A new destination event is added to the TriFactor’s Destination Tri Series, as it joins forces with BINTAN RESORTS and becomes the BINTAN TRIATHLON BY TRIFACTOR.

The Bintan Triathlon is set to be rebranded as Bintan Triathlon By TriFactor, thanks to a new partnership between organizers Bintan Resorts and TriFactor tri experts Orange Room.

And it’s not only the name that’s changing, with the partners announcing that new triathlon categories will be added to the lineup, along with a century ride the very next day for cycling enthusiasts.

The news, announced on the 23 May 2023 , will see the new event as an inclusive festival open to all triathlon enthusiasts, no matter their level of experience.


Trifactor, the foremost triathlon and endurance sports brand in Singapore, in collaboration with Bintan Resorts, is delighted to announce their partnership in revitalizing the Bintan Triathlon Festival. This exciting event guarantees a weekend filled with races and festivities suitable for the entire family. The triathlon will be held on the 21st of October 2023 and will feature various competitions, including the Sprint, Olympic, and Enduro distance triathlons.

Additionally, on Sunday, the 22nd of October, cycling enthusiasts can participate in the Century Ride, covering a scenic 100km route without encountering a single traffic light.

Signing of contract between Mr Abdul Wahab, Group Manager, PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala and Mr Elvin Ting Founder of Orange Room

Mr Abdul Wahab, Group Manager, PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala, shared his hope that mass participation sporting events such as the Bintan Triathlon can spark a revival in tourism.

“We want people to enjoy both tourism and do their sport at the same time. Bintan has always been the ideal spot for sports tourism, having been gazetted by the Indonesian government for the past decade to do so. We have always been known for sports tourism…. We want mass participants to come here and enjoy their sports with their families and their communities. Secondly, we want to cater to a wider demographic of people – not just to elite athletes but even the young and old who are entry level to enjoy sport and an active lifestyle.

The team here has worked hard over the past 20 years to put Bintan on the world map as a sports tourism destination, and it is our hope that as part of this revival effort, we can put it back where it belongs for the next 20 years.” 

In addition to the stellar lineup of events, Trifactor is proud to announce the signing of four ambassadors to represent the brand at the Bintan Triathlon Festival. These four ambassadors are Choo Ling Er, Arthur Tong, Elaine Young and Andy Wibowo. All four ambassadors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Festival, having participated in and won numerous triathlon and endurance sports events.

Elvin Ting, Managing Director and Founder of Orange Room adds,

“At Trifactor, we believe that the power of sport can be used to bring people together and create lasting memories. We are excited to work with Bintan Resorts to bring this sporting festival to life and to continue our mission of inspiring athletes to push their limits. We welcome our new ambassadors and look forward to seeing them in action at the Bintan Triathlon Festival”

The Bintan Triathlon Festival is set to be the highlight of the Destination Tri series in 2023. With a lineup of world class athletes, an incredible course and a schedule of exciting events for the whole family, the Festival is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all who participate.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

The Festival will feature the following categories:

  • Sprint Distance Triathlon (750m Swim, 20km Bike and 5km Run), 
  • Olympic Distance Triathlon (1500 Swim, 40km Bike and 10km Run) 
  • Enduro Distance Triathlon (1500 Swim, 80km Bike and 20km Run).

Stay tuned for more information, at the TriFactor official website, www.trifactor.asia


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