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Running is one of the simplest forms of sport. Running does not require a commute – you don’t need to spend an hour heading to the gym, or the pool or the golf course. Running doesn’t require a ton of equipment. You just need a pair of shoes and you’re ready to go. You can run anywhere, at any time. You just need to lace up and head out. This is why it is easy to be a runner.

#1 Run Outdoors

There’s a reason why runners term the treadmill – the dreadmill. Running outdoors has a whole different feel to it. You get to see the birds chirp, the butterflies flying, high 5 running friends you see on the way, and the fresh air.

#2 Go In To The Trails

The trails can give you a whole different running experience. The hills will give you a challenge, but the views atop will give you a rewarding sensation. The 360 degrees panoramic views will make your trail running experience worthwhile.


#3 Listen To Music

One way to make sure you don’t get bored running is to tune in to your favorite tunes while running. Run along to Madonna or Avicci and you’ll find running a breeze. You may even feel pumped up to run faster and further.

#4 Join A Running Group

Running is best in the company of running friends. Running friends are really the most motivating people you will ever meet. They cheer you on and support you every step of the way. Join a running group and these people will get you addicted to running.

#5 Eat!

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If you don’t fuel yourself well, you won’t experience a good run. You will feel fatigue and dread your next run. Always eat well before and after you run. Eat a meal high in carbs before your run such as a peanut butter sandwich. Post-run, it’s good to have a meal high in protein. Chocolate milk is a great post-run meal.

#6 Start Slow

Don’t get ahead of yourself. If you set your expectations too high and you miss, you may find yourself losing interest in running – fast. Take it slow and remember to enjoy the process. Training is a process to be savored. You must invest your time and energy in order to reap the results. Going out too fast may also lead to injuries that could halt your potentially great running career.

Running never gets easier, it is you that gets stronger.

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