Indonesia is a great gem. The sights and views are absolutely stunning and magnificent. Indonesia just isn’t given enough credit for such wonderful Instagram-worthy views. The ultra-races here are absolutely world-class and do not fall short of any other races in Europe or America. In terms of views, challenge and adventure, Indonesia have got it all!

#1 Gede Pangrango Ultra Marathon

Photo Credits: Gede Pangrango Ultra

If you’re looking for a tough challenge, take on the GP100. The 100 km route has a crazy elevation gain of 10,000m. To put things into perspective, UTMB has a cumulative elevation gain of 10,000 meters over the 171 km route. This demonstrates how challenging this ultramarathon is. To finish is an honor in itself.

#2 Rinjani Ultra Marathon

Photo Credits: Asia Trail Master


Arguably one of the toughest ultras in Indonesia that offer unparalleled views. Rinjani has one of the lowest finisher rates. In 2016, the 100 km had only 1 finisher. In 2017 there were 4 finishers and this year there were 27 finishers. Everyone came, everyone saw but not many conquered. Rinjani stands high at 3,726m above sea level, and with that kind of elevation, it is no wonder it is a tough mountain to tame.

#3 Bromo Tengger Semeru Ultra

Photo Credits: Phinemo

Bromo is well known for its beauty. It brings you through many different epic landscapes – from a magnificent lake to a graceful volcano to an epic dessert. It’s really no wonder past participants keep coming back. It’s one of those places that’s so different and so beautiful. The race is nothing short of amazing – be ready to be impressed!

#4 Ijen Trail Running

Photo Credits: Ijen Volcano Tour

Run with stunning views of the Ijen crater with the largest acid lake in the world. The glow of its blue-electric fire is what draws runners to the Ijen Trail run. The entire volcanic atmosphere is mesmerizing and you will realize how something so deadly can be so beautiful. When the sun rises and illuminates the lake, you will be in awe.

#5 Mesastilla Peaks Challenge

Photo Credits: Liv Magazine

The race displays the beautiful Javanese scenery but presents a great challenge to all runners. The race forces you to conquer 5 peaks in Java – Mt. Andong 1726m, Mt. Merbabu 3145, Mt. Merapi 2930, Mt. Telomoyo 1894m and Mt. Gilipetung 1400m. This brings the term extreme to a whole new level.

Cover Photo Credits: Gede Pangrango Ultra

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  1. Hi – thanks for the article. I’m moving to Jakarta soon, and trying to grasp whether it’s possible/easy to get out on the weekend and trail run in the hills? Any info is much appreciated!! thanks, Tim

  2. Great blog post!! I did the 27K race of the Rinjani100 last week and it was incredible. Have you done the Mantra Summit Challenge? I am contemplating running it next month (I’m kind of hooked haha!)


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