Your friends envy how slim you are, how awesome that you are able to fit into all the nice clothes and look good in them. At the same time, as much as you know that you are naturally thin and cannot put on any more weight even with more food, deep down you also know that not everything is what it seems.

The skinny on being skinny…fat.

For someone like me who has to work hard to achieve the body I want, I cannot identify with this. But friends who belong to this group can attest to the fact that being skinny isn’t all that it’s cut up to be. Sure they look good in their figure-hugging dresses and tight shorts but many of them are also fully aware that underneath all that, they may also be suffering from health ailments like the rest of us are. You will be surprised that many naturally skinny people may have issues such as high cholesterol, fatty liver, and other health problems that you think are only associated with physically fat people.


If these people can also suffer from such ailments, then why are they still so thin?
The elders claim that those who cannot put on weight even after eating so much have worms in their stomachs. This cannot be further from the truth, unless you have been seeing tube worms in your poop which is a story for another article. In fact, there have been casual reports of scientists who have been trying to find out why this happens and it seems that in normal people, there is some sort of a “switch” in our bodies that keep our food in for a certain period of time to let the nutrients get absorbed before it is released into our rectum for disposal. In the bodies of those who are naturally skinny, this switch is not present so food literally goes in the front and comes out the back, with no halt in between. As you can tell, not much nutrients can be absorbed by their body in such a short time and so really there is nothing to put the extra meat on their bones. Enviable? Yes. Healthy? Not so much.


So yay or nay?

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In terms of looking good physically, I will say yay. I constantly wish I was as skinny as that friend of mine who doesn’t have to exercise, eats all she wants but still rocks a crop top. Health wise, I’m not so sure. If it’s being skinny fat, as the topic is on, I probably would prefer to be how I am now with a healthy fat and muscle percentage but probably without the thinness and voracious diet choices.


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