If you haven’t heard there’s this article on reasons NOT to date marathoners/runners! I mean sure dating a runner may not seem like the brightest idea. Who would want to spend their time with a running-obsessed addict? These strange people drop cash on racing a 5km or 10km when they could just go out and run, FOR FREE! They are out at the break of dawn, you’re going to be waking up to an empty bed most of the time. They are either running or sleeping, and haven’t you heard, they call sleeping RECOVERY to justify their whole afternoon post-run in bed! Oh, and have you seen their toenails? Definitely a deal-breaker!

We’d be super happy if running and us could grow old together, happily ever after!

Well, if you can’t see past all that jazz, you obviously don’t deserve us runners! Other than we are pretty damn amazing people, here’s our comeback!

#1 We’re in the best shape possible

Sexy Runner

Because duh, we run so much, of course we’re in a shape that’s not round! Did we mention that we have killer legs too? If only bodies could kill, it might be the end of the world with so many runners running around. Even if we’re not there yet, you can bet with running, we’re going to get there real soon! But of course we’re loved beyond our great legs.


#2 We are better than your AA group – BEST support system ever!

lazy running

We are probably the best support system you can find! Of course, we don’t feel like running great distances every day, life gets in the way – work, boyfriend, dog! But we know it’s days when we don’t feel like running, that we need it the most. We are probably the most self-motivated people around, and you will rub off on some of our sparkle. Motivate people? We are more than just good at motivating other people, we’ve got that nailed down! You may not want it, but be sure, we will get you moving!

#3 Invitation to the Crazy


We’re just more adventurous people! We love the outdoors! We’re up for almost anything! We will definitely push you out of your comfort zone. And if you don’t run, we’re going to make you run – like it or not, you’re going to learn to love it! And if you’re already a runner, we’ll make you a crazier runner! Of course, just because we are a runner it doesn’t mean that’s the only crazy we do. And really, everyone needs a little crazy in their life.

#4 WE LOVE FOOD more than we love people


Foodie is our middle name! We live to eat! We won’t pick at the menu just to eat half a salad! We will finish our burger and fries, and may even start on yours! Gone are the days where you will need to finish that pasta for your girl, despite being already super-full. In fact, with us, you’re in for a treat. We are so passionate about food that you’re going to taste the best food in town, from street food to restaurant quality food. We’re a food dictionary!

#5 The new meaning of life

adventure (1)

We will bring you places and you will see life in a completely different perspective. We’re not going to just visit Mount Fuji on a tour bus, you will visiting her on our Ultra-Trail-Mount-Fuji trip. You’ll get to see more things this way. More breaths will be taken away than just one! You’ll be hiking up the Swiss Alps to see Jungfrau instead of taking the train to the top. Oh, and not to mention all the big and little places we’ll bring you to on our race-cations! Cambodia – definitely during the Angkor Wat Marathon please!

Okay, so now you can get in line =)


  1. I’m a runner and would like to date a runner …………………………………………………………………………………. Sadly I don’t know any runner that wants to date me 🙁


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