If you are a mother, or going to be one soon, and your favourite past time is undoubtedly sports, you may want to have a look at this article. It’s rather common nowadays to see videos and articles on exercises for pregnant women and while most of them are pretty mild in nature (aqua aerobics, pre-natal yoga, etc), some can be quite intense. I’m talking about workouts that are HIIT-in-nature intense by the way.

And while it is common for the elder folk to tell you not to engage in vigorous exercises when you are pregnant, running is a sport you can still do. Of course you shouldn’t be jumping across hurdles and pitting yourself on crazy uphill or rough terrain but a good run can do more good to your pregnant self than you would imagine. Here are some ways it can.

#1 It Lessens Back Pain

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As your belly increases in size, most pregnant women will start getting back aches that can be really painful and uncomfortable. Running not only helps with keeping your posture right, it also helps you to alleviate the aches which will help so much in your daily go-abouts.

#2 It Prevents Weight Gain

Another significant issue faced by mothers-to-be. With another life growing inside you, it can be very easy to fall victim to the notion of having to “feed two people in one body”. But being overweight while you are pregnant can be highly detrimental to yours and your baby’s well-being. Whether it is a moderate run or a slow jog, keeping yourself moving while preggers can do you a whole lot of good to keep the weight off and feel good about yourself.


#3 Maintains Your Emotional And Mental Well-being

Which brings me to this point. Not only can running while you are pregnant keep you fit physically, it can also help to keep your mental and emotional health in check. Keeping those nasty pre-natal (and even post-natal), blues away can really bring a lot more joy to you and your family life. You will be able to not only have a healthy and smooth pregnancy, you will also be glowingly happy in the process.

#4 You Sleep Better

This happens across the board, whether you are pregnant or not.  A good run always begets a good night’s sleep and this is so essential for those who are pregnant because sleeping can become pretty uncomfortable when you are carrying around that big belly. Having proper rest calms you and gives you the energy to get things done, it also will help very much when the time comes for your little one to be delivered.

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