So, you’ve run an ultramarathon, and now you think you’re pretty hardcore, don’t you?

Sorry to break it to you, but you can’t say you’ve done it all until you’ve done a multi sport event! You’ve just not reached your full potential if you’ve never tried one! Take your pick – the triathlon – a tri-discipline sport involving a swim-bike-run, the duathlon – for those who may drown a run-bike-run format may be more suitable, or maybe the ever so popular obstacle course racing?

#1 Bragging Rights

Because, being great at one sport is not good enough! Or sucking at one sport is not good enough! You’ve got to suck at at least 2 sports to make a name for yourself! Well, also, I am SPARTAN sounds much cooler than I’m just a runner, don’t it? Brag for the rest of your life as an Ironman finisher or for TRI-ing or DU-ing it!


#2 Lonely No More

Being in a multi-discipline sport, you’re just going to have more friends – hotter friends! If you’re a try-athlete, you’re going to have tri-buddies, cycling mates, running groups and even swimming friends! Looking to date an athlete? -because dating an athlete is just cooler and hotter! Increases your chances by going into multisports! Sometimes, you’ve got to create your own luck!

#3 Ohana

The best thing multisports offer is family! Multisports are tough! It takes up a lot of your time. Multisports people aren’t normal people. We don’t have time for normal friends! We’re too busy training – on the run, in the pool, on the trainer or even training burpees – thousands of them! But the best part is when the going gets tough, we always have our triathlon family, or spartan family to keep pushing us and get us through the day! Who needs normal friends when you can have an amazing extended multi sports familia? They’ve always got your back!

What you waiting for? It’s time to take yourself one step further and challenge yourself to become a Multisport athlete! There are a few Multisports events coming up in Singapore!

It’s time to step up your game!

Can’t swim? – join the Duathlon!

Can’t bike? – join the Aquathlon!

Going all in? – join the Triathlon!

Useful links:

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