Learn some cool fun random facts about the marathon distance – the almighty 42.195km.

#1 Berlin and London are the two marathons where the fastest marathon timings are clocked. Now you know where to go for that personal best of yours.


#2 The fantastic 4 from Kenya holds the course records in the World Marathon Major Courses. They are  Geoffrey Mutai (New York, Boston), Dennis Kimetto (Berlin, Chicago), Eliud Kipchoge (London) and Dickson Chumba (Tokyo).


#3 Pippa Middleton (Sister to Duchess of Cambridge) finished her 2nd Marathon – the grueling Great Wall of China Marathon in an impressive 4 hours 54 minutes and 51 seconds, placing 13th!

#4 Women were barred from running the marathon. The Amateur Athletic Union finally lifted the ban provided the women started 10 minutes before or after the men in 1971. 6 females racing the New York Marathon waited for the gun signalling their head-start. Once the gun went off, they sat down in protest of this discriminatory policy and started with everyone else 10 minutes later.

#5 Gordon Ramsay can not only cook, he can run too! He completed the London Marathon in 3 hours 30 minutes! Quite remarkable, we must say.


#6 There is a Guiness World Record for the fastest marathon dressed as a plant, held by Lee Goodwin, 3 hours 2 minutes 43 seconds, clocked in the London Marathon 2016.

#7 The Niagara Falls Marathon advertises that it is the ONLY marathon to begin in one country (Buffalo, USA), and end in another (Niagara Falls, Canada).

#8 There is a Man vs Horse Marathon race born in the Llanwrtyd Wells (Wales). One evening in a Welsh Pub, two men were discussing whether a horse or a man would win a marathon. Thus the birth of this astonishing race. The first 24 years, the horse won the race. Huw Lob became the first man to make the human species proud, winning the horse!


#9 TheZoomyahyah Marathon is an indoor marathon with zero elevation and you get to run in comfortable weather. Not sure 150 laps is very enticing though!

#10 EVERYONE can complete a marathon! It just takes a little training, a little dedication and a whole lot of passion!

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