The Ironman Triathlon is tough – first you need to brave 2.4 mile swim, then hit the road on a 112 mile ride before finishing in style with a 26.1 mile marathon. It’s demands a lot from you – strength, grit and determination. But, on the other hand, the Ironman is also a very simple sport. Don’t make it too complicated – it really is a straightforward swim-bike-run to get you to the finishing line. Follow these 3 golden rules and they will get you to the finishing line!

#1 Eat Often

Photo Credits: Art Cyclery

The golden rule has always been to eat before you are hungry, drink before you are thirsty. You should always fill up your tank at regular intervals rather than waiting for it to be almost empty. Once you feel the hunger pangs, it could be too little too late. This is when you risk bonking and hitting the wall. Although every individuals will differ in terms of how much calories they would need, but one thing for sure, you need a lot of them. So be sure, to eat on your bike. Try out your nutritional needs on your long training rides.

#2 Pace Yourself

GALWAY – SEPTEMBER 4- Start of Pro athletes at first Edition of Galway Iron Man Triathlon on September 4, 2011 in Galway, Ireland

It’s easy to get carried away on race day – with the music booming at the startline, the excited peeps surrounding you, and your adrenaline rushing through your veins. It’s easy to get caught up with the excitement of the day. You may end up going out too hard, to pay the price in the later stages of the race. Remember, it’s and Ironman race – things are going to suck! It’s really not question of it, it is a question of when. The struggle will come, but you can control when it happens. Don’t let it come too early by pacing yourself well.


#3 Be Prepared, Be Very Prepared

Anything can happen on Raceday! You must be prepared for all eventualities. I mean, we must all love suffering pretty damn much to be doing an Ironman, but the more you suffer during training, the more prepared you would be to suffer on race day. Seek out those suffering experiences! The more you seek those experiences out, the less like you are to make dumb rash decisions on Raceday. You would be come, because you’ve been there done that. You won’t break under pressure!

Train hard, race smart!


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