The thing with running is that it is a one repetitive movement pattern across one plane and you will be using the same muscles over and over again. Many other muscle groups that could increase your running efficiency are often neglected. Mixing up your routine with other fitness exercises addresses this problem and can fill in the loopholes in a training solely based on running. Here are some fitness classes that can bring unexpected results to your running.

1. Crossfit Classes

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Crossfit pushes every aspect of your body such that you become functionally fit. Crossfit builds up your strength, power, agility and speed, enabling you to be fit not only in one dimension but every aspect. This will really help you be at the top of your game. Crossfit will greatly improve your running efficiency, bringing power to your stride and strength to your form.

2. Indoor Cycling Classes

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Cycling is one of the greatest cross training methods. The key benefit here is that in contrast with running, cycling is a low impact training, yet you are still able to reap the benefits of a great cardiovascular workout. You get to save your joints from the constant pounding on the tar roads. Additionally, cycling does not entirely use the exact same muscles as running. Many runners that rely solely on running to train face muscle imbalance problems. Here, we present you with a solution to your problem!

3. TRX Classes


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TRX is an invaluable tool for runners. It is a Navy Seal suspension training that develops strength, balance and core stability simultaneously. These 3 dimensions are very significant to runners to improve themselves athletically and also for prevention of injury. You’ll probably come out real sore for the first few sessions, but a couple of months down the road, you’re going to be one tough runner to beat.

4. Yoga Classes

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Yoga and running should always go hand in hand. Yoga is the Yin to the runner’s Yang. Let’s face it, we runners have tight hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves, you name it, we got it. Tight muscles restrict our range of motion and often forces us to run with poor form. This may easily lead to injury. Yoga allows us to stretch our muscles out, hence improving our flexibility. Time to roll your Yoga mats out!

5. Pilates Class

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Many have a misconception towards Pilates – it’s a girl thing they say. Try it, and you are bound to come out soak in sweat. I mean if is a girl thing, major kudos to the girls man! Pilates teaches us to move better. Pilates movements strengthen our posterior chain to allow us to have a good healthy posture. It focuses on controlled movements to strengthen the body, yet at the same time making us more flexible. This increased mobility and flexibility, coupled with a good posture will greatly benefit runners.

Time to hit these classes. Turn yourself into a world class runner!



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