Singapore is a city for urban runners to behold. With countless green spaces and walkable neighbourhoods, the city is a paradise for both tourists and longtime residents who are into fitness. If it’s your first time in Lion City, you should know how to make the most of your urban running experience here. Use this guide and enjoy the sights and sensations that Singapore has to offer.

1. Know the best routes for running

Regardless of where you are in the city, there’s always a place that’s ideal for running and walking. One of the best routes you can take is East Coast Park which features a 15-km long track that’s great for both runners and walkers. If you are opting for a casual stroll and get a good view of the city, consider walking along the Marina Bay Waterfront. There, you can see the magnificent urban architecture Singapore is known for. The area is also great for long-distance runners who prefer to train with beautiful scenery in the background.

2. Be familiar with the best neighbourhoods

As a world-class and progressive city, Singapore offers numerous neighbourhoods that fit your lifestyle. If you’re planning to stay in the long term, then consider places with lots of walkable paths and shopping areas, such as Bugis Street. If you prefer a more bike-friendly neighbourhood, then consider renting out folding bicycles in Singapore and settle down near the East Coast Park where you’ll get immediate beachfront access. 

3. Wear the right gear

Since Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, expect high humidity and constant rainfall, especially around November up to March. If you are going out for a run during the hot season in May and June, wear light clothing such as a Dri-Fit shirt and army shorts.

Go for brands that are known for breathable fabrics, but you can find cheap bargains on Bugis Street. If it’s sunny outside, apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Additionally, you can wear accessories such as a headband and wristbands to complete your get-up. To track your running performance, wear a smartwatch or any wearable fitness tracker.


4. Stay hydrated throughout the run

Due to the tropical weather, you could dehydrate fast during your run. Make sure you are equipped with a water bottle that could store a decent volume of fluids. You will need to buy a lightweight one, BPA-free, and impact resistant. It’s also important to shop around for containers that feature ergonomic grips.

5. Follow the rules

Singapore is known for having strict rules that govern everything from crossing streets to throwing away garbage. Even if you are a tourist, you are still expected to obey laws that warrant hefty fines and penalties if you break them. Make sure to research running routes and crosswalks. In addition, you should also learn unwritten rules on social etiquette. Start by learning a few phrases and observing proper behaviour while queueing. When riding an escalator, always stand on the left so people in a hurry can pass through.

Singapore is the best place for urban runners, but before heading over there, learn these tips and make the most of the experience.


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