The long run can be long, hard, lonely and boring. Many of us have a love-hate relationship with the long run. We dread going out there and being out there for so long, but we absolutely love the sense of accomplishment once we’ve completed our long run. So, we continue to despise the long run. Yet, it is the staple of almost every training programme – because it helps build aerobic endurance. It is the single most important run in marathon training. Here are 5 tips to make your long runs more bearable and enjoyable:-

#1 Listen To Tunes

Get an iPod and tune out! Listening to your favorite tunes can help make it easier to pass time. You can download really upbeat music to keep you motivated to keep going. Podcasts are also a great way to help you pass the time. However, if you’re running on roads with traffic, be mindful to keep the volume low so you can be aware of your surroundings.

#2 Join A Running Group

Joining a running group keeps you accountable. You are less likely to give in to that urge to blow off a long run. Misery loves company anyways. Get someone who runs about the same pace as you and do your long runs together. You could enjoy some company and chit chat. You would also be less likely to give up halfway, given that you have a running partner to push you and cheer you on. Check out our list of running groups, and join them!


#3 Run A New Route

It’s always exciting and refreshing to run a new route. In fact, try running your long runs at different places every weekend. This way you get to see new things and discover new places. You won’t be thinking – man it’s only 3 km because I’ve only passed the 50th lamp post. Before you know it, you’ve already got 10 kilometers down, another 10 more to go. Check out some of our new running routes!

#4 Sign Up For A Race

A great way to make sure you get your long run in is to sign up for a race. This way, you’ll definitely be really excited about your long run. There’s just something about a running event that gets our adrenaline pumping. The plus side is that you get to meet your running buddies and you’ll also have water stations to take advantage of. Check out our list of races on our calendar to sign up for your next race!

#5 Run In The Trails

Doing your long run in the trails would be an interesting way to do your long runs. It gives you a different kind of feel – one that road running can’t seem to give you. Running down trails really gives you an adrenaline rush and excitement, fresh air in your hair and beautiful scenery from atop. Also, the softer ground can prevent injury. The elevation and uneven surface can also help strengthen your legs. It’s a different but more exciting way to get your long run in.

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