Every woman desires slim thighs that they can show off in short skirts and shorts. However, the exercises we are doing may just be making them larger or more muscular, depending on the reason why our thighs are looking the way they are to start with.

The thing to take note of is that you have to work out those gams according to whether they are fat thighs or muscular thighs. Fat thighs usually have alot of cellulite and sees alot of fat being pinched when it is outstretched. For those like myself, you will notice that when we stretch out our legs and try to pinch something from the top of our thighs, nothing much comes up. The good thing about muscular thighs is that we don’t have cellulite or very little of it. The bad thing though, is how big they look in clothes.

Here are some exercises, and tips, on achieving those lovely, slim thighs we all want.

#1 Use cardiovascular exercises to trim those thighs


Go for low resistance but moderate-intensity workouts on your elliptical or treadmill to get those fat burning. We don’t want to have even larger thighs than what we already have, don’t we? So avoid the hilly terrains if outdoors and keep to the flat roads.

The further you run, the more it will slim your legs. Sustained steady-state cardio will help break down the muscle fibres and cause the slow-twitch fibres (made for endurance) to grow and the fast-twitch muscle fibres to shrink. This will cause an overall slimming effect on your legs. When this process continues for a period of time, the leg muscles will become more toned and slender

#2 Long duration cardio

Taking it over a longer period of time can help to burn fat and not build larger or more muscular thighs. The result is stronger thigh muscles while getting rid of the fat we don’t want. And of course, the rest of our body gets trimmed too so I guess it’s a win-win situation?

#3 Running long distance

If you have noticed, long distance runners tend to be very lean and their legs are usually super slim. This is because doing this decreases the size of the muscles and reduces the fat around the muscle to make the thighs smaller. Whether you are running outdoors or choosing to do the home elliptical, always remember to do so without resistance. Don’t put the strain on the front of your thighs to prevent them from bulking up even further. Running long distance also helpful to manage the body calories. Calories play important rule in body fitness and maintain the weight. Use the running calorie calculator to manage your BMI.

#4 Resistance training

What’s good about slim thighs if they aren’t toned and sexy right? Right. So when you have successfully lost some weight from your thighs, or all over, you may want to consider doing some resistance training to give your thighs some definition so that you can look great in those shorts and skirts you have.

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