Ever rolled your eyes at a gym-goer’s discourteous behaviour? If so, you’re far from alone. A recent poll involving 2,000 gym-goers revealed ‘equipment hogging’ as the top irritant. Close on its heels? Loud cursing and off-key singing. Faced with such gym perpetrators, almost 60% claimed they’d confront the culprit; while around 30% would rather swap communal sweating for a home workout. To avoid becoming “that guy” or “that girl”, arming yourself with gym etiquette is key. So here are some handy fitness rules to live by, ensuring everyone’s gym experience hits the right note.

Sanitise Equipment After Using It

Using gym equipment that’s covered in sweat can be highly annoying. Not only that but leaving sweat on surfaces can lead to a variety of illnesses. According to Dr. Marjan Johnson, bacteria that cause sickness, such as staph, can be spread by direct contact and can live on different gym equipment such as mats, weights, and bikes.

Cleaning gym equipment is a must since it gets rid of bacteria lurking on surfaces, and prolongs the life of exercise equipment at the same time. That being said, make sure to do a wipe-down of gym equipment using disinfectant wipes after each use. Ask the gym manager if they provide wipes, if not, make it a point to have a pack in your gym bag. Also, bring a towel so you can wipe yourself down and avoid dripping too much sweat on the gym equipment.

Avoid Taking Too Many Gym Videos and Selfies

Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants to be a fitness influencer, what with gymgoers taking too many videos or selfies while they’re working out. Taking selfies or videos to post on social media isn’t exactly bad, especially if you just want to keep track of your progress. The problem is that taking videos and photos gets in the way of other people’s workouts. For instance, you may be spending lots of time on the treadmill trying to get the perfect selfie. Meanwhile, there’s one or two people waiting to use it while you struggle to get a good angle.


Also, keep in mind that some people don’t appreciate being filmed, and while you may not be filming them, they could be captured in the background while you’re doing a vlog or a TikTok. Be considerate of others and limit yourself to one selfie after your gym session, and only take videos if you’re alone or there are very few people around. 

Give People Their Personal Space

Gyms can get pretty crowded, especially after work hours. But this doesn’t mean that you have to workout in close proximity to other people. Give others enough space to exercise properly, and if possible, try not to use the exercise equipment right beside someone. Also, most people don’t want to talk while they’re working out, so don’t try to engage someone in conversation while they’re on the treadmill or exercise bike. Keep your eyes on your machine and the TV screen if there’s one, and try not to stare or gawk at anyone. Lastly, while the gym can be an excellent place to make friends and meet new people, under no circumstances should you try to flirt with anyone while they’re exercising. No one should feel uncomfortable while they’re working out, so try to keep this in mind at all times. 

There are all sorts of people at the gym, and some can be more annoying than others. But by practising proper gym etiquette, you can influence fellow gymgoers to be on their best behaviour, so everyone can have a positive experience while they’re working out.



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