Singapore, 9 June 2023 – Think you can climb Mount Everest? How about doing it on a bike? HCSA Community Services (HCSA), a charitable organisation that works to empower vulnerable groups – such as ex-offenders, abused teenage girls, and single parents – has launched its inaugural fundraising challenge called ‘Everesting for Second Chances’. Everesting is a term that refers to the activity in which people scale and descend a hill until they accumulate 8,848 metres – the height of Mount Everest – in elevation gain. Supported by the Singapore Cycling Federation, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre and Yellow Ribbon Singapore, this first-of-its-kind cycling challenge hopes to rally the public to conquer the equivalent height of Mount Everest by pedalling, while fostering support for ex-offenders in their journey to rebuild their lives. Proceeds from the fundraising will go to HCSA Highpoint Halfway House (HCSA Highpoint), a programme under HCSA, to support ex-offenders in their reintegration.

One of HCSA’s wider goals is to help reduce the recidivism rate in Singapore. According to the Singapore Prison Service, the five-year recidivism rate in Singapore currently stands at around 40 per cent. To reduce this number, HCSA Highpoint focuses on supporting ex-offenders to achieve longer term desistance with its programme and services. Through ‘Everesting for Second Chances’, HCSA aims to garner more awareness on the reintegration of ex-offenders, and facilitate a stronger network of support for them.

“At HCSA Community Services, we believe that every individual, regardless of their past, deserves a second chance. Everesting reflects the arduous journey of reintegration by ex-offenders which includes pushing physical limits and having mental resilience. By participating, we stand in solidarity together with them. With community support, our ex-offender friends are empowered to rebuild their lives and become valued members of society,” said Mrs Kim Lang Khalil, CEO for HCSA Community Services.

The challenge aims to raise $250,000 and at least 500 sign-ups. All participants are given six weeks to accumulate 8,848 metres in elevation gain. They may choose to complete this challenge indoors or outdoors, or a combination of both. To meet different fitness levels, participants have the option to either complete the full distance in a single ride, or in multiple rides, across the six weeks. To get started, participants simply need to use the STRAVA app, a GPS-enabled physical exercise tracking application.


Registration is open from now till 31 July 2023. There will also be an indoor physical event with up to 30 participants, organised on 1 July 2023 with Guest-of-Honour Assoc Prof Dr Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development. More details will be shared at a later date. For more information, please visit


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