It’s post lunch on a work day and you are trying to keep the sandman away. While you are battling with this, it seems like your mind is also telling you that some ice-cream or chocolate, or anything sweet, will be a fantastic choice to boost your productivity for the rest of the day.

But while the artificial sugars in such sweet treats will give you that much required sugar boost for perhaps that couple of hours or so, the crash will come as quick too. In order to avoid that, and not feel guilty about your snack choices later on in the evening, here are the type of snacks you can reach out for to get you through the day without the guilt.

#1 Fresh fruits

Having a fruit for breakfast, just before lunch and just before dinner can help you to maintain a healthy digestive system, but also aid in weight loss too. High fiber fruits like apples can help to make you feel fuller so you won’t consume as much at your actual meal.


Of course, you are also welcome to have a piece of fruit like papaya or pineapple or an apple for your mid-day snack. The natural sugars will help in your productivity and won’t make you feel guilty the next day.

#2 Nuts

I personally love my walnuts and almonds, unsalted and unflavoured of course. While studies have shown that you should only consume about 8 to 10 nuts per day, this -definitely beats having an ice-cream or a bar of chocolate any time!

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You don’t have to be limited to the type of nuts you wish to consume. Whichever ones you prefer, keep a packet on your desk or in your office pantry, and grab a handful to slowly munch on when you feel the hunger pangs coming on. Just remember to get the ones that are baked and not covered with all sorts of flavourings and sugar.

#3 Raw Vegetables

I know not everyone will like this but for those of you who do like some raw vegetables in their diet, you can try slicing up some cucumbers, celery, tomatoes or even some boiled potato, and pack it to work with a small serving of balsamic vinaigrette. Put it as close to you as you can on the desk so when you start feeling peckish during the mid-day, this is what you will reach for.

It is also fantastic for those who may feel they don’t get their portion of vegetables in a day.

#4 Chia seeds

Belonging to the superfoods group, chia seeds are probably one of the most portable and easiest to prepare. Due to its high fiber content, the seeds expand in the water (or whatever juice you put them in), and you feel fuller after consuming your chia seed beverage.

Some people have even gone as far as to put chia seeds in their morning juice, or nutrition shake, as breakfast, and just before lunch and dinner. This method can not only lead to a healthier, more cleansed body, but also weight loss in the long run.

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