Waking up to a wide selection of food for breakfast at Hotel Grandis, JRL Team is fully recharged to take on the adrenaline-pumping activities in the day ahead!

Take on the World’s Longest Island-to-Island Zip Line

It was a short car ride from the hotel to the Sutera Harbour where we transit to a speedboat to Pulau Sapi. At the harbour, we were amazed by the clear water where we can see the colourful fishes and corals. We knew what we were up for.


First up was the ride along the world’s longest island-to-island zip line at 250 metres long from Gaya Island to Sapi Island. After a short climb up a trail, we arrived at the start of the zip line where the guide carefully checked our harness and hooked us up to the line. Next thing we know, we are zip lining across the crystal clear water, and into the stunning scenery. For the daredevils, the guide could even increase the zipping speed. It is definitely suitable for adventurers of all levels.


Swim Among Fishes and Get Mesmerised by Coral Reefs


Feeling rejuvenated, we proceed to the Borneo Reef World, the largest reef activity pontoon in South East Asia, which was only 10 minutes away from Pulau Sapi. We explored the double-deck reef pontoon, watching the waters from both above and under the sea. It is also a great experience to jump into the water, to experience swimming among the fishes and get mesmerised by the coral reefs.

See, Feel and Taste the Essence of Sabah


Ending off the day of high-adrenaline activities was an educational tour around the Mari Mari Cultural Village. It was a place where we were introduced to the various traditional homes of the Sabahan ethnic communities – the Dusun, Rungus, Lundayeh, Bajau and Murut. We even had hands-on experience of the traditional Sabahans’ daily routines and sampling of the delicacies in their respective village huts. It was indeed a place where we got to see, feel and taste the essence of Sabah.


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