competitive inside! Having the opportunity to run with people with the same pace or slightly faster than you will enable you to improve tremendously.  If you’re doing something already, you might as well be good at it. Your training buddies will give you the motivation to push harder during training. They will make the difference in your runs – a good run will become a GREAT run!

3. Gain Running Knowledge

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Be a smart runner! Come learn from experienced runners and avoid rookie mistakes that may land u injuries that could put you out for months! Running clubs are a great source of information, you should take advantage of this. You can learn about running techniques and racing strategies. You will learn of new running routes -flat routes, hilly routes, trail routes. You will be updated with reviews of the latest model of shoes. You will be the first to know about cheap warehouse sales. You will also know of the best physiotherapists in town. You will know what works and what doesn’t – no trial and error. This advice is invaluable.

Don’t miss out on these perks! Join your local running club and meet these hardcore and dedicated people. It will be the best decision of your running journey!

Looking for running groups in your area?

Check out JustRunLah!‘s interactive list for running clubs near you.

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