Becoming a Faster and More Efficient Runner

Becoming a faster and more efficient runner definitely does not mean longer and harder training sessions on a frequent basis. You may even get injured if you train more than your body can tolerate.

Try focusing on the following, instead.

Exercise Your Core Muscles and do Basic Drills

To run faster, you need to strengthen your core muscles. However, these exercises are not all about doing sit-ups and crunches (also see sit ups vs crunches). They include different type of workouts and drills to strengthen various parts of your body and your core muscles. These include push-ups, burpees, jumping jacks and lunges.

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Do Hill Running

Doing hill running workouts will help you to improve as a runner. This is because running hills add more intensity and resistance to your workout. Consequently, you will soon find it a breeze to run on flat ground – and be both faster and more efficient.

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Have Enough Recovery Time

Rest and recovery is very crucial to any runner, especially for running speed and efficiency. Running causes your body to wear down, so resting helps it to heal from the constant pounding on the pavement. After a hard day of exertion, you should take it easy the next day.

Do Tempo Runs

Tempo runs will help to boost your running speed and efficiency too. And as an example, if you are doing a 5km tempo run, complete the first 1km at a slow and easy pace that you feel comfortable with. Then for the final 4km, go all out and see how long you can sustain this increased pace.

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