There are many epic places that make our heart skip a beat. And it’s just standard runner intuition protocol to want to run at these picturesque places. Come satisfy your running bug and your wanderlust at the same time with these jaw-dropping beautiful places to run. Here’s a list of the most beautiful places to run in Asia Pacific!

#1 Singapore – Southern Ridges

Photo Credits: Lonely Planet

The Southern Ridges is a 10 kilometer stretch of greenery spanning Singapore’s most popular parks and hills. They are interconnected by beautiful ridges and bridges that allow you to walk amongst the trees. Run the trails, admire the beautiful skyline, enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the exotic flora and fauna, and have a breathtaking experience.

#2 Malaysia -Kinabalu

Photo Credits: Borneo Adventure 


There is no view more spectacular than what you get standing on the highest peak of the highest peak on the Crocker range. Watch the sky go ablaze with fiery red as the sun rises above the pillows of clouds – it is truly stunning. It’s a challenging climb but one that is well worthwhile when you reach the summit.

#3 Australia – Bondi To Coogee

Photo Credits: Concrete Playground

The Bondi to Coogee walk is a 6 km walk in the Sydney suburbs. It is a cliff top coastal walk with magnificent sensational views of the beach, rockpools, and cliffs. The route starts from the famous Bondi beach and takes you through a coastal walk with, hands down, the most beautiful ocean-side scenery in the whole of New South Wales. With that view, you could run forever.

#4 Indonesia – Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

Bromo gives you some out of the world views! The sunrise amongst the mysterious clouds illuminating the sky with an intense fiery red against the backdrop of a magnificent Bromo mountain is out of the world! There are so many mountain views in Indonesia, but, Bromo is really extraordinary.

#5 New Zealand – Milford Sound

Milford Sound is a Fjord in the Southwest of the South Island. It is incredibly grand and fjords sheer cliffs attract awe, admiration, and apprehension. People fall head over heels over Milford sound. The indigo water with towering mountains and clear blue skies become the focal point of many photographers. It’s so peaceful and beautiful, you could run forever here.

#6 Hong Kong – Sunset Peak

Photo Credits: Lonely Planet

The gorgeous sunset peak stands at 869-metres above sea level located on Lantau Island. The journey up has always been described as arduous and difficult but rewarding. It is a great epic hike or run up, with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

#7 Thailand – Doi Inthanon National Park

Photo Credits: Adventure in you

This national park is home to the tallest point in Thailand and is a great escapade into the great beauty of mother nature. The mountain stands tall and offers picturesque scenery and cooling weather, making it a great place to run. The park also offers a great number of trails and scenic waterfalls.

#8 Philippines – Osmena Peak

Photo Credits: Cebu Tours

Osmena peak is the highest point in Cebu Island. Standing 1,013 meters above sea level, this stunning site offers a dramatic view of jagged cliffs with a view of the sea in the distance. The view does remind you of the famous Chocolate hills located in Bohol. A great place to run, with greater views.

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