A country famed for being almost mystical and full of awesome beaches and great food – Indonesia seduces us with a culture that is steeped in religion and history and yet modern all at the same time.

But besides the friendly faces and great sights and activities, the food is also what makes many people come back for more. If Indonesia is your next run destination, be sure to indulge in these top 5 foods when you are there. Your belly will not blame you for the extra calories you bring back to your country!

#1 Indomie

Photo Credits: Indomie

I know you may be asking me why I am introducing instant noodles as the first food choice. Trust me though, this 25 cent a pack noodles pack a punch in every sense of the word. You can find it at most restaurants and cafes in the country or, if you prefer, you can always purchase a few packets to cook back in the comfort of your hotel room. And with so many flavours to choose from, you will literally be spoiled for choice!


#2 Sop Buntut

Photo Credits: Diyanazman

Oxtail soup – while some of you may cringe and ask why in the world would anyone consume oxtail, it must be made known that this Indonesian version is super popular amongst both the locals and tourists alike. Usually fried or barbequed and combined with a soup base, this dish is sure to hit many spots in your tummy and soul (think chicken soup but with beef instead). It’s healthy, tasty and flavourful so go ahead and give it a shot and don’t worry, it’s just beef at the end of the day.

#3 Pempek

Photo Credits: Food Sweety

Also known as empek-empek, this dish is made of fish and tapioca. The popular one known as kapal selam (submarine), contains an egg in the middle. Usually sprinkled with shrimp powder and served with cuka, a dark dipping sauce made from vinegar, chilli and sugar, this Palembang specialty in South Sumatra resembles the meat dumplings we have during the Dragon Boat Festival (or Duan Wu Jie to the Chinese). Delicious!

#4 Nasi Uduk

Photo Credits: Saelekko

One of Indonesia’s national dishes, this aromatic dish is created from rice cooked in coconut milk. While it may seem very similar to the Nasi Lemak dish found in Malaysia and Singapore, this Indonesian delight is usually served with fried chicken, tempeh (soybean cake), shredded omelette, fried onion, anchovies and topped with sambal and emping (melinjo nut crackers). A popular lunchtime dish, you have to make sure that you include sambal with it.

#5 Sweet Martabak

Photo Credits: Martabak Van Rose

And how about something sweet to round up your meal? Introducing the sweet martabak, Indonesia’s version of a pancake. In Singapore, we have the equivalent called Man Chang Kueh but in the Indonesian version, they fill theirs with chocolate and cheese too!

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