Run So Others Can

Runninghour 2015 will be the first and only race in Singapore where participants run alongside over 200 visually, intellectually and physically-challenged runners. The Run will be a rallying call for Singaporeans to come together and show their support towards integrating people with special needs.

At the beginning, our outlook seemed challenging and uncertain as we were constantly searching for acceptance and support

Prior to event day, integration workshops will be conducted to promote awareness and training for participants over five zones in Singapore namely in the North, South, East, West and Central regions.

Journey Pink: A sign of hope. A positive colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings; a sense that everything will be okay.

Prior to the formation of Runninghour, there was a lack) of community based support for people with special needs, and an absence of support in the physical recreation and social network realms.


Come 22nd March 2015, Runninghour 2015 hopes to provide opportunities for persons with special needs to interact with their peers – ordinary youths and adults, to build bonds and widen their social networks.

Integration workshops apparel.
Integration workshops apparel.

Event t-shirt

“Purple signifies a warmth embrace that offers an encouraging and promising march ahead”

Journey Yellow: Creating enthusiasm for life and awakening greater confidence and optimism.

Purple is the colour adopted by Runninghour Co-Operative and represents special needs.

Violet, a hue of the colour purple, represents humanitarianism, using its better judgment to do good for others.

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