Running isn’t just a single dimensional thing. Running is actually all this little aspects of life combined together – eating, running, sleeping, recovery. To be good at running, you can just be discipline at running. But, to be at the top of the running game, you’ve got to be disciplined across all disciplines. While some opt for vegan protein powder supplements others aim for whole foods, here are 5 Best Food for runners, so be sure to include them in your meals. Fuel yourself well and you will feel the difference.

#1 Eggs

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Egg Protein is the most complete food protein, short of human breast milk. The protein in eggs contains all the essential amino acids your muscle requires for recovery. One egg is able to fulfill 10 per cent of your daily protein need. Boiled, poached, scrambled, or even just adding them to your soup last minute – eggs are amazing!

#2 Edamame

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Replace your snacking temptations with Edamame – whole soybeans. They are great to snack on, and is the world’s greatest source of plant based protein. So for the vegan runners, this is perfect. Protein is not the only trick up its sleeve. These magic green beans are also high in potassium, which is essential for nerve-muscle function.

#3 Sweet Potato

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Packed with Vitamin A, sweet potatoes are also high in Vitamin C and contains trace minerals – copper and manganese. These 2 minerals are crucial for muscle function, yet many runners fail to meet its daily requirements. Have you tried sweet potato fries? – Indulgence without the guilt.

#4 Almonds

It’s good to go nuts about nuts! Almonds are a great source of Vitamin E, and like copper and manganese, runners tend to fall short on meeting its daily requirements. Add a handful of almonds to your cereal or that salad of yours. Or how does almond butter spread on a slice of wholemeal bread sound?

#5 Salmon

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We all know that Salmon is the King of Fish. It is an excellent source of high quality protein and also a great source of Omega 3 fats. This essential Omega 3 fats are important in balancing the body’s inflammation response. So reach out for the Salmon the next time you do your grocery shopping. Pan-fry, bake or poach your salmon – and you’ve got a great dinner!

Eat well, fuel yourself well, and you will feel the difference!

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