As a regular runner in Singapore, covering distances from 5 to 15 km twice a week, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges and discomforts. About two years ago, I began exploring chiropractic care, initially with some skepticism, but curious about its potential benefits for my running routine.

Beginning My Chiropractic Journey

My running journey started five years ago, fueled by a passion for the sport. However, the physical demands often left me with muscle soreness and fatigue, especially after longer runs. It was during one of these recovery periods that a fellow runner suggested I visit a chiropractic clinic in Singapore. Intrigued, I decided to explore this option.

Chiropractic for Recovery: My Discovery

After incorporating regular chiropractic sessions into my routine, I personally noticed a change in my recovery process. The sessions seemed to help with my muscle soreness, and I felt like I was able to return to running a bit more comfortably after long runs. This was my personal experience, and it encouraged me to continue with the treatment.

Addressing My Running Conditions

As a runner, I’ve experienced common issues like runner’s knee and shin splints. In my case, chiropractic care provided some relief. The treatments were tailored to address these specific conditions, which helped me understand more about body mechanics and how to manage these issues.


Impact on My Running Form and Performance

Regular chiropractic sessions appeared to have a positive effect on my running form. I noticed some improvements in my posture and felt a bit more efficient during my runs. This personal improvement was encouraging, though I’m aware that results can vary for each individual.

Chiropractic Practices: My Experience

The specific chiropractic practices I underwent, including spinal adjustments and soft tissue therapy, were new experiences for me. I found these practices interesting, and they seemed to contribute positively to my overall running experience, particularly in how I felt physically during and after runs.

A Notable Personal Achievement

One particular instance where I felt chiropractic care was beneficial was when preparing for a half marathon. I had been struggling with an IT band issue, and through regular care and exercises suggested by my chiropractor, I managed to participate in the marathon more comfortably than I had anticipated. This was a personal achievement that coincided with my chiropractic care.

Reflecting on My Chiropractic Experience

Looking back over the past two years, incorporating chiropractic care into my routine has been an interesting addition to my running journey. It’s provided me with a different perspective on managing physical discomfort and understanding my body better in relation to running.

To my fellow runners in Singapore, particularly those who are curious about chiropractic care, I can only share my personal experience. While I’ve noticed some positive changes in my recovery and running form, it’s important to remember that individual experiences can vary. If you’re considering chiropractic care, it might be worth exploring to see how it aligns with your own running goals and physical needs.

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