Are You Man Enough? (Slightly NSFW – You’ve been warned!)

Editor’s Note: Today’s JustRunLah! post is a little cheekier than usual. We hope it brings a smile in the middle of a work week!

Runners are well-aware of the reported benefits of compression sportswear – some swear by it, some insist that it makes no difference whatsoever. Whatever your stand on the matter is, I don’t think anyone could have expected how far one company took its compression technology. Let me present to you: Gilmore Support Shorts

Due to design technology, the Gilmore Support Shorts target areas that are often missed by other shorts because the genital pouch allows maximum compression around the Pubic Symphysis and groin areas.




Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 19.27.03

Here is poor Wilfried Zaha, who, as some of you soccer fans might know, is playing for Cardiff City. He does not look very happy, does he? Indeed, what he’s wearing are Gilmore compression shorts, providing a little more support than traditional compression shorts. The tagline for this particular brand of compression shorts is “The next generation of scientifically designed compression shorts”, purportedly ensuring that your precious jewels are well-protected enough to produce your next generation as well. *snigger* For that extra support, however, one would not only have to be quite confident of his manhood, but have deep pockets too, as it could cost up to a whopping 220GBP!

I, for one, hope it NEVER makes an appearance on our shores. Running a race is already as difficult as it is, I don’t need to be looking at other dudes’ kukubirds.


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