Borneo races: growing in renown year after year

The running craze in Kota Kinabalu Sabah hit in 2008 during the 1st Borneo International Marathon (BIM) was established with a mere 530 runners. Now coming in its eighth edition the run has grown to 7,000 runners. The first marathon was the Daily Express Sabah Marathon held in 1984. There has been a loooong gap with no road races (except triathlons till 2001). Trail running events still remains popular, in fact Malaysia’s oldest trail race began in Sabah with the Sabah Adventure Challenge now in its 16th year and of course, who doesn’t know the toughest mountain race, Mt Kinabalu Climbathon, tormenting runners since 1986.


A scenic run

BIM categories are 10k, 21k, and 42k. It was designed to feature Kota Kinabalu’s pre and post war sectors as well as the highlight, the beautiful coastline overlooking the South China Sea. All runners will get a chance to divert pain and fatigue while running to seep in this scenery. If you are lucky enough, runners can also steal a glimpse of the iconic Mt Kinabalu in the background and sun rising behind it.

The BIM course is relatively flat therefore it was said that the course is the best chance for a PB. A run into the University Malaysia Sabah was introduced recently when the organizers improvised the course. This includes a slight elevation just to give runners a bit of a workout mid-way. Other than that it is flat all the way passing through shopping malls and housing areas.



A comfortable run and your chance for a PB

We have heard people claim that BIM is PB-hunting course with its mostly flat route. The organizers plan to keep it small (under 10,000 runners) so that you don’t need to maneuver and zigzag your way out from the crowd a lot. It is one of the best excuses to visit to Sabah. You can go to their famous beaches after the event for a quick therapeutic and relaxing escape just 2.5 hours away from Singapore.

Borneo International Marathon will be held on 3 May 2015. To register go to



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