After the pandemic period, our society suffers a health care crisis, including physical and mental health. The European Commission released a new health program for the 2021-2027 period.  The program aims to strengthen prevention, surveillance, and crisis response. It allows the EU to invest in the creation of reserves for medical supplies, and the preparation of healthcare workers and experts. It is also planned to train health professionals to be deployed to various EU countries and to increase the resilience of health systems to achieve better health outcomes.

The EU Health Program will build up a long-term reserve of strategic medical supplies and other strategic reserves. But we live in a society where every person has the power to help prevent health care crises and strengthen their health and protect other people from diseases. In this article, we will talk about the most effective ways to improve our health and minimize visits to the doctor.

Exercising: a lot of pros

Sport has a very strong impact on our daily lives and health. The main idea is that it’s necessary to exercise for our better health, not to mention that it enriches and diversifies our daily routines. Incorporating sport into your routine or increasing daily physical activity can improve heart function, reduce the risk of diabetes, control your sugar increase in the bloodstream, and reduce tension and stress.

Physical activity improves our mood, increases our discipline, and at the same time leads to a better quality of life. In addition, physical activity improves our muscles, memory, and coordination. So, the reasons why exercising is healthy is not one.


Improve mental health: talk about your feelings

We are sociable creatures. The ability to share your feelings helps maintain good mental health, especially during difficult times in life. Expressing your feelings is not a sign of weakness. It is part of self-care and a healthy lifestyle. Speaking can be a method to deal with a problem that has plagued you for a long time. Being heard helps you feel understood and less lonely. It is a two-way process when we open up, encouraging others to open up at the same time.

A strong connection with family and close friends can help you cope with stress. Talking with your family and friends helps you feel loved and needed. They may offer a different approach to a variety of things that don’t give you peace of mind. Loved ones keep you active and help you solve practical problems. There is nothing better than talking to someone face-to-face and sharing your life impressions. If that’s not possible, try calling them, writing a note, or chatting online. Be open to different ways of communication, it benefits you! If you cannot talk with your relatives and loved ones, you can always call helplines for young people, children, and seniors.

NMN supplements: scientifically proven and efficient pill

Today, the National Library of scientists discovered the benefits of NMN. It is a scientifically proven fact that NMN can prolong our lives, reduce the risk of age-related illnesses, and can minimize older people’s visits to the doctors. One of the causes of ageing corresponds to a decrease in energy metabolism. People gain weight, suffer from decreased insulin sensitivity of tissue receptors, and decreased physical capacity of the body. In adulthood, we lose the ability to synthesize adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) in our bodies. Researchers have proved that the use of NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) supplements, a precursor to NAD+ in the synthetic chain, can help to prolong longevity.

In nature, NMN is also found in nutritious plants – avocado, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, and beans. Experiments with laboratory mice show positive effects of NMN supplements use – improved muscle condition of mice, increased bone density, improved vision, increased tissue sensitivity to insulin, improved immune function, decreased body weight, and increased physical activity.

Diet: what should your plate look like?

Residents often choose cheaper, less biologically valuable foods, which has a negative impact on their health. Therefore, the World Health Organization encourages the Member States to take all measures to promote a healthy diet and reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases and their risk factors. If a person’s diet meets the physiological needs of the body, it will be based on the principles and basic rules of a healthy diet and people will stay fit and healthy. In addition, visits to the doctor will be minimized and prevention of health crises will be increased.

So, eat nutritious, varied, and plant-based foods. Eat cereals or potatoes, fresh local vegetables, and fruits (although 400 g per day). Maintain a normal body weight (body mass index: 18.5-25). Reduce fat intake, and replace animal fats high in saturated fatty acids with vegetable oils containing unsaturated fatty acids. It is also recommended to replace fatty meat and meat products with legumes, fish, poultry or lean meat, and milk products (sour milk, yoghurt, curd, cheese). Choose foods low in sugar, eat less refined sugar, sweet drinks, and sweets. Of course, eat regularly and drink plenty of fluids, especially water.


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