multi-sport event is an organized sporting event, often held over multiple days, featuring competition in many different sports like running, swimming and biking, among organized teams of athletes.

If you’re looking for an event that will maximize your full potential, join a multi-sport event! It could be a triathlon – a tri-discipline sport involving a swim-bike-run, the duathlon – a competition consisting of running and cycling events, or an aquathlon – a two-stage race involving swimming followed by running.

There are a few multi-sport events coming to sunny Singapore in 2019. Here’s a list of the upcoming events and its time to maximize your full potential!

1) Urban Aquathlon


Urban Aquathon is a 2-stage sprint race comprising of swim followed by a run. The swim leg will commence in the Olympic-size swimming pool which is relatively safe for all. Given its urbanized set up, the event is ideal for all levels of participants!

Date: 6 April 2019 / 3 August 2019
Venue: Our Tampines Hub / Orchid Country Club
i) Masters / Open – 400M Swim, 3KM Run (S$60.00)
ii) Junior – 100M Swim, 1KM Run (S$55.00)
iii) Shining Star (Individual) – 50M Swim, 500M Run (S$50.00)
iv) Buddy Relay (Team of 2) – 400M Swim, 3KM Run (S$100.00)
Entitlements: Participants who completed both races – Uniquely designed medal which comes in two parts & a limited edition finisher tee.

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2) Tri-factor Series

a) Swim & Swim-Run-Swim Challenge 2019

The TRI-Factor Swim & Swim-Run-Swim Challenge is BACK! Challenge yourself! Join our first leg of the TRI-Factor Series, the TRI-Factor Swim & Swim-Run-Swim Challenge. New to 2019 will be the long Distance category of the Swim-Run-Swim Challenge.

Date: 14 April 2019
Venue: East Coast Park, Casuarina Grove
Categories: SwimRun (Sprint Distance): 500m Swim / 5km Run / 500m Swim (S$69.00)

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b) Run & Run-Swim-Run Challenge 2019

Running is a passion! And if your passion is Running, then TRI-Factor Run & Run-Swim-Run Challenge is the event for you!

Date: 16 June 2019
Venue: East Coast Park, Casuarina
i) Run – 21km (S$50.00)
ii) Run – 10.5km (S$40.00)
iii) RunSwim (Sprint Distance) – 5.25km Run / 500m Swim / 5.25km Run (S$69.00)

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c) TRI-Factor Championship 2019

With a fast course and 18 world championship slots to QuZhou, China up for grabs, this is one Triathlon you should not miss!

Date: 28 July 2019
Venue: East Coast Park, Angsana
i) Long Distance Triathlon: 2.25km Swim / 42km Bike / 15km Run
ii) Standard Distance Triathlon: 1.5km Swim / 36km Bike / 10km Run
iii) Sprint Distance Triathlon: 750m Swim / 18km Bike / 5km Run
iv) Freshmen Distance Triathlon: 200m Swim / 12km Bike /2km Run
v) Kids Distance Triathlon: 100m Swim / 6km Bike / 1km Run

3) Singapore Aquathlon 2019

Date: 18 August 2019
Venue: East Coast Park, Casuarina Grove
i) Individual Standard: 1.5km Swim + 10km Run (S$118.00)
ii) Individual Sprint: 750m Swim + 5km Run (S$98.00)
iii) Individual Mini: 400m Swim + 3km Run (S$118.00)

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4) Singapore International Triathlon 2019

Held at the East Coast Park, this is a great opportunity for participants to Race the Lion City. The event boasts warm and calm water, scenic location, well-marked course, and friendly volunteers, promising a memorable racing experience for all to enjoy from the starting to the finishing line.

Date: 29 September 2019
Venue: East Coast Park, Angsana Green
i) Extended Distance: 2.25km Swim / 48km Bike / 15km Run (S$244.00)
ii) Standard Distance: 1.5km Swim / 36km Bike / 10km Run (S$194.00)
iii) Sprint Distance: 750m Swim / 18km Bike / 5km Run (S$136.00)
iv) Mini Distance: 200m Swim /12km Bike / 2km Run (S$104.00)
v) Kids Distance: 100m Swim / 6km Bike / 1km Run (S$82.00)

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