1. No to cigarettes

Social smoking can be as bad as habitual smoking. Although social smokers may feel less vulnerable to harm than heavier smokers, they are still likely to suffer from smoking-related respiratory disease, heart attack, stroke and cancer. Smoking as little as one to four cigarettes each day triples your risk of heart disease and lung cancer. Most importantly, smoking affects your stamina because your blood becomes less able to deliver oxygen to your muscle tissues.

2. No to alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can leave you dehydrated the next day and even affect your muscle recovery after a run. It can be good to indulge in some drinks once in a while, but always remember to drink on moderation if you must.

3. No to Saturday and Sunday late nights (if you have an event the next day).

Most races are held in the early hours of the day. If you don’t take a rest early the day before, you are likely to have difficulties waking up for the race, or not be in the right form to tackle your race the next day. Remember, it is always about dedication!

Image credit: 123RF
Image credit: 123RF

4. No to injuries

Injuries always create a break in any routine/cycle. Don’t let any accidental injuries or strains affect your training plans. Improve slowly. Do not be too eager. As they say, slow and steady wins the race.


5. No to HAZE

Experiencing the extended period of haze was bad enough last year. We saw 4 races being cancelled and many runners could not enjoy an outdoor run for months. Let’s all hope that there will be no haze this year!

6. No to junk food.

Running does not give you a free pass to eat anything you like just because you are burning those calories. To achieve weight loss and overall health, your diet is equally important as your exercise. On the other hand, it is important to stay lean and light to be a fast and efficient runner. Too much junk food translates to an expanding waist line and also likely slower runs.

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7. No to bad habits

Whether it is watching shows or playing games till late night, eating late night snacks, skipping your warm ups and stretches; you should not be doing any of these anymore. Your health is of utmost importance and it is time to get rid of those bad habits!

8. No to giving up

This is a new year for a stronger you! Running is about pushing on and overcoming your limitations. If you need some motivation for your long runs, you can always check out our motivational posters and motivational quotes. Or you may also use our 2016 running resolutions as your desktop wallpaper to give you that extra nudge! (2016 Resolutions: Part 1 & Part 2)


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