The future of athletics is going to be ignited with Nitro:  Athletics Australia brings to you the Nitro Athletics! This is an innovative version of athletics, designed to be engaging, entertaining and an immersive experience for athletes and audiences alike. And, what a brilliant show it was!

#1 Wild Elimination-Style Mile

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What an exciting event this was! The last person to finish each lap will be eliminated. This brings into a lot of different strategies into play. Just because you can run a sub-4 miler, does not necessarily mean you’re going to nail this! You need to go pretty damn fast on the final stretch of each lap, but not too fast as to gas out to be eliminated on the next lap. It’s definitely a brutal event and a painful one to run!

#2 The Rise of Riley Day

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16 year old Riley Day gave a stunning performance, winning the 150m events, outrunning her speedy competitors. She ran a blistering 150m to come out on top. Thew new sprint queen left 2 Olympians in her wake.

‘To be running against all these beautiful women is just an honour’ – DAY

#3 Fastest Man on Earth  – Usain Bolt

It’s Usain Bolt. We can’t deny most of the people that came to watch the revolutionary Nitro Athletics did initially come out to watch Usain. Although he did mention he isn’t used to racing this early in the season and isn’t in tip top shape, he delivered a great performance. He cruised home with the gold!

With the success of this inaugural event, we can look forward to a new revolution hitting athletics! We look forward to this Nitro Athletics concept to spread globally. Bolt is contracted to run the Nitro Athletics in Melbourne for another 2 years so we definitely can look forward to the watching the speedy gonzales showcase his skills. He did mention he can do javelin, and maybe even longjump he can try. Usain doing the long jump? – something to look forward to!

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