In the sports world, everything is full of vigour. Mixed Martial Arts, also known as MMA, is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most popular sports. It is a growing phenomenon, and exponentially at best, that continues to draw a large number of fans from all over the world. But strong physical and mental attitudes are bound to MMA fighters, making them relentless and bold in action once they step in the ring.

One way to know is to look for someone with a wealth of information, like MMA gym flooring, that athletes may use for their training. From their warm-ups and training to their dedication to their regimen, you will wonder how much it takes to be a well-trained athlete.

For MMA fighters, running is one of the components of their conditioning. But this is only sometimes the case. Here are the reasons why.

First, why do MMA Fighters run?

In their aim to increase their endurance and perform better in the ring, MMA fighters train by running. Some athletes warm up before a training session by jogging as well.


Running and jogging are great exercises and are typical as an athlete’s warm-up, especially for MMA beginners. However, more seasoned MMA fighters only sometimes include running in their regimen.

Running is not necessary for MMA training

When they enter the ring, combatants practice their protection and fighting techniques rather than running. Many seasoned MMA fighters who run during training do so because they’ve mastered the vital skills that improve their fighting abilities.

Therefore, running is also less effective than other conditioning methods since it doesn’t fit the biodynamic framework of MMA. But that does not imply that an MMA fighter shouldn’t run.

MMA competitors often focus on losing weight, building muscle, and increasing flexibility because MMA is more focused on fighting skills and muscle strength.

Training Modalities

The movement of running is so dissimilar from MMA that it is unlikely to improve MMA performance. But there are other factors at play. MMA fighters use various training techniques that don’t precisely correspond to MMA movements.

Like strength training, it is used to increase or repeat maximal outputs. To achieve that, simple movements that target similar muscular contractions and movement directions must be performed while applying external load.

Aerobic conditioning is developed through running, which is already accomplished by technical MMA training. Therefore, increasing your MMA training will target various energy system adaptations unique to the sport at various set and rep intervals. However, MMA technical training does not increase maximum strength, power, and speed. This explains why fighters can do conditioning with MMA drills, but maximum strength, power, and speed training cannot.

Elevate your “Running”

Endurance is the first quality you need to possess to be prepared for the fight so that you can engage in intense activity for 15 to 25 minutes. Running is still a crucial part of developing your conditioning, and there are three fundamental running techniques you should use every day to improve your training.

You should log 3 to 5 miles, or 30 minutes to 1 hour, of endurance running daily. You can try running while keeping your hands up, practising your punches on a track, the streets, or both. It would help if you moved quickly, but not too fast. You are increasing your stamina in preparation for a fight where you plan to stay the distance and not back down.


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