Before any race, you might feel apprehension.

You might feel like you aren’t ready for this, or that maybe your body just isn’t designed for endurance. Even if you’re already used to lacing up your shoes and going out for a sweaty workout, you might not feel like running very much that day. From one runner to another, it’s normal.

From the time you decide to embark on a training program all through to race day, the process is probably going to be riddled with hesitation and exhaustion pushing you to the brink of giving up. That is why, running is as much a physical challenge as it is a mental one. Yet the most fulfilling pursuit we can embark on, is the journey of figuring out what you are capable of. You have never did a 10km or garnered up enough discipline for anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. The idea of signing up for a race is not suggesting that you buck up and start thinking of the impossible. It’s about giving yourself more credit and trying.

Running, like anything else, allows you to start slow. Walk 30 mins a day, for at least 5 days a week. If you find that it’s getting easier, walk the first 20mins and run the last 10mins. There are numerous modalities such as increasing workout time or distance for you to play with. Whether you’re planning to achieve a 15-second 100m sprint or finish a marathon under 4h, there are going to be different sets of challenges that you face along the way. It can be intimidating, but fret not – there are plenty of resources out there for you. Online resources can tell you how to stay safeavoid injuries, or what to do if you’re too busy for a run. There are also professionals that can give you guidance. Along the way, you might discover the breadth of knowledge related to running. It could be about running surfaces or about cross-training. Most importantly, we have people who have been there done that and would love to share their experiences with others. As Claire (jogger turned runner) advises new runners, “Just Run Lah! You start by enjoying the experience.” The thing is, you aren’t going to be alone in this.


There is going to be plenty of support you can find out there, but before anything can happen, you need to allow yourself to try.


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