Ever wonder why certain people appear to be more energetic than others? A few minor lifestyle adjustments could help you feel more energised. Find out what’s on the list today~

1) They get more sleep

According to a 2010 Society for Neuroscience study, sleep may replenish your brain’s cellular energy in the regions you use most when you’re awake. A good night’s sleep might help you wake up feeling rejuvenated.

2) They drink enough water

Make sure you’re receiving the recommended eight glasses, or more if you’re working out or spending time outside in the heat. According to a 2012 study that was published in the Journal of Nutrition, even a small amount of dehydration can cause fatigue and low energy.

3) They give themselves a break

People who are productive take breaks regularly and are highly energetic, right? So, would taking frequent breaks increase your energy and productivity? According to a University of Illinois study, taking a quick break every hour will help you focus better and maintain your energy levels. So.. what are you waiting for? Take a break now!


4) They work out

Though it may seem paradoxical, energy must be expended in order to create energy. However, it really does work, and it’s one of the tricks used by women who manage to work out daily. Maintaining an exercise regimen may help you feel less fatigued overall. According to a University of Georgia study, getting regular exercise increases energy.

5) They eat the right food

Yes, certain foods will keep your energy tank fuller than others. But you may increase your energy with a nutritious diet overall. Harvard Medical School experts advise consuming foods high in energy, such as whole grains and healthy unsaturated fats. Maintaining a small, regular meal schedule and cutting back on sugar and alcohol will also help you prevent energy surges and crashes.

6) They stand

You’ve probably heard about the advantages of standing at your desk. While it’s not something that everyone can accomplish at work, you can still accomplish it during your free time because sitting around all day is exhausting. You need to get up and stand up in order to re-energize. Standing for long periods of time during the day has been shown in several studies to increase energy and lower anxiety.

7) They see the glass as half-full

An optimistic mindset provides significant health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and the likelihood of heart problems recurring, according to a 2008 article published on the Harvard Health Publishing website. Additionally, it elevates your mood and enhances your general health.

8) They spend time outdoors

Because sunlight keeps your serotonin levels high, researchers have shown that spending time outside can increase your energy levels. This keeps your energy up and your mood stable, positive, and focused.

9) They don’t go crazy with the caffeine

According to research, caffeine can significantly improve your energy and general performance when taken in moderation. However, excessive coffee use might interfere with your ability to sleep and cause a breakdown once the benefits wear off.

10) They cut back on their vices

Yes, you are aware of the dangers of smoking, but keep in mind that marijuana and drinking can also deplete your energy. As stated in a 2019 blog entry by Harvard Health Publishing, they cause sleep disturbances but can have sedative effects when you’re up.


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