Heading to the gym and need a set of workout to follow? To become a stronger runner, it is not just about the legs; we also have to work on our core stability and upper body mobility for improved posture and more efficient movements. You can try these 5 simple workouts at the gym or even at home:

Side Planks

Support your body weight on one elbow (directly underneath shoulder). You can add variations by lifting the free arm upwards (with weights for additional challenge) or lift one leg up to do a scissors kick.

Russian Twists

Sit on your bum, lift your legs up with your knees bent at a ninety degree angle and lean back to balance yourself. Keeping a straight body, and then twist with your body weight (or with a dumbbell or medicine ball to add weight of resistance). When doing the twist, look straight ahead, twist your torso and not your head, while keeping your neck neutral.

Bridge Leg Raise

First get into position by lying on your back with your arms alongside your body. Put your feet hip-width apart and raise your hips. Then find your balance and lift one leg up while pulling your shoulder blades back throughout.



Begin in a standing position and bend your legs and knees at a 90 degrees angle. Make sure your knees do not extend beyond your feet and keep your body balanced.

Walking Lunge

Lunge forward keeping your chest up, your knee at 90 degrees and your back knee touching the ground and then continue so it replicates walking. You can also add weight resistance to this workout by lifting weights above your head while keeping your arms straight.


These exercises work best in a combination circuit, where you can do 2 complete circuits, rest for 2 minutes, and complete another 2 circuits. This will give you a quick 30 minute workout and you can still work on the treadmill or go for a small jog after this.



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