Busy work schedules full of deadlines to meet, family to spend time with and kids to take care of, social gatherings to attend and personal interests to pursue. When the list of things to do each week seems to be never-ending, and 24 hours in a day is simply not enough, running can quickly fall to the bottom of your priorities. However, as the English brewer, philanthropist, writer, and member of Parliament Charles Buxton famously said, “You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”

Instead of trying to find the time for running, the following are some suggestions on how it can be incorporated into your hectic lifestyle, by making some small but effective changes.

A Family Activity

Recall how once upon a time, running was all about having fun? With your children, you get to re-live this experience. When you choose to take your family running with you, remember that the ultimate aim is to simply sweat it out, de-stress and enjoy the quality time bonding with your loved ones.  This is not the time to be working on negative splits, building your stamina and endurance. Save those for another time. Instead, look at this as a great opportunity for your children to gain exposure to the benefits and fun of sports from a young age, and adopt a healthy lifestyle as a family.

Increasingly, big races around Singapore are incorporating a category for children; these are usually short distance sprints and dashes. These are usually part of the race day activities designed to get the whole family involved, when only one member is racing. Alternatively, you can also sign up for various family-themed races organized in Singapore, such as the Cold Storage Kids Run or POSB Passion Run, and race together as a family. Thinking of signing your little ones up for a family running event? Take a look at our race calendar.


Happy family running

Boys’ Night Out

Instead of the weekly late night drinking sessions with your buddies, why not switch it up by making it a night run instead? For a start, pubs, clubs and bars are hardly health-promoting environments between the overly loud music and the smoke-filled atmosphere. Alcohol and bar snacks are loaded with empty calories and leave you feeling all bloated as you head home for the night, only to wake up the next morning with the size of a hangover directly proportional to your age.

Instead, start a running group with your buddies and colleagues at your workplace and organize weekly day and night runs to turn back the clock. There are many places around Singapore that have well-lit paths, making them suitable for running or jogging at night, along with picturesque night views and cooling weather.

If you intend to run in the dark, please be advised to dress appropriately; it is in your own best interests to increase your visibility to other road users. Some running apparel have built-in reflectors on them, but white or bright-coloured running attires will do just as well.

Trail des Lumieres 2014 (422)

Skip the Petrol and Gas

If your workplace is within a reasonable distance from home, travelling to your office by foot can easily become your workout in the morning and/or evening. Not only is it multi-tasking, it also saves you time, be it finding a parking spot your car, wait for public transport or simply avoiding the morning crowd. And think about the savings on transportation costs! Given the climate in Singapore, you may wish to bring a change of clothes to your workplace, and take a quick shower before starting work.

Sometimes, you may also be able to literally “run” your errands. Quick trips to the bank, post office, coffee shop or supermarket for emergency purchases that can be carried by hand, are all little opportunities to squeeze running into your day.

Goals on chalkboard

“Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities”. Regardless of how hectic your life is, with proper planning and prioritizing of what matters most to you, it is possible to fit running in.


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